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In This Guide,INTRODUCTION 3,Why Use Reading Rewards. OVERVIEW 4,HOW IT WORKS 5,1 Setting up a reading group 6. 2 Managing student accounts 8,3 Assigning reading to your students 14. 4 Tracking student progress 17,5 Providing feedback to students parents 21. 6 Assessing reading comprehension 25,7 Recognizing student progress 33.
GUIDED TOUR FROM A STUDENT S PERSPECTIVE 39,TESTIMONIALS 26. www reading rewards com 2,Introduction,Reading Rewards is a free and safe online reading. log and reading incentive program used by, thousands of parents teachers and librarians To get started visit. worldwide to encourage children to read reading rewards com. and sign up for your own, The objective of this document is to help you get administrator account. started easily with Reading Rewards We hope that This guide will step you. you ll join the ranks of thousands of teachers who through the rest. use Reading Rewards with their classrooms, Reading Rewards was created by Michelle Skamene a mom who was concerned.
that her boys spent very little time reading A programmer by profession Michelle set. up a program for them to log their reading in order to earn rewards It worked Her. kids started devouring books At first they were motivated by the promise of rewards. Eventually they developed a love of reading for its own sake. When friends asked if they could use the program for their own children Michelle. expanded the website to allow others to participate and set up their own rewards for. their kids, In 2013 Michelle joined forces with Carole Alalouf a Web marketing analytics. specialist who raised by two teachers and a mother herself loved the idea of using. her skills to encourage kids to read,Why Use Reading Rewards. Thousands of teachers are using Reading Rewards with their classrooms in order to. Gain detailed access to kids reading logs validated by parents. Dramatically reduce the time effort required to monitor reading logs. Improve class reading scores by encouraging independent reading. Share recommended required book lists student book reviews and ratings. See which books students love the most,www reading rewards com 3. A Student s Perspective,Kids log their reading,build up their virtual. Kids earn RR Miles as they,Kids can share in the read which they can.
magic of reading with redeem to Earn Rewards,friends classmates family. and their library set up by parents,teachers and librarians. Book recommendations,Exchange on blog,See latest reads. Read reviews, Turn to the back of this guide for a guided tour of. Reading Rewards from a Student s perspective,How It Works.
A Teacher s Perspective, Follow these 7 simple steps to make the most of your. Reading Rewards account and encourage your students to read. 1 Set up a reading group,2 Manage student accounts. 3 Assign reading to your students,4 Track student progress. 5 Provide feedback to students parents,6 Assess reading comprehension. 7 Recognize student progress,1 Set Up a Reading Group.
In your Reading Circle you can set up a group for your classroom manage user. accounts visit with the RR community and exchange messages with your students. In this section you will learn how to,Create a group for your class. Delete a group,Add students to your group,Remove students from your group. Reset students password,www reading rewards com 6,MANAGING READING GROUPS. How to Create a Group for your Class, Once you are logged in to your new administrator account follow the steps below to create. a group for your class,1 Click on Reading Circle then Manage Groups.
2 Click on the Create a New Group button to provide key information about your group. 3 Fill in each field as described in the following table. Field Description, Group name What is the name of your group Try to make it as unique as possible so. your readers can find you Example Mrs Jones Room 113 2012 2013. Description Set out any rules and objectives here It will display on your group s page. This group is for Click My Class to specify that this is a reading group for your class. Group start date When does your reading group start and end Only reading logged between. Group end date the group s start and end dates will appear and count for your group. Secure your group with a code Protect your group with a security code If you set this to Yes nobody can. join your group without it, Security code Keep the defaults code or enter your own 6 character code. Can group members kids add Choose whether to allow your students to add comments to your class blog. entries to the blog, Notify me by email when You can receive an email any time a group member posts to your blog. students add to the blog, Notify me by email when a new You can receive an email any time a student joins your group. member joins the group, Group reading target Do you have a reading target you would like your class to reach Do you.
Individual reading target have a target for each individual student. Can kids view each other s By default kids can see summary information about their peers reading. summary reading stats number of books number of minutes number of pages It can make for. some fun competition If you prefer NOT to have them see this set this. option to No,4 Click Save,How to Delete a Group,To delete a group follow the steps below. 1 Log into your administrator account then click Reading Circles Manage Groups. 2 Select your group then display the Settings tab, 3 Click on the garbage can at the top right of the Group Set Up page. www reading rewards com 7,MANAGE STUDENT ACCOUNTS,2 Manage Student Accounts. How to Add Students to your Class Reading Group, To add members to your group there are two different scenarios to consider either your. students already have Reading Rewards accounts or they don t. Scenario 1 Your students already have a Reading Rewards account. Since students already have Reading Rewards accounts all they will need to do is find and. join your group Here is how you can facilitate the process. 1 Log into your administrator account and visit Reading Circle Manage Groups. 2 On the left click Parent Introduction Letters then select the name of your group. 3 Under Parent Introduction Letters Student Signup click the Printer icon to generate a. PDF version of a letter to parents which provides all the information your students will. need to join your group including the name of your group and your security code. Scenario 2 Your students are new to Reading Rewards. In this scenario students will need to obtain Reading Rewards reader accounts and join your. group You can facilitate that process in one of two ways A You can create accounts for all. your students or B you can help your students create their own accounts. Option A Create accounts for your students They will automatically be placed in your group. 1 Log into your administrator account and visit Reading Circle Manage Accounts. 2 Click Create Reader Account, 3 For each student fill in the fields of the Manage Reader Accounts page as follows.
