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Introduction from the Priory Group,Chief Executive Officer 4. Quality Statement from the Group,Director of Quality and Group Medical Director 5. What is a Quality Account 6,Who we are and our history 7. Our purpose and behaviours 8,Priorities for improvement 9. Summary of progress against 2018 19,Quality Performance Indicators 9.
Detailed review of performance against 2018 19,Quality Performance Indicators 10. Priorities for improvement 2019 20 12,Our statements of assurance 14. Additional information on Quality Performance 17,Appendices 34. Quality Account 2018 19 2,Introduction from,the Priory Group. Chief Executive,Quality Account 2018 19 3,It is my pleasure to present the Quality.
Account for 2018 19 Each year we,introduce new operational initiatives. stemming from both regulatory,requirements and our own commitment. to continuous improvement, Our priority is to make sure we operate safe compassionate and. effective services and that all Priory staff understand what is required. of them to make that happen, We understand the importance of working meeting all CQUIN indicators to date In addition. closely with our regulators such as the Care over the last year we transitioned all staff from. Quality Commission CQC and we are aligned MVA physical intervention techniques to PMVA. with their focus on improving patient safety reducing recorded prone restraint in these sites by. and quality of outcomes As a result of the hard 86 in 2018. work and commitment of our teams across 84,A sexual safety working group was also launched.
CQC registered units 87 of our sites are rated,in 2019 producing a sexual safety policy and. as Good or Outstanding compared to 78 of,identifying training and support needs for our. NHS services or other independent providers,frontline staff We are developing our approach to. However we are very clear that there is no room,assessing sexual safety on our wards for patients. for complacency and we continue to aspire to,through individualised risk assessments Our.
improve all of our services further, objective is to ensure that all patients receive an. We continue to upgrade all our child and assessment of their sexual safety on admission. adolescent mental health services CAMHS to our wards and we will be providing further. across our portfolio by introducing a new safer information regarding this to our patients. room specification investing up to 25 000 per,Finally aligned with our ethos as a learning. room We have also introduced the Care Protect,organisation it is extremely important to us. monitoring system across our CAMHS services,that our suicide prevention strategy is improved. which is a sensor based patient monitoring,by learning from past events increasing.
system to support risk management and staff,understanding of suicide and contributing to. observation procedures,future patient care and service development. A safety audit has been undertaken across our,We will continue to strive towards making our. CAMHS services ensuring we are practising in,patients safer and our services more patient. key safety domains including ligature risks risk,centred ensuring we are making a real and lasting.
assessment and care planning A new Compliance,difference to everyone we support. Inspector will ensure all CAMHS services,are working within regulatory and statutory. frameworks ensuring safety and quality is and,remains at the heart of everything we do. Reducing restrictive practice is led by our service. networks and has also been a focus particularly,Trevor Torrington. in forensic services We have participated in the, NHS England NHSE Commissioning for Quality Priory Group CEO.
and Innovation CQUIN for the last three years June 2019. Quality Account 2018 19 4,Quality Statement from the Group Director. of Quality and Group Medical Director, As the leading provider of behavioural care in the UK Priory Healthcare s focus is on delivering. outstanding services for the people that we support NHS England our commissioners and. our regulators share this goal and remain rightly focused on scrutinising the performance of. providers and ensuring patient care remains our top priority At Priory Healthcare we welcome. this scrutiny and believe our track record sets us apart as one of the leading providers of mental. health services in the UK, We are delighted to provide a statement on quality We have continued our work to implement our Physical. for the 2018 19 Quality Account As Trevor says in his Healthcare Strategy which was launched in December. introduction this year has been a busy and important 2018 This year will see a focus on staff competencies. year for the Healthcare Division with a continued and assessing training needs as well as the consistent. focus on providing safe and effective services implementation of NEWS2. Our commitment to safe and effective services This year we agreed with NHSE to focus on Positive. remains our absolute priority and is borne out by the and Proactive Care by undertaking a project led by. positive results we have had when inspected by our experts by experience conducting focus groups with. regulator in England Between 1st April 2018 and 31st staff and patients in all of the forensic units This. March 2019 there were 51 CQC inspections of Priory involved 65 wards and 130 focus groups This was a. Healthcare sites and at the time of writing we had fantastic opportunity for learning where we were able. ratings for 49 of the sites inspected Of these 3 sites to gather rich intelligence from the feedback. were rated as Outstanding and 32 rated as Good we received. One site was rated as Inadequate so we took the,For 2019 20 we have another ambitious calendar of. decision to close this service The ratings that we. quality objectives with the intention of making a real. have achieved are a reflection of the hard work and. and meaningful difference to patient safety experience. commitment of our staff with everyone contributing. and improving our effectiveness across our network. in their respective roles to deliver the best possible. of mental health hospitals and clinics Key priority. patient care Our aim is to further increase our ratings. areas for 2019 20 include the development of a suicide. of Good and Outstanding and to reduce those sites, prevention strategy the establishment of a mortality.
deemed as Requiring Improvement, review group and sexual safety on our inpatient wards. In 2018 19 we had seven priorities for improvement. Finally following a review of the Divisional governance. We are really pleased that we were able to achieve. structures we are pleased to report that a new central. six of these in full We have not fully achieved our. Quality and Professional Development Department has. ambitious target of reducing medication errors, been established and will have a key role in overseeing. relating to MHA compliance to 2 0 The average, the delivery of our key quality priorities and the. medication compliance for the year was 2 3 This is. consistent delivery of high quality services, being addressed by site specific improvement plans. During 2018 we reviewed our Service Networks and,each network has refreshed their Service Network.
