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How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 2, How to Hear the Voice. of God Now, Table of Contents, 1 INTRODUCTION 3, 2 Chapter 1 What Is A Voice 4. 3 Chapter 2 The Fear Factor 9, 4 Chapter 3 How Do I Know When It s God 15. 5 Chapter 4 Recognizing His Form 20, 6 Chapter 5 Frequently Asked Questions 26. This special teaching manual is designed to provide space for your own. personal notes and comments ,Prophetic Image Expressions.
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written. permission from the author except for inclusions of quotations in a review . Copyright Pending 2003, All Rights Reserved, How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 3. Listen What do you hear Nothing ,Good You are ready to hear the voice of God . Muir College Uitenhage South Africa 1967, At the age of 11 I ran and played during lunch break at school I was noisy and. energetic as I socialized with the other boys who were so much like me Nearly a. hundred boys moved busily around me noisy and preoccupied with their own games I. moved through the crowd lost in my own thoughts when suddenly I heard something. whisper in my ear Duck I immediately dropped to the ground in front of a tree . Almost simultaneously I heard a scream as something flew over my head and collided. with the tree Unbeknownst to me a bully who had tried to intimidate me the day. before through the delivery of an agonizing kick to my groin was running toward me at. maximum speed with the intent to tackle and bully me again After this encounter . which severely bruised his ego he directed his violence elsewhere from that day. forward , I continued on my way contemplating the bizarre events that had occurred It. was a hot afternoon the kind of heat only South Africa can produce My eyes squinted. from the bright sun and I walked lost in thought Suddenly I felt the urge to stop and. listen Everything was quiet I waited and suspected nothing unusual . I was unexpectedly prompted to do something strange I requested that the. wind increase its volume Instantly the wind began to howl and the dirt at my feet. gathered into a whirlwind spinning around me with incredible force I covered my eyes. and within seconds it died down and stopped In no way do I hold ideas of grandeur. that I control the wind but there have been so many similar occurrences throughout the. course of my life that I no longer consider it a coincidence I continued walking and felt. prompted to stop again I waited and as the wind began to gently blow I heard . Listen I strained to hear but heard nothing Listen to the wind This time I. stopped trying so hard to hear and just listened For a moment I was able to see or. perceive something that surpassed my natural hearing I saw a place which I could. only describe as an old castle It was gray and majestic and the sound of people. shouting bellowed out They shouted as though they had won a great battle . This experience affected me deeply and even though it would take years to. actually meet Christ the feeling that I had at that moment visits me from time to time . When it does I know that I am standing in a place of destiny Whether I am in a home. in Europe a church in England or even a restaurant when I get that feeling I. recognize that I am standing in the place that God showed me that day as a child in a. little town at the tip of Africa , How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 4.
Chapter 1 , What Is A Voice ,Voice The sound produced by the vocal organs of a. vertebrate A specified quality condition or pitch of vocal. sound a hoarse voice the child s piping voice A sound. resembling or reminiscent of vocal utterance the murmuring of. the forest , You can recognize various aspects of a person by their voice . A child s voice can be recognized by the piping voice The pitch of their. voices can differentiate the voice of a man or woman Thus various aspects of. a person can be recognized through their voice Agitation happiness or. excitement can be discerned by the sound of the voice . A human or animal is known by the sound of their voice However there. can be heard the howling of wind the murmur of the forest and the roar of the. sea which gives a voice to things not human or alive . What About God , God s voice opens your spirit to comprehend and perceive destiny and future . Don t listen for an audible voice It may not be something you can hear with. your physical ear but rather something you must perceive . How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 5, Can anyone truly say that they know what God s voice sounds like . God is not human but He is able to take the human larynx and articulate. His feelings through or to someone or He can use a talking donkey to. express His message , He can speak in a STILL SMALL VOICE as He did to Elijah .
Then He said Go out and stand on the mountain before the LORD . And behold the LORD passed by and a great and strong wind tore. into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the LORD . but the LORD was not in the wind and after the wind an earthquake . but the LORD was not in the earthquake , 12, and after the earthquake a fire but the LORD was not in the fire . and after the fire a still small voice , 13, So it was when Elijah heard it that he wrapped his face in his. mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the cave Suddenly. a voice came to him and said What are you doing here Elijah . 1 Kings 19 11 13, He can speak through thunder lightning flashes the sound of the. trumpet and a smoking mountain , 18, Now all the people witnessed the thunderings the lightning. flashes the sound of the trumpet and the mountain smoking and. when the people saw it they trembled and stood afar off . Ex 20 18 19, How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 6.
He took on the VOICE OF A HUMAN BEING when He spoke to Samuel. before he fell asleep , Samuel thought that it was Eli the High Priest speaking to him and went. over to find out why he was calling him , 2, And it came to pass at that time while Eli was lying down in his. place and when his eyes had begun to grow so dim that he could not. see , 3, and before the lamp of God went out in the tabernacle of the LORD. where the ark of God was and while Samuel was lying down . 4, that the LORD called Samuel And he answered Here I am . 5, So he ran to Eli and said Here I am for you called me And he.
said I did not call lie down again And he went and lay down . 6, Then the LORD called yet again Samuel So Samuel arose and. went to Eli and said Here I am for you called me He answered . I did not call my son lie down again , 7, Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD nor was the word of. the LORD yet revealed to him , 8, And the LORD called Samuel again the third time Then he arose. and went to Eli and said Here I am for you did call me Then Eli. perceived that the LORD had called the boy , 9, Therefore Eli said to Samuel Go lie down and it shall be if He. calls you that you must say Speak LORD for Your servant hears . So Samuel went and lay down in his place , 1 Sam 3 2 9.