Field Description, Group you wish the student to join Select the class group to which you want to add the student. Reader s first name gender Specify some basic information about each child Their approximate age and. approximate age country gender will help personalize their book recommendations and their country. information helps them access the right Amazon database to add books to. their virtual library, Reader s login username Please choose a username that is at least 6 characters Usernames must be. unique across the RR website, Password Do not give the same password to all the students in your group Make sure. each password is unique for security reasons, Do you want parents to validate Select this option if you want parents to validate that their child has done. reading time their reading You will need to supply parents e mail address Please note. that if you require parental validation children will not get credit for their. reading until the entries have been validated Parents get notified of new. entries by email,www reading rewards com 8,MANAGE STUDENT ACCOUNTS.
4 Click Save This Student or Save Add Another Student if you have more students to add. 5 Once you have added all your students click on Parent Introduction Letters at left then. select the name of your class group, 6 Under Parent Introduction Letters Accounts created click the Printer icon to generate. a PDF version of a letter to parents which includes the child s username and password as. well as some basic instructions, Option B Help students create their accounts and join your group. 1 Log into your administrator account and visit Reading Circle Manage Accounts. 2 Click on Parent Introduction Letters at left then select the name of your class group. 3 Under Parent Introduction Letters Student Signup click the Printer icon to generate a. PDF version of a letter to parents that introduces parents to Reading Rewards and. provides detailed instructions for how to sign up for an account and join your group. How to Bulk Upload Reader Accounts PREMIUM feature. With a PREMIUM account you can automate the process of updating your student accounts. by uploading a spreadsheet with all your student account details and adding them to your. class group, To upload your student accounts the upload utility will guide you through five simple steps. 1 Prepare Upload the File,2 Map Columns,3 Validate File Data. 4 Provide Additional Details,5 Do a Final Check,Creating your Class Group.
Before you upload your student accounts we recommend that you first create the. classroom group to which the students will belong If you do so then you will be able to. automatically add your students to the group as part of the upload process. For detailed instructions please se How to Create a Reading Group for your Class on. www reading rewards com 9,MANAGE STUDENT ACCOUNTS,Prepare Upload File. PREMIUM feature, To upload students to your class group please follow the steps below. 1 Download the user upload template in CSV format, You may use another CSV file instead of our template as long as it adheres to our. guidelines below and contains these columns First Name Age Gender Parent Email. and Username, 2 Use Excel or a text editor to fill in the Guidelines for User Upload File. template keeping the guidelines, All fields are mandatory unless you will not require.
at right in mind parent validation of emails in which case parent. emails are optional, 3 Click the Start Upload button to display GENDER Use M or F to identify student gender. the Select File screen,AGE Use numbers only to specify reader s age. 4 Click Choose File to locate your upload USERNAME To ensure security the user names you. file on your computer then click Open choose must, 5 Click Next to display the Column be at least 6 characters long. Mapping page contain at least one number,not contain the child s first name. not contain any special characters such as,Map Columns.
If you used our user upload template please click Next to skip this step and display the Data. Validation screen, If you uploaded your own file use the pull down menus in the top row of this screen to. map the columns in your file to the fields we need. If your spreadsheet has additional columns of data that we cannot import you can skip. them by selecting Do Not Load in the column header. www reading rewards com 10,MANAGE STUDENT ACCOUNTS. Validate File Data,PREMIUM feature, Use the Data Validation screen to examine the first few rows of your data and make sure. that your columns are properly mapped to our fields. If you find issues that need correcting please click Cancel to start the process over. If your data appears valid please click Load Data to display the Additional Details screen. Add Detailed Info, Please use this screen to share a little bit more information about your readers by filling out. the fields described in the following table,Field Description.
Country State This information helps us display the most appropriate library of books to your. Validate reading If you require validation by parents reading time will not count until they do. automatically Set this field to yes if you want all logged reading to count automatically. Group Do you want to automatically add kids to one of your groups If so make sure. you select the group You can always change this later. After you have filled in the fields please click Save. www reading rewards com 11,MANAGE STUDENT ACCOUNTS. Do a Final Check,PREMIUM feature, In this screen any issues with your data will be flagged with a caution icon in the Record. Check column, To address the issues please follow the steps below. 1 For each of these rows, a Hover your cursor over the caution icon to display a description of the issue. b Correct the issue as described in the following table and click Save Changes. Field Description,No first name entered Enter a first name.
No age entered Enter an age,No gender entered Enter a gender. No parent email and validation is required Either enter a parent email or mark validation. as automatic, Username is taken Try a different username and click Save. Changes to see if caution icon disappears,Other username error Ensure tha. Share recommended required book lists student book reviews and ratings See which books studentslove the most Reading Rewards is a free and safe online reading log and reading incentive program used by thousands of parents teachers and librarians worldwide to encourage children to read The objective of this document is to help you get

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