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In honor of this summer s pride celebrations this year Nielsen is. spilling all the tea and taking this opportunity to show just how big. an impact lesbian gay bisexual and transgender LGBT consumers. have on multiple industries Across music sports TV and brand. sponsorships LGBT consumers are showing they are attractive for. future marketing appeal They are trendsetters tech enthusiasts and. show unique levels of engagement across various consumption areas. LET THE MUSIC, Across all music channels LGBT music fans show higher levels of. engagement than their non LGBT counterparts Of those respondents. from Nielsen s Music 360 study LGBT music fans over index on. spending on tickets to attend music festivals index 123 or 23 more likely. subscribing to streaming services 126 and going to see a DJ they know. perform 150 And while the music industry should be glad to know these. consumers are willing to spend on these newer and trendier music outlets. it s important to note that LGBT fans also outspend non LGBT fans on. various types of music sell through as well LGBT music fans spend 55. more on CDs and 66 more on digital albums LGBT music fans are. also making old school cool again spending 41 more on vinyl and. 2 IN HONOR OF PRIDE,ANNUAL SPEND ON MUSIC ACTIVITIES. LGBT INDEX,MUSIC SMALL LIVE PAID MUSIC CDS DIGITAL VINYL. FESTIVALS MUSIC KNOWN STREAMING ALBUMS CASSETTES, Read as Non LGBT consumers spent about 130 on music festivals while LGBT consumers spent 20 more index of 120 at 160. Source Nielsen Music 360 2014 Average self reported spend among respondents who identified as LGBT vs those who identified as non LGBT. LGBT music fans unique listening habits could be why so many consider. themselves tastemakers according to those surveyed 25 said their. friends think of them as trendsetters when it comes to music compared. to only 17 of non LGBT respondents They are also 30 more likely to. discuss music with their friends making them a valuable word of mouth. community for artists and labels alike, When it comes to which artists are gaining the most traction with LGBT.
fans electronic dance music EDM is a beat ahead of the competition. Among the artists LGBT fans were more likely to be aware of EDM. artists and DJs ranked towards the top Deadmau5 index of 200 Avicii. 180 David Guetta 175 and Calvin Harris 141 But LGBT fans tended. to be ahead of the curve on all the artists we asked about there wasn t. a single artist surveyed from our list that LGBT fans were less likely to. know than their non LGBT counterparts,Copyright 2015 The Nielsen Company 3. ARTIST AWARENESS INDEX,LGBT AWARENESS INDEX,DEADMAU5 200. AVICII 180,DAVID GUETTA 175,MUMFORD SONS 154,ONEREPUBLIC 150. PARAMORE 147,CALVIN HARRIS 141,ARIANA GRANDE 139,IGGY AZALEA 132. JASON DERULO 132,MAROON 5 128,FOO FIGHTERS 126,COLDPLAY 124.
NICKI MINAJ 122,LUKE BRYAN 119,BRUNO MARS 117,100 120 140 160 180 200 220. Read as LGBT consumers are 100 more aware of Deadmau5 and 80 more aware of Avicii than their non LGBT counterparts. Source Nielsen Music 360 2014,4 IN HONOR OF PRIDE,LEADING THE BOX. While LGBT moviegoers go to theaters roughly the same number of. times as non LGBT moviegoers 7 9 vs 8 2 trips a year they continue. their trendsetter behavior in almost all aspects of the box office. experience They are 17 more likely than non LGBT moviegoers to. see movies on opening weekend often or very often and were 24. more likely to have the same response when asked how frequently they. see films on opening day Which makes sense considering that when. asked why they see movies in theaters as opposed to waiting until it was. available elsewhere LGBT moviegoers were 26 more likely to say it s. because they want to be one of the first people to see it and 60 more. likely to say it s because they don t want someone to spoil it for them. While they may be afraid of spoilers LGBT moviegoers are not afraid of. scary movies 43 of LGBT moviegoers said horror movies were one of. their favorite types of movies to see in theaters compared to only 29. of non LGBT moviegoers Among the other genres LGBT moviegoers. were more likely to list as their favorites were musicals 164 more. likely than non LGBT moviegoers independent movies 102 movies. based on young adult fiction novels 48 and documentaries 35. Social media also has a feature role in the LGBT moviegoers theater. experience They were 59 more likely to say they d become aware of. a movie from a social media post from a friend of family member and. 42 more likely to say that once they re at the theater they d watch. their phones for text email or social media posts Marketers hoping. to tap into these trends will also find it encouraging that 68 of LGBT. moviegoers post to social media sites about movies compared to only. 58 of non LGBT moviegoers 29 of LGBT moviegoers on Facebook. said they have liked a movie s page and 44 of those on Twitter use. the social network to follow a celebrity or public figure indices of 129. and 120 respectively,Copyright 2015 The Nielsen Company 5. TOP INDEXING GENRES AMONG LGBT MOVIEGOERS,ART HOUSE OR INDEX 264. INDEPENDENT,YOUNG ADULT HORROR,OLDER MOVIES,DOCUMENTARY.
