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NANO AND MICRO MATERIALS DEVICES AND SYSTEMS,APPLIED MECHANICS AND MATERIALS. IMECE2011 62188 1, Numerical Analysis to Predict Dynamic Response of Mini Cantilever Beam Submerged in. Viscous Fluids,A Hossain and A Mian,1MECE2011 62701 7. Tribological Behavior of High Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites With Silane Treated. Carbon Nanofibers, Songbo Xu AydarAkchurin X W Tangpong Iskander S Akhatov Tian Liu. Weston Wood and Wei Hong Zhong,IMECE2011 63417 15, Study of Multifractal Parametrization for Prediction of Structural State of Properties of.
Metal Materials, Engel Galimov Alexei Kudrin Sergei Kuryntsev and Alexei Gorbunov. IMECE2011 63589 19, Growing Large Nanostructured Superlattices by Sequential Activation of Self Assembly. Zhouzhou Zhao and Wei Lu,IMECE2011 64209 25, Characterization of Gold Nanowire Through Beam Deflection Using Atomic Force. Microscopy, Paul Phamduy Adam McLaughlin Fan Gao Byungki Kim and Zhiyong Gu. IMECE2011 64477 27, Thermal Fracture of Oxidized Polydimethylsiloxane and its.
Implications in Soft,Lithography, Wes W Tooley Shirin Feghhi Sangyoon J Han Junlan Wang and Nathan J Sniadecki. IMECE2011 65003 37,Effect of Axial Prestress,on Thermoelastic. Damping in Micromechanical Beam Resonators,Wenting Gu Peng Cheng and Julie Hao. IMECE2011 65098 43,Dielectric PropertiesofEr Doped HfTiO Films for. High K Gate Stacks, Xianfei Li Ping Wu Hui Wang Yili Pel Sen Chen and Shiping Zhang.
IMECE2011 65106 47, The Morphologies and Adhesion of Ceramic Films on CLAM Steel Substrates for Nuclear. Fusion Applications,Binbin Song Ping Wu Sen Chen and Shiping Zhang. IMECE2011 65121 51, Coupling Effects Between Torsion and Bending in Torsional Micromirrors Under. Capillary Forces, AH Darvishian Hamid Moeenfard and Mohammad Taghi Ahmadian. IMECE2011 65160 57,Sputtering Power on Electrical Characteristics of.
Er Ti Co Doped Hf02 Films, Y77 Pei Ping Wu Xianfei Li Murad A Khaskheli Sen Chen and Shiping Zhang. IMECE2011 65565 63, Low Order Finite Element Modeling of Size Effects in Micro Structured Materials Based on. Strain Gradient Plasticity,Moon Shik Park Yeong Sung Suh and Seung Song. IMECE2011 65581 65, Experimental Investigation on the Use of Photostrictive Optical Actuator for MEMS. Devices and Verification With the FEA Modeling Results. Mosfequr Rahman Masud Nawaz and John E Jackson,BIOINSPIRED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES.
IMECE2011 62220 75,Algae Based Biodiesel for Household Applications. Seyed Allameh Sharon Sarowa and Miriam Kannan,CARBON BASED NANO MATERIALS AND DEVICES. IMECE2011 62909 81, Process Design for the Controlability of Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown Vertically. Aligned Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Hatem Abuhimd Abe Zeid Yung Joon Jung and Sagar Kamarthi. IMECE2011 62962 87, Investigation of the Fundamental Frequency of Double Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using.
Molecular Mechanics Approach by an Averaging Van Der Waals Forces Modeling. Ehsan Asadi Ali Karimzade and Mehrdad Farid,IMECE2011 65166 97. Gate Free Graphene Based Sensor for pH Monitoring,Nan Lei Pengfei Li Wei Xue and Jie Xu. IMECE2011 65217 103,OrientationDependent Binding Energy of. Graphene Pd 111, Branden B Kappes Abbas Ebnonnasir Suneel Kodambaka and Cristian V Ciobanu. COMPUTATIONAL STUDIES ON MEMS AND NANOSTRUCTURES,IMECE2011 62617 107.
