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8 What did the kids participating in the sleepover learn. 9 What do you think should happen next, 10 How has your thinking changed since watching the BtN story. Think about ways you could raise awareness about the issue of youth homelessness in. your local community,Dental decay, 1 What was the main point of the Dental decay story. 2 Tooth decay is not a disease True or false,3 What is the layer of bacteria on teeth called. 4 How does that bacteria cause tooth decay, 5 What did a recent study find about children and tooth decay. 6 What can happen if tooth decay isn t treated, 7 What did the research discover about kids brushing habits.
8 Why is it important to brush your teeth at night. 9 Apart from brushing your teeth what else can you do to prevent tooth. 10 What changes could you make to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day Vote in the BtN online poll. http www abc net au btn,Competitive aerobics, 1 Briefly summarise the Competitive aerobics story. 2 In which decade did aerobics become popular, 3 How do judges award points in competitive aerobics. 4 What skills are needed to be successful in competitive aerobics. 5 What does Edward like about competitive aerobics. 6 What makes Edward a stand out performer,7 Name two aerobics moves. 8 When and where are the nationals being held this year. 9 Think of three adjectives to describe competitive aerobics. 10 Send a message of support on the BtN Guestbook,http www abc net au btn guestbook html. Test your knowledge in the online Aerobics quiz Go to the BtN website and follow the. Homelessness,Focus Questions,EPISODE 22, 1 Discuss the Youth sleep out story with another student.
2 What is the name of the sleepover held at the zoo recently 16 AUGUST 2011. 3 Where did the idea come from,4 What was the aim of the sleepover Learning Area. 5 About how many people are homeless each night in Australia. Society and Environment,6 How many are under 25 years old. 7 Many of them are called hidden homeless What does that mean. 8 What did the kids participating in the sleepover learn. 9 What do you think should happen next, 10 How has your thinking changed since watching the BtN story. Key learning,Homelessness Students will develop an. understanding of the issues, Ask students to think about what their basic needs are to survive Students can affecting young homeless.
work with a partner and record their responses What basic needs are not met people and ways of raising. when children are homeless Record responses on a concept map with awareness of the issue. homelessness at the centre, Students can record what they know and want to know about homelessness on. the following chart, What do I know What do I want to How will I find out What I have learnt. Students can investigate their own questions or some of the following. What stereotypes are there about homelessness,Why do children become homeless. How do young homeless people cope with school,Who helps homeless people. What support is available for young homeless people. Students can present their research findings using publishing software or give an. oral presentation Discuss with students how the class and or school can raise. public awareness of the issue and ways they could support young people who are. Reflection, How has your thinking about homelessness changed since completing the.
Further investigation, Design and make a symbol that represents homelessness Use the symbol to create a. display for your classroom or school that represents the number of homeless people in. Australia or your local community,Related Research Links. ABC Behind the News Fred s Van,http www abc net au btn story s3038374 htm. Homelessness Australia Homelessness and children, http www homelessnessaustralia org au UserFiles File Fact 20sheets Homeles. sness 20and 20Children 202010 2011 20LR pdf,City of Sydney What is homelessness.
http www cityofsydney nsw gov au Community HomelessnessServices Informat. ionKitForVolunteers Module1 WhatIsHomelessness asp. Youth Homelessness Matters About Youth Homelessness. http www youthhomelessnessmatters net About Youth Homelessness About. Youth Homelessness aspx,The Big Issue Homelessness Facts and figures. http www bigissue org au about homelessness facts and figures. Dental decay,Focus Questions, 1 What was the main point of the Dental decay story EPISODE 22. 2 Tooth decay is not a disease True or false, 3 What is the layer of bacteria on teeth called 16 AUGUST 2011. 4 How does that bacteria cause tooth decay, 5 What did a recent study find about children and tooth decay Learning Area. 6 What can happen if tooth decay isn t treated,Health and Physical.
7 What did the research discover about kids brushing habits. 8 Why is it important to brush your teeth at night. 9 Apart from brushing your teeth what else can you do to prevent tooth decay. 10 What changes could you make to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Key learning,Dental decay,Students will develop a, Recent research shows that there has been an increase in tooth decay amongst public awareness campaign. children Students will investigate ways of changing this statistic by creating a that aims to improve the. oral health of children, public education campaign to address the issue Discuss with students different. approaches that could be taken about the issue Here are some examples. Create a cartoon animation using celebrities or humour to get the. message across or shock tactics think about the anti smoking campaigns. Include a logo jingle or gimmick to help get the message across. Will you advertise on TV radio print or online, Offer incentives for young people who reduce dental decay. Negotiate with students how they will present their ideas for a public education. campaign to the class and other students in the school Each group needs to give. reasons why they think their campaign would be effective at improving the health. of children s teeth and reducing the number of sugary food and drinks in their diet. Reflection, How has this investigation changed your thinking and actions about the health of. your teeth,Further investigations, How much sugar is there in your favourite food and drinks Research the number of.
teaspoons or grams of sugar contained in each serve What is the recommended sugar. intake for children Create a poster to show your research findings. Why is good oral health important to your overall health and wellbeing. What is fluoride and why is it important to the health of your teeth Write a short. explanation and include labelled diagrams,Related Research Links. ABC The World Today Dental decay on the rise for kids. http www abc net au worldtoday content 2011 s3284073 htm site wheatbelt. Women s and Children s Health Teeth, http www cyh com HealthTopics HealthTopicDetailsKids aspx p 335 np 152 i. Healthy Teeth How does plaque cause a cavity, http www healthyteeth org cavities howPlaqueCause html. Betterhealth Channel Dental care Fluoride, http www betterhealth vic gov au bhcv2 bhcarticles nsf pages Dental care flu. BtN Episode 22 Transcript,On this week s Behind the News.
