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www jntuking com,Electronics Communication Engineering 84. Colpitt s oscillators with BJT and FET and their analysis Crystal oscillators. Frequency and amplitude stability of oscillators, Power Amplifiers Classification of amplifiers Class A power Amplifiers. and their analysis Harmonic Distortions Class B Push pull amplifiers and. their analysis Complementary symmetry push pull amplifier Class AB. power amplifier Class C power amplifier Thermal stability and Heat sinks. Advanced power amplifiers Distortion in amplifiers. Tuned Amplifiers Introduction Q Factor small signal tuned amplifier. capacitance single tuned amplifier double tuned amplifiers effect of. cascading single tuned amplifiers on band width effect of cascading double. tuned amplifiers on band width staggered tuned amplifiers stability of tuned. amplifiers wideband amplifiers,TEXT BOOKS, 1 Integrated Electronics J Millman and C C Halkias Tata Mc Graw. 2 Electronic Circuit Analysis B V Rao K R Rajeswari. P C R Pantulu K B R Murthy Pearson Publications, 3 Electronic Devices and Circuits Salivahanan N Suressh Kumar. A Vallavaraj TATA McGraw Hill Second Edition,REFERENCES.
1 Microelectronic Circuits Sedra A S and K C Smith Oxford. University Press Sixth Edition, 2 Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design Donald A Neaman Mc. 3 Electronic Circuits I Ravish R Singh Peason Publications. 4 Electronic Devices and Circuits Theory Robert L Boylestad and. Louis Nashelsky Pearson Prentice Hall Tenth Edition. 5 Electronic circuits Principles and Application R D S Samuel. B Sujatha Elesevier Publications,www jntuking com,www jntuking com. Electronics Communication Engineering 85,II Year II SEMESTER. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, The Learning objective of this Unit is to understand the concept and nature. of Management Evolution of Management theories Motivation and. leadership Styles, Introduction to Management Concept Nature and Importance of.
Management Functions Evaluation of Management Motivation Theories. Leadership Styles Decision Making Process designing Organization. Structure Principles and types of Organization, The learner is able to understand the concept and functions of. Management and Theeories of Motivation Styles of Leardership. The Learning objective of this Unit is to Equip with the concepts of. Operations project management and inventory control. Operations and Project Management Work Study Statistical Quality Control. Through Control Charts Inventory Control EOQ ABC Analysis Simple. Problems Project Management PERT CPM Project Crashing Simple Problem. The learner is able to understand the main idea of Inspection and. scrutinize the different methods of inspection the concept of Inventory. Management and Control and Inventory Pricing, The Objective of this unit is to understand the main functional areas of. organization i e Financial Management Production Management. Marketing Management Human Resource Management and Product Life. Cycles and Channels of Distribution, Functional Management Concept and Functions of Finance HR Production. Marketing Management and Services Job Evolution and Merit Rating Product. Life Cycles Channels of Distribution Types Methods of Production. At the end of this chapter the learner is able to understand the different. functional areas in an organization and their responsibilities Product Life. Cycle and Channels of Distribution, The objective of this unit is to equip with the concept and practical issues. relating to Strategic Management, Strategic Management Vision Mission Goals Strategy Corporate.
Planning Process Environmental Scanning SWOT analysis Different. Steps in Strategy Formulation Implementation and Evaluation. www jntuking com,www jntuking com,Electronics Communication Engineering 86. The learner is able to familiar with the meaning of Vision Mission Goals. and Strategies of the Organization and to implement successfully. The objective of this unit is to understand the need and importance of. Business Ethics and Communication Skills in Contemporary situations. Business Ethics Communications Ethics in Business and Management. Ethics in HRM Finance Marketing Management Business Ethics Law. The Learner is able to know the practical Issues of Business Ethics in. various functional areas to improve Report Writing skills and Understand the. Communication Process, The Learning objective of this unit is to equip with the contemporary. management practices i e MIS MRP JIT and ERP etc, Contemporary Management Practices Basic concepts of MIS MRP Just. In Time JIT System Total Quality Management TQM Six Sigma and. Capability Maturity Models CMM Levies Supply Chain Management. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Performance Management Business. Process Outsourcing BPO Business Process Re Engineering and Bench. Marking Balance Score Card, The Learner is able to Understand the various contemporary issues in. Management Practices like TQM and BPO etc,Note Learning Objective.
