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PARTS FOR THE XTOP FRONT 20 19 18 17 16 15,01 Glare Shield black gray 01. 02 Speakers left right,03 Sound system on off led yellow. 04 Sound system on off 2 1 system,05 Microphone and Headset jack 3 5mm. 06 Bass control,07 SAITEK pro flight switch panel slot. 08 SAITEK pro flight yoke slot,09 Power on off illuminated.
10 Panel lighting on off illuminated 14,11 SAITEK pro flight throttle slot single or dual. 12 Power indicator led,13 Glass fuse 02,a Main 3 15 A 02. b Panel lighting 0 2 A,c USB 4 0 A,14 Fuse warning leds flashing. 15 SAITEK pro flight radio panel slot,16 SAITEK pro flight multi panel slot. 17 SAITEK pro flight BIP slot,18 Night illumination system amber led 03.
19 SAITEK pro flight instrument panel slot x6 01,20 Laser cut durable steel frame black 04. Also included,Power cable,Sound cable 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12. PARTS FOR THE XTOP BACK,01 Back lid 01,02 Bolt nut slot railing type 15 14 13. 03 Main power switch on off fuse,04 Power input,05 Fixing knobs x4. 06 Metal clamps for desktop left,07 Fixing knobs x4.
08 Throttle cable hole,09 Metal clamps for desktop right. 10 Mic and Headset output,11 USB output,12 Back lid screws x13. 13 SAITEK pro flight yoke slot,14 Railing system wall hanging 12. 15 Bass speaker,04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11,PARTS FOR THE XTOP INSIDE. 01 Power input,02 Power adapter 13 12 11 10 09 08 07.
03 Railing system for clamps,04 10 port USB hub,05 USB Mic Headset output. 06 2 1 sound card,07 Left speaker,08 Back lid screw hole. 09 Pro flight products screw holes,10 Metal clamp screw holes sliding. 11 Bass speaker,12 Spare slot lid,13 Right speaker. 01 02 03 04 05,DESIGNED FOR SAITEK PRO FLIGHT SERIES.
Fits the following Saitek Pro Flight products,o Pro Flight Yoke. o Pro Flight Quadrant x 2,o Pro Flight Switch Panel. o Pro Flight Multi Panel,o Pro Flight Radio Panel,o Pro Flight BIP Panel. o Pro Flight Instrument Panel x 6, Saitek Pro Flight products are not included in the package. Specifications,Size WxHxD with glare shield,900 x 465 x 150mm.
35 4 x 18 3 x 5 9,Size WxHxD without glare shield 445MM. 870 x 445 x 110mm,34 2 x 17 5 x 4 3,Size WxHxD overall. 900 x 495 x 150mm,35 4 x19 5 x 5 9,Weight 11 00kg 24 3Lbs xtop panel. Weight 16 50kg 36 4Lbs box,Voltage 230v 50Hz 110v 60Hz. Power consumption,Main 12volt 2 1amp,USB Hub 5volt 5amp.
PC Connections USB PC not included,Box Contents,Screw 1 m6x10 4pcs Metal clamps 2pcs. Metal clamps xtop body,Screw 2 m4x10 11pcs,Yoke xtop 1pcs. Yoke metal clamp 2pcs,Quadrant 1 xtop 4pcs,Quadrant 2 xtop 4pcs. Screw 3 m4x25 40 pcs,Instrument panels xtop 24pcs,Radio panel xtop 4pcs Installation cd 1pcs. Multi panel xtop 4pcs,Switch panel xtop 4pcs,BIP panel xtop 4pcs.
Power cord 1pcs,USB cable 1pcs,Audio cable 1pcs,Hex key wrench no 2 5 1pcs. Hex key wrench no 3 1pcs,Hex key wrench no 4 1pcs,Cable diagrams. 10 port USB HUB,Pro flight quadrant installation,Screw 2 m4x10. 1 Quadrant 1 xtop 4pcs,2 Quadrant 2 xtop 4pcs,Install single or dual quadrant. Bottom plates bend outwards as shown on,the picture.
Upper plates bend inwards as shown on,C the picture D. You can easily adjust angles according your,desired position. Place quadrants into position Screw from,back and bottom of the plates with m4x10. p s TPM is also compatible,Pro flight panel installation. Screw 3 m4x25,1 Instrument panels xtop 24pcs,2 Radio panel xtop 4pcs.
3 Multi panel xtop 4pcs,4 Switch panel xtop 4pcs,5 BIP panel xtop 4pcs. Place into a square slot Cabling can be,done from back of the xtop. C Screw from corners with m4x20 screws D,Place into a rectangle slot Cabling can be. done from back of the xtop,Screw from corners with m4x20 screws. p s Bolt nuts are located at the corners,Pro flight Yoke installation.
Screw 2 m4x10,1 Yoke xtop 1pcs,2 Yoke metal clamp 2pcs. Bottom plate bend inwards as shown on,the picture,Bottom plate and metal clamp stays flat in. line as shown on the picture,C Place yoke into a slot from front of the xtop. Use cable slot at the corner to prevent,cable cut Cabling can be done from back of. Use only one screw from bottom plate,Use two screws from bottom of the metal.
p s Metal clamp installation can be done,after back lid is closed. Metal clamp installation,Screw 1 m6x10,1 Metal clamps xtop 4pcs. Move bolt nuts into proper position on both,Screw one and then other We recommend. to center both clamps according your xtop,position on the table. C Tightly screw both metal clamps Unscrew D,all knobs to easy placement.
Right metal clamp must be tightly screwed,after yoke installation completed. p s Metal clamp installation can be done,after back lid is closed. Table top installation,Hold from bottom and top of the xtop. Firmly place from side of the table,Push forward until it stops. Tightly screw all knobs and make sure it is,placed securely.
XTOP can be located in front of your,existing display s ystem or you can. select XTOP display s ystem XTOP,has located side of the table to give. best cockpit position with display,system position. p s Metal clamp installation can be done,after back lid is closed. Hekimbasi Mahallesi Aydin Caddesi No 25,34766 Umraniye ISTANBUL TURKIYE.
T 90 216 460 2282,F 90 216 460 2285,www agronn com. sales agronn com,info agronn com,Coordinates,41 3 35 28 29 5 56 00. Microphone and Headset jack 3 5mm 06 Bass control 07 SAITEK pro flight switch panel slot 08 SAITEK pro flight yoke slot 09 Power on off illuminated 10 Panel lighting on off illuminated 11 SAITEK pro flight throttle slot single or dual 12 Power indicator led 13 Glass fuse a Main 3 15 A b Panel lighting 0 2 A c USB 4 0 A 14 Fuse warning leds flashing 15 SAITEK pro flight

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