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Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95,Table of Contents. Safety symbols 3 Certificates and Approvals 21,CE mark 21. Function and system design 3 Ex approval 21,External standards and directives 21. Measuring principle 3,Time of flight correction 4,Blocking distance 4 Ordering information 21. Transmitter 4 Ordering information 21,5 point linearity protocol 22.
Input 5 Scope of delivery 22,Measuring range 5,Operating frequency 6 Accessories 23. Extension cable for sensors 23,Output 6 Protective cover for FDU90 and FDU91 23. Screw in flange FAX50 24,Signal transmission 6,Flooding protection tube for FDU90 25. Cantilever with mounting frame or wall bracket 26, Power supply 6 Mounting bracket for ceiling mounting 28. Power supply 6 Alignment unit FAU40 29, Sensor heater for FDU91 6 Power supply RNB130 for the FDU90 FDU91 sensor heater 30.
IP66 protective housing for the power supply RNB130 30. Electrical connection 7,Connection diagram 7 Documentation 30. Connection hints 8 Technical Information 30, Extension cables for the sensors 8 Operating instructions for transmitter FMU90 30. Shortening the sensor cable 9 Description of Instrument Functions for transmitter FMU90. Safety Instructions 31,Installation 10,Installation options Examples 10. Installation conditions for level measurements 11,Installation conditions for flow measurements 12. Flush mounting with slip on flange FAU80 13,Nozzle installation 14.
Ultrasound guide pipe 15,Environment 16,Ingress protection 16. Vibration resistance 16,Storage temperature 16,Thermal shock resistance 16. Electromagnetic compatibility 16,Explosion hazardous area 16. Process 16,Process temperature Process pressure 16. Mechanical construction 17,Counter nut G 1 17,Dimensions FDU90 17.
Dimensions FDU91 17,Dimensions FDU91F 18,Dimensions FDU92 18. Dimensions FDU93 18,Dimensions FDU95 19,Materials 19. Connecting cable 20,2 Endress Hauser,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95. Safety symbols,Symbol Meaning, DANGER This symbol alerts you to a dangerous situation Failure to avoid this situation will. A0011189 DE result in serious or fatal injury, WARNING This symbol alerts you to a dangerous situation Failure to avoid this situation can.
A0011190 DE result in serious or fatal injury, CAUTION This symbol alerts you to a dangerous situation Failure to avoid this situation can. A0011191 DE,result in minor or medium injury, NOTICE This symbol contains information on procedures and other facts which do not result. A0011192 DE in personal injury,Explosion Meaning,protection. Device certified for use in explosion hazardous area. 0 If the device has this symbol embossed on its name plate it can be installed in an. explosion hazardous area,Explosion hazardous area, Symbol used in drawings to indicate explosion hazardous areas Devices located in. and wiring entering areas with the designation explosion hazardous areas must. conform with the stated type of protection,Safe area non explosion hazardous area.
Symbol used in drawings to indicate if necessary non explosion hazardous areas. Devices located in safe areas still require a certificate if their outputs run into. explosion hazardous areas,Function and system design. Measuring principle,L00 FMU90xxx 15 00 08 xx 900,2 Prosonic S FMU90. BD blocking distance D distance from sensor membrane to fluid surface E empty distance F span full distance. L level V volume or mass Q flow,Endress Hauser 3,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95. Sensor BD Maximum range Maximum range,fluids bulk materials. FDU90 0 07 0 2 3 9 8 1 2 3 9,FDU91 F 0 3 1 0 10 33 5 16.
FDU92 0 4 1 3 20 66 10 33,FDU93 0 6 2 0 25 82 15 49. FDU95 low temperature 0 7 2 3 45 148,FDU95 high temperature 0 9 45 148. Time of flight method, The sensor transmits ultrasonic pulses in the direction of the product surface There they are reflected. back and received by the sensor The transmitter Prosonic S measures the time t between pulse. transmission and reception From t and the velocity of sound c it calculates the distance D from the. reference point see the figure 4 to the product surface. From D results the desired measuring value,Flow Q across measuring weirs or open channels. Time of flight correction In order to compensate for temperature dependent time of flight changes a temperature sensor. NTC is integrated in the ultrasonic sensors, Blocking distance The level L may not extend into the blocking distance BD Level echoes within the blocking distance.
