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Styles ISBN,Hard Cover White 978 1 56769 440 6,Hard Cover Crimson 978 1 56769 441 3. Leather Like Light Gray 978 1 56769 443 7,Leather Like Light Brown 978 1 56769 444 4. Genuine Leather Black 978 1 56769 445 1,Genuine Leather Burgundy 978 1 56769 446 8. Luxury Leather Montana Cowhide Black 978 1 56769 447 5. Library of Congress Control Number 2014958828,Printed in the United States of America. 20 85 EPHESIANS,The epistle of pa u l the apostle t o t he.
title and author The language and style of Ephesians differ in some. respects from Paul s other letters Still they are, The title of the book comes from the salutation so similar to Paul s that even if the letter did not. 1 1 The author is Paul as evidenced by the let bear his name it is difficult to imagine the church. ter itself 1 1 3 1 Themes and language common crediting it to anyone else Furthermore it seems. in Paul s earlier letters appear frequently in Ephe unlikely that a student of Paul would be so eager. sians and the verbal similarities with Colossians to imitate his teacher that he would transcribe. are especially striking However modern scholar verses from Colossians word for word and yet be. ship has challenged both the traditional view on so daring as to move dramatically beyond Paul s. the authorship and recipients of this letter theology of the exalted and reigning Christ to one. of a universal church,In the modern era Pauline authorship of Ephe. sians has been questioned Some scholars say The verbal similarities with Colossians are most. easily explained by assuming that Paul wrote,Ephesians appears to be too dependent on Colos. Ephesians shortly after completing Colossians,sians Although the letter seems like Paul s writ. Paul s devotional and prayerful tone reaches its,ing its phrases tend to build and multiply more.
height as he contemplates the eternal and uni, than in his earlier letters The letter strikes some. versal significance of Christ s church In this way. as less instructional and more prayerful Ideas that he continues his reflections on the subject that. are only implicit in his earlier letters e g that dominated his correspondence with the Colos. beyond local churches there is one worldwide sians the eternal and universal significance of. church become explicit here The author de Christ Because some early manuscripts lack in. scribes hearing of his readers faith rather than Ephesus at 1 1 see Date and Occasion below and. having witnessed its evidence in person although ESV text note on 1 1 some have proposed that. Paul had ministered for several years in Ephesus this epistle was a circular letter addressed not only. cf Gal 4 13 14 Col 1 9 2 1 Such considerations to Ephesus but also to other churches in Asia cf. lead many to say that Ephesians was written by 1 Pet 1 1 Rev 1 4 11 This wider audience could. one of Paul s students who was attempting to de explain not only Paul s mention of hearing of his. velop some of Paul s ideas especially those in Co readers faith but also the fact that his tone is more. lossians meditative and less directed to specific local crises. EPHESIANS 20 8 6, d at e a nd o c c a s i o n the goddess and the goddess in turn makes Ephe. sus the most glorious of the Asian cities People, The identity of the letter s original audience has from the area would have appreciated the irony. also been questioned This letter may have had of Paul s words about Christ s nourishing His own. a broader audience than the church at Ephesus body the church 5 29 They would have appre. alone Some of the oldest Gk manuscripts do not ciated the point of contrast when Paul describes. include in Ephesus in the address of the letter Christ s church as a glorious or radiant bride. 1 1 reading instead to the saints who are also 5 27 It was also in Ephesus that Paul s preaching. faithful in Christ Jesus Several early Christian of Christ came into dramatic conflict with an im. writers seem unaware of a specifically Ephesian ad portant trade dependent on pagan worship Acts. dress The letter lacks the personal references and 19 23 41 and that the gospel inspired a great. greetings Paul almost always included in his corre turning away from the occult Acts 19 17 20. spondence and there are other details about which Paul s call to expose the deeds of darkness 5 8 14. Paul writes that seem to conflict with what we and prepare for war against the spiritual forces. know about his ministry in Ephesus e g 3 1 13 of evil in the heavenly places 6 12 cf 1 20 21. 3 10 would have struck the original readers with, At the same time no manuscripts name any other special force. city as the address of the epistle Many scholars be. lieve Ephesians was written as a general letter to a. number of churches in the region which would, be in keeping with the sweeping contents of the genre.
