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Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,Table of Contents. Introduction 4,Hardware Platform 4,Virtual Appliance Editions 4. Interoperability and Supported Platforms 4,Upgrading to Pulse Policy Secure 5 3R1 5. New Features 6,Noteworthy changes 7,Fixed Issues 7. Open Issues 7,Documentation 10,Documentation Feedback 11.
Technical Support 11,Requesting Technical Support 11. Revision History 11, 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 2 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,List of Tables,Table 1 Virtual Appliance Qualified Systems 4. Table 2 Upgrade Paths 5,Table 3 List of New Features 6. Table 4 List of Issues Fixed in this Release 7,Table 5 List of Open Issues in this release 7.
Table 6 Documentation 10,Table 7 Revision History 11. 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 3 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,Introduction, These release notes contain information about new features software issues that have been resolved and. new issues If the information in the release notes differs from the information found in the. documentation set follow the release notes, This is an incremental release note document that describes the changes made from 5 2R3 release to. 5 3R1 The 5 2R3 release notes still apply except for the changes mentioned in this document. Hardware Platform, You can install and use this software version on the following hardware platforms. MAG2600 MAG4610 MAG6610 MAG6611 MAG SM160 MAG SM360 PSA 300 PSA 3000 PSA. 5000 PSA 7000c f,Virtual Appliance Editions, This software version is available for the following virtual appliance editions.
Demonstration and Training Edition DTE,Service Provider Edition SPE. Table 1 Virtual Appliance Qualified Systems,Platform Qualified System. IBM BladeServer H chassis,BladeCenter HS blade server. vSphere 5 1 5 0 and 4 1,QEMU KVM v1 4 0, Linux Server Release 6 4 on an Intel Xeon CPU L5640 2 27GHz. KVM o NFS storage mounted in host,o 24GB memory in host.
o Allocation for virtual appliance 4vCPU 4GB memory and 20GB disk space. To download the virtual appliance software go to,http www pulsesecure net support. Interoperability and Supported Platforms, Refer to the Supported Platforms document on the software download site for details about. supported versions of the Cisco and Aruba WLC PAN firewall Screen OS Enforcer the Junos. Enforcer client browsers client smart phones and client operating systems Go to. http www pulsesecure net support, 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 4 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,Upgrading to Pulse Policy Secure 5 3R1. Table 2 Upgrade Paths,Release Description, Automatic updates to this release are supported for all PPS releases after and.
including PPS 5 1 R1,Pulse Policy Secure Software Upgrade. This release does not support IC4500 and IC6500 devices These hardware. models have reached end of life EOL, Pulse Secure Desktop 5 2R1 Client Software Upgrade Refer to the Pulse Secure Desktop Client 5 2 release notes. Odyssey Access Client Upgrade In this release same version of Odyssey client is retained. PPS Agent OAC PPS can handle 1500 concurrent endpoint upgrades. This release supports the standalone non PPS version of Odyssey Access Client. Standalone OAC Client, Instructions for installing OAC on standalone clients are contained in the help guide under. the section Getting Started Initial Configuration, Endpoint Security Assessment Plug in ESAP ESAP package version 2 8 8 is the minimum version to be compatible with Pulse Policy. Compatibility Secure version 5 3R1 The default version for ESAP is 2 8 8. Network and Security Manager NSM Compatibility NSM is not supported. 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 5 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,New Features, Table 3 describes the major features introduced in this release.
Table 3 List of New Features,Feature Description, Provides advanced NAC BYOD solution in a PAN Firewall deployment with the ability to auto provision. Palo Alto Networks PAN Firewall Integration User Identity IP address and role information on PAN firewall so that access policies can be enforced. on the firewall based on the compliance status of user device. Compliance check and Role based Access Control for Apple Mac Users using native supplicant with. Compliance check for Mac Users,certificate authentication. Provides expanded interoperability with Cisco HP and Aruba network infrastructure Without starting. Support for Radius CoA entire process of authentication Radius CoA allows devices to change the VLAN ACL for the endpoint. based on roles, The PPS administration web UI look and feel has been redesigned to improve user interface. experience,Refreshed UX Admin UI, In PPS 5 3 Release user will have option to choose new user interface or switch to classic user. interface The default UI is the new user interface. Introduced UI wizards that make it simpler to configure common workflows such as realm 802 1x and. Simplifying PPS Deployment and Administration,IF MAP configurations.
AES is a preferred cipher over RC4 Ie If a client that supports both AES and RC4 connects to SA AES is. AES is preferred over RC4, In PPS 5 3 release a warning is shown in the Admin UI if the insecure RC4 cipher is enabled This new. feature does not properly detect when RC4 is enabled when hardware acceleration is turned on If. RC4 Warning, hardware acceleration is not enabled or the device does not have the hardware accelerator installed. the feature works as expected, Due to the end of ActiveX and Java support on many browsers an alternate solution is provided in this. release for the proper launching of client applications such as Pulse Client This release uses custom. URL pulsesecure to deliver and launch client applications The custom URL when invoked will. Pulse Secure Application Launcher replacement, for NPAPI automatically trigger new application Pulse Application Launcher The Pulse Application Launcher has. the ability to accept the parameters from the user s browser and launch the client application. For more browser details refer to Pulse Secure Desktop Client Supported Platform Guide for 5 2R1. 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 6 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,Noteworthy changes.