Operating Framework which describes their respective. clinical models We have also made good progress, with the review of our Clinical Strategy which we aim. to complete by the summer of 2019,We are very pleased to again report a 100. Dr Rick Driscoll Jane Stone, achievement of our national and local CQUIN targets. for 2018 19 as part of the national NHSE contract,Group Medical Group Director. for specialised commissioned services These have,Director of Quality and.
resulted in significant improvements such as the,Professional. development of Recovery Colleges a focus on Development. reducing restrictive practice and improving transition. of care between CAMHS services and Adult Services,Quality Account 2018 19 5. What is a Quality,A Quality Account is an annual,report that providers of NHS. Healthcare services must,publish to inform the public of. the quality of the services they,provide This is so you know.
more about our commitment,to provide you with the best. quality healthcare services It,also encourages us to focus. on and to be completely open,about service quality and. helps us develop ways to,continually improve,Quality Account 2018 19 6. Who we are and our history, Priory is the leading independent provider of behavioural care in the UK.
With the largest network of mental healthcare hospitals and clinics in the. UK we support over 10 500 people each year across a range of healthcare. locations based on Resident Funder report,Quality Account 2018 19 7. Our purpose,and behaviours,At Priory our purpose is to make a real and. lasting difference to everyone we support,The behaviours that we aspire to are. Putting people first We put the,needs of our service users above. Being supportive We support our,colleagues our service users and their.
families when they need us most,Acting with integrity We are honest. transparent and decent We treat,each other with respect. Striving for excellence For over 140,years we have been trusted by our. service users with their care We take,this trust seriously and constantly. strive to improve the services that,we provide,eing positive We see the best in.
our service users and each other,and we strive to get things done We. never give up and we learn from our,Quality Account 2018 19 8. Priorities for improvement, Summary of progress against 2018 19 Quality Performance Indicators QPIs. The Quality Account published in 2018 identified seven priorities to improve the quality of our services across the three domains of. patient safety clinical effectiveness and patient experience The information below provides a summary of our performance against. these objectives in the last 12 months, QPI Domain Priority objective Target Outcome Achievement. Patient Safety, 1 To reduce medication errors relating to MHA compliance 2 2 08 Not achieved.
Divisional, 2 Patient Safety To monitor the impact of debrief completion following 10 lower. 12 62 Achieved,Acute actual absconsions than 2016 17. Patient Safety 5 lower, 3 To monitor the impact of the self harm training 10 17 Achieved. CAMHS than 2016 17, For patients to a have their physical health care needs a 90 92 59 Achieved. 4 assessed and b to have a plan put in place to address areas of. Effectiveness,physical health need b 90 98 73 Achieved.
a 90 90 62 Achieved, 5 Monitor completion of risk assessment documentation. Effectiveness,b 90 95 88 Achieved, To ensure patients contribute to their care planning and are. 6 Patient Experience 80 88 82 Achieved, instrumental in identifying their own goals and interventions. For patients to engage in the various types of psychological. 7 Patient Experience 80 96 60 Achieved,therapies available at their hospital. Quality Account 2018 19 9, Detailed review of performance against 2018 19 QPIs.
QPI 1 QPI 3, Service line Healthcare Division Service line CAMHS. Domain Patient Safety Domain Patient Safety,Category Medication Errors Category Self harm. Objective Objective, To reduce medication errors relating to MHA compliance To monitor the impact of the self harm training. Target Target, To reduce medication errors around medication compliance to Maintain 5 reduction in the number of self harm incidents. below 2 by the end of the reporting year resulting in restraint against baseline figure from 2016 17. Measurement source Measurement source, Prescriptions involving administration errors via Ashton Audits Incident reporting system e compliance and IRIS.
Reference Reference, a NHSE Safety Priority a NICE Guidelines 133 Self Harm Longer Term. b Reducing Interruptions Reduces Medication Errors Management 2011. c Regulation 12 Safe Care and Treatment Achieved,Across the year there was a 10 17 reduction. Not achieved,Our year end position was 2 80,Service line Acute. Domain Patient Safety,Category Actual Absconsions, To monitor the impact of debrief completion following actual QPI 4. absconsions Service line Healthcare Division,Target Domain Clinical Effectiveness.
To maintain the 10 reduction achieved against baseline Category Physical Health. figures of 2016 17 in the number of repeat actual absconsions. following the absconsion pack being delivered to a patient Objective. Measurement source For all patients to have their physical health care needs assessed. Incident reporting system e compliance and IRIS and site and a plan put in place to address areas of physical health need. audits Target, Reference a At least 90 of all new admissions to have a physical. a Absconding Reducing Failure to Return in Adult Mental health care assessment as part of the admission process. Health Wards BMJ Quality Improvement Programme 2016 and by the end of quarter four. HS Wales Management and Prevention of Missing b At least 90 of those with an identified physical health. Persons 2016 care need to have a care plan put in place to address. Across the year there was a 12 62 reduction in the number Measurement source. reducing recorded prone restraint in these sites by 86 in 2018 A sexual safety working group was also launched in 2019 producing a sexual safety policy and identifying training and support needs for our frontline staff We are developing our approach to assessing sexual safety on our wards for patients through individualised risk assessments Our objective is to ensure that all patients

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