Finite Volume Method for Structural of RF MEMS Devices Using Theory of Plates. Shankhadeep Das Sanjay R Mathur and Jayathi Y Murthy. IMECE2011 62660, Finite Volume Method for Simulation of Creep in RF MEMS Devices. Shankhadeep Das Marisol Koslowski SanjayR Mathur andJayathi Y Murthy. IMECE2011 62816 129, Detailed Investigation of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer Design Space. for Optimal Operation,Onursal Onen and Rasim Guldiken. IMECE2011 63091 131, Closed Form Solutions for the Statical Behavior of Micromirrors Under Capillary Forces. Hamid Moeenfard AH Darvishian and Mohammad Taghi Ahmadian. IMECE2011 63678 139, Parametric Study of Nanostructure Variations on the Macroscopic Thermal and Electrical.
Behavior of Neat CNTThin Film Networks,Nikhil A Ashtekar and David A Jack. IMECE2011 64321 145, CNT Thin Film Network Failure due to Concentrated Current Loadings. David A Jack,IMECE2011 64693 153, Simulations of Impulsive Dynamics in RF MEMS Capacitive Switches. Ayyaswamy Venkattraman and Alina Alexeenko, DESIGN FABRICATION DYNAMICS AND CONTROL OF MICRO AND. NANO SYSTEMS,IMECE2011 62314, Application of Immersed Boundary Method to Fluid Structure and Electrostatics.
Interaction in MEMS, Sanjay Mathur Lin Sun Shankhadeep Das and Jayathi Y Murthy. IMECE2011 62334 171, Exploring a Manufacturing Route to Produce WC Based Micro Cutting Tool With. Nanostructured Material,Samir Mekid Tahar Laoui and Faheemuddin Patel. IMECE2011 62486 177, Polymerization Shrinkage and Adhesion in UV Nanoimprint Lithography. Alborz Amirsadeghi Jae Jong Lee and Sunggook Park,IMECE2011 62513 181.
A Polyimide Micro Heat Exchanger With a Suspended 3D Parallel Channel Structure for. Cryogenic Application, Yunda Wang Ryan Lewis M H Lin Yiwei Yan Ray Radebaugh Peter Bradley and. IMECE2011 62593 187,Characterization of SOI MEMS Sidewall Roughness. Leslie M Phinney Bonnie B McKenzie James A Ohlhausen Thomas E Buchheit and. Randy J Shul,IMECE2011 62708 195, Estimation of Surface Roughness and Elastic Modulus Degradation of Nanoindented. Surfaces Using Finite Element Method, Niranjan Paneeru Rasoul Moradi Ramazan Asmatulu and Hamid M Lankarani. IMECE2011 62818 203, Design of Urinary Biomarker Sensor for Early Ovarian Cancer Detection.
Onursal Onen Patricia Kruk and Rasim Guldiken,IMECE2011 63040 205. Numerical Simulation of the GaN Growth Process in a MOCVD Process. Jiandong Meng and Yogesh Jaluria,IMECE2011 63112 213. Closed Form Solutions for the Problem of Statical Behavior of Nano Micromirrors. Under the Effect of Capillary Force and Van Der Waals Force. Ali Darvishian Hamid Moeenfard Hasan Zohoor and Mohammad Taghi Ahmadian. IMECE2011 63138 221, Clay Dispersion Effects on Excimer Laser Ablation of Polymer Clay Nanocomposites. l Ta Chang and Erol Sancaktar,IMECE2011 63284 227, High Velocity Impact Properties Characterization of Nano Phased Bi Layered Body Armor. Sirajus Salekeen Mohammad G Kibria Khan and Shaik Jeelani. IMECE2011 63466 239, Resonant Frequency and Sensitivity of an AFM Microcantilever Modeled by the.
Non Local Theory,E Khosravani M H Kahrobaiyan and M T Ahmadian. IMECE2011 63698 247, Maskless Photolithography Using an Epifluorescent Microscope for Microfluidic. Applications,MacCallister Higgins and Emil J Geiger. IMECE2011 63758 251, Flexible Microfluidic Devices With Three Dimensional Interconnected Microporous Walls. Po Ki Yuen and Michael E DeRosa,IMECE2011 63763 253.
