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Python Basics A Practical Introduction,to Python 3. Real Python, Python Basics A Practical Introduction to Python 3. Revised and Updated 4th Edition, David Amos Dan Bader Joanna Jablonski Fletcher Heisler. Copyright Real Python realpython com 2012 2020, For online information and ordering of this and other books by Real. Python please visit realpython com For more information please. contact us at info realpython com,ISBN 9781775093329 paperback.
ISBN 9781775093336 electronic,Cover design by Aldren Santos. Additional editing and proofreading by Jacob Schmitt. Python and the Python logos are trademarks or registered trade. marks of the Python Software Foundation used by Real Python with. permission from the Foundation, Thank you for downloading this ebook This ebook is licensed for your. personal enjoyment only This ebook may not be resold or given away. to other people If you would like to share this book with another per. son please purchase an additional copy for each recipient If you re. reading this book and did not purchase it or if it was not purchased for. your use only then please return to realpython com pybasics book. and purchase your own copy Thank you for respecting the hard work. behind this book,This is a sample from Python Basics A Practical. Introduction to Python 3, With the full version of the book you get a complete Python curriculum. to go all the way from beginner to intermediate level Every step along. the way is explained and illustrated with short clear code samples. Coding exercises within each chapter and our interactive quizzes help. fast track your progress and ensure you always know what to focus on. Become a fluent Pythonista and gain programming knowledge you. can apply in the real world today, If you enjoyed the sample chapters you can purchase a full.
version of the book at realpython com pybasics book. What Pythonistas Say About Python Basics A Practical In. troduction to Python 3, I love the book The wording is casual easy to understand and. makes the information ow well I never feel lost in the material and. it s not too dense so it s easy for me to review older chapters over and. I ve looked at over 10 di erent Python tutorials books online courses. and I ve probably learned the most from Real Python. Thomas Wong, Three years later and I still return to my Real Python books when I. need a quick refresher on usage of vital Python commands. Rob Fowler, I oundered for a long time trying to teach myself I slogged through. dozens of incomplete online tutorials I snoozed through hours of bor. ing screencasts I gave up on countless crufty books from big time. publishers And then I found Real Python, The easy to follow step by step instructions break the big concepts. down into bite sized chunks written in plain English The authors. never forget their audience and are consistently thorough and detailed. in their explanations I m up and running now but I constantly refer. to the material for guidance,Jared Nielsen, I love the book because at the end of each particular lesson there are.
real world and interesting challenges I just built a savings estimator. that actually re ects my savings account neat,Drew Prescott. As a practice of what you taught I started building simple scripts for. people on my team to help them in their everyday duties When my. managers noticed that I was o ered a new position as a developer. I know there is heaps of things to learn and there will be huge chal. lenges but I nally started doing what I really came to like. Once again MANY THANKS, What I found great about the Real Python courses compared to others. is how they explain things in the simplest way possible. A lot of courses in any discipline really require the learning of a lot of. jargon when in fact what is being taught could be taught quickly and. succinctly without too much of it The courses do a very good job of. keeping the examples interesting,Stephen Grady, After reading the rst Real Python course I wrote a script to automate. a mundane task at work What used to take me three to ve hours now. takes less than ten minutes,Brandon Youngdale, Honestly throughout this whole process what I found was just me. looking really hard for things that could maybe be added or improved. but this tutorial is amazing You do a wonderful job of explaining and. teaching Python in a way that people like me a complete novice could. really grasp, The ow of the lessons works perfectly throughout The exercises truly.
