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The reason assessments are valuable is that they can uncover information that is not easily found by other. traditional methods For instance assessments are good at uncovering a person s aptitude for a particular job for. which he has no experience Psychometric tests do not and should not stand alone as the only selection method. If psychometric tests are handled with insight and sensitivity they remain the most effective way of predicting. behavior Mittner 1998 The tests used in the selection setting are purpose designed to help fit a candidate s. talent personality and attributes to suit a job They are not designed to reveal innermost secrets or uncover. confidential information about the individual Well designed psychometric assessments are objective and. accurate predictors of individual behavior and preferences Psychometric Testing brings science to the art of. recruitment Clarkson 2013, The recent plane crashes of Airbuses A320 involving Air Asia and Germanwings have been connected to a. pilot error leading to more demands that commercial pilots be tested psychologically for mental stability. According to Henley The Guardian 2015 the tests airlines use to assess qualified pilots mental and. psychological fitness for the job vary from country to country are invariably perfunctory and can never. perfectly predict how an individual will behave in particular circumstances on any given day It is a fact. especially in organisations that it is wise to have an employee who may not be that skilled but is positively. oriented rather than one who is an expert with a poor attitude Sreenidhi et al 2013 According to Van der. Walt 1998 past experience has proven that tests are generally much more reliable and more valid than other. techniques He has also mentioned that studies in trade and industry have indicated that psychometric tests are. about four times more effective than screening interviews. 4 Selecting the Best Fit Candidate for a Particular Role or Position. In terms of Human Resource practices psychometric assessments are designed for the purpose of. measuring the suitability of a candidate for a certain role on the basis of required cognitive abilities or aptitude. and personal characteristics These assessments help in making comparison of the actual cognitive abilities and. personality of a candidate with those essential in order to carry out the role Employers make use of information. accumulated from the psychometric assessment in identification of unseen characteristics of candidates that are. hard to take out from a face to face interview These characteristics help human resource managers in assessing. if the individual is ready to take up the particular position or not Thus the proper use of psychometric tools. becomes crucial to human resource development, Globally organizations are relying on cost effective scientific information generated through unbiased. psychometric testing for better people management decisions A corporation can employ various assessment. tools and dependable and reliable testing products to assist in effective human resource empowerment and. planning by accurate profiling of existing and new personnel These detailed results offer deep insight into. important attributes like team working abilities leadership qualities interpersonal effectiveness analytical and. decision making abilities and a score of other dimensions that are very essential to increase organizational. effectiveness Psychometric assessment has been used for many years to measure intelligence aptitude as well. as personality of candidates but in the recent years there has been steep enhancement in their usage in the. employment sector Almost 80 of USA s Fortune 500 organisations and 75 of UK s Times Top 100. organisations are making use of psychometric testing Psychometric Success. Source Psychometric Success, However the effectiveness of psychometric testing is still a big question Numerous folks still observe these. tests as a failure or passed challenge According to Siobhan Hamilton Phillips an occupational psychologist. proper testing during the selection phase reduces the risk of hiring a wrong person for a wrong position Nolan. 2014 On the other hand Catherine Fitzsimons the founder and HR director of Fresh Thinking has noted that. there is no point of substituting interviews for a box ticking test as one cannot take the gut feelings of an. interviewer or of an interviewee too lightly Nolan 2014 Therefore the effectiveness of psychometric testing. is still a dilemma The obvious answer to the questions is that using psychometric testing techniques will have. its own advantages and disadvantages Depending only on psychometric assessment will only provide a partial. view of an individual, The benefit of psychometric assessments arises largely when an organization needs to hire an individual that. can easily suit the culture of the organization According to Smith 2013 when used properly and in a. professional and informed manner there are manifold benefits that can be derived and deduced through the use. of Psychometric Testing in the selection process The effectiveness of psychometric assessment for a particular. role in an organization depends largely on the skills required for successful accomplishment of that job It is. actually effective for the company to hire the right people for the right role at the very first time This will not. only help in saving costs and time but also help the organization to succeed in a long run Screening out the. most unsuitable candidates through psychometric testing during initial stages helps save time by focusing on the. right candidates only Smith 2013 In addition to this these tests can be conducted in a group of up to 15. candidates which will help save a considerable amount of time as well as effort on the part of a tester. Predicting potential future behaviour is one of the major benefits of psychometric testing that fulfills the. current need of organisations which is to assess intrinsic qualities of candidates and their ethical stand in the. future Smith 2013 Moreover psychometric assessment is usually free from bias in comparison to other. assessment techniques because of the fact that all candidates will be given standardized questionnaires which. mean equal opportunity Steve to describe their personal traits and the scores will not be affected by values and. beliefs of testers, Figure 1 Process of triggering Psychometric Assessments.
