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INDEX OF CONTENTS,0 DEFINITIONS AND PURCHASING POLICY. 1 PURCHASING DOCUMENTS THRESHOLDS, a Breakdown of dollar thresholds and associated process. 2 COMPETITIVE BIDS, a Timelines for processing a non complex competitive bid. 3 PSA PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENTS Consulting Agreements. a Competitive thresholds,b Signing authority on a PSA. c Steps to creating a PSA,4 P CARD CORPORATE CREDIT CARD.
a Stages of the P Card Process,b Process flow chart. 5 DISCOUNT REBATE DONATIONS,6 SOLE SOURCE SINGLE SOURCE. a Under 10k 10 30k over 30k,7 CFI GRANT GUIDELINES. a In kind contributions, b Assessing Fair Market Value category 1 and category 2. 8 VEHICLE RENTAL,a Company ID number and insurance.
9 HOTEL RENTAL,a In Province and out of Province,10 NON COMPLIANT PURCHASES. a Split Purchases,b Retroactive Purchases,11 PD FUNDS. a Parameters of using PD Funds,b Steps to using your PD Funds. 12 CONTACT INFORMATION for Purchasing,a Contact Information and Feedback. Updated Mar 2017,0 DEFINITIONS on Spend vs Signing Authority.
SPEND AUTHORITY Delegated authority to spend for an allocated budget Spend must be. in accordance with TRU Policies Purchases are made through Purchasing. SIGNING AUTHORITY A person delegated by the Board of Governors to be able to Sign. Agreements and Contracts on behalf of TRU and has the ability to bind the University. PURCHASING POLICY Extract,POLICY NUMBER BRD 02 2,APPROVAL DATE APRIL 9 2008. LAST AMENDMENT FIRST VERSION,REVIEW DATE APRIL 2013. AUTHORITY BOARD OF GOVERNORS, PRIMARY CONTACT VICE PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that the University obtains the best value for its expenditures while ensuring that all. procurements and procurement processes are characterized by the highest level of institutional and personal integrity that the. procurement process is open transparent and fair and that all qualified vendors are given the opportunity to compete for the. University s business, 1 This Policy applies to all faculties divisions departments programs faculty and staff It identifies those with the authority. and responsibility to acquire goods and services on behalf of the University and sets out the principles to be followed. throughout the procurement process, 2 This Policy covers all University purchases for goods or services including capital expenditures and goods for resale.
III POLICY, 1 Under authority delegated by the Board of Governors to the Vice President Administration and Finance by the Signing. Authority Policy the Vice President Administration and Finance is authorized to commit the University to supply. agreements purchase orders licenses contracts leases or other legally enforceable documents. 2 The Vice President Administration and Finance may delegate specific purchasing authority to other individuals and or. departments retaining functional authority over these individuals and or departments with respect to the specific purchasing. authority delegated, 3 Only duly authorized individuals can commit the University to supply agreements purchase orders licenses contracts. leases or other legally enforceable documents Please refer to the TRU Signing Authority Policy. 4 Where a commitment is purported to have been made in the name of the University by someone who does not have proper. authorization the University will not be bound by the commitment In the event the unauthorized commitment is made by an. employee of the University that employee will be financially liable for the commitment and will not be indemnified by the. University, 5 Where appropriate the acquisition of goods and services should be by a competitive bidding process. Updated Mar 2017,1 PURCHASING DOCUMENTS AND THRESHOLDS. Delegated Spend Authority under 1 500,Cheque Requisition under 1 500.
