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6 Set expectations and reinforce positive behavior Prior to transitioning. between activities or setting a demand set clear expectations for success. Example When I ask you to clean up please put four toys in the box When. your child engages in behaviors that you want to see tell them or show them. Example You did a great job putting all your toys away Wow high five. Resources for Scheduling and Reinforcement, Visual Schedules Pictures and or text are helpful to be used in conjunction with. spoken language throughout the day Visual schedules will increase the likelihood of. comprehension when expectations transitioning and redirecting The use of a visual. schedule will also increase the likelihood of independence Individual will learn to. independently follow a daily schedule throughout their day At the start of the day or. activity set up what is expected to be completed for the day Can cross off items. completed trough out the day to track progress or track progress through track progress. through token board system see templates below, Transitions Signal Activity Termination Use of a timer to signal the end of a preferred. activity Also provide a verbal warning when they have approximately 1 minute left with. the preferred activity, To Show Next Activity When transitioning use pictures schedule icons to. communicate what activity is coming next,DAILY SCHEDULE. Eat breakfast make your bed get,Before 9 00 am Wake up.
dressed put PJ s in laundry,Family walk yoga if it s raining. 9 00 10 00 Morning walk While on walk count steps identify. items sing songs with fill ins,NO ELECTRONICS,Sudoku books flashcards journal. 10 00 11 00 Academic time,color by number tracing match block. Legos magnatiles drawing crafting,11 00 12 00 Creative time. make music cook or bake etc,Set table follow recipe pictures or.
12 00 pm Lunch words retrieve ingredients serve to. identified person,Wipe all kitchen tables and chairs. 12 30 Chore time door handles light switches and,desktops wipe bathroom sinks toilets. Reading puzzles listening to music,1 00 2 30 Quiet time. listen to story nap,ELECTRONICS OK, 2 30 4 00 Academic time IPad prodigy educational games. educational shows,Bike swing play outside scavenger.
4 00 5 00 Afternoon fresh air,hunt sidewalk chalk,Set table follow recipe pictures or. 5 00 6 00 Dinner words retrieve ingredients serve to. identified person,6 00 7 30 Free TV Time Kid shows x3. 7 30 8 00 Hygiene Retrieve items first next,8 00pm Bedtime All kids. All kids who followed the daily,9 00pm Bedtime,DAILY SCHEDULE. Eat breakfast make your bed,Before 9 00 am,get dressed put PJ s in laundry.
Morning walk,Family walk yoga if it s raining,While on walk count steps. 9 00 10 00,identify items sing songs with fill,Academic time. NO ELECTRONICS,Sudoku books flashcards,10 00 11 00. journal color by number tracing,match block designs. Creative time,Legos magnatiles drawing,11 00 12 00 crafting make music cook or.
Set table follow recipe pictures,12 00 pm or words retrieve ingredients. serve to identified person,Chore time,Wipe all kitchen tables and. 12 30 door handles light switches and,desktops wipe bathroom sinks. Quiet time,Reading puzzles listening to,music listen to story nap. Academic time,ELECTRONICS OK,2 30 4 00 IPad prodigy educational.
games educational shows,Afternoon fresh air,Bike swing play outside. scavenger hunt sidewalk chalk,Set table follow recipe pictures. 5 00 6 00 or words retrieve ingredients,serve to identified person. Free TV Time,6 00 7 30 Kid shows x3,7 30 800 Retrieve items first next. 8 00pm All kids,All kids who followed the daily,9 00pm Bedtime.
Can use pictures from above,First Then,Token Board. Check off progress toward completion once all checks are earned break can be. Play Activities and Naturalized Teaching Opportunities. Tasks to intersperse throughout the day, Non verbal imitation have individual mimic what you did. Motor imitation with objects have individual mimic what you did i e taking a. bite and saying yummmm, Receptive Labels i e while putting away silverware instruct individual to get the. Matching object while putting away groceries show individual an apple and. have them retrieve an apple,Sorting i e silverware laundry. Matching Colors i e while folding socks find a colored sock and asked. individual to find another, Follow a point i e ask the individual to retrieve an object that you are pointing.
Taking turns i e while playing with item take a turn whit whatever they are. playing with, Waiting i e after individual requests something have them wait prior to gaining. o Nonverbal imitation,Sd do this,Placing teapot on stove blowing hot. Putting food in pan Putting food item in refrigerator. Taking a pretend bite Pouring tea milk into cup,stirring pot with spoon drying dishes with towel. washing dishes,o Motor Imitation with objects verbal. taking a bite YUMMMMM,blowing HOT putting water on swishhhhhhhhh.
o Receptive Labels 3 D objects,Sd find show me give me. cup spoon pot plate fork towel sponge, ie apple milk chicken egg pizza bread fish hot dog. o Matching object picture,matching 3 D food item to picture of food item. Silverware vs foods,o Matching Colors,Matching green cup green plate etc. o Demonstrate function of objects,drinking from a cup.
stirring with a spoon,phone to ear,washing dishes,LEGOS BLOCKS. o Receptive Instructions Picture Following a Point to get the lego bin off. the shelf and bring to carpet, o Lego play putting legos together tower wall pulling legos apart. o Sorting by Color putting all green legos together yellow etc. o Block Imitation 6 block tower wall pen for animals. o Non verbal imitation pushing lego car, o Using everyday items in creative ways pushing block like a car train. vroooom chooo chooo,o Colored Blocks matching colors. o Copying block design with color blue block then red block. o Taking turns putting blocks on top, o Following a point student will follow a point to where to place block.