can not be evaluated due to the transient characteristics of the sensor and thus a reliable measurement. is not possible The blocking distance BD is dependent on the type of sensor. FDU90 FDU91 FDU92 FDU93 FDU95,FDU95 1 0 7 2 3,FDU95 2 0 9 3 0. L00 FDU9xxxx 05 00 00 xx 002, A Without flooding protection tube B With flooding protection tube C Reference point of the sensor. Transmitter The sensors can be connected to the transmitter FMU90 and FMU95 The transmitter recognizes the. type of sensor automatically,4 Endress Hauser,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95. Measuring range The effective range of the sensors is dependent on the operating conditions To estimate the range. proceed as follows see also the example, 1 Determine which of the influences shown in the following table are appropriate for your process. 2 Add the corresponding attenuation values, 3 From the total attenuation use the diagram to calculate the range.
Fluid surface Attenuation,waves 5 to 10 dB,strong turbulence e g stirrers 10 to 20 dB. foaming Please contact your Endress Hauser sales representative. Bulk material surface Attenuation,hard rough e g rubble 40 dB. soft e g peat dust covered clinker 40 to 60 dB,Dust Attenuation. no dust formation 0 dB,little dust formation 5 dB,heavy dust formation 5 to 20 dB. Filling curtain in detection range Attenuation,small quantities 5 dB.
large quantities 5 to 20 dB,Temperature difference between. Attenuation,sensor and product surface,to 20 C 68 F 0 dB. to 40 C 104 F 5 to 10 dB,to 80 C 176 F 10 to 20 dB. Example for FDU91 F,FDU96 Silo with rubble 40 dB,R m Small quantities of. 45 filling curtain 5 dB,FDU95 Little dust 5 dB,Attenuation total 50 dB.
FDU93 Range approx 5 m 16 ft,0 20 40 50 60 80 100,L00 FDU9xxxx 05 00 00 xx 100. A Attenuation dB, These measuring conditions have been taken into account during the calculation of the maximum. measuring range in solid applications,Endress Hauser 5. Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95,Operating frequency Sensor Operating frequency. FDU90 90 kHz,FDU91 43 kHz,FDU91F 42 kHz,FDU92 30 kHz.
FDU93 27 kHz,low temperature version,high temperature version. Signal transmission analogue voltages,Power supply. Power supply supplied by the transmitter FMU90, Sensor heater for FDU91 The FDU90 and FDU91 sensors are optionally available in a version with sensor heater. The sensor heater needs an external power supply, The power for the heater can be supplied by the power supply RNB130 from Endress Hauser. The power supply for the sensor heater is connected to the brown BN and blue BU strand of the. sensor cable,Technical data,24 VDC 10 residual ripple 100 mV.
250 mA per sensor, If the sensor heater is applied the integrated temperature sensor can not be used Instead. an external temperature sensor Pt100 or FMT131 from Endress Hauser must be used. The transmitter FMU90 is available in a version with an input for the external temperature. sensor For details refer to Technical Information TI00397F. 6 Endress Hauser,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95,Electrical connection. Connection diagram,FDU90 91 92 FDU90 91,YE BK RD YE BK RD BN BU. YE BK RD YE BK RD,9 10 11 9 10 11,12 13 14 12 13 14. FMU90 FMU90,FDU91F 93 95 FDU91F 93 95,YE BK RD GNYE YE BK RD GNYE.
2 YE BK RD,984 ft 9 10 11,L00 FDU9xxxx 04 00 00 xx 002. A Without sensor heater,B With sensor heater,C Grounding at the terminal box. D Grounding at the transmitter FMU90,1 Shield of the sensor cable. 2 Terminal box,3 Shield of the extension cable, Colours of the strands YE yellow BK black RD red BU blue BN brown GNYE green yellow. Endress Hauser 7,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95, Connection hints In order to avoid interference do not route the sensor cables parallel to high voltage or.
