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PRO User Manual Windows,Table of contents,1 Introduction 6. 1 1 Minimum requirements 6,1 2 Interface tour 7,2 Glossary of terms 11. 3 Quick start 14,3 1 Installing djay Pro 14,3 1 1 Download from the Windows Store 14. 3 1 2 Launching djay Pro 15,3 2 Navigating the library browser 15. 3 2 1 Music playlists 15,3 2 2 iTunes playlists 16.
3 2 3 Explorer folders 16,3 2 4 Searching 16,3 3 Loading a track 17. 3 4 Mixing your tracks 18,3 5 Recording your mix 19. 3 6 Adding hardware 19,4 Core features 21,4 1 Layout 22. 4 2 Volume controls 23,4 3 Media library browser 24. 4 4 Decks 25,4 5 Deck views 26,4 5 1 Vinyl mode 27.
4 5 2 Vertical waveforms 27,4 5 3 Horizontal waveforms 28. 4 6 Mixer 28,4 6 1 Crossfader section 28,4 7 Shortcuts 29. 4 8 Settings 32,4 8 1 Volume controls 32,4 8 2 Configure audio device 32. 4 8 3 General settings 33,4 8 4 Automix settings 36. 4 8 5 Media library settings 36,PRO User Manual Windows.
4 8 6 MIDI settings 37,4 8 7 Advanced settings 37,4 9 Mix recorder 38. 4 9 1 Audio 38,4 10 Uninstalling djay Pro 39,4 10 1 Algoriddim stored data 39. 5 Advanced tools 41,5 1 Advanced deck layouts 42,5 1 1 Four decks 42. 5 1 2 Waveforms 46,5 2 Beatgrids 48,5 2 1 What are beatgrids 48. 5 2 2 Setting a beatgrid 48,5 2 3 Adjusting incorrect beatgrids 49.
5 3 BPM and tempo 50,5 3 1 Adjusting BPM 50,5 3 2 Tempo sensitivity 51. 5 4 Key lock and changing key 52,5 5 Syncing 53,5 5 1 Tempo sync 53. 5 5 2 Beat sync 53,5 6 Slicer mode 54,5 7 Slip mode 55. 5 8 Library management 56,5 8 1 Browser overview 56. 5 8 2 Analyzing your music 56,5 8 3 Previewing tracks 57.
5 8 4 Play Queue and Automix 57,5 8 5 List views 59. 5 8 6 Metadata columns 62,5 8 7 Sorting your music 63. 5 8 8 TIDAL or SoundCloud 63,5 8 9 Music playlists 65. 5 8 10 iTunes 65,5 8 11 History 65,5 8 12 Explorer 65. 5 8 13 Track Match 66,5 9 Effects 67,5 9 1 Favorites 68.
PRO User Manual Windows,5 9 2 Using effects 69,5 10 Loops 71. 5 10 1 Loop creator 71,5 10 2 Loop panel 72,5 11 Cue points 74. 5 12 Sampler 75,5 13 Using hardware 77,5 13 1 Controllers 77. 5 14 MIDI mapping 78,5 14 1 Mapping Jogwheels 81,5 14 2 Editing an existing mapping 83. 5 14 3 Importing and exporting mappings 84,6 Tips and support 86.
6 1 Special tips 86,6 1 1 Avoid the red 86,6 1 2 Audio file quality 87. 6 1 3 Mixing in key 87,6 1 4 Know your tracks 87,6 1 5 Keep your library tip top 87. 6 1 6 Cables 87,6 2 FAQ and Support 88,PRO User Manual Windows. Introduction,PRO User Manual Windows,1 Introduction. Welcome to djay Pro Whether you re a seasoned DJ or a rookie to the. concept of mixing music djay Pro is powerful and flexible with all the. tools you might need to mix your music The app is built from the ground. up to work perfectly with Windows 10 meaning rock solid stability and. silky smooth visuals on high resolution displays,Up to four channels of music.