ALD Enabled Nickel MEMS Switches for Digital Logic. Harris J Hall Bradley D Davidson Steven M George and Victor M Bright. IMECE2011 63842 263, Fabrication of a MEMS Based Solar Thermal Collector for Energy Sustainability. E Ogbonnaya A Gunasekaran and L Weiss,IMECE2011 63930 269. Investigation of Microcantilever Sensor for Explosive Detection. Seok Won Kang and Debjyoti Banerjee,IMECE2011 64436 279. A Tri Plate Variable,Capacitor for Electrostatic Energy Harvesting. John Oxaal Asantha Kempitiya Mona Hella and Diana Andra Borca Tasciuc. IMECE2011 64476 281, Fabrication of CeramicHigh Temperature Microsystems.
Benjamin Kellie and Shaurya Prakash,IMECE2011 64548 287. Transient Performance and, Coupled Acoustic Structural and Electrostatic Modeling of a. Multistage Vacuum Micropump, Karthik Kumar Luis P Bernal Seow Yuen Yee AH Besharatian and Khalil Najafi. IMECE2011 64676 297, Integrating Coherent Porous Silicon as a Wicking Structure in the MEMS Based Fabrication. of a Vertically Wicking Micro Columnated Loop Heat Pipe. Navdeep S Dhillon Chris Hogue Matthew W Chan Jim C Cheng and Albert P Pisano. IMECE2011 64747 307, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Thermal Accommodation Coefficients for Laser Induced.
Incandescence Sizing of Nickel Nanoparticles,K J Daun M Karttunen and J T Titantah. IMECE2011 65122 317, Fabrication of Conductive Porous Structure Loaded With Carbon Black and or. Carbon Nanotube,Min Li Wei Zhang Chaosheng Wang and Huaping Wang. IMECE2011 65296 323, High Q Gallium Nitride Nanowire Resonators With Piezoresistive Readout. Jason M Gray Charles T Rogers Kris A Bertness and Norman A Sanford. IMECE2011 65420 329, Capacitive Readout Technique for Studies of Dissipation in GaN Nanowire Mechanical.
Resonators, Joshua R Montague Kris A Bertness Norman A Sanford Victor M Bright and. Charles T Rogers,IMECE2011 65543 335, Low Cost Open Loop Temperature Controller for MEMS and Modular Microfluidics. Applications, Brooks B Lowrey Christopher R Brown Daniel S Park and Michael C Murphy. IMECE2011 65728 337, Experimental Testing of Micro Scale Self Assembly Process Model. Jose M Carballo Sean Hollis and Nathan Crane, ENERGY POWER AND TRANSPORT IN MICRO AND NANO SCALES.
IMECE2011 63562 345, MEMS Based Phase Change for Heat Transfer With Thermoelectric Devices and. Energy Harvesting, E Ogbonnaya B Jakub Wood C Champagne S Chukwu and L Weiss. IMECE2011 63670 353, Coupled Computational Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of a Single Chip Flip Chip. Module With Low k Dielectric Medium, Fahad Mirza Thiagarajan Raman Saeed Ghalambor Ashraf Bastawros and. Dereje Agonafer,IMECE2011 63736 359,PoolBoiling Enhancement via Micro Ratchets.
Lance Brumfield Jeong Tae Ok and Sunggook Park,IMECE2011 64979 361. Electron Transport and Recombination in Ti02 Nanofiber Dye Sensitized Solar Cell. Jinwei Li and Yong Shi,IMECE2011 65018 365, Experimental Investigation of Thermal Transport Mechanisms Through a Nanoscale. Point Contact,Michael Thompson Pettes and Li Shi,INIECE2011 65043 371. Micro Rotational Generator, Amarilys Rivera Nieves Rolando Cordero Vazquez Gerardo Carbajal Edwar Romero. Michael R Neuman and Robert 0 Warrington,IMECE2011 65421 375.
