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The Urquelle,unique in Austria,10 million litres 25 x 15m Urquellbecken. of thermal spa water thermal spa pool,healing springs. Oasis of well being water temperature,WA R M B A D AT. Welcome to,the spa centre at the,Warmbad thermal spa. M T H E R ME,COMPETENT MEDICAL SUPPORT, You are the focus of all our endeavours Our doctors R U HEALTH AND PREVENTION.
Prevention can have various purposes to,K U R Z E NT. physiotherapists and medical masseurs take prevent pain promote mobility and relieve. your concerns very seriously They are on hand stresses on the cardiovascular system With us. to provide support and advice as competent you can benefit from preventive treatments. contacts The wide range of offers available such as massages healing baths and much. at the Warmbad Villach Spa Centre ranges more without a prescription As part of the. from prevention and relaxation to medically VIBE therapy we try to offer you maximum. prescribed treatments and applications flexibility in terms of appointment times. relating to the musculoskeletal system and choice of individual physiotherapist. The focus is always on your health,KEEP MOVING, Disorders and pain in the spine knee hip and CENTURIES OF HEALING. shoulder are common problems Our aim is to The Urquellbecken thermal spa pool is the heart. follow the directions issued by your doctor and pair of the spa centre The mineral rich water cures. this with your own specific personal needs We offer and revitalises and is used in therapies thanks to. a comprehensive range of high quality treatments its soothing and anti inflammatory properties. OPENING HOURS,Thermal spa pools open from 8 00 20 00. Saturdays Sundays public holidays 8 00 17 00,Last admission 19 00 Last admission 16 00. The Urquellbecken is closed during maintenance work. WA R M B A D AT,Float directly above,the thermal spring.
Even the Romans knew the thermal spa waters of Warmbad are particularly POOL BUILT ABOVE THE THERMAL SPRING SINGLE SESSION BOOK OF 10. beneficial to people with mobility disorders Since then the spring waters of. Warmbad have been used to heal and soothe a range of complaints These Daily admission adults 14 00 123 00. are acratic springs calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate springs with a Daily admission children aged 6 and over 7 00. source temperature of 29 9 C These special acratic thermal baths are among Cubicle 2 00. the oldest balneological treatments and act as a fountain of youth Their. pain relieving anti inflammatory and soothing effect in cases of diseases and Annual ticket 493 00. damage to the locomotor system have been recognised for centuries Six month ticket 298 00. 120 litres of thermal spa water with an average temperature of 29 C gush to the One hour ticket 8 00. surface every second a total of 10 million litres of thermal spa water per day TEPIDARIUM. Swim directly above the spring in pure thermal spa water unique in Europe. Daily admission adults 13 00 118 00,Annual ticket 472 00. Six month ticket 288 00,COMBINATION PASS URQUELLE TEPIDARIUM. THE URQUELLE Daily admission adults 21 00 185 00,UNIQUE IN AUSTRIA. Annual ticket 760 00,Float directly above the thermal spring in. the natural thermal spa water Six month ticket 462 00. Adult annual ticket,WA R M B A D AT,All for the benefit.
of your health, Complete healing Breuss Massage with Connective tissue massage Cupping glass massage. massage for women St John s Wort oil Normalises any tension in the A very efficient massage method. The complete healing massage for Relaxes the muscles and helps to tissues improves localised blood for boosting and stimulating. women can be performed on its own relieve physical and mental tension flow stimulates the internal organs the body s own powers of self. or as part of a medical treatment The BREUSS massage is a gentle and optimises the functions of healing This improves blood. in cases such as endometriosis and energising relaxation and back the muscles and nerves flow activates the meridians and. incontinence menopause digestive massage using St John s Wort oil breaks down any blockages. complaints insomnia depression,migraine stress and pregnancy Reflexology massage. Acupuncture Massage By applying pressure to certain points Lymph drainage body or face. A massage technique in which on the foot a positive impact on the The lymphatic system is activated. QChiLine the energy channels and energy internal organs is achieved and the using gentle manual techniques. Uniquely relaxing and soothing centres of the body are stimulated body s vegetative balance is stabilised primarily on the body surface Any. Special massage techniques This technique is preceded by a lymph blockages are broken down. are applied to the meridians precise definition of the energy and channelled towards a less. to eliminate interference and status so that any disruption to the blocked area A detoxifying massage. harmonise and improve energy flow energy flow can be identified beneficial in cases of migraine. es are als o,Ou r ma ss ag,avail ab le as,Requires a medical prescription. WA R M B A D AT,Treatments without a medical prescription. MASSAGES SINGLE SESSION BOOK OF 10,Healing massage part body 17 mins 26 00 231 00.