They re a lunch box luxury so when will bananas be back to. normal prices, We join a charity sleep out to raise awareness about homeless. And why brushing only once a day could mean dental decay. Hi I m Nathan Bazley welcome to Behind the News Also on the show. we send Alfie to join a group doing competitive aerobics But before. Reporter Nathan Bazley, INTRO America seems to be getting bad grades not in the. classroom but in its economy The country was rated Triple A now. it s only double A plus It still sounds pretty good but the effect of that. drop could cost the country trillions of dollars So let s find out why. their grades took a tumble, NATHAN BAZLEY REPORTER If you got a double A on an. assignment you would pretty much be the best student in the world. America s economy was just awarded the same mark but the. reception hasn t been quite as good It s been taking some big hits. after getting what sounds like a great grade Let s find out why. Arguments between people usually cause trouble But when was the. last time an argument might have caused a whole recession Well an. argument between these two people the President of the United. States and the leader of their opposition might have done just that. America s government has been spending more money than they earn. for ages And lately it s hit the ceiling of how much the government. could borrow How much are we talking Well they owe 14. TRILLION dollars That s 14 with 18 zeros, So Obama put out his hand as many presidents have done before. OLIVER Please sir can I have some more, The opposition weren t happy because they felt that the government.
should be cutting debt not borrowing more But things were a bit. more desperate than that, BARACK OBAMA US PRESIDENT There s plenty of ways out of this. mess but there is very little time We need to reach a compromise by. Tuesday so that our country will have the ability to pay its bills on. So the countdown was on and when the clock clicked down to zero. America wouldn t be able to pay what it owes which is known as. defaulting So who wouldn t be paid Well these guys for one. soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan, ARMY OFFICER If the debt ceiling doesn t get raised we re not. going to have enough money to pay our bills, But more than government workers not getting a pay cheque experts. said the whole economy could crumble both in America and in other. parts of the world if that was allowed to happen So both sides started. negotiating, The countdown was only hours from disaster when they finally hit on. a solution that both gave them more money and cut spending. OBAMA Now this process has been messy and it took far too long. But the deal passed so everyone took a big sigh of relief and America. lived happily ever after Well no the damage had already been done. Countries have a report card like system of how good they are at. paying back borrowed money, Australia is triple A as is the UK and France At the other end of the.
spectrum Greece is on one of the lowest report cards at double C But. last week America s report dropped from AAA to AA, NATHAN Yeah okay it still sounds pretty good for the American. economy but it s not After coming so close to defaulting some. people don t trust the good old US of A to always be able to pay what. they owe Meaning it may cost America more to borrow in the future. And that s shaken the confidence of markets all over the world. Australia Europe and other markets have all suffered huge losses. with the news And some countries are starting to wonder if they. should still look up to America economically like they always have. So America will be wanting to get back to the top of the class as soon. as possible, Presenter OK let s see what else is making the news Here s Kirsty. with the Wire, You might remember the tsunami in Japan earlier this year that lead. to a leak at a nuclear power plant Well tests on kids living near it. have found radioactive substances in them The fear is that it could. lead to things like cancer While lots of families have moved away. from the power plant many can t afford to And so the kids here have. been told to spend less time playing outside And the school principal. has to carry out regular radiation checks in the school yard. New Zealanders are shivering through what s been described as a. once in a lifetime storm A polar blast has brought freezing. temperatures and heavy snowfall to most of the country People have. been told to avoid driving and to get prepared because the weather. could last for a few days,Reporter Natasha Thiele, INTRO When was the last time you had a banana For some of you. it might have been quite a while Lots of kids aren t packing them in. their lunch boxes anymore because they ve become really expensive. lately So are they going to get any cheaper any time soon Tash. takes a look, NATASHA THIELE REPORTER Bananas are bling If you ve been.
getting them in your packed lunch box recently then you must be. pretty cashed up because bananas have become so expensive that. they ve become a bit of a luxury, So what s happened to turn bananas into lunch box bling For the. answer we have to go back to the start of the year. Queensland was hit by a cyclone and massive floods Lots of people. lost their homes and many crops were damaged Farmers were left. with fields that looked like this Millions of banana plants were easily. destroyed While they might look like big strong trees banana plants. are actually really fragile In the end three quarters of Australia s. banana crops were wiped out It devastated the industry because for. every 10 bananas sold in Australia 9 are grown in Queensland So. after one big weather event Australia s best selling fruit bananas were. off the menu for many kids, But it didn t mean that supermarket shelves were completely empty of. bananas because places like New South Wales and Western Australia. grow them too But nowhere near enough to meet the demand and so. with fewer bananas to go around prices went sky high from just a. couple of dollars a kilo to around 15, You might be thinking well why didn t we just import more bananas. Questions for discussion Money mayhem 1 The United States credit rating dropped from AAA to 2 Why did the American Government want to borrow more money

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