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Dear Colleague Contents,Epidemiology 2 4, We are proud to present our complete list Biostatistics 4. of resources for the study and practice of Environmental and Occupational Health 5 6. Public Health Covering the core areas in the Global Health 6 7. field including introductory public health Marketing 8. epidemiology biostatistics global health Health Education and Promotion 8 9. environmental health behavioral health Introductory Public Health 10 11. health education health policy law and health Policy and Law 11 12. administration management Jones and Bartlett Injury Prevention 12. Publishers offers the most comprehensive Management and Leadership 13 14. selection of Public Health titles available today U S Health Care Systems 15. Public Health Nursing 15, As you look through our current offerings Nutrition 16. we invite you to contact us either to receive Clinical Research 16. examination copies purchase books or Maternal and Child Health 17. share your ideas for new publications Our,Reference 17. knowledgeable Publisher s Representatives are, eager to help you find the texts that fit your course. needs To speak with a representative call,800 832 0034 Monday through Friday 8 30 a m.
What s New,Basic Biostatistics,to 5 00 p m EST Bert B Gerstman 4. Case Studies in Global Health Millions Saved, As Publisher for Jones and Bartlett s Public Ruth Levine 7. Health and Health Administration lists I would Community Nutrition. like to hear from you If you have an idea for a Gail Frank 16. book or other resource please contact me at Environmental Epidemiology Principles and Methods. Ray M Merrill 4,mbrown jbpub com, Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Darwin Labarthe 3,Epidemiology Beyond the Basics,Moyes Szklo and F Javier Nieto 3. Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health 2e, Michael Brown Ann Aschengrau and George R Seage III 2.
Publisher Essentials of Global Health,Richard Skolnik 7. Essentials of Health Behavior,Mark Edberg 8, A Note about Student and Instructor Essentials of Health Policy and Law. Supplements Joel B Teitelbaum and Sara E Wilensky 11. Many of our textbooks are accompanied by supplemental Essentials of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. instructor and student resources Wherever these resources Manya Magnus 4. are available they are noted as follows Essentials of Public Health. Bernard J Turnock 10, Instructor Resources Student Resources Fundamentals of Cancer of Epidemiology. CA Answers to End of CQ Chapter Quizzes Phillip C Nasca and Harris Pastides 3. Chapter Questions FL Flashcards Health Policy A Guide to Analysis and Understanding. CS Case Studies LO Lecture Outlines Craig D McLaughlin and Curtis P McLaughlin 12. IM Instructor s Manual RQ Review Questions Infectious Disease Epidemiology. PP PowerPoint slides WL Web Links Kenrad E Nelson and Carolyn Masters Williams 3. SL Sample Syllabus Managing Health Education and Promotion Programs. TB TestBank James A Johnson and Donald J Breckon 9. TM Teaching Modules Marketing Public Health,Michael Siegel and Lynne Doner Lotenberg 8. Principles and Practice of Toxicology,Ira S Richards 5.
Learn more about our texts at www jbpub com,Public Health Administration. Read about the authors Lloyd F Novick Cynthia B Morrow and Glen P Mays 13. Preview sample chapters and tables of contents Public Health Preparedness. Request examination copies Lewis Pepper Kathryn Brinsfield Kirsten Levy and Michael Cronin 14. The Essential Public Health Series,The Essential Public Health Series. Essential Public Health is an introductory series that captures the full range of issues that affect the public s health. from the impact of AIDS to the cost of health care Edited by Richard Riegelman the series takes the big picture. population health perspective by introducing concepts and content that are fundamental to the study and practice of. public health The series will be closely tied to the new public health core competencies which will serve as the basis. for the certifying examination by the National Board of Public Health Examiners. Available Now Available April 2007 Available in 2008. Essentials of Environmental Essentials of Health Behavior Essentials of Public Health. Health Social and Behavioral Theory in Economics,Robert H Friis PhD Public Health Diane Dewar PhD. Page 5 Mark Edberg PhD With accompanying Workbook,With accompanying Readings. Available Now Page 8 Available in 2008,Essentials of Public Health Available Fall 2007.