Novel Nano Structured High Performance Thermoelectric Materials and Devices. Velimir Jovanovic Saeid Ghamaty John C Bass and Daniel Krommenhoek. IMECE2011 65493 385,ThermalConductivity Measurement of Thin Nanowires. Matthew C Wingert Jaeyun Moon lack Chen Jie Xiang and Renkun Chen. GENERAL TOPICS OF MEMS NEMS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY,IMECE2011 62473 393. 3D Microfabrication Using Bulk Lithography,Prasanna Gandhi and Kiran Bhole. IMECE2011 63470 401, On the Static Pull in of CircularMicroplates Under Capillary Force. M H Kahrobaiyan A Fallah S Bozorgzadeh K Firoozbakhsh and M T Ahmadian. IMECE2011 63582 407, Fabrication of the Superhydrophobic Surface Using SU 8 Photoresist With Black Silicon.
Sang Eon Lee Dongjin Lee Jin Ha Kim Kang Won Lee Kwang Cheol Lee. Seong Uk Hong and Seung S Lee,IMECE2011 63586 411, Low Frequency Electrical Noise Thermometry for Micro and Nano Scale Devices. Robert A Sayer Jeffrey D Engerer Sudeshna Sen N S Vidhyadhiraja and. Timothy S Fisher,IMECE2011 63908 423, Demonstration of an Integrated Micro Cryogenic Cooler and Miniature Compressor for. Cooling to 200 K, Ryan Lewis M H Lin Yunda Wang Jill Cooper Peter Bradley Ray Radebaugh. Marcia Huber and Y C Lee,HIGH TEMPERATURE MATERIALS. IMECE2011 63695 429, Reactive Heat Source for Standalone Thermoelectric Power Generator.
Thermal Analysis of Pyrophoric Iron Mixture,Dale H Y Huang Thanh N Tran and Bao Yang. IMECE2011 64813 435, Study on Nitridation of Silicon Added With Amorphous Silicon Nitride. Yanhui Li Li Wang Shaowu Yin Fuming Yang Chuanping Liu Lige Tong and Ping Wu. MICRO AND NANO DEVICES,IMECE2011 62912 439, Development of Mechanical Probe Station for Characterization of Micro Flexure. Mechanisms, Prasanna S Gandhi Vishal Prajapati Himani Shah and Ramanath Pal. IMECE2011 62916 447, Considerations on Ultra Thin Substrate Less Micro and Nano Systems.
Hans H Gatzen Tim Griesbach Marc C Wurz and Lutz Rissing. IMECE2011 62917 455, Design Fabrication and Characterization of a Pneumatic Micro Actuator. Prasanna S Gandhi Anand Savalia and Himani Shah,IMECE2011 63108 463. Analytical Solutions for the Static Instability of Micro Nano Mirrors Under the Combined. Effect of Capillary Force and Casimir Force, Hatnid Moeenfard AH Darvishian and Mohammad Taghi Ahmadian. 1MECE2011 64026 471,Preliminary Studies of Stand Alone Lance. Concepts for Nanoinjection of DNA, Mark H Femelius Nathan C Toone Brian D Jensen Sandra H Burnett and.
Larry L Howell,IMECE2011 64168 481, Material Properties of Carbon Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Templated Structures for. Microfabrication of Compliant Mechanisms, Walter C Fazio Jason M Lund Taylor S Wood Brian D Jensen Robert C Davis and. Richard R Vanfleet,IMECE2011 64268 491, A Silicon Thermomechanical In Plane Microactuation System for Large Displacements in. Aqueous Environments,Gregory L Hoist and Brian D Jensen. IMECE2011 64934 503, Large Scale Deposition of Graphene With Dielectrophoresis.
Pengfei Li Nan Lei Jie Xu and Wei Xue,IMECE2011 65001 511. PerformanceDegradation of the MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope in Harsh Environments. Chandradip Patel and Patrick McCluskey,IMECE2011 65083 517. METAMATERIALS FUNDAMENTALS DEVICESANDAPPLICATIONS IMECE2011 64933 557 Intensity DependentDispersion in Nonlinear Phononic Layered Systems Kevin LManktelow MichaelJ Leamy andMassimoRuzzene IMECE2011 65477 567 Modeling ofThermal Transport in PhononicCrystals Using FiniteDifference TimeDomainMethod EdwardDechaumphaiandRenkunChen IMECE2011 65681 575

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