helped along the way and you feel very accomplished when you nish. up the book I think you have a gift for making Python seem more. attainable to people outside the programming world. This is something I never thought I would be doing or learning and. with a little push from you I am learning it and I can see that it will be. nothing but bene cial to me in the future,Shea Klusewicz. The authors of the courses have NOT forgotten what it is like to be. a beginner something that many authors do and assume noth. ing about their readers which makes the courses fantastic reads The. courses are also accompanied by some great videos as well as plenty. of references for extra learning homework assignments and example. code that you can experiment with and extend, I really liked that there was always full code examples and each line. of code had good comments so you can see what is doing what. I now have a number of books on Python and the Real Python ones. are the only ones I have actually nished cover to cover and they. are hands down the best on the market If like me you re not a pro. grammer I work in online marketing you ll nd these courses to be. like a mentor due to the clear u free explanations Highly recom. Craig Addyman,About the Authors, At Real Python you ll learn real world programming skills from a com. munity of professional Pythonistas from all around the world. The realpython com website launched in 2012 and currently helps. more than two million Python developers each month with free. programming tutorials and in depth learning resources. Everyone who worked on this book is a practitioner with several years. of professional experience in the software industry Here are the mem. bers of the Real Python tutorial team who worked on Python Basics. David Amos is the content technical lead for Real Python After leav. ing academia in 2015 David worked in various technical positions as. a programmer and data scientist In 2019 David joined Real Python. full time to pursue his passion for education He lead the charge on. rewriting and updating the Python Basics curriculum to Python 3. Dan Bader is the owner and editor in chief of Real Python and the. main developer of the realpython com learning platform Dan has. been writing code for more than twenty years and holds a master s. degree in computer science He s the author of Python Tricks a best. selling programming book for intermediate Python developers. Joanna Jablonski is the executive editor of Real Python She likes. natural languages just as much as she likes programming languages. Her love for puzzles patterns and pesky little details led her to follow. a career in translation It was only a matter of time before she would. fall in love with a new language Python She joined Real Python in. 2018 and has been helping Pythonistas level up ever since. Fletcher Heisler is the founder of Hunter2 where he teaches de. velopers how to hack and secure modern web apps As one of the. founding members of Real Python Fletcher wrote the rst version of. the Python curriculum this book is based on in 2012. Contents 8,Foreword 13,1 Introduction 20,1 1 Why This Book 21. 1 2 About Real Python 23,1 3 How to Use This Book 24.
1 4 Bonus Material and Learning Resources 25,2 Setting Up Python 29. 2 1 A Note on Python Versions 30,2 2 Windows 31,2 3 macOS 34. 2 4 Ubuntu Linux 37,3 Your First Python Program 42. 3 1 Write a Python Program 43,3 2 Mess Things Up 47. 3 3 Create a Variable 50,3 4 Inspect Values in the Interactive Window 55.
3 5 Leave Yourself Helpful Notes 58,3 6 Summary and Additional Resources 60. 4 Strings and String Methods 62,4 1 What Is a String 63. 4 2 Concatenation Indexing and Slicing 69,4 3 Manipulate Strings With Methods 79. 4 4 Interact With User Input 85,4 5 Challenge Pick Apart Your User s Input 88. 4 6 Working With Strings and Numbers 88,4 7 Streamline Your Print Statements 94.
4 8 Find a String in a String 96,4 9 Challenge Turn Your User Into a L33t H4x0r 99. 4 10 Summary and Additional Resources 100,5 Numbers and Math 102. 5 1 Integers and Floating Point Numbers 103,5 2 Arithmetic Operators and Expressions 107. 5 3 Challenge Perform Calculations on User Input 115. 5 4 Make Python Lie to You 116,5 5 Math Functions and Number Methods 118. 5 6 Print Numbers in Style 123,5 7 Complex Numbers 126.
5 8 Summary and Additional Resources 130,6 Functions and Loops 132. 6 1 What Is a Function Really 133,6 2 Write Your Own Functions 137. 6 3 Challenge Convert Temperatures 146,6 4 Run in Circles 147. 6 5 Challenge Track Your Investments 156,6 6 Understand Scope in Python 157. 6 7 Summary and Additional Resources 162,7 Finding and Fixing Code Bugs 164.
7 1 Use the Debug Control Window 165,7 2 Squash Some Bugs 171. 7 3 Summary and Additional Resources 179,8 Conditional Logic and Control Flow 181. 8 1 Compare Values 182,8 2 Add Some Logic 186,8 3 Control the Flow of Your Program 194. 8 4 Challenge Find the Factors of a Number 206,8 5 Break Out of the Pattern 207. 8 6 Recover From Errors 211, 8 7 Simulate Events and Calculate Probabilities 217.