Learning Assessment,TEXT BOOKS, 1 Kumar Rao Chhalill Introduction to Management Science. Cengage Delhi 2012,2 Dr A R Aryasri Management Science TMH 2011. REFERENCES, 1 Koontz Weihrich Essentials of Management TMH 2011. 2 Seth Rastogi Global Management Systems Cengage Learning. Delhi 2011, 3 Robbins Organizational Behaviors Pearson Publications 2011. 4 Kanishka Bedi Production Operational Management Oxford. Publications 2011, 5 Manjunath Management Science Pearson Publications 2013.
6 Biswajit Patnaik Human Resource Management PHI 2011. 7 Hitt and Vijaya Kumar Strategic Management Cengage Learning. 8 Dr PG Ramanujam BVR Naidu PV Rama Sastry Management. Science Himalaya Publishing House 2013,9 Management Shapers Universities Press. www jntuking com,www jntuking com,Electronics Communication Engineering 87. II Year II SEMESTER,RANDOM VARIABLES STOCHASTIC PROCESSES. THE RANDOM VARIABLE Introduction Definition of a Random. Variable Conditions for a Function to be a Random Variable Discrete. Continuous and Mixed Random Variables Distribution and Density. functions Properties Binomial Poisson Uniform Gaussian Exponential. Rayleigh Conditional Distribution Conditional Density Properties. OPERATION ON ONE RANDOM VARIABLE EXPECTATIONS, Introduction Expected Value of a Random Variable Function of a Random. Variable Moments about the Origin Central Moments Variance and Skew. Chebychev s Inequality Characteristic Function Moment Generating. Function Transformations of a Random Variable Monotonic. Transformations for a Continuous Random Variable Nonmonotonic. Transformations of Continuous Random Variable, MULTIPLE RANDOM VARIABLES Vector Random Variables Joint.
Distribution Function Properties of Joint Distribution Marginal Distribution. Functions Conditional Distribution and Density Statistical Independence. Sum of Two Random Variables Sum of Several Random Variables Central. Limit Theorem Unequal Distribution Equal Distributions. OPERATIONS ON MULTIPLE RANDOM VARIABLES Joint Moments. about the Origin Joint Central Moments Joint Characteristic Functions. Jointly Gaussian Random Variables Two Random Variables case N. Random Variables case Properties Transformations of Multiple Random. Variables Linear Transformations of Gaussian Random Variables. RANDOM PROCESSES TEMPORAL CHARACTERISTICS The, Random Process Concept Classification of Processes Deterministic and. Nondeterministic Processes Distribution and Density Functions Concept of. Stationarity and Statistical Independence First Order Stationary Processes. Second Order and Wide Sense Stationarity Nth order and Strict Sense. Stationarity Time Averages and Ergodicity Autocorrelation Function and its. Properties Cross Correlation Function and its Properties Covariance. Functions Gaussian Random Processes Poisson Random Process. www jntuking com,www jntuking com,Electronics Communication Engineering 88. RANDOM PROCESSES SPECTRAL CHARACTERISTICS The Power. Spectrum Properties Relationship between Power Spectrum and Autocorrelation. Function The Cross Power Density Spectrum Properties Relationship between. Cross Power Spectrum and Cross Correlation Function. LINEAR SYSTEMS WITH RANDOM INPUTS Random Signal, Response of Linear Systems System Response Convolution Mean and. Mean squared Value of System Response Autocorrelation Function of. Response Cross Correlation Functions of Input and Output Spectral. Characteristics of System Response Power Density Spectrum of Response. Cross Power Density Spectra of Input and Output Band pass Band Limited. and Narrowband Processes Properties Modeling of Noise Sources Resistive. Thermal Noise Source Arbitrary Noise Sources Effective Noise. Temperature Average Noise Figure Average Noise Figure of cascaded. TEXT BOOKS, 1 Probability Random Variables Random Signal Principles Peyton. Z Peebles TMH 4th Edition 2001, 2 Probability Random Variables and Stochastic Processes Athanasios.