Illustration Author, Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of the process of triggering and evaluating of a typical Psychometric. Assessment The time period could vary from provider to provider The average time for a simple set of. assessments could be between 2 5 days, Even though psychometric testing is non biased sometimes it can also be biased by adding a touch of. discrimination by a tester on the basis of personal information provided by candidates that entails culture. gender ethnicity etc This is the major disadvantage associated with psychometric assessments Moreover it is. not necessary that candidates will always provide true information about themselves There is a possibility of. providing fake or inaccurate information that can prove disastrous in certain cases Psychometric tests like box. ticking or filling out questionnaires are quite easy and can be scored high by almost every candidate which will. again create confusion for the tester selecting the best candidate This will enhance the risk of not selecting the. right candidate for the given role In addition to its advantages and disadvantages the effectiveness of the. psychometric testing largely depends on its validity. 5 Measuring the Validity of Psychometric Assessment. The validity of psychometrics has been debated for a long time Arthur 2011 notes that the predictive. ability of an assessment helps measure its effectiveness That means the predictive ability helps in explaining the. degree in which a score on a psychometric assessment predicts how well a candidate will perform in the given. position or in the given role The validity of the assessment tests can be measured in quantitative terms by using. 0 to 1 measurement scale where correlation of 0 will represent no prediction or no relation while correlation of. 1 stands for perfect prediction and the correlation above 0 3 is considered to be strong Arthur 2011 The. validity of an unstructured interview has only measure to 0 2 On the other hand a selection process that unites a. general reasoning test a personality questionnaire a job simulation exercise and a structured interview has. predicted a validity of 0 7 to 0 8 which further on provides the tester with confidence in hiring the best. candidate Arthur 2011 This proves that psychometric assessment is really important while assessing the right. candidate for the given role However it is not entirely reliable and should become a part of the recruitment. process and not the whole recruitment process It cannot replace an interview but should always be used in. combination with other processes like screening of application forms and interviews. Validity and reliability relate to authenticity of the assessments done Reliability is the consistency or. precision with which the test or assessment method measures what it claims to measure Reliability refers to. dependability or consistency Depending on the focus aspect validity is classified into various types According. to Niche Consulting a limited liability a company in New Zealand specializing in offering Psychometric. Assessments the aspects of validity that have an impact on the actual scientific application of the assessment. Construct Validity the theoretical focus of validity. Concurrent Validity the relationship focused validity. Predictive Validity the criterion related validity. Face Validity concerning the look and feel of the assessment items and whether an applicant can. see any relevance of the test or assessment method to the job or role concerned. Content Validity concerning how well a test samples the behavioral domain it is trying to. The scope of this paper does not allow going deeper into the validity types These distinctions are illustrated. in Figure 2 using the metaphor of a shooting target a wide dispersion of bullets indicates unreliability whereas. off center shooting indicates bias or poor validity. Source http phprimer afmc ca print frame php action chapter node 57609. Fletcher 2006 says that in order to make psychometrics valid an organization is required to make changes. in its assessment criteria every time in order to keep the balance of skills and personalities required at that time. For example if an organization needs a person with good communication skills for a role a tester will craft. assessment that will help in assessing candidates on the basis of their communication skills On the other hand. if they need people with more emotional stability than communication skills for another project assessment will. be changed accordingly Therefore in order to be valid psychometric assessment is required to be flexible so. that it can change as per the situation Therefore psychometric assessments are only helpful in the case where. organisations have already set well established ways of job performance In order to measure the validity of the. tests in qualitative terms as per psychometric success the test must fulfill the following criteria. It has to be objective and must not be impacted by the values or beliefs of the tester. It is required to be managed in standardized controlled situations. It must provide certainty of quantifying and minimizing any sort of intrinsic errors. It must predict performance of potential employees accurately. It must be non discriminatory, In order to include all these validity indicators in the recruitment criteria of an individual an organization. should make use of combined psychometric and other traditional techniques However choosing the right. assessment criteria largely depends on the role or position for which the candidate is being assessed. 6 Choosing the Right Assessment Tool, There is a wide range of assessment tools available on the market that vary from career guidance and. personality questionnaires to tests evaluating emotional intelligence In order to choose the most effective test. several factors are required to be considered that entail. Before making a decision regarding the choice of the test it is necessary to take into account the. objective as well as target audiences for example what is the objective of the job and what skill. sets competencies or qualities are required to accomplish it. It is necessary to choose a test which is scientifically validated as per the criteria of psychometrics. if one is deciding to choose psychometric assessment. To be effective a test should be socially desirable and should be according to socially desirable. indicators, Before testing people using any test the tester should master the test himself first It is necessary so.
that he can get the best out of people, It is not mandatory to choose the test rigidly but the test must be customized depending on the. situation or condition of the desired role, These insights are helpful for a wide range of HR applications recruitment and selection individual. development programs learning and development competency mapping promotions and appraisal processes. career planning coaching and counselling succession planning benchmarking of internal people and the. Psychometric Assessment and Its Impact on Human Resource Practices Assessment Psychometrics Psychological Testing 1 Introduction In order to remain competitive an organization has to do everything possible to be at the front position of its field Maintaining this position not only involves improvement in its infrastructure and equipment but also enrichment and development of its Human

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