Cheque Requisition and Approved Invoice sent to Finance for payment. P Card under 1 500 or transaction limit allocated, Only approved P Card holders may spend up to the transaction limit approved and. allocated by their manager supervisor,Web Requisitions over 1 500. Purchases Over 1 500 require a Web Requisition created in FAST The web. requisition is then later processed into a Purchase Order by Purchasing FAST is. accessed through MyTRU and has a tutorial tool accessed through the HELP button. The tutorial demonstrates how to create or copy a Web Requisition attaching. documents forwarding for budget approval or to Purchasing for processing Below is. detailed the thresholds and process for a Web Requisition. The Following Thresholds are at Purchasing s Discretion. Quote Over 1 500 but under 10k, Under 10k only one quote is needed to process the purchase to the vendor. Request for Quote RFQ over 10k but under 30k, An informal process for spend over 10k but under 30k A simple document that is. sent to several vendors minimum 3 to obtain best price and delivery Purchasing. has a one page document should you require one,All requirements 30k and above.
Competitively bid by processing a suitable bid document and posting on BC Bid. Bid documents can be RFP RFB RFT etc Purchasing will identify the need by. reviewing the scope and ensuring the correct document is given to you for. completion, Once a final document approved by both the Department and Purchasing is ready. Purchasing will post to BC Bid See Section 2 of this guide for the Bidding process. NOTE Every purchase must have appropriate documentation spend authority and be in. accordance with TRU Policies,Updated Mar 2017, 2 COMPETITIVE BIDS Expected time line for average process. Once the Department has drafted the bid document and sent in a web req Purchasing. will do a final review and will be ready to post on BC Bid The timelines for posting an. average bid is given as an indication Complexity of bid may require posting for longer. periods to ensure adequate bid submissions are received from potential vendors. MINIMUM TIME LINES,Process Minimum days from Example of dates. Issue Date posted to BC Bid 0 days 1st November 2011. Site visit if required 7 days 8th November 2011,Receipt Confirmation 14 days 15th November 2011. Close of Questions 14 days 15th November 2011, Close of Competitive Bid 21 days 22nd November 2011 2 pm PST.
Tues Wed Thur preferred, Evaluation sent to Committee 22 days 23rd November 2011. From working on the documents to close of award any contact with potential bidders. shall be through Purchasing to ensure a fair and transparent process and to conform to. Canadian Bid Law and good business practices, Once the competitive bid has closed Purchasing will step you through the process of. evaluation recommendation on award legal review if required and the award. process This process can take a considerable time 2 10 weeks on average so please. allow sufficient time for the complete process before you need the work to commence. Updated Mar 2017,3 PSA PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENT. PSA are used for Consulting Service Contracts to protect the liability indemnity and limit. the risk to TRU when working with Consultants If you have a requirement that may be. a consultant service please contact Purchasing for support Consultant service examples. are Architect Business Consultant Auditor Training Presentation Translation Business. Review Marketing Fundraising etc,a Check for Employee vs Independent Contractor. 1 The End User is to check the potential PSA Consultant is not in a conflict situation. Check for an employee of TRU check address book Telbook and if needed HR before. proceeding or Purchasing will help, 2 Verify the type of work to be carried out If staff work union association then this.
needs to be verified with HR if this work should be posted as a staff position temp or. Work with the Purchasing department on identifying the nature of the work. Use the below Employee Contractor check list as a general guide. Employee Yes Independent Contractor Yes, Position has some of the following Pays own benefits HST WCB or Insurance. components Job Description paid bi Paid by milestone payment for completed. weekly or regular timeframe pays tasks takes direction but is not supervised. union association fees provided benefits and will not supervise TRU Employees. supervises or is supervised by TRU, Carries out duties that are core to TRU Assigned projects or projects that support the. Business core business as a consultant, Has no chance of profit or loss Has potential for profit or loss. Employee Employer Relationship Owner Consultant Business Relationship. Cannot subcontract work Can subcontract the work or send a. replacement to complete the work if,acceptable to TRU. TRU supplies workspace computer Consultant provides own computer tools and. phone email stationary supplies or maintains office at own facility. necessary training and mentoring,Updated Mar 2017, TRU may supply tools example Consultant provides all tools and equipment.
