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Cautions For REPLACE MULTI Installation Work, Flow of installation work in the field Items to be observed. Confirming the possibility of existing Please note that our Corporation is not liable to the reliability of existing piping. refrigerant piping for reuse wiring and power system for reuse in relation with the gas leak of piping partially. defective disconnection of wiring deteriorated insulation characteristic faults due. to worn out system, Confirming the possibility of existing For limitation on the refrigerant piping and applicable piping diameter check the. control wiring for reuse existing piping for reuse in accordance with the specified check sheet by refer. ring to product catalogs and this manuals for judgement to reuse. Confirming the possibility of existing If vapor condensation was found in the past check the thermal insulation. Before local installation work, power source system for reuse Any portion suffering condensation dripping check the deterioration of the insu. lation and repair the insulation materials if required. Confirming the objective range for When the copper piping is seriously deteriorated do not use parts with verdigris. replacing or black spots, For reusing the existing control wiring between the outdoor unit and remote con. troller check the wire type size or the like based on the check sheet to judge the. possibility, Even when the above does not meet the item on the check sheet existing wiring.
may be reused depending on the number of connecting indoor units and piping. length Ask us for details, For the power source system employ the voltage and number of phase meeting. the outdoor unit indoor unit and adopt the breaker capacity and wiring size based. on the power source wiring connection diagram, When the existing power source system including the power source wiring is. used check the system for deterioration and damages. Check the refrigerating machine oil used in the existing system As is found at. Recovering the refrigerant of old system the oil inspection if the refrigerating machine oil used in the existing system is. mineral oil use the ester oil sampling kit for inspection. When the length of piping for reuse is unknown additional refrigerant charge is. to be calculated based on the quantity of recovered refrigerant For this reason. you are kindly requested to recover all refrigerant inside the existing outdoor. Removing the outdoor indoor units re indoor units and extended piping to check and record the quantity The stan. mote controllers etc dard of additional refrigerant is Quantity of R22 recovered Charged quantity of. existing outdoor unit 3kg Adjust the refrigerant quantity after mineral oil re. covery operation, Installing the outdoor indoor units remote Outdoor unit. controllers etc and executing electrical Confirm the space around the outdoor unit. During local installation work, work Verifying the installation space of the oil trap kit. Setting the address checking the system Turn the power source on and confirm the normality of the system. Check the remote controller or outdoor unit for error display. Run the indoor unit for fan operation after turning the remote controller on and. check the air feeding and direction, Do not run the compressor until finishing the mineral oil recovery operation.
Executing the piping work mounting of Mount the valves to the field piping extended piping The ball valve is attached. ball valve to the outdoor unit, Air tightening and evacuating the existing Execute an airtight test to check the existing piping for deterioration or leaking. piping and charging refrigerant Calculate the quantity required by the extended piping and charge the addi. tional refrigerant Make sure to enter the value in the additional refrigerant charge. column on the label of the outdoor unit, If the refrigerant charge is insufficient enter the value also. Without applying any operation keep the ball valves of the outdoor unit closed. before mineral oil recovery operation, Enter required items in the request form of REPLACE MULTI mineral oil recovery work. Operating mineral oil recovery, It is necessary to charge refrigerant in a rated quantity and adjust the quantity. Executing test run and adjustment for, Be sure to execute when the piping length is unknown.
final verification of operation For detail consult the agent of your dealer. Safety Precautions, Before installing the unit make sure you read all the Safety precautions. The Safety precautions provide very important points regarding safety Make sure you follow. Symbols used in the text, Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent danger of injury or death to the user. Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent damage to the unit. Symbols used in the illustrations,Indicates an action that must be avoided. Indicates that important instructions must be followed. Indicates a part which must be grounded, Beware of electric shock This symbol is displayed on the. main unit label Color Yellow, Carefully read the labels affixed to the main unit.
Ask your dealer or specialized contractor for When refrigerant gas is leaked during work. installation conduct ventilation, If your own installation work is improper fire electric If refrigerant gas comes into contact with fire it may. shock or water leakage may result cause the generation of poisonous gases. Connect wiring using the specified cable and fas Please conduct correct installation work by. ten it securely to prevent the external force of observing this Installation Manual. the cable from being transferred to the terminal Improper installation work may result in water leak. connecting sections age electric shock or fire,Improper connection or fastening may cause heat. generation or fire Conduct all electrical work by a licensed en. gineer according to Technical Standard re, Conduct specified installation work durable lating to Electrical Facility Wiring Regula. against strong winds around buildings tion of Power Company and instructions in. Improper installation work can cause trouble i e the this Manual and always use an exclusive cir. unit toppling over cuit, Insufficient power source capacity or improper instal. Never attempt to repair the unit For repair lation may cause electric shock or fire. ask your dealer,When installing or moving the unit do not.