8 8 Challenge Simulate a Coin Toss Experiment 223,8 9 Challenge Simulate an Election 223. 8 10 Summary and Additional Resources 224,9 Tuples Lists and Dictionaries 226. 9 1 Tuples Are Immutable Sequences 227,9 2 Lists Are Mutable Sequences 237. 9 3 Nesting Copying and Sorting Tuples and Lists 251. 9 4 Challenge List of lists 257,9 5 Challenge Wax Poetic 258. 9 6 Store Relationships in Dictionaries 260,9 7 Challenge Capital City Loop 270.
9 8 How to Pick a Data Structure 272,9 9 Challenge Cats With Hats 273. 9 10 Summary and Additional Resources 274,10 Object Oriented Programming OOP 276. 10 1 De ne a Class 277,10 2 Instantiate an Object 281. 10 3 Inherit From Other Classes 287,10 4 Challenge Model a Farm 296. 10 5 Summary and Additional Resources 297,11 Modules and Packages 298.
11 1 Working With Modules 299,11 2 Working With Packages 310. 11 3 Summary and Additional Resources 318,12 File Input and Output 320. 12 1 Files and the File System 321,12 2 Working With File Paths in Python 324. 12 3 Common File System Operations 333, 12 4 Challenge Move All Image Files to a New Directory 350. 12 5 Reading and Writing Files 351,12 6 Read and Write CSV Data 366.
12 7 Challenge Create a High Scores List 377,12 8 Summary and Additional Resources 378. 13 Installing Packages With pip 379,13 1 Installing Third Party Packages With pip 380. 13 2 The Pitfalls of Third Party Packages 390,13 3 Summary and Additional Resources 392. 14 Creating and Modifying PDF Files 394,14 1 Extracting Text From a PDF 395. 14 2 Extracting Pages From a PDF 402,14 3 Challenge PdfFileSplitter Class 409.
14 4 Concatenating and Merging PDFs 410,14 5 Rotating and Cropping PDF Pages 417. 14 6 Encrypting and Decrypting PDFs 428,14 7 Challenge Unscramble a PDF 433. 14 8 Creating a PDF File From Scratch 433,14 9 Summary and Additional Resources 440. 15 Working With Databases 442,15 1 An Introduction to SQLite 443. 15 2 Libraries for Working With Other SQL Databases 455. 15 3 Summary and Additional Resources 456,16 Interacting With the Web 458.
16 1 Scrape and Parse Text From Websites 459,16 2 Use an HTML Parser to Scrape Websites 469. 16 3 Interact With HTML Forms 475,16 4 Interact With Websites in Real Time 481. 16 5 Summary and Additional Resources 485,17 Scienti c Computing and Graphing 487. 17 1 Use NumPy for Matrix Manipulation 488,17 2 Use Matplotlib for Plotting Graphs 499. 17 3 Summary and Additional Resources 522,18 Graphical User Interfaces 523.
18 1 Add GUI Elements With EasyGUI 524,18 2 Example App PDF Page Rotator 536. 18 3 Challenge PDF Page Extraction Application 543. 18 4 Introduction to Tkinter 544,18 5 Working With Widgets 548. 18 6 Controlling Layout With Geometry Managers 573. 18 7 Making Your Applications Interactive 592,18 8 Example App Temperature Converter 602. 18 9 Example App Text Editor 607,18 10 Challenge Return of the Poet 616. 18 11 Summary and Additional Resources 618,19 Final Thoughts and Next Steps 620.
19 1 Free Weekly Tips for Python Developers 622,19 2 Python Tricks The Book 622. 19 3 Real Python Video Course Library 623,19 4 Acknowledgements 624. Hello and welcome to Python Basics A Practical Introduction to. Python 3 I hope you re ready to learn why so many professional and. hobbyist developers are drawn to Python and how you can begin. using it on your own projects small and large right away. This book is targeted at beginners who either know a little program. ming but not the Python language and ecosystem or are starting fresh. WhatPythonistasSayAboutPython Basics A Practical In troductiontoPython3 I love the book The wording is casual easy to understand and makestheinformation owwell Ineverfeellostinthematerial and

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