letter as a whole It is possible that Paul origi, nally sent the letter to Ephesus but as the letter Because of its style some have suggested that the. was sent from church to church the address was book of Ephesians should be classified as a written. omitted because the contents had little to do with sermon or a theological essay The book however. Ephesus in particular Or it may be that the letter generally follows the standard epistolary conven. was originally in two forms one for the Ephesians tions of the first century see Introduction to the. that contained in Ephesus and one for general Epistles It contains a standard letter opening. circulation that did not 1 1 2 body 1 3 6 20 and conclusion 6 21 24. It should therefore be classified as an epistle, Questions about to whom Paul wrote this letter As he does in his other epistles Paul adapts the. also lead to questions about when he wrote the standard conventions to his own purposes in his. letter The imprisonment mentioned in 3 1 and letter to the Ephesians For example instead of. 6 20 is the same as that in Colossians 4 3 10 18 moving immediately from his opening greeting. and is probably Paul s two year house arrest in to thanksgiving and prayer as he does elsewhere. Rome a d 60 62 recounted in Acts 28 he introduces in Ephesians an extended rhapsody. 1 3 14 immediately after the greeting and be, Ephesus was the capital of the Roman province of fore the thanksgiving This has resulted in some. Asia on the west coast of Asia Minor modern day disagreement concerning whether the body of the. Turkey It lay between the eastern and western text begins with 1 3 or with 2 1 However because. halves of the Roman Empire and was among the 1 3 3 21 is a coherent unit it is preferable to iden. five most prominent cities in the empire during tify the beginning of the body of the letter at 1 3. the first century During Paul s unusually long,stay in Ephesus it became the center for evan. gelizing the western part of Asia Minor Acts, 19 10 Paul s affectionate ties with this church are l i t e r a ry f e at u r e s.
evident in his farewell speech to its elders Acts, 20 16 38 The most striking feature of this book is how it re. flects a deeply and thoroughly Pauline approach, Ephesus s most prominent civic monument to thinking about the Christian life Chapters 1 3. the temple of the goddess Diana was one of the build up the indicatives the glorious statements. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World The city is of fact that undergird Christianity Here Paul lays. described in one inscription as the nurturer of out the riches that are ours in Christ Jesus through. 20 87 EPHESIANS, His work of redemption Chapters 4 6 then offer 6 9 The first statement is the most important. the imperatives the commands regarding how Paul tells us that God is now revealing the mys. we are live in light of our calling and the riches tery of his will which is the uniting of all things. that are already ours in Christ in heaven and on earth in Christ The great evi. dence that this cosmic redemption is happening, Another important structural feature of this let is the church the body of Christ His new human. ter is the repetition of the verb walk Believers ity 1 23 2 15 In the church God is uniting Jew. formerly walked in trespasses and sins 2 1 but and Gentile reconciling them and tearing down. now have been created in Christ Jesus for good the wall of hostility between them through the. works which God prepared beforehand that we cross 2 14 This mystery of Christ was hidden. should walk in them 2 10 Chapters 4 6 the in past times i e before the coming of Christ but. applicatory section of this epistle are structured is now seen clearly the Gentiles are fellow heirs. around the Christian s walk or way of thinking members of the same body and partakers of the. and living Paul begins this section by urging us to promise in Christ through the gospel 3 6. walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which, you have been called 4 1 He later summons us That means then that the church is central to.
no longer to walk as the Gentiles do in the futil God s purpose in the world bec. Theological notes adapted from R C Sproul Essential Truths of the Christian Faith Tyndale House 1992 used with permission Some notes in the New Testament adapted from G K Beale A New Testament Biblical Theology Baker Academic 2011 used with permission G K Beale Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Baker Academic 2012 used with permission D A Carson and

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