How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 7, As Moses walked on a mountain with nothing on his mind but the. safety of sheep he discovered God s voice in a BURNING BUSH . 1, Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father in law the. priest of Midian And he led the flock to the back of the desert and. came to Horeb the mountain of God , 2, And the Angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire from. the midst of a bush So he looked and behold the bush was burning. with fire but the bush was not consumed , 3, Then Moses said I will now turn aside and see this great sight . why the bush does not burn , 4, So when the LORD saw that he turned aside to look God called to.
him from the midst of the bush and said Moses Moses And he. said Here I am , Ex 3 1 4, God can speak through a billboard a child or a song Why do we try to. confine Him into our miniscule human resources , The earth is the Lord s and the fullness thereof so let Him decide how. He wants to communicate with us and just enjoy the ride . Action,Shakespeare once wrote My Voice is in my Sword . When I read this I realized that a voice is not always a sound or certain. tone but an action as well , How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 8. When Elijah was at the place of extreme despair he sought after God s. voice There were three manifestations that were presented to him in which he. could not find God God had passed by and the specific proof of His. presence was by the manifestation of an earthquake a whirlwind and then. fire but GOD WAS NOT IN THEM What do you mean Elijah God was not. IN THEM How do you know , Even though God was present this did not benefit Elijah because He had.
to hear God s voice in order to move on or get direction . God s voice in a move of the Spirit adds substance to a very. powerful manifestation that would otherwise be ineffective . Substance, Substance means Essential nature and essence and the. integrity of the heart , A manifestation of God without His voice will only make you an observer and. not a possessor , There are plans without substance that are presented on a daily basis in. business meetings throughout the corporate world . A person who has character personality and strong virtues is labeled a person. of substance There are many beautiful human beings outwardly but contain no. character or special qualities that would add to their beauty The minute they. open their mouths you are able to assess to a degree the value of that. person , To discover the character and heart of God you have to hear His voice . How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 9, Chapter 2 .
The Fear Factor,18, Now all the people witnessed the thunderings the lightning flashes the sound. of the trumpet and the mountain smoking and when the people saw it they. trembled and stood afar off ,19, Then they said to Moses You speak with us and we will hear but let not God. speak with us lest we die ,Ex 20 18 19, The Children of Israel told Moses to become a mediator for them They no. longer wanted to hear God s voice personally Man was not made to physically. comprehend or receive God s voice It was spiritual interaction however when Adam. and Eve fell in the Garden and their eyes were opened they saw themselves naked . Their spirits were no longer alive and they were unable to hear with spiritual ears or see. with spiritual eyes hence their perception was destroyed by sin . PERCEPTION is the ability to have Insight and Foresight . When Adam and Eve heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the. garden they hid themselves One of the reasons they hid themselves was because. God had become an unperceived sound and no longer a clear spiritual voice to them . It is our nature as human beings to run from something that is unfamiliar We. fear the incomprehensible and anything that we cannot understand Because of the. fall God s voice became a sound , How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 10. Then it came to pass on the third day in the morning that there were. thunderings and lightnings and a thick cloud on the mountain and the. sound of the trumpet was very loud so that all the people who were in the. camp trembled , 17, And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God and they.
stood at the foot of the mountain , 18, Now Mount Sinai was completely in smoke because the LORD descended. upon it in fire Its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace and the. whole mountain quaked greatly , 19, And when the blast of the trumpet sounded long and became louder and. louder Moses spoke and God answered him by voice . Ex 19 16 19, Some Said It Thundered, 27, Now My soul is troubled and what shall I say Father save Me from. this hour But for this purpose I came to this hour . 28, Father glorify Your name Then a voice came from heaven saying I. have both glorified it and will glorify it again . 29, Therefore the people who stood by and heard it said that it had.
thundered Others said An angel has spoken to Him . John 12 27 29, The voice of God is only a sound to those who are conscious of their weakness. and sin but to those who are aware of their position in Christ the sound is a. clear voice , How to Hear The Voice of God Now Page 11. As discussed on the previous page the voice of God was a severe sound. to the Children of Israel and the same fear that gripped Adam and Eve gripped. the Israelites Adam s fear was not based only on the fact that he was. naked but it was the combination of both hearing the sound of God. proceeding and seeing himself naked His perception of God and himself. stopped the communion , 10, So he said I heard Your voice in the garden and I was afraid. because I was naked and I hid myself , Gen 3 10, I believe the Fear Factor also drove him from God . Fear will not allow you to hear God s voice , And He said Who told you that you were naked Have you eaten.
from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat . 12, Then the man said The woman whom You gave to be with me . maximum speed with the intent to tackle and bully me again After this encounter which severely bruised his ego he directed his violence elsewhere from that day forward I continued on my way contemplating the bizarre events that had occurred It was a hot afternoon the kind of heat only South Africa can produce My eyes squinted from the bright sun and I walked lost in thought Suddenly

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