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www theparentszone com, http www examiner com article attachment parenting eight principles. of parenting, http www theguardian com film 2011 mar 03 babies film review. Bowlby and Ainsworth,Attachment provides the foundation for. healthy intimate relationships,Attachment is an inborn system in the brain. that evolves in ways that influence and,organize motivational emotional and memory.
processes with respect to significant,caregiving figures Bowlby 1969. Why do we care about attachment,Attachment provides the early foundation for. the working model for how relationships,work and what you can expect. Can you depend on people,Can you trust them,Facilitates development of emotional. regulation social skills and empathy,Secure attachment is a resiliency factor.
Secure attachment promotes,Flexible self regulation. Prosocial behavior,Positive sense of emotional well being. and self esteem,Coherent life story,Source Dan Siegel. http www drdansiegel com uploads webinar006,Attachment and brain development. What is needed for synaptogenesis,to take place,Serve and return interactions with human.
Still Face Experiment,Dr Edward Tronick,University of Massachussets Boston. Attachment and mirror neurons,Mirror neurons are a type of brain cell that. respond equally when we perform an action,and when we witness someone else perform. the same action,Mirror neurons repond not only to other. people s actions and emotions but also to the,intent behind these actions Winerman.
Human connections shape neural,connections, Our brains are extremely social Areas involved in self regulation. overlap with those involved in interpersonal communication and. plasticity, How one brain interacts with another has important effects on how. the brain functions Social interactions are one of the most. powerful forms of experience that help shape how the brain gives. rise to the mind,Source Dan Siegel,http www drdansiegel com uploads webinar006 pdf. Attachment and neurotransmsitters,Infants who experience secure attachment. secretion of neurotransmitters produces,sense of well being.
Trauma or neglect can reduce secretion of,neurotransmitters. Gonzalez Mena and Widmeyer 2015,Brain Development and Early. Childhood Adversity, Photocredit http revistalaura com imagenes 012011 31012011156631501n jpg. We need to create conditions that reestablish,the Circle of Security. Attachment creates the,Circle of Security,http circleofsecurity net.
amazing opportunity to build a healthy attachment with each baby in their care They also have the unique role of helping to support a healthy lifelong attachment between babies and their parents Gillespie and Hunter 2011 p 62 Double role Creating healthy attachment with young children in our care Supporting families in their attachment with their children What strategies do

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