MOVIES BASED,ON VIDEO GAMES,MOVIES BASED ON FANTASY. GRAPHIC NOVELS,COMIC BOOKS INDEX 111,INDEX 110 SUSPENSE OR. KIDS FAMILY INDEX 106,ADVENTURE INDEX 99,COMEDY INDEX 93. LGBT moviegoers are 164 more likely to report musicals as. one of their favorite genres INDEX 79,Source NIELSEN MOVIEGOING REPORT Copyright 2014. 6 IN HONOR OF PRIDE,OUR CHARACTERS,OUR STORIES, With over 72 of TV viewers watching shows that had a lead supporting.
or recurring LGBT character the impact was also represented on the. small screen It stands to reason that so many people were exposed. to LGBT story lines this year with three of the top 10 broadcast shows. featuring leading or supporting LGBT characters and the two top cable. shows featuring recurring LGBT characters When looking at Live 7. ratings FOX s Empire was the highest rated show with a leading LGBT. character this season with an average 17 3 million impressions each. week watching actor Jussie Smollett play Jamal Lyon an openly gay. musician and heir to the Lyon recording throne, On the broadcast networks the top comedies were more likely to feature. LGBT storylines than the top dramas were this season Only two of the. top 10 broadcast dramas featured a lead supporting or recurring LGBT. character compared to half of the top 10 broadcast comedies ABC s. Modern Family s average 14 6 million impressions helped it lead the. pack of broadcast comedies with LGBT characters and made the show s. characters Mitchel and Cameron played by actors Jessie Tyler Ferguson. and Eric Stonestreet the most watched married gay couple on TV with. over 61 8 million viewers tuning in at some point over the season. Copyright 2015 The Nielsen Company 7,SERIES WITH LEADING AND OR. SUPPORTING LGBT CHARACTER,SERIES WITH RECURRING,LGBT CHARACTER. TOP 10 BROADCAST COMEDIES,NETWORK SERIES,2 ABC MODERN FAMILY. 4 CBS TWO AND A HALF MEN,6 CBS MIKE MOLLY,9 ABC MIDDLE THE.
Nielsen NNTV 9 22 14 4 19 15 All broadcast Genre Situation Comedy Comedy. Variety Broadcast prime Excludes specials repeats breakouts pgms 5 min pgms 4. telecasts Ranked on projected views P2 in thousands. TOP 10 CABLE SERIES,NETWORK SERIES,1 AMC WALKING DEAD. 2 FX SONS OF ANARCHY,5 TURNER NETWORK MAJOR CRIMES. TELEVISION,Dates 09 29 2014 04 19 2015, Source Nielsen NNTV 9 29 14 4 19 15 All cable Genre Situation Comedy Comedy. Variety General Drama Cable prime Excludes specials repeats breakouts pgms 5. min pgms 4 telecasts Ranked on P2 delivery 000 s,TOP 10 BROADCAST DRAMAS. NETWORK SERIES,3 FOX EMPIRE,7 ABC HOW TO GET AWAY W.
Dates 09 22 2014 04 19 2015, Source Nielsen NNTV 9 22 14 4 19 15 All broadcast Genre General Drama Broadcast. prime Excludes specials repeats breakouts pgms 5 min pgms 4 telecasts Ranked on. P2 delivery 000 s,8 IN HONOR OF PRIDE,BECOMING ROLE. MODELS ELLEN DEGENERES, While LGBT characters are making waves across broadcast and cable. openly LGBT celebrities are continuing to push the envelope and drive NSCORE INDEX. acceptance Michael Sam became the y gay man to be drafted CHARACTERISTIC. to avg Talk, into the NFL in 2014 Sam Smith was the openly gay artist to win Show Host. Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2015 GRAMMYs and fresh her success. Awareness 161, on Orange is the New Black Laverne Cox appeared as a transgender.
