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This book should be read almost as though it were a work of fiction It. deals with a religion and events in the life of a man who pretended to. be a prophet elements of both subjects being far from truth and reality. In other words the contents of this book explain realities about. unrealities Mohammed through his book the Koran both tried very. hard to make realities out of unrealities He fabricated a preposterous. metaphysical faith that by its appeal to the baser instincts of pagan. Bedouins began on the Arabian Peninsula and then by bloody. conquest spread throughout the Mid East northern Africa and even. into Spain If anyone should ask why more than one billion of the. world s population follows this absurd creed and accepts Mohammed. as a prophet I would refer them inter alia to the works of two distin. guished scientists Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene1 and Susan. Blackmore The Meme Machine 2, It is not the intention of the author to delve into the definition of. religion because it would be impossible to find one that would be. acceptable worldwide I am writing this book to analyze and expose. the psychology of the creator Mohammed of the religion called. Islam the despicably crafty methods he used to achieve his ambitions. the spirit and principles of Islam and the drastic and destructive. impact of that religion on Muslims minds in particular and the world. in general, Religion should transcend human ethics generate a sense of spiri. tuality and establish principles to guide human behavior along paths. of peaceful caring coexistence with one s fellow man But no phe. nomenon in human history has caused as much bloodshed and fratri. cide as religion One of many examples at the beginning of the sixth. century a Jewish king Dhu Nowas after having defeated the Chris. tians of Najran and having conquered their land dug an enormous. trench which he filled faggots and burned twenty thousand Christians. alive During the Crusades Christians and Muslims butchered each. other for 300 years each side called it a Holy War Crusaders commit. ted themselves with solemn vows and in the thirteenth century were. granted full Indulgence i e remissions of all punishment for sins. committed in their quests and an assurance of direct entry into heaven. The battle cry of Christians Pope Urban II urged should be Deus volt. God wills it In a like manner Muslim theocrats called fighting. against Christians Holy War Jihad against infidels and promised. Muslim fighters a paradise with houris virgin girls among other. delights in return for their deaths in battle, The Thirty Years War 1618 48 eventually involved almost all of. the European powers and they were all convinced that they were. fighting for a Holy Cause The actual cause of these wars was the. attempt of the Habsburg controlled Holy Roman Empire to impose. Catholicism on Protestant principalities such as Sweden and the. Netherlands The war affected the lives of the 500 million or so people. who were then living on the earth and that of their descendents 3. Historians have written that in Brandenburg Mecklenburg Pomerania. the Palatinate Wurttemberg and parts of Bavaria civilian population. losses may have been 50 percent or more Art science trade and. industry declined 4 Whole cities villages farms and much property. were destroyed It took almost 200 years for the German territories to. recover from the effects of the war, For 1400 years Jews and Muslims have been killing each other. the Muslims believing that they are following a sacred edict Many of. the tragic conflicts in the world today are rooted in long standing. religious differences and animosities Even within a certain religions. such as Islam intramural differences have caused Sunnis and Shi as to. massacre each other for hundreds of years and Irish Catholics and. Protestants have been at each other s throats for over a century. Homo sapiens is a Latin term meaning a wise or knowlegable. man But in actuality many times we simply ignore our innate wisdom. believe in superstitions and easily become the victim of impostors. Where religious ideas are concerned we often become narrow minded. and ethnocentric because we naturally tend to identify religion with. our heritage or with those conventional forms of religious behavior. that we observe in our own communities We simply believe the. religious faith that our parents have chosen for us is the best and even. thinking about the authenticity of that faith is profane The new born. mind is a blank slate upon which all the environmental and cultural. elements that are prevalent in our milieu including our religious. beliefs are copied, The ubiquitous characteristic of religion is sacred power What.
is the nature of this sacred entity that we unconsciously inherit from. our forefathers If all the multitude differences of worship are elimi. nated then the only remainder will be the common denominator of an. unseen power sanctity If we remove sanctity from religion then what. remains will be superstition In other words sanctity plus superstition. makes religion religion minus sanctity makes superstition or myth. Therefore sanctity is an attribute peculiar to religion Sanctity is a. man made invisible power that man must live in contact with it or be. condemned to chaotic experience where there is no foundation for. In the Elementary Forms of the Religious Life 1912 Emile. Durkheim 1858 1917 writes The division of the world into two. domains which include everything that is sacred in one and everything. that is profane in the other is the characteristic feature of religious. thought For Durkheim sanctity is not an intrinsic status Sacred is an. appellation conferred by human beings on other persons places or. things This has been expressed as the vague and undefined Mana of. the Melanesians the Kami of primitive Shintoism the fetish of the. Africans spirits possessing some human characteristics that pervade. natural places and animate natural forces the Sutras and impersonal. principle of Buddhism Tao Te Ching and the Analects of Confucius. the Vedas and Upanishads of Hinduism the gods and goddesses of the. Greek and Roman Pantheons the essence of Judeo Christian faiths the. preposterous content of the Muslim s Koran echoing the power. hungry lascivious thoughts of Mohammed who presented himself as a. prophet of God It is this invisible sacred power which generates. obedience and reverence awe and fear in the mind of whomever. becomes the follower of a particular religion, The difference between a sacred power and that which is almost. powerless is according to the Dutch scholar Gerardus Van der Leeuw. what distinguishes the sacred from the profane When elaborating on. sacred power der Leeuw points out that a unique characteristic of. sacred power is the fact that it evokes an ambivalent response He. believes