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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS,Introduction 6 2 3 Other settings. Reading this manual 8 General settings 53,Voice settings 56. 1 Quick guide,Vehicle settings 57,1 1 Basic function 3 Navigation system. Display and operation switches 12,Remote Touch 14 3 1 Basic operation. Menu screen 16 Navigation 62,Split screen 18 Map screen operation 64.
Home screen 20 Map screen information 67,Sub menu 21 Traffic information 70. Status icon 22 3 2 Destination search,Setup screen 24 Destination search operation 73. 1 2 Navigation operation Starting route guidance 80. Operating the map screen 25 3 3 Route guidance,Guiding the route 26 Route guidance screen 84. Registering home 27 Typical voice guidance prompts87. 2 Basic function Editing route 88,Navigation settings 90. 2 1 Basic information before opera,tion Detailed navigation settings 95.
Initial screen 30 Traffic settings 98, How to use the Remote Touch 31 3 5 Tips for the navigation system. Entering letters and numbers list GPS Global Positioning System. screen operation 33 102, Display settings screen adjust Map database version and covered. ment 36 area 104,Linking multi information display. and navigation multimedia system 4 Audio visual system. 2 2 Connectivity settings 4 1 Basic operation,Registering Connecting a Blue Quick reference 106. tooth device 39 Some basics 107,Setting Bluetooth details 43.
Wi Fi Hotspot 49,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu,al USA OM78229U. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3,4 2 Radio operation,7 Peripheral monitoring system 1. AM FM SiriusXM SXM radio111,Internet radio 119,7 1 Lexus parking assist monitor. 4 3 Media operation 2,Lexus parking assist monitor 174. Guide lines displayed on the screen,USB memory 125.
Lexus parking assist monitor pre,iPod 128 cautions 179. Bluetooth audio 130 Things you should know 184 4,AUX 133 7 2 Panoramic view monitor. 4 4 Audio visual remote controls Panoramic view monitor 186 5. Steering switches 135 Checking around the vehicle 189. 4 5 Setup Checking the front and around the,Audio settings 136 vehicle 191 6. 4 6 Tips for operating the audio visual Checking the sides and around the. system vehicle 194,Checking the rear and around the 7. Operating information 142,vehicle 196, 5 Voice command system When folding the outside rear view.
mirrors 201, 5 1 Voice command system operation Magnifying function 202. Voice command system 156 Panoramic view monitor precau 9. Natural language understanding,159 Things you should know 213. Command list 159 Product license 215,5 2 Mobile Assistant operation. Mobile Assistant 164,6 Information,6 1 Information display. Information screen 168,Weather information 169,Data services settings 170.
LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu,al USA OM78229U,4 TABLE OF CONTENTS. Lexus Enform App Suite 2 0 set,8 Phone tings 260,8 1 Phone operation Hands free sys Index. tem for cellular phones,Quick reference 218 Alphabetical Index 262. Some basics 219,Placing a call using the Bluetooth. hands free system 222,Receiving a call using the Blue.
tooth hands free system 225,Talking on the Bluetooth hands. free system 226,Bluetooth phone message func,Phone settings 232. 8 3 What to do if,Troubleshooting 241,9 Lexus Enform. 9 1 Lexus Enform overview,Lexus Enform 246,Type A Function achieved by using. a smart phone or DCM 247,Type B Function achieved by using.
DCM and the navigation multi,media system 249,Type C Function achieved by using. Type D Function achieved by using,DCM and a smart phone 253. 9 2 Lexus Enform operation,Lexus Enform App Suite 2 0 255. Lexus Enform Destinations 258,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu. al USA OM78229U,TABLE OF CONTENTS 5,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu.
al USA OM78229U,Introduction your present position and assists in. locating a desired destination, Navigation and multimedia system The navigation system is designed to. owner s manual select efficient routes from your pres. ent starting location to your destina, This manual explains the operation of tion The system is also designed to. the system Please read this manual direct you to a destination that is unfa. carefully to ensure proper use Keep miliar to you in an efficient manner The. this manual in your vehicle at all times system uses AISIN AW maps The cal. The screens shown in this manual may culated routes may not be the shortest. differ from the actual screen of the sys nor the least traffic congested Your. tem depending on availability of func own personal local knowledge or. tions Lexus Enform subscription short cut may at times be faster than. status and map data available at the the calculated routes. time this manual was produced The navigation system s database. The screens in this manual will also dif includes Point of Interest categories to. fer if the screen theme settings have allow you to easily select destinations. been changed Theme setting such as restaurants and hotels If a des. P 53 tination is not in the database you can, In some situations when changing enter the street address close to it and. between screens it may take longer the system will guide you there. than normal for the screen to change The system will provide both a visual. the screen may be blank momentarily map and audio instructions The audio. or noise may be displayed instructions will announce the distance. Please be aware that the content of this remaining and the direction to turn in. manual may be different from the sys when approaching an intersection. tem in some cases such as when the These voice instructions will help you. system s software is updated keep your eyes on the road and are. timed to provide enough time to allow, Navigation system you to maneuver change lanes or slow.