Built in audio effects,TIDAL SoundCloud and iTunes integration. Ultra low latency audio engine,64 bit processing,Silky smooth 60 frames per second interface. Optimized for high resolution screens, Native support for over 50 MIDI controllers from major manufacturers. 1 1 Minimum requirements, You can run djay Pro on any Microsoft Windows 10 compatible computer running version. 1607 or later The minimum install size for the software is 200 MB plus space for your music. Since djay Pro is designed with Windows 10 in mind all you need to bring is your music. Tip More RAM and a faster processor will ensure a smoother experience while DJing. PRO User Manual Windows,1 2 Interface tour, Need to know what everything is when you first load djay Pro Here s a at a glance tour of.
the interface,1 2 3 4 10 11 12,33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40. 46 47 48 49 50, 1 Menu button Access all your settings from here see section 4 8 Settings. 2 Vinyl mode Select different vinyl modes see section 5 2 Advanced deck layouts. 3 Two deck mode Select different two deck modes see section 5 2 Advanced deck layouts. 4 Four deck mode Select different four deck modes see section 5 2 Advanced deck layouts. 5 Track time remain Shows how much time is left on the deck Click to toggle to time played. 6 Track title Displays the track title metadata, 7 Track artists Displays the track artist s metadata. 8 Track musical key Displays the current track musical key see section 5 5 Key lock and. changing key,PRO User Manual Windows, 9 Mix recorder Toggles the Mix recorder pop up see section 4 9 Mix recorder. 10 Sampler Open close the Sampler panel see section 5 13 Sampler. 11 Fullscreen toggle switch between fullscreen and windowed modes. 12 Window state buttons Standard Windows 10 minimze maximize close buttons. 13 Album art Displays the album art metadata, 14 Channel gain Controls the gain trim for the deck see section 4 6 Mixer.
15 Track waveform Displays the overall visual render of track audio with progress marker see. section 5 2 3 Waveforms, 16 Deck tools button Toggles displaying the FX loop and pads tool panel see sections 5 10. Effects 5 11 Loops and 5 12 Cue points, 17 Deck BPM Displays the current BPM of the playing track see section 5 4 BPM and tempo. 18 Deck pan Controls the left right pan of the deck see section 4 4 Decks. 19 High EQ Controls the amount of high frequencies in the track between 24dB to 6dB. 20 Deck number indicator options Tells you which deck the waveform is from and gives access. to deck options see sections 5 7 Slicer mode and 5 8 Slip mode. 21 Mid EQ Controls the amount of mid frequencies in the track between 24dB to 6dB. 22 Deck progress indicator Displays the track progress around the edge of the jogwheel. 23 Deck sync button Toggles whether the track is synced see section 5 6 Syncing. 24 Tempo slider Speeds up and slows down the playing track. 25 Jogwheel Standard DJ control system for cueing scratching and rewinding deck audio. 26 Deck low EQ Controls the amount of low frequencies in the track between 24dB to 6dB. 27 Scrolling waveform Zoomed in visual of track audio which follows the progress of the deck. see section 5 2 2 Waveforms, 28 Deck tempo bend buttons Buttons to temporarily slow down or speed up the audio to. nudge a track while beatmatching, 29 Track sticker indicator Displays a marker showing the position of the virtual spinning record. as it plays, 30 Deck key lock Maintains the current musical key of the audio even if tempo is changed see.
section 5 5 Key lock and changing key, 31 Volume fader Controls the amount of volume a deck outputs see section 4 6 Mixer. 32 Beatgrid edit button Accesses options to alter track beatgrid see section 5 3 Beatgrids. 33 Play pause button Stops and starts the audio on the deck see section 4 1 Layout. 34 Cue set button Sets a temporary cue point at the current location of the progress indicator. see section 4 1 Layout, 35 Cue jump button Returns the deck to the existing cue point plays audio from the cue point. PRO User Manual Windows, if held down or returns you to the start of the track if no cue point is set see section 4 1. 36 DJ style Filter Both low pass LPF and high pass HPF filters on one knob see section 4 1. 37 Crossfader Horizontal slider that fades volume between the decks see section 4 6 1. Crossfader section, 38 Loop halve button Button to reduce the loop length by half from 32 beats to 1 16 beat see. section 5 11 Loops, 39 Loop set button Toggles a loop on off at the current progress marker see section 5 11.