that sacred power awakens a profound feeling of awe which. manifests itself both as fear and as being attracted There is no religion. whatever without terror but equally none without love 6 The author of. this book rejects Van der Leeuw s characterization of religion insofar. as its application to Islam Throughout passages of the Koran one can. rarely find a verse indicating Allah s love of his followers Rather. the bloodthirsty Allah of Islam among other threatening verses. clearly states Many of the jinns and human beings I have made for. Hell Koran VII 179 I have only created jinn and human beings. that they may worship me Koran LI 56 and I shall assuredly fill. hell with all of you Koran VII 17 XXXII 13, A truly sacred power condemns evil and cruelty and embraces. good and truth In other words in all religions sacred power God and. truth are virtually synonymous Plato said goodness knowledge and. truth are interrelated and since the goal of knowledge and truth is. goodness therefore the goal of knowledge is also goodness Gandhi. believed that the truth is higher than God 7 Every religion teaches that. rejecting the faith means turning away from truth The sacred power. turns evil and cruelty into good and truth Plato in Euthyphro also. proposes the same idea that what makes an action right is simply the. fact that it is commanded by God But Socrates asks him Is some. thing right because God commands it or does he command it because it. is right Euthyphro replies that of course God commands it because. it is right and it is against the nature of God to command cruelty. Most theologians would tend to agree with this norm However. some writers including Soren Kierkegaard do not agree As an ex. ample Kierkegaard believes that the God s command to Abraham to. sacrifice his son Isaac Genesis 22 is not just In the Koran Allah. orders Muslims to kill the cursed people mercilessly Koran XXXIII. 61 The interesting point in this verse is that Allah not only com. mands Muslims to kill the cursed people but they have to do it. mercilessly and because it is the command of God it should be taken to. be the truth, Women may not resist sexual abuse and the Koran commands. that the men who abuse them get off free 8 Believing in such cruelty. makes a person good Muslim rejecting it arouses the wrath of Allah. and condemnation to Hell To be religious and have faith is to believe. without asking questions such as an explanation of Mohammed s trip. to seven heavens on an animal similar to a donkey This fantasy. cannot be tested because God is invisible and invisibility is the sacred. characteristic of Him Thus blind faith protects a religion from. Contrary to science which will not validate any theory until it is. tested religious injunctions are considered to be sacred and de. manding proof will be profane liable to punishment and hell fire In. Islam questioning the ascendance of Mohammed to seven heavens is. considered apostasy and the punishment of an apostate in Islam is. death 9 Whatever has been discussed above boils down to the fact that. in order to be a true believer all of the ludicrous and illogical precepts. found in sacred books should be considered absolute truth and any. doubt leads to hell Thomas Moore brilliantly explains that Spiritual. intelligence requires a particular kind of emptiness a sophisticated. ignorance an increasing ability to forget what you know and to give. up the need to understand 10, Just as DNA is passed from generation to generation so religion. passes from parent to offspring In his book The Selfish Gene 11. Richard Dawkins for the first time proposed the theory of transmission. of ideas through culture Many authors after Dawkins followed his. lead by devoting entire chapters to the subject In countless lectures. for the past two decades Dawkins has strongly suggested that God is a. meme and religion is akin to a viral transmitter, The recurrent pattern of social behavior defines a culture John.
Teske quotes a number of scholars that as a result of their scientific. studies they have come to the conclusion that both our cognitive and. emotional lives may be locatable socially rather than individually. between rather than inside persons Vygotsky and Luria also believe. that even our thoughts and memories are dependent of our social life 12. The ideas of belief in life after death and hell fire are self. perpetuating unconsciously because of their physical impact 13. The reason that religions with all of their weak points became. successful was that their litany and doctrines were passed down from. one person to another throughout the long history of humanity at first. orally then in hand copied manuscripts and finally in printed books. and via the perorations of TV evangelists That is why they have been. with us for thousands of years and why millions of people s lives are. controlled by ideas that are preposterous as well as historically inaccu. Having analyzed the psychosocial mechanism of religiosity and. how religious faith transfers like a cultural virus from generation to. generation now we have to understand that though all religions sprang. from the same psychological compulsion none of them is more inane. than Islam It is not too much to say that if Islam had not developed as. one of the major world religions civilization would have evolved with. less bloodshed and to a higher level than it is today. Finally one author writes The five oldest and most trusted Is. lamic sources don t portray Mohammed as a great and Godly man. They reveal that he was a thief a liar an assassin a pedophile a. womanizer a rapist a mass murderer a pirate a warmonger and a. scheming and ruthless politician It s hardly the character profile of a. religious leader 14, I am writing this book with the sincere aim of helping the Mus. lims of the world understand the base origin of the god they worship. and hopefully persuade them to stop throwing away their lives on. such horribly misanthropic precepts such as jihad It is also my hope. that this book will help the non Muslims understand the the nature of. Islam and alert them to the implacable vicious and endless menace of. Chapter One,A Short Account of the Life of,Mohammed Founder of Islam. Paradise is under the shade of swords,Mohammed Sahis al Bukhari Vol IV N 7. Prophets are more evil doers than professional liars be. cause the former commit crimes on the pretext of divine au. thority but the latter only fabricate falsehoods of their own. the spirit and principles of Islam and the drastic and destructive impact of that religion on Muslims minds in particular and the world in general Religion should transcend human ethics generate a sense of spiri tuality and establish principles to guide human behavior along paths of peaceful caring coexistence with one s fellow man But no phe nomenon in human history has caused as

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