Pulse Policy Server PPS acting as License clients running C5 1R1 and above will not be able to lease. licenses from License Servers running on PCS 8 0R1 to PCS 8 0R4 If you plan to upgrade PPS License. clients to C5 1R1 and above versions you would have to upgrade your License Servers to 8 0R5 and. above See KB40095 for more information,Fixed Issues. Table 4 lists issues that are fixed and resolved by upgrading to this release. Table 4 List of Issues Fixed in this Release,PR Number Release Note. PRS 324342 With PPS in Active Passive cluster mode deleting the user from active user page doesn t disconnect user from Cisco WLC. User telnet session is disconnected when active node of Federation Client2 in Active Passive cluster is powered off from. PRS 324854,CMC console, PRS 328574 Error message seen on the VA SPE console after upgrading during the first reboot POST INSTALL. PRS 324694 Using Email2SMS setting for clickatell under SMS settings gives SMS text with 0D 0A signs. PRS 324524 Guest user session times out after reaching Heartbeat Timeout value configured in Guest Role. PRS 326508 During kernel upgrade process the VA SPE event logs frequently generated Starting services client access server. Open Issues,Table 5 lists open issues in this release. Table 5 List of Open Issues in this release,PR Number Release Note.
PRS 329095 If the client is connected via mac auth and when the session in PPS is deleted manually PPS does not send disconnect message to. WLC So the session exists in the WLC till session times out. PRS 318679 For Host Checker with Bit Locker Encryption software the encrypted drives will be reported as encrypted only when these drives. are in Unlocked state, PRS 334875 Clients that imported truncated configurations configs for certs that had DN values containing double quote characters before. the fix was released will not be able to establish 802 1x connections The workaround is for the client to connect to a fixed 5 3 or. 5 2r4 or later PPS PCS device via non 802 1x This connection will cause a new configuration file to be downloaded to the client. Once this is done the client should be able to connect again via 802 1x. 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 7 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes, PRS 309431 With OPSWAT Patch Management Host Checker policy the missing patches will be detected only with admin privileges for SCCM. 2012 and SCCM 2007, PRS 293992 As part of Radius CoA if the client IP Address and VLAN id is changed then pulse client is not able to reach the server new IP In this. case the client needs to reconnect, PRS 317090 IPSec use cases will not work if Fed client 1 Authentication PPS is upgraded due to change in public key The new public key. needs to be re published to Fed client 2 Enforcer PPS Workaround is to reboot the Fed client 2 so it can fetch new public key. from Fed client 1, PRS 335251 Merging of RADIUS return attribute policies is supported with CoA only not with RADIUS authentication or after a RADIUS.
disconnect The first return attribute policy that gets matched from the role mapping rules is the one that gets applied to the. PRS 335194 If native supplicant is used for 802 1x and Pulse client is used for host checking bridging of those 2 sessions is not supported if the. session lifetime for the L2 role is less than 10 minutes For best results there needs to be sufficient time given for remediation so. 30 minutes would be a good minimum value for the max session lifetime for a role. PRS 321071 Deleting user from Pulse Policy Secure active user page doesn t disconnect the Cisco 2500 5500 7500 8500 WLC wireless user. PRS 335738 PPS takes more than 2 minutes to process first CoA ACK received after A P cluster failover Due to this Admin User Access Logs. show that RADIUS Attribute Change of Authorization timed out But the CoA is successfully applied to the user session. PRS 330443 Custom Statement of Health policies will not function properly on Windows 10 because of Microsoft s phasing out of support for. the NAP Network Access Protection plugin As such if you have such a policy enabled to verify go to the PCS PPS admin. console and look under Authentication Endpoint Security Host Checker Policy Windows Rule Settings Custom Statement. of Health then you must disable it for all Windows 10 users. PRS 332137 Validation of data entered while creating an Infranet enforcer connection via Wizard happens when we click on Finish Button. PRS 271433 In an Active Active cluster operating as an IF MAP client you should ensure that the x Synchronize User Sessions is checked to. ensure cluster wide sessions are published to the IF MAP server Failure to enable this option will result in ONLY local. authentications being published to the IF MAP server. PRS 327799 In the new refreshed Admin UX compared to old Admin UX the navigation menu options for admin roles are removed as those. are not applicable, PRS 322455 Guest user session will not display Agent Type in Active Users page in Wireless LAN Controllers deployment. PRS 335111 Using Windows 10 TH2 or an Android s native supplicant for 802 1x connections fails to authenticate a user against a PPS device. In a cluster failure scenario when host checker is initiated through L2 then its not able to communicate host check message with. PRS 324891,Pulse client, PRS 328109 Post DMI import of configuration if there is a failure to bring up users then one needs to restart services after importing users. PRS 328027 In Compliance report page the MAC address is not displayed in the correct format for L2 authentication. Re connecting IF MAP client with Fed server will take time after disconnect IF MAP client with large number of imported session. PRS 336056, hence auth table provisioning will be delayed in to SRX for new logged in users. On the Admin login page with multiple realm selection options with chrome browser the first realm selection is not reflected on. PRS 331800, UI but it does login to the selected realm User can clean the browser history to overcome this UI behavior. On end user Mac machine for browser base connections the debug log file is not created if the pulse client is not installed on the. PRS 336684, Mac machine For troubleshooting purpose the pulse client would need to be installed on the mac machine.
2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 8 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes, If multiple realms along with host checker policies are configured for sign in URL Endpoint Security Status on Active Users page. PRS 336333,is shown as Not Applicable, 2015 by Pulse Secure LLC All rights reserved Page 9 of 11. Pulse Policy Secure Release Notes,Documentation, Table 6 describes the documentation set The documentation is available at. http www pulsesecure net support,Table 6 Documentation. Title Description,Getting Started, A release summary including lists of new features changed features known issues and fixed.
Release Notes, List of client environments third party servers and third party applications that have been. Automatic updates to this release are supported for all PPS releases after and including PPS 5 1 R1 This release does not support IC4500 and IC6500 devices These hardware models have reached end of life EOL Pulse Secure Desktop 5 2R1 Client Software Upgrade Refer to the Pulse Secure Desktop Client 5 2 release notes

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