electric power lines and not close to frequency converters. Limitation of electrical safety, The protective conductor GNYE of the sensors FDU91F 93 95 must be connected to the local. potential equalization after a maximum distance of 30 m 98 ft. The protective conductor GNYE of the sensors can be connected at this locations. Terminal box,Transmitter FMU90, The cable shield serves as a return cable and must be connected to the transmitter without. any electrical break With the preassembled cables the shield ends in a black strand BK. With the extension cable the shield must be twisted together and connected to the BK. terminal The cable shield must not be connected to the local potential equalization. For easier mounting it is advisable to use the sensors FDU90 91 92 with a maximum cable length of. 30 m 98 ft as well For longer distances an extension cable with a terminal box should be used. Extension cables for the For distances up to 30 m 98 ft the sensor can be directly connected by the sensor cable For longer. sensors distances it is recommended to use an extension cable The extension cable is connected via a terminal. box The total length sensor cable extension cable may be up to 300 m 984 ft. Explosion hazard, In explosion hazardous areas sparks can cause explosions This may lead to serious or fatal injury. Additionally the device and installation may be seriously damaged. If the terminal box is installed in explosion hazardous areas all applicable national guidelines must. be observed, Pay attention to the measures and notes in Chapter Certificates and Approvals 21. Suitable extension cables can be obtained from Endress Hauser 23 Accessories. Alternatively cables with the following properties can be used. Number of cores according to the connection diagram 7 Connection diagram. Braided wire shield for the yellow YE and red RD core no foil shield. Length up to 300 m 984 ft sensor cable extension cable. Cross section 0 75 mm2 to 2 5 mm2 18 to 14 AWG,Up to 8 per core.
Max 60 nF between core and shield, For FDU91F 93 95 The protective conductor GNYE must not be within the shield. 8 Endress Hauser,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95, Shortening the sensor cable If required the sensor cable can be shortened Please note. Do not damage the cores when removing the insulation. The cable is shielded by a metallic braiding This shielding serves as a return cable and corresponds. to the black BK strand of the unshortened cable After shortening the cable loosen the metallic. braiding twist it together securely and connect it to the BK terminal. The protective conductor GNYE which is present in some of the sensor cables may not be. electrically connected to the cable shield,FDU90 91 92 FDU91F 93 95. L00 FMU90xxx 04 00 00 xx 015, Colours of the strands YE yellow BK black RD red BU blue BN brown GNYE green yellow. The blue BU and brown BN strands is only present for sensors with heater. Endress Hauser 9,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95,Installation.
Hazard of accidents, If sensors are not fastened properly they can fall down and cause serious injury and property damage. Only install sensors in areas that are stable and sufficiently able to take the load. Fasten sensors only with fastening material that is proper and suited for the environment. Risk of sensor damage,Do not use the sensor cable for suspension. Protect sensor membrane from damage during installation. Installation options,Examples A B C,L00 FDU9xxxx 17 00 00 xx 001. A at girder or angle bracket B with alignment unit FAU40 in ATEX Zone 20 the alignment unit can be used for zone separation. C with a 1 sleeve welded to a grating,L00 FDU9xxxx 17 00 00 xx 007. A Installation with cantilever and wall bracket B Installation with cantilever and mounting frame C The cantilever can be turned. in order to position the sensor over the centre of the flume. Cantilever wall bracket and mounting frame are available as accessories 23. L00 FDU90xxxx 17 00 00 xx 001,A FDU90 Ceiling mounting.
B FDU90 Mounted at front thread G 1 or NPT 1,C FDU9x Mounted at rear thread G 1 or NPT 1. D FDU90 FDU91 FDU92 Mounting with G 1 counter nut 1. 1 The counter nut with gasket is supplied for the sensors FDU90 FDU91 and FDU92 with a metric thread G 1 at the process connection. 10 Endress Hauser,Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95. Installation conditions for,level measurements,L00 FDU9xxxx 17 00 00 xx 003. If possible install the sensor so that its lower edge projects into the vessel. Make sure that the maximum level does not reach into the blocking distance BD see table. Do not install the sensor in the middle of the tank 2 We recommend leaving a distance 1. between the sensor and the tank wall measuring 1 6 of the tank diameter. Avoid measurements through the filling curtain 3, Make sure that equipment 4 such as limit switches temperature sensors baffles etc are not. Prosonic S FDU90 91 91F 92 93 95 Ultrasonic measurement Time of Flight Ultrasonic sensors for level and flow measurement for connection to FMU9x FDU92 FDU93 FDU91 FDU95 FDU90 FDU91F Field of application Continuous non contact level measurement of fluids and bulk material in silos on belts stockpiles and in crushers Flow measurement in open channels and at weirs Maximum measuring

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