The navigation system is one of the Please be aware that all current vehicle. most technologically advanced vehi navigation systems have certain limita. cle accessories ever developed The tions that may affect their ability to per. system receives satellite signals from form properly The accuracy of the. the Global Positioning System GPS vehicle s position depends on satellite. operated by the U S Department of conditions road configuration vehicle. Defense Using these signals and other condition or other circumstances For. vehicle sensors the system indicates more information on the limitations of. LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu,al USA OM78229U,the system refer to page 102. TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORA,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu,al USA OM78229U. Reading this manual Symbols Meanings,Indicates the action. Explains symbols used in this man pushing turning etc. ual used to operate switches,and other devices,Symbols in this manual Indicates the outcome of. an operation e g a lid,Symbols Meanings opens,Explains something that.
if not obeyed could,cause death or serious,injury to people. Explains something that,if not obeyed could,cause damage to or a. malfunction in the vehi Symbols Meanings,cle or its equipment Indicates the component. Indicates operating or or position being,working procedures Fol explained. low the steps in numeri,Means Do not Do not do,this or Do not let this.
Symbols in illustrations,Different writing styles for gasoline. and hybrid vehicles,Information for hybrid vehicles is writ. ten in brackets next to the information,for gasoline vehicles. Turn the engine switch 1 power,switch 2 to IGNITION ON mode 1. ON mode 2 mode,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu,al USA OM78229U.
Safety instruction 10 3 inch display While driving be sure to obey the traf. model fic regulations and maintain awareness,of the road conditions If a traffic sign. To use this system in the safest possible on the road has been changed route. guidance may not have the updated, manner follow all the safety tips shown information such as the direction of a. below one way street,This system is intended to assist in. While driving listen to the voice,reaching the destination and if used. instructions as much as possible and,properly can do so The driver is solely.
glance at the screen briefly and only,responsible for the safe operation of. when it is safe However do not totally,your vehicle and the safety of your pas. rely on voice guidance Use it just for,reference If the system cannot deter. Do not use any feature of this system to mine the current position correctly. the extent it becomes a distraction and there is a possibility of incorrect late. prevents safe driving The first priority or non voice guidance. while driving should always be the safe,The data in the system may occasion. operation of the vehicle While driving,ally be incomplete Road conditions.
be sure to observe all traffic regula,including driving restrictions no left. turns street closures etc frequently, Prior to the actual use of this system change Therefore before following. learn how to use it and become thor any instructions from the system look. oughly familiar with it Read the entire to see whether the instruction can be. manual to make sure you understand done safely and legally. the system Do not allow other people,This system cannot warn about such. to use this system until they have read,things as the safety of an area condi. and understood the instructions in this,tion of streets and availability of emer.
gency services If unsure about the, For your safety some functions may safety of an area do not drive into it. become inoperable when driving Under no circumstances is this system. Unavailable screen buttons are a substitute for the driver s personal. dimmed judgement,WARNING Use this system only in locations where. For safety the driver should not oper it is legal to do so Some states prov. ate the system while he she is driving inces may have laws prohibiting the use. Insufficient attention to the road and of video and navigation screens next to. traffic may cause an accident,the driver,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu. al USA OM78229U,Safety instruction 8 inch display,To use this system in the safest possible. manner follow all the safety tips shown,Do not use any feature of this system to.
the extent it becomes a distraction and,prevents safe driving The first priority. while driving should always be the safe,operation of the vehicle While driving. be sure to observe all traffic regula,Prior to the actual use of this system. learn how to use it and become thor,oughly familiar with it Read the entire. manual to make sure you understand,the system Do not allow other people.
to use this system until they have read,and understood the instructions in this. For your safety some functions may,become inoperable when driving. Unavailable screen buttons are,For safety the driver should not oper. ate the system while he she is driving,Insufficient attention to the road and. traffic may cause an accident,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu.
al USA OM78229U,Quick guide,Quick guide,1 1 Basic function. Display and operation switches12,Remote Touch 14,Menu screen 16. Split screen 18,Home screen 20,Sub menu 21,Status icon 22. Setup screen 24,1 2 Navigation operation,Operating the map screen 25. Guiding the route 26,Registering home 27,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu.
al USA OM78229U,12 1 1 Basic function,1 1 Basic function. Display and operation switches,System components,B Audio control switch P 106. C Remote Touch P 14,D USB AUX port P 108,E Steering switches P 135 156 220. F Microphone P 156 220,G SOS button,Refer to the OWNER S MANUAL. When the temperature is 4 F 20 C,or less the system may not operate.
When the LCD screen is viewed at an,angle it looks lighter or darker. When light from the sun or another,external light source strikes the screen. the screen is difficult to see,When wearing sunglasses with polarized. lenses the screen looks lighter or darker,LEXUS NX300h NX300 Navi Manu. al USA OM78229U,1 1 Basic function 13,For safety reasons drivers should.
avoid performing operations as much,Quick guide,as possible while driving Performing. operations while driving may cause the,driver to mistakenly operate the steer. ing wheel which may lead to an acci,dent Stop the vehicle before using. Furthermore avoid looking at the,screen as much as possible while driv. Always follow the actual traffic regula,tions and drive according to the road.
conditions Routes displayed by the,destination guidance may include. routes where the vehicle is prohibited,from entering due to changes to speed. limit signs and routes where the road is,too narrow to pass through. To prevent the 12 volt battery from,becoming fully depleted do not use. the Remote Touch for long periods of,time while the engine hybrid system is.
turned off,Software licence for the 10 3,inch display. Free Open Source Software Informa,This product contains Free Open. Source Software FOSS,The license information and or the. source code of such FOSS can be,found at the following URL. http www globaldenso com en open,source ivi toyota.
the system Please read this manual carefully to ensure proper use Keep this manual in your vehicle at all times The screens shown in this manual may differ from the actual screen of the sys tem depending on availability of func tions Lexus Enform subscription status and map data available at the time this manual was produced

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