Essentials of Public Health,Bernard J Turnock MD MPH. Essentials of Infectious Biology,Page 10 A Companion Guide for the Study of. Disease Epidemiology Pathophysiology, Available Summer 2007 Manya Magnus PhD MPH Constance Battle MD. Essentials of Global Health With accompanying Readings. Richard Skolnik MPA Page 4 Available in 2008,Available March 2007. Fundamentals of Public, Available Now Essentials of Health Policy Health Management and.
Case Studies in Global Health and Law Leadership, Millions Saved Joel B Teitelbaum JD LLM and Christopher Cassirer ScD MPH and. Ruth Levine PhD Sara E Wilensky JD MPP Robert Burke PhD. Page 7 With accompanying Readings With accompanying Case Studies. Readings available in 2008,About the Editor, Richard Riegelman MD MPH PhD is professor of Epidemiology Biostatistics Medicine and Health Policy and founding dean at George. Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services in Washington DC. Would you like to consider any of these texts for course adoption. Request complimentary review copies online at www jbpub com or contact your publisher s representative at 800 832 0034. Epidemiology,Available June 2007,Introduction to,Public Health 2007. Essentials of Epidemiology,Epidemiology in Public Fourth Edition. Health Ray M Merrill PhD MPH Brigham,Second Edition Young University.
Thomas C Timmreck PhD California, Ann Aschengrau ScD Boston State University San Bernardino. University School of Public Health ISBN 13 978 0 7637 3582 1. George R Seage III ScD Harvard ISBN 10 0 7637 3582 5. School of Public Health Paperback 352 Pages 2006,ISBN 13 978 0 7637 4025 2. ISBN 10 0 7637 4025 X Instructor Supplements CQ IM PP TB. Paperback 500 Pages 2008, This is the ideal introductory epidemiology text for the student. Instructor Supplements IM PP SL TB who has minimal training in the biomedical sciences and. Student Resources FL LO WL statistics The Fourth Edition captures the evolution of the. discipline with a greater emphasis on acute and chronic. This text combines theory and practice in presenting traditional noninfectious diseases than ever before New case studies and. and new epidemiologic concepts Broad in scope the text opens news files represent applications of commonly used research. with five chapters covering the basic epidemiologic concepts designs in epidemiology Learning objectives lead each chapter. and data sources A major emphasis is placed on study design and detailed tables and figures are used to summarize and clarify. with separate chapters devoted to each of the three main analytic important concepts and information. designs experimental cohort and case control studies. Full chapters on bias confounding and random error including Epidemiology for Public. the roll of statistics in epidemiology ensure that students are well. equipped with the necessary information to interpret the results. Health Practice,Third Edition, of epidemiologic studies An entire chapter is devoted to the. concept of effect measure modification an often neglected topic in. Robert H Friis PhD California State,introductory textbooks.
University Long Beach,Thomas A Sellers PhD MPH, The Second Edition has been thoroughly revised with up to date. University of South Florida, examples and data from epidemiologic literature and features over. ISBN 13 978 0 7637 3170 0,100 new study questions,ISBN 10 0 7637 3170 6. Paperback 640 Pages 2004,Epidemiology of Aging, An Ecological Approach Instructor Supplements PP SL TB. Student Resources FL LO RQ WL,William A Satariano PhD MPH.
University of California Berkeley Providing a comprehensive look at all the major topics from study. ISBN 13 978 0 7637 2655 3 designs and descriptive epidemiology to quantitative measures. ISBN 10 0 7637 2655 9 and terminology this is a favorite textbook for undergraduate. Paperback 424 Pages 2006 and graduate students new to epidemiology Distinguishing itself. from other texts with its accessible writing style and immediacy. This is the first title to provide a of information presented the Third Edition has been extensively. comprehensive overview of the revised with updated data and statistics essential to understanding. epidemiology of aging utilizing an ecological model Using this the importance of epidemiology to public health. approach the author highlights the interplay of biological social. and environmental factors affecting individuals families and Up to date material easy to understand narratives excellent study. communities With a strong interdisciplinary focus this book questions. provides a clear coherent structure to address the diversity of. topics in this increasingly vital field Dr M E Robinson St Joseph s College Brooklyn NY. Jones and Bartlett Publishers 40 Tall Pine Drive Sudbury MA 01776 1 800 832 0034 1 978 443 8000 Fax info jbpub com. Epidemiology,Epidemiology Infectious Disease,Beyond the Basics Epidemiology. Second Edition,Theory and Practice,Second Edition,Moyses Szklo MD DrPH Johns. Hopkins Bloomberg School of,Kenrad E Nelson MD Johns Hopkins. Public Health,Bloomberg School of Public Health,F Javier Nieto MD PhD University of. Carolyn Masters Williams PhD MPH,Wisconsin Medical School.