Corporate Credit Card Fuel Gas Card and carries insurance where necessary. Vehicle laptop etc, No capital investment Consultant has capital investment in company. TRU owns Intellectual Property Consultant owns Intellectual Property. Cannot refuse to do work unless it is Can accept or refuse work. unsafe or illegal to do so, Primary Focus is long term employment Primary focus is short duration projects. If you are content that this is in fact a consultant individual or organization then a PSA will. need to be processed, The first step is to identify the value of the whole contract Under 10 000 only one. consultant need be approached for a quote Over 10 000 but under 30 000 three consultant. quotes will be needed Over 30 000 a competitive bid is conducted and posted to BC Bid. Once you have established the process with Purchasing you will be asked to create a draft PSA. document The only exception to these thresholds is academic services example creating a. teaching program session etc The threshold for academic is up to 30 000 only one quote is. needed See the table below for further clarity of thresholds. Work must not commence until all documents have been approved and completed. by Purchasing If you require help please call us at 250 371 5757. Competitive PSA Process is as follows,Work Type 0 10 000 00 10 000 01 Over 30 000 00. Regular Consultant Competitive bid RFP or, Work One quote or Three quotes Sole Source Justification.
Administration specifications needed needed or Sole Legal Review Required. type work Source Justification,Academic Competitive Bid RFP or. Consultant Work One quote needed only sole source Justification. Legal Review Required, PSA s are completed by the End User Department detailing the work to be completed. commencement of work expiry of contract milestone payments achievable cost breakdown. and location of the work Once completed the PSA needs appropriate approvals as shown. Updated Mar 2017, The following details will outline the steps in having a PSA processed. Steps to Creating a PSA, Step 1 Create the PSA following the FAST Web Requisitions for PSA s process. Step 2 PSA is sent to the following, a Under 30 000 sent to Consultant for signature and completion.
b Over 30 000 sent to Legal Counsel for review and Legal will provide feedback. Feedback limiting risk to TRU to be incorporated into the draft contract before. being sent to the Consultant for Signature and completion. c Should only one source be available for the services or goods or the item is. proprietary or patent a Sole Source Justification may be considered Please talk to. Purchasing if you believe you have a justifiable reason why a sole source is the. ONLY course available, Step 3 Consultant signed PSA is now sent to TRU signatory based on the following signing. authority chart, Depending on value of the PSA the bottom left lower corner is signed by 1 or 2 of the. following TRU approved signatories, Authorization 6 of the Signing Authority Policy BRD 02 1. Value Signature 2 Signatures Designated Signing Authority. Up to 50k Requires one AVP s Chief Recruitment office OL or Chief. signature Enrolment Officer, 50 requires one President VP OL VP Admin and Finance or. 200 000K signature Provost and VP Academic,One of the President VP s excluding VP Admin and.
200 000 Requires two following Finance, 2mil signatures Plus One of VP Admin and Finance AVP Finance. the following, For TRU approved signatures on the PSA the threshold approvals must be followed to conform. to Canadian Bid Law, Once completed the PSA and approved Web Requisition package is sent to purchasing for a. PO to be processed, Step 4 The consultant receives the completed PSA and Purchase Order from Purchasing. Step 5 The consultant may commence work, NOTE On rare occasions a third party contract vendors contract will be used instead of a.
TRU Contract PSA or Agreement for Services AFS For any third party contract over 5 000. Updated Mar 2017, a Legal review is required Legal Counsel will recommend any changes that need to happen. It is the responsibility of the End User to negotiate with the vendor to incorporate the. recommended changes If the End User requires any assistance please call Purchasing and we. will offer guidance Any risks that are identified by Legal Counsel that cannot be negotiated. into the Vendors third party contract the risk will need to be identifi. P a g e 1 J Gemin Issued Jun 2012 INDEX OF CONTENTS 0 DEFINITIONS AND PURCHASING POLICY 1 PURCHASING DOCUMENTS amp THRESHOLDS a Breakdown of dollar thresholds

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