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C What changes the self,From http en wikipedia org wiki Self philosophy. http en wikipedia org wiki Personal identity philosophy. Gold I Olin L 2009 From Descartes to Desipramine Individual Activity. Psychopharmacology and the Self Transcultural Psychiatry. 46 1 38 59, John Locke considered personal identity or the self to be Group Activity. founded on consciousness memory and not on the, substance of either the soul or the body Locke considered In this exercise students will consider different activities. humans as being born as blank slates with knowledge being that constitute both minor changes changing hair color and. formed from experiences and the perceptions of the senses major changes becoming addicted to illegal drugs in a. person s life and determine whether they consider these to. Hume compares the soul to a commonwealth which retains alter the self This activity follows in line with previous. its identity not by virtue of some enduring core substance but activity as each student continues to develop his or her own. by being composed of many different related and yet definition of self Students should complete the chart. constantly changing elements This can also be thought of as individually and then discuss with a group Following the. a bundle of related perceptions our idea of the self is simply activity students should be given time to reflect on their. the idea of this bundle questions from Part A and make any changes to their own. thoughts that have resulted from the activity, Buddha similar to Hume attacked all attempts to conceive. of a fixed self while stating that holding the view I have no 1 Which if any of the following do you think is a change in. self is also mistaken Buddha argued that the attachment to the self. a permanent self in this ever changing world is a cause of. suffering and a barrier to liberation Event Yes this is a No this is not. change to the a change to the, Descartes stated a human being is essentially a thinking self because self because.
thing therefore the self is identical to a soul Despite the. many physical and psychological changes one undergoes over. the course of a lifetime one remains the same person or self Dyeing your hair a new. because one remains identical to one s soul The self is not color. dependent on any physical thing Getting a tattoo, Aristotle following Plato defined the soul as the core Getting cosmetic. essence of a being but argued against its having a separate surgery nose job. existence For instance if a knife had a soul the act of cutting breast enhancement. would be that soul because cutting is the essence of what it. is to be a knife The soul is not an occupant of the body but Completing an advanced. an activity of the body and cannot be immortal degree. Being diagnosed with a, Avicenna wrote his famous Floating Man thought experi mental illness. ment which tells its readers to imagine themselves suspended. in the air isolated from all sensations which includes no Taking a prescription. sensory contact with even their own bodies He argues that medication to treat high. one would still have self consciousness and thus concludes blood pressure. that the idea of the self is not logically dependent on any. physical thing Taking a prescription,madication to treat. depression,Student Questions Becoming intoxicated at. 1 Which of these conceptions or combination of a party. conceptions best fits your idea of the self Why,Becoming addicted to.
2 Did your ideas about the self change at all based on illegal drugs. these philosophers perspectives If so how,Becoming paralzed in a. car accident, Copyright 2010 Center for Bioethics University of Pennsylvania Page 2 of 6. D A Closer Look at Biological Mechanisms replaced it with a true one Might Tess absent the invention. of the modern antidepressant have lived her whole life a. successful life perhaps by external standards and never. Teacher Directed Class Discussion been herself, Suddenly those intimate and consistent traits are not me they. It is likely that the prior activity will spur a discussion of the are alien they are defect they are illness so that a certain. difference between altering the physical body and altering habit of mind and body that links a person to his relatives and. chemicals in the brain At this point in the unit students ancestors from generation to generation is now other Tess. should take a closer look at the biological effect that drugs had come to understand herself the person she had been. have on the brain This may include activation of prior knowl for so many years to be mildly ill. edge and a review of prior course material A particularly. useful website to review drug impact on the brain is On imipramine no longer depressed but still inhibited and. subdued Tess felt myself again But while on Prozac she. http thebrain mcgill ca flash i i 03 i 03 m i 03 m par i 03 underwent a redefinition of self Off Prozac when she again. m par amphetamine html drogues became inhibited and subdued perhaps the identical sensa. tions she had experienced on imipramine she now felt not. The Brain from Top to the Bottom in the left hand corner myself Prozac redefined Tess s understanding of what was. offers various descriptions of brain activity and has explana essential to her and what was intrusive and pathological. tion settings from Beginner to Advanced,Questions primarily from paragraph 2. E Case Study 1 When do you think Tess was her true self Before she. went on medication On imipramine On Prozac, 2 Did medication alter Tess s self or uncover a true self.