tattoo artist in the Lily Tomlin Grandma which premiered at the 2015 Likeability 135. Sundance Film Festival and went on to show at the 2015 Tribeca Film 64. Dependable 128, One thing all three of them have in common is how their fans feel about 140. them Using Nielsen s N score to identify fans perceptions about each Role Model 190. of these celebrities showed that all three have above average ratings. Social Media Savvy 188, for both in l and role model compared to their respective. industry peers Over a third of respondents who were aware of Laverne Stylish 139. Cox considered her a role model which is 64 more than the average Successful 127. actress Meanwhile 38 of respondents who were aware of Michael. Trendsetter 246, Sam thought he was in ntial 46 more than the average athlete. But these LGBT stars are relatively new to the pop culture scene unlike Good Looking 135. veteran Ellen DeGeneres who came out publicly in 1997 during the. fourth season of her TV sitcom Ellen Her current talk show is in its Source Nielsen N Score 11 11 2014. 12th season and the show has had longevity likely due to her favorable. public perception Compared to the average talk show host Degeneres. awareness rating is 61 higher and her likeability rating is 35 higher. She was over twice as likely to be considered both a trendsetter and. funny and she was 88 more likely to be considered social media. savvy and 90 more likely to be considered a role model All of these. characteristics are factors in the success of her show but also explain. why brands like American Express CoverGirl and J C Penny have signed. her as a spokeswoman,Copyright 2015 The Nielsen Company 9. BOOKS RETAIL CHANNEL HH,PENETRATION INDEX,BEVERAGES AND AMONG LGBT HHS.
Book Stores 172,BARKS Beverage Stores,Convenience Stores. Pet Stores 132, LGBT households continue to be valuable consumers spending an Electronics Stores 128. average of 4 135 at retail stores in 2014 which is 7 more than their. Health Food Stores 119, non LGBT counterparts This was driven primarily by the fact that LGBT. households make 10 more trips to the store in a year Online Shopping 115. Drug Stores 107, Certain specialty retail channels also stand out among LGBT consumers Home Improvement 106. Bookstores topped the list of retail channels that LGBT consumers were. Grocery 101, more likely to shop as they were 72 more likely to have purchased.
something from a bookstore Not only were they more likely to have Warehouse Club 97. shopped at bookstores but those who did made twice as many trips Mass Merch 97. to book stores as non LGBT consumers Among the other specialty Dollar Stores 87. channels more heavily shopped by LGBT consumers were beverage. Department Stores 82, stores 155 convenience stores 135 pet stores 132 and electronics. stores 128 Military Channel 79,Toy Stores 60, These specialty retail trends are also re ed in LGBT households. category spending Alcoholic beverage categories were among the. Read As LGBT households spend 72 more at book, categories where LGBT households spend antly more than non stores than non LGBT households. LGBT households including wine 48 more liquor 35 and beer Source Nielsen Homescan LGBT Households. 27 Pet categories also ranked high with LGBT households spending de ned as those where at least one member. identi as Gay Lesbian Bisexual or Transgender, on average 126 in 2014 on pet care products and 255 on pet food 36 Indexed to Non LGBT Households. and 20 more than non LGBT households respectively, Online retail also continues to have strong traction with LGBT.
households who spend 35 more on online purchases than non LGBT. households They spend even more than non LGBT online shopping. households across several common online categories total snacks by. 122 household cleaners e 69 and medication 67,10 IN HONOR OF PRIDE. LGBT ANNUAL SPEND INDEX TO NON LGBT HHS,WINE COMPUTER AND ELECTRONIC PET CARE. INDEX 148 INDEX 143 INDEX 136,LIQUOR SHAVING NEEDS MENS TOILETRIES. INDEX 135 INDEX 132 INDEX 132,CANDLES FRESHENERS BEER. INCENSE DEODORIZERS,INDEX 131 INDEX 127 INDEX 127,Source Nielsen Homescan 52wks ending 12 27 14.
Copyright 2015 The Nielsen Company 11,THEY RE YOUR. BIGGEST FANS, Since LGBT shoppers are a valuable consumer group brands should. and meaningful ways to connect with them One way, to do that is through entertainment partnerships As mentioned prior. LGBT fans are much more engaged with various types of entertainment. like Horror movies or EDM music and those insights can be leveraged. by brands to reach these consumers In fact LGBT fans across books. movies music video games and sports all spend at least 5 more each. PROUDLY SETTING TRENDS THE 2015 LGBT CONSUMER LGBT consumers are 100 more aware of Deadmau5 and 80 more aware of Avicii than their non LGBT OUR STORIES With

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