National Institute of Allergy and,ISBN 13 978 0 7637 2927 1. Infectious Diseases National Institutes,ISBN 10 0 7637 2927 2. Paperback 489 Pages 2007,ISBN 13 978 0 7637 2879 3. ISBN 10 0 7637 2879 9, Written for those who are familiar with the basic strategies. Hardcover 1 207 Pages 2007, of analytic epidemiology this book takes readers through a.
more rigorous discussion of key epidemiologic concepts and. With contributions from top experts in the field this timely. methods such as study design measures of association research. revision of Infectious Disease Epidemiology has been thoroughly. assessment and more With real life examples throughout the. updated to cover the most important issues in infectious diseases. book avoids complex statistical formulations and is an invaluable. This comprehensive text is an essential resource for both students. resource for intermediate students and practicing epidemiologists. and professionals of infectious disease epidemiology. who wish to expand their knowledge of epidemiology and its role. in the medical and public health sciences,Updates include. This thorough revision features end of chapter exercises as well as Four new chapters on Immunology Measles Meningococcal. an entirely new chapter devoted to issues related to the interface Disease and Vector borne infections. between epidemiology health policy and public health such as A substantial expansion of the HIV chapter including issues of. Rothman s causality model proximal and distal causes and Hill s host genetics as well a review of behavioral interventions. guidelines Careful attention is also given to sensitivity analysis Special attention to the overlapping epidemics of HIV AIDS. meta analysis and publication bias Tuberculosis and Malaria in Sub Saharan Africa including. a description of the activity and funding for these neglected. Available Late 2007 crises, Fundamentals of Basic information from the disciplines of molecular biology. immunology and human behavior to help the epidemiologist. Cancer Epidemiology design or evaluate programs to control infectious diseases. Second Edition,Available Early 2008,Phillip C Nasca PhD MPH University. of Massachusetts Amherst Epidemiology and,Harris Pastides PhD MPH University. of South Carolina Prevention of,ISBN 13 978 0 7637 3618 7 Cardiovascular Disease.
ISBN 10 0 7637 3618 X Second Edition,Hardcover 450 Pages 2008. Darwin Labarthe MD PhD Center for,Instructor Supplements IM PP TB Disease Control. ISBN 13 978 0 7637 4689 6, This text summarizes the current body of knowledge what ISBN 10 0 7637 4689 4. cancer is how it is defined how it develops in biological and Hardcover 600 Pages 2008. genetic terms what groups are at highest risk and what causes. it The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated with new This book provides a comprehensive epidemiological perspective. material on cancer screening drugs and cancer and childhood on cardiovascular diseases and analysis of measures for their. cancers the interactions between genetic and environmental prevention and control in community and clinical settings Perfect. risk factors the biology of normal cells and cancer cells cancer for both students and practitioners the Second Edition includes. prevention strategies and the public health implications of new over 300 tables figures and exhibits and has been thoroughly. scientific findings updated to reflect the most recent research in the field. Would you like to consider any of these texts for course adoption. Request complimentary review copies online at www jbpub com. Epidemiology 2 4 Biostatistics 4 Environmental and Occupational Health 5 6 Global Health 6 7 Marketing 8 Health Education and Promotion 8 9 Introductory Public Health 10 11 Policy and Law 11 12 Injury Prevention 12 Management and Leadership 13 14 U S Health Care Systems 15 Public Health Nursing 15 Nutrition 16 Clinical Research 16 Maternal and Child Health 17 Reference 17 Learn more about our

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