o Receptive ID of colors go get find we need,o Find same color block shape block. CARS GARAGES BUS TRAINS, o Tracking an item attending tracking the car driving or airplane flying in the. air from left to right up down etc, o Receptive ID of objects car truck airplane train bus. o Non verbal imitation car down ramp car up elevator train on track airplane. flying through the air, o Motor Imitation with Object vocal car beeeep beeeeep train choooo. chooo car down ramp weeeeee gas into car glug glug cars crashing crash. o Fill In s ready set GO chugga chugga CHOO CHOO,o Sorting cars vs trains vs airplanes cleaning up.
o Sorting by color, o Following instructor s car along car mat stopping when you stop. o Receptive Instructions stop vs go,o Matching 3 D objects picture. o Matching non identical objects cars trains airplanes bus. o FCT PECS REQUESTING,o Size Big vs Little,o Expressive labels color ID. o Counting 1 1 correspondence,SENSORY PLAY, o FCT MANDS REQUESTS eye contact tickles ball jumps etc. o Yes No to desires do you want tickles, o Travelling to initiate with instructor using eye contact to initiate restart.
o Receptive instructions clap sit down stand up come here stomp feet. o Following hand signals gestures for the above instructions. o Body parts receptive, o Fill ins for familiar phrases songs tolerating hearing others sing. Ready set Row row your boat twinkle twinkle 5 little monkeys. o Following a point by instructor on where to go where to put something. sticker game that k really enjoyed, o Glancing at a peer tracking peer pushing peer on dizzy disc rocking peer. on rocker zoom ball with a peer,o Movement Games Ring around the Rosie peer. o Ball play Rolling it to partner to peer catching and throwing. o Receptive instructions with objects blow pop get the shake. o Isolating finger to point popping bubbles, o Vocal imitation pop pop bubbles weeee dizzy disc. o Will follow instructions to do an enjoyable activity in context ie jump. on trampoline go in the ball pit, o Follow instructions to touch a reinforcing item in various places touch.
o Expressive labels body parts,o Responding to Where where do you want tickles. o Rote counting to 10 during brushing or other sensory activity counting. to 10 together,PlayDoh Putty Moon Sand, o Fine Motor Opening Playdoh container indep stabilizing with 1 hand. o Fine Motor play doh stamping isolating finger to poke play doh. o Non verbal Imitation with Objects rolling snake rolling a ball rolling with. a pin placing mold on top of playdoh, o Motor Imitation Verbal Imitation object plus sound snake ssssss. o Receptive Labels play doh molds stampers field of 3 ie dog star. o Matching Colors placing correct playdoh in corresponding bucket during. o Making a choice between to 2 objects when holding up 2 play doh molds. the student will scan and point or select the one he she wants to use. o Receptive instructions roll squeeze poke make a give me. put in clean up top on, o Drawing Writing Imitating strokes I O in play doh sand. o Matching 3 D object to Picture hide small 3 D objects to find and match. onto board of 2 D pictures start with identical move to non identical. o Following a 3 step play sequence,o Delayed imitation video model.
o More Less, o Matching Numeral to Quantity providing a number and the student. makes that number of stars hearts etc with stamper. o Counting 1 1,o Shape ID,o Expressive labels,o Receptive ID of farm animals. o Matching 3d objects animals to pictures of animals. o Sorting cows vs pigs vs ducks etc, o Vocal Imitation with Object Environmental Sounds ie moooo. Or multiple syllables Neigh Neigh,o Imitate 1 step play schemas. having the animals eat drink, putting animals in the barn having animals go to sleep.
o Receptive Instructions prepositions Put cow in out under up down on. o Imitation Having their animals follow your animal stop when you stop go. fast or slow if your animal goes fast or slow,o Sizes big vs little. o Identity of Objects yes no,Sand Table Water Table Rice Beans. o Tracking a reinforcering item in various positions. o Requesting FCT PECS for different items in table. o Imitating 1 step play schemas car driving in sand truck play dumping. scooping sand putting it in bucket, o Matching 3 D to 2 D hide small 3 D objects to find and match onto board. of 2 D pictures,o Receptive Instructions ie pour dig spin shake. o Receptive Colors spray bottles with different colored water. o Sorting beans, o Matching identical pictures ie familiar staff family photos can be inside.
o Concepts empty full wet dry,o Gross motor riding bike stair climbing. o Gross Motor Imitation jump stop clapping tip toe. o Following a point by instructor on where to go R vs L. o Receptive labels of familiar pictures objects, o Basic Communication greeting responding to greetings wave Hi. o Receptive Instructions ie walk hop jump stomp feet clap. Online Resources,Area Website App,Literacy Reading. www reading ecb org,www storylineonline net,www abcya com. www starfall com,https pobble com,www typing com,Math Funbrain.
Splash Learn,Math Playground,Kahn Academy,Social Studies https outschool com. Nat Geo Kids,Google Earth,TIME for Kids,Science https www brainpop com. https outschool com,www switcheroozoo com,www kidsnationalgeographic com. Code Academy,How Stuff Works, Language https www amyspeechlanguagetherapy com communication. boards html,https do2learn com,Basic Skills www abcmouse com redeem.
Other Great site for downloadable visuals, Resources http www victoriesnautism com behavior charts token. systems and schedules html,Learn at Home curriculum. https classroommagazines scholastic com support learnath. https www passionforsavings com free free comcast wifi. Create your own daily schedule,https www scribd com document 451792561 Daily. Schedule download from embed,Learning Packets, http www breezyspecialed com 2020 03 distance home. learning packets,and html fbclid IwAR0xhKYVAylvzthNFApAuRZFrrf0Cv.
Our students thrive off of defined expectations visual supports choice and first then language Outlining the overall day and expectations can increase independence and mastery and support the reduction of challenging behavior 2 Break down tasks and routines Help to build your child s independence with household chores daily living skills basic academic routines and game play by

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