40 Loop double button Button to increase the loop length by double from 1 16 beat to 32 beats. see section 5 11 Loops, 41 List view buttons Buttons to change playlist view between compact regular and grid see. section 5 9 5 List views, 42 Search box Input box for typing in search words to filter your library Can switch between. searching playlist or collection see section 4 3 Media library browser. 43 Library tabs Switches between Music iTunes TIDAL and SoundCloud History and Explorer. browser tabs see section 5 9 Library management, 44 Library browser tree Displays the playlist tree with folders and playlists see section 5 9. Library management, 45 Playlist window Displays the currently selected playlist see section 4 3 Media library. 46 Library tabs toggle Toggles display of the library tabs see section 4 3 Media library. 47 Automix Accesses Automix options and functions see section 4 8 4 Automix. 48 Library tab toolbar Toolbar displaying buttons relevant to currently shown library tab see. section 5 9 Library management, 49 Play queue toggle Toggles display of the Play queue list see section 5 9 4 Play queue and.
50 Library expand button Toggles between showing full library browser or browser and decks. PRO User Manual Windows,Glossary of terms,PRO User Manual Windows. 2 Glossary of terms, There are many common technical and DJ terms used throughout this. manual Below is a quick list of some of these words along with a short. definition, BPM Beats per minute The standard unit of measuring the tempo of music. Channel An individual input route for audio on the mixer. Cue point Markers that can be set along the timeline of the track and jumped to instantly. Up to eight can be created per track, Deck Like its physical counterpart this is where your individual tracks are played and. controlled You can change the tempo view track progress and overall waveforms and. emulate the behavior of CDJs and turntables,Downbeat The first beat of a measure.
Effect A method of applying alterations to the audio of a track or mix You can chain up to. three audio effects per channel, EQ equalization A filtering of the audio to cut out specific frequencies djay Pro features. the standard DJ mixer high frequency mid frequency and low frequency EQ controls. Fader slider A control method which uses a sliding action to fade between amounts DJ. mixers tend to feature vertical faders and a crossfader. Jogwheel A round platter used for controlling music They are designed to emulate the feel. of a turntable and usually come in pairs on DJ controllers. Library The section of djay Pro where you can quickly browse search and prepare your. music to mix with, Loop A segment of a track that s repeated The size and location of the loop can be. determined by the user, Measure Also known as a Bar a measure is the number of beats corresponding to the. timing of the music For example most dance music is 4 4 timing so one measure is four. PRO User Manual Windows, Mixer The hub of your equipment that controls the output of music by changing channel. volume gain EQs filters and crossfade, Playlist A saved list of tracks within your library You can use these to prepare your mixes.
and Automix queue, Quantize The act of ensuring music is precisely set to a rhythm Quantized music will stay in. time with a set tempo and will always launch at a selected interval of this tempo even if it s. off the beat, Sync The act of automatically ensuring tracks stay in time either by simply matching the. tempo or quantizing the beats to stay together, Tempo The speed at which music is played This is usually measured in beats per minute. Transport The buttons used to control a track These include start stop cue start and. sometimes rewind and fast forward, UI User interface The system of screen elements the user interacts with such as buttons. menus scrolling lists or waveforms, Waveform The visual representation of the music displaying audio volume and sometimes.
showing frequencies in different colors,PRO User Manual Windows. Quick Start,PRO User Manual Windows,3 Quick start, From the moment you first load djay Pro the experience is designed to. be as intuitive as possible Getting your first mix started is almost as easy. as playing tracks in iTunes,3 1 Installing djay Pro. You can buy djay Pro via the Windows Store The Windows Store allows you to install and. run the software on up to 10 active Windows 10 computers you own. 3 1 1 Download from the Windows Store, Purchase and download the app like any other on the Windows Store The purchase will be. tied to your Microsoft account which means you won t need a license key to install. PRO User Manual Windows,3 1 2 Launching djay Pro, The first time you load into the software you ll see the default layout two decks a mixer and.
a browser for your music collection,3 2 Navigating the library browser. You can find the library browser in the lower half of the djay Pro window which give you. access to all your music from your own collection as well as the TIDAL and SoundCloud. streaming services,3 2 1 Music playlists, Any playlists created in Windows Media Player or Groove Music can be accessed via the. Music playlists tab on the left side strip of icons Changes made in Windows Media Player or. Groove Music will be reflected in the djay Pro library browser when you launch it This tab. PRO 6 User Manual Windows 1 Introduction Welcome to djay Pro Whether you re a seasoned DJ or a rookie to the concept of mixing music djay Pro is powerful and flexible with all the tools you might need to mix your music The app is built from the ground up to work perfectly with Windows 10 meaning rock solid stability and

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