Papoulis and S Unnikrisha PHI 4th Edition 2002,REFERENCES. 1 Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes B Prabhakara Rao. Oxford University Press, 2 Probability and Random Processes with Applications to Signal. Processing Henry Stark and John W Woods Pearson Education 3rd. 3 Probabilistic Methods of Signal System Analysis George R. Cooper Clave D Mc Gillem Oxford 3rd Edition 1999, 4 Statistical Theory of Communication S P Eugene Xavier New Age. Publications 2003, 5 Signals Systems Communications B P Lathi B S Publications. 6 Probability and Random Processes An Introduction for Applied. Scientists and Engineers Davenport W B McGraw Hill 1970. 7 Introduction to Random Processes with Applications to Signals and. Systems Gardener W A McGraw Hill 2nd Edition, 8 Schaum s Outline of Probability Random Variables and Random.
9 An Introduction to Random Signals and Communication Theory. B P Lathi International Textbook 1968,www jntuking com. www jntuking com,Electronics Communication Engineering 89. II Year II SEMESTER,SWITCHING THEORY AND LOGIC DESIGN. REVIEW OF NUMBER SYSTEMS CODES, i Representation of numbers of different radix conversation from one. radix to another radix r 1 s compliments and r s compliments of. signed members problem solving, ii 4 bit codes BCD Excess 3 2421 84 2 1 9 s compliment code etc.
iii Logic operations and error detection correction codes Basic logic. operations NOT OR AND Universal building blocks EX OR. EX NOR Gates Standard SOP and POS Forms Gray code error. detection error correction codes parity checking even parity odd. parity Hamming code NAND NAND and NOR NOR realizations. MINIMIZATION TECHNIQUES, Boolean theorems principle of complementation duality De morgan. theorems minimization of logic functions using Boolean theorems. minimization of switching functions using K Map up to 6 variables. tabular minimization problem solving code converters using K Map. COMBINATIONAL LOGIC CIRCUITS DESIGN, Design of Half adder full adder half subtractor full subtractor. applications of full adders 4 bit binary subtractor adder subtractor. circuit BCD adder circuit Excess 3 adder circuit look a head adder. circuit Design of decoder demultiplexer 7 segment decoder higher. order demultiplexing encoder multiplexer higher order multiplexing. realization of Boolean functions using decoders and multiplexers priority. encoder 4 bit digital comparator,www jntuking com,www jntuking com. Electronics Communication Engineering 90,INTRODUCTION OF PLD s. PROM PAL PLA Basics structures realization of Boolean function. with PLDs programming tables of PLDs merits demerits of PROM. PAL PLA comparison realization of Boolean functions using PROM. PAL PLA programming tables of PROM PAL PLA,SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS I.
Classification of sequential circuits synchronous and asynchronous. basic flip flops truth tables and excitation tables nand RS latch nor RS. latch RS flip flop JK flip flop T flip flop D flip flop with reset and. clear terminals Conversion from one flip flop to flip flop Design of. ripple counters design of synchronous counters Johnson counter ring. counter Design of registers Buffer register control buffer register. shift register bi directional shift register universal shift register. SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS II, Finite state machine Analysis of clocked sequential circuits state. diagrams state tables reduction of state tables and state assignment. design procedures Realization of circuits using various flip flops. Meelay to Moore conversion and vice versa,TEXT BOOKS. 1 Switching Theory and Logic Design by Hill and Peterson Mc Graw. Hill TMH edition, 2 Switching Theory and Logic Design by A Anand Kumar. 3 Digital Design by Mano PHI,REFERENCE BOOKS,1 Modern Digital Electronics by RP Jain TMH. 2 Fundamentals of Logic Design by Charles H Roth Jr Jaico. Publishers,3 Micro electronics by Milliman MH edition.
www jntuking com,www jntuking com,Electronics Communication Engineering 91. II Year II SEMESTER,EM WAVES AND TRANSMISSION LINES. Electrostatics Coulomb s Law Electric Field Intensity Electric Flux. Density Gauss Law and Applications Electric Potential Maxwell s Two. Equations for Electrostatic Fields Energy Density Illustrative Problems. Convection and Conduction Currents Dielectric Constant Continuity. Equation Relaxation Time Poisson s and Laplace s Equations Capacitance. Parallel Plate Coaxial Spherical Capacitors Illustrative Problems. 3 1 0 3 ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT ANALYSIS UNIT I Small Signal High Frequency Transistor Amplifier models BJT Transistor at high frequencies Hybrid common emitter transistor model Hybrid conductances Hybrid capacitances validity of hybrid model determination of high frequency parameters in terms of low frequency parameters CE short circuit current gain current gain with

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