Group Activity that had been suppressed her whole life. 3 Do you think it s possible that some people require. medication to manifest their true self If so are these. In this activity students will read an excerpt from Listening people ill when they are not on medication. to Prozac by Peter Kramer and answer follow up questions. The purpose of this reading is to consider if the use of Prozac. has uncovered Tess s true self altered her self or suppressed Optional Activity. her true self and provided her with a drug created personality. The Case of Tess Group Activity, Excerpts from pages 18 20 of Listening to Prozac by Peter D. Students can take on the role of a particular philosopher. Tess is an adult woman who first came to Dr Kramer for and answer the above questions from that perspective This. treatment of depression from which her mother also suffers can be done briefly from the information provided above or. Dr Kramer first started Tess on imipramine but later changed be extended to include additional research conducted by. her prescription to Prozac After months of treatment all students into the perspective of a philosopher. signs of depression were gone and Tess was taken off all medi. cation Part B, Beyond the effect on individual patients Tess s redefinition of. Part A self led me to fantasize about a culture in which this biologi. An indication of the power of medication to reshape a cally driven sort of self understanding becomes widespread. person s identity is contained in the sentence Tess used when Certain dispositions now considered awkward or endearing. eight months after first stopping Prozac she telephoned me depending on taste might be seen as ailments and pitied and. to ask whether she might resume the medication She said I where possible corrected Tastes and judgments regarding. am not myself personality styles do change The romantic decadent stance. I found this statement remarkable After all Tess had of Goethe s young Werther and Chateaubriand s Rene we. existed in one mental state for twenty or thirty years she now see as merely immature overly depressive perhaps in. then briefly felt different on medication Now that the old need of treatment Might we not in a culture where overseri. mental state was threatening to re emerge the one she had ousness is a medically correctable flaw lose our taste for the. experienced almost all her adult life her response was I am melancholic or brooding artists Schubert or even Mozart in. not myself But who had she been all those years if not many of his moods. herself Had medication somehow removed a false self and. Copyright 2010 Center for Bioethics University of Pennsylvania Page 3 of 6. Questions nightmarish is the prospect of free choice under pressure. 1 Does everyone have an absolute right to alter their There is always a Prozac taking hyperthymic waiting to do. own self your job so if you want to compete you had better take. Prozac too Either way a socially desirable drug turns from. 2 How do we draw a line between accepting normal boon to bane because it subjects healthy people to demands. variation in personalities and labeling some people that they chemically alter their temperament. 3 Who decides what is illness and who should be Such an outcome would clearly be bad but it also seems. treated An individual A physician unlikely not least because of our society s aversion to. prescribed medication our pharmacological Calvinism. The conclusion of Part I should leave students considering. what constitutes illness that should be corrected and who Pharmacological Calvinism was coined by Gerald Klerman. gets to decide about the treatment Part II of this unit will defined as a general distrust of drugs used for nontherapeu. transition from considering illnesses that can be treated to tic purposes and a conviction that if a drug makes you feel. neuroenhancement where the goal is explicitly to enhance good it must be morally bad. natural ability, From Towards responsible use of cognitive enhancing drugs. by the healthy Commentary in Nature Vol 456 11 December. Part 2 Neuroenhancement 2008, In Part II students will consider the ethical dilemma of using. drugs to enhance one s natural abilities Moving beyond treat Like all new technologies cognitive enhancement can be used. ment of illness how should society handle the increasing use well or poorly We should welcome new methods of improv. of pharmaceuticals to enhance or make individuals better ing our brain function In a world in which human workspans. than well and lifespans are increasing cognitive enhancement tools. including the pharmacological will be increasingly useful for. Neuroenhancement Any of several techniques or systems improved quality of life and extended work productivity as. intended to enhance the ability to think either by use of well as to stave off normal and pathological age related cogni. prosthetics or by use of electrical or chemical stimulation tive declines Safe and effective cognitive enhancers will. http en wiktionary org wiki neuroenhancement benefit both the individual and society. Part 1 Changing societal values from 1993 to 2008 Part 2 Debate Discussion. Group Activity Group Activity, Students should read the two perspectives only 15 years Teacher Directed Class Discussion.
apart and briefly discuss how or if they represent a change. in societal values These passages will inform the debate in. Part 2 about the use of ADHD drugs by college students Students will engage in an ethical debate about the use of. stimulants Adderall Ritalin etc on college campuses to. Excerpts from pages 273 274 of Listening to Prozac by Peter enhance performance One or both of the following can be. D Kramer 1993 used as preparation for the debate, The possibility of chemical enhancement of a variety of Option A CBS 60 minutes video. psychological traits social ease flexibility mental agility. affective stability could be similarly coercive In the 60 Minutes Video at 16 20 to 28 minutes http. science fiction horror story version of the interplay of drug www cbsnews com video watch. and culture a boss says Why such a long face Can t you take id 6430977n tag cbsnewsMainColumnArea 2. a MoodStim before work A Family doctor warns the Katie Couric sits down with college students to. widow If you won t try AntiGrief we ll have to consider discuss the use of Adderall on college campuses for. hospitalization And a parent urges the pediatrician to put a the purpose of improving grades Researchers and. socially anxious child on AntiWallflower Compound Parents scientists are also interviewed to discuss side effects. tend to want their children to be leaders but how does a Individual segments of the video are also available on. troop of monkeys or a classroom of children function when YouTube. every member has high levels of seratonin Only slightly less. Copyright 2010 Center for Bioethics University of Pennsylvania Page 4 of 6. Option B Case Study score was significantly higher than it had been on past tests. Student s Little Helper 2009 Regional Ethics Bowl She was ready for the LSAT. Case Association for Practical and Professional That evening she enthusiastically told two friends Barbara. Ethics and Nancy about her experience Isn t using that drug cheat. ing Barbara wondered like athletes who use steroids 4. She argued that only enhancements available to everyone. 2009 Regional Ethics Bowl Case Association like caffeine should be allowed to be used Nancy pointed. for Practical and Professional Ethics out that not everyone could afford to take a LSAT prep. course and maybe the cognitive enhancement drug offered. Prepared by Rhiannon Dodds Funke Chair the same kind of boost Nancy asked Sara if she could have. Editing Board Brenda Dillard Adam Potthast one of the Provigil tablets that Sara would not be using. Case Writers Susanna Flavia Boxall Edward Carr Sarah Carr. renewed interest in questions about what constitutes the self and one s personality Does an authentic static and psychopharmacology interact with the self 3 Generate ethical arguments for or against the use of drugs for neuroenhancement Procedures and Activities This unit uses a student centered and interactive approach to teaching in order to allow for a maximum

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