Improper repair may result in water leakage electric. shock or fire charge other than the specified refrigerant. R407C into the refrigeration cycle, Do not touch the heat exchanger fins Air if mixed generates abnormally high pressure in. side the refrigeration cycle which may damage the,Improper handling may cause cuts. Do not reconstruct or reset the protection, If the protection devices like the pressure switch or. thermal switch is forcibly operated by short circuit. ing or parts other than that specified by Mitsubishi. Electric are used fire or explosion may be caused,Before Conducting Mineral Oil Recovery Operation. Turn the power source on 12 hours or more Do not turn off the power source immediately. before starting operation after stopping, Otherwise trouble may be caused Do not turn the Be sure to wait for 5 minutes or more Otherwise.
power off during the operating season water leakage or troubles may be caused. Do not operate the unit without the panels or Do not touch the refrigerant piping during. guard operation or immediately after stopping with. Touching the rotating parts high temperature parts bare hands. or high voltage may cause personal injury such as The refrigerant piping or the refrigerant circuit parts. burns or electric shock of the compressor during operation or immediately. after stopping may have low or high temperature, Do not operate switches with wet fingers Touching with bare hands may cause a burn or frost. Electric shock may be caused, Do not run the outdoor unit during a test run until. finishing the mineral oil recovery operation,The indoor unit fan will run. Caution to Mineral Oil Recovery Operation, Be sufficiently careful to avoid the oil trap Be careful not to expose the oil trap kit unit. kit falling or toppling over especially electrical parts to rain water. If this happens the oil trap kit may be damaged and The electrical parts if wet with rain water may cause. refrigerant piping may malfunction machine trouble. Falling down during flushing operation causes the The electrical parts if wet with rain water may cause. leak of refrigerant from the joint which is dangerous electrical shock. if contacts it human body,Conduct oil recovery from the oil recovery ser.
After flushing operation check the residual pres vice valve outdoor or at a place with good ventila. sure inside the oil trap kit with a pressure gauge tion Use leather gloves when opening the oil re. If the residual pressure is exceeding 0 294MPa covery service valve and open it slowly. recover refrigerant inside the oil trap kit to reduce If done in a closed space suffocation can be caused. the pressure to within 0 2 0 294MPa Opening the oil recovery service valve fully and. Under high inner pressure pressure rises during quickly allows oil to splash which is dangerous. storing inducing a dangerous situation As the oil recovered is of low temperature frostbite. Under low inner pressure water content or foreign may be caused if it touches skin. matter enters during storing causing corrosion to,the oil trap kit which may cause troubles. When the oil trap kit is transported while ly For inspection use the ester oil sampling kit. ing sideways do not place any thing on the when the refrigerating machine oil used in the. sheet metal of the kit existing unit is mineral oil. Otherwise the sheet metal or inner piping may be Confirm the type of refrigerating machine oil used in the. deformed leading to breakage existing unit by reading the name plate or the like. Proper checking can not be executed if not using the. Before removing the oil trap kit after flush kit meeting the refrigerating machine oil used by the. ing operation make sure to discharge and existing unit This possibly causes machine trouble. process the oil recovered from the oil recov,ery service valve. If it is not discharged the oil accumulated inside will. flow out during flushing operation hindering proper. recovery of mineral oil thus leading to machine, Precautions for Devices that Use R407C Refrigerant. Use refrigerant piping made of phosphorus Use a vacuum pump with reverse flow pro. deoxidized copper and copper alloy seam tection, less pipes and tubes In addition be sure Otherwise the vacuum pump oil will reversely flow. that the inner and outer surfaces of the pipes into the refrigerant circuit causing the possible dete. are clean and free of hazardous sulphur ox rioration of the refrigerating machine. ides dust dirt shaving particles moisture, or any other contaminant Do not use the following tools used for con.
Contaminants on the inside of the refrigerant piping ventional refrigerant. may cause the refrigerating machine oil to deterio Gauge manifold Charging hose Gas leak. rate detector Reverse flow protector Cap for re,frigerant charge Refrigerant recovery de. Store the piping to be used during installa vice, tion indoors and keep both ends of the pip Mixing of conventional refrigerant refrigerating ma. ing sealed until just before brazing Store chine oil may cause to deteriorate the refrigerating. elbows and other joints in a plastic bag machine oil. If dust dirt or water enters the refrigerant cycle Mixing with water may cause deterioration of the re. deterioration of the oil and compressor trouble may result frigerating machine oil. As this refrigerant does not contain chloride the gas. leak detector for conventional refrigerant gas can not. Use ester oil ether oil or alkylbenzene small be used. amount as the refrigerating machine oil to, coat flares and flange connections Do not use a charging cylinder. The refrigerating machine oil will degrade if it is mixed Use of a charging cylinder changes the composition. with a large amount of mineral oil of refrigerant resulting in possible performance de. terioration,Use liquid refrigerant to seal the system. If gas refrigerant is used to seal the system the com More careful management is required for the. position of the refrigerant in the cylinder will change tools than that for the conventional. and performance may drop, Dust trash or water content if mixed into the refrig.
Do not use other refrigerant other than R407C erant circuit may cause to deteriorate the refrigerat. ing machine oil,Use of other refrigerants R22 for example may de. teriorate refrigerating machine oil due to chlorine. generation,Caution to Equipment Used for Replacing. Do not operate the valve before conducting Record the quantity of refrigerant replenished. mineral oil recovery operation Enter into the column for replenished refrigerant. Operating valves before conducting mineral oil recov quantity on the label of the indoor unit. ery operation may cause a deterioration in the perfor Missing the description may deteriorate the perfor. mance of mineral oil recovery mance of mineral oil recovery. Malfunction or poor cooling heating may also be,For mineral oil recovery operation the sys caused. tem controller and MA remote controller may, be required to be remove sometimes During the mineral oil recovery operation an. HEAD OFFICE MITSUBISHI DENKI BLDG 2 2 3 MARUNOUCHI CHIYODA KU TOKYO 100 8310 JAPAN Issued in April 2004 MEE03K197 Printed in Japan New publication effective April 2004 Specifications subject to change without notice This product is designed and intended for use in the residential commer cial and light industrial environment

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