Healing massage full body 36 mins 48 00 434 00,Complete healing massage for women 55 mins 77 00. QChi Line 55 mins 77 00,Breuss massage 36 mins 49 00. Acupuncture massage 36 mins 48 00,Connective tissue massage 36 mins 48 00. Reflexology massage 36 mins 48 00,Cupping glass massage 17 mins 30 00. HydroJet underwater massage 17 mins 21 00,INHALATION TREATMENTS PACKS.
NaCl salt 15 mins 15 00 139 00,Cool curd pack 15 mins 17 00 157 00. Cryotherapy 10 mins 10 00,RELAXATION PACKAGE FOR THE BODY MIND SOUL. FEEL GOOD DAY FOR HER OR HIM BENEFICIAL FOR THE BODY SINGLE SESSION BOOK OF 10. Su rp ris e a lov, 1 relaxing massage 36 mins with a fe el go uc he r Preventive personal training 55 mins 75 00. Admission to the Urquellbecken in th e fo rm of,Bioimpedance measurement 30 mins 32 00. Thermal spa pool Tepidarium, 1 pedicure or 1 pH balanced bath Bio feedback 30 mins 43 00.
1 x fruit or vegetable cocktail, Nutritional consultation with dietician 30 mins 43 00. Package price per person 73 00,Solarium tokens 11 00 101 00. Manicure without varnish 27 00,Pedicure without varnish 36 00. Relaxing group therapy from 3 participants 50 mins 17 00. FOR THE BODY MIND SOUL, Individual psychotherapy consultation 50 mins 103 00. Individual Qigong session 50 mins 73 00, Group Qigong session from 3 participants 50 mins 17 00.
All times stated in minutes relate to the actual treatment time. WA R M B A D AT,Treatments requiring,a medical prescription. Medical examinations must be booked by telephone in advance. To book an appointment call 43 4242 3001 1291, PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS SINGLE SESSION BOOK OF 10 BATHS SINGLE SESSION BOOK OF 10. Physical examination by a specialist orthopaedics 103 00 Thermal tub bath 20 mins 13 00. Physical examination by a doctor 61 00 Hay flower moor or whey essence baths 20 mins 18 00. PHYSIOTHERAPY Air bubbles sulphur or carbonic acid bath 20 mins 18 00. Individual physiotherapy 25 mins 44 00 397 00 MEDICAL PACKS. Group physiotherapy 25 mins 17 00 157 00 Parafango 15 mins 26 00 231 00. Special exercises neurophysiological exercises 55 mins 82 00 Paraffin 15 mins 22 00. MASSAGES Hydro electric bath 26 00, Lymph drainage 36 mins 48 00 434 00 ELECTROTHERAPY. HYDROTHERAPY Interferential current 21 00, Thermal underwater massage 15 mins 32 00 Soft laser 21 00. Individual underwater exercises 25 mins 48 00 Galvanisation 21 00. Group underwater exercises 25 mins 22 00 Threshold and exponential current 21 00. Ultra sound 21 00,Iontophoresis 21 00, All times stated in minutes relate to the actual treatment time.
WA R M B A D AT,Institute for densitometry,and osteoporosis. At the SKA outpatient department for orthopaedics in Warmbad Villach. What is osteoporosis bone atrophy, In cases of osteoporosis the number of trabeculae inside the bones spongiosa and Dr Andrea Rainer. the interconnections between them is reduced The outer layer of bone corticalis is Specialist for Physical Medicine. and Medical Director, also often thinner than with healthy bone Osteoporosis patients therefore have an VIBE PRIVATE THERAPY. increased risk of fracturing a bone if they suffer a fall or lift or carry anything heavy. Osteoporosis assessment and advice in Warmbad,Find out more. all under one roof an overview of our services,Consultation Cost Information.
Consultation with our doctors,Wednesdays 13 00 15 00. Osteoporosis screening, Bone density measurement using DEXA Please arrange an appointment by phone. X ray examination Tel 43 4242 3006 6162, Information about nutrition and exercise You can apply for a partial reimbursement. Therapy and treatment suggestions of costs to your health insurance. INSTITUTE FOR OSTEOPOROSIS,at the Sonderkrankenanstalt f r Orthop die. DEXA bone density measurement method Kumpfallee 91. Bone density is measured using Double Energy X ray Absorption technology 9504 Warmbad Villach. DEXA on the lumbar spine and neck of the femur This method of investigation. only takes a few minutes www med warmbad at,WA R M B A D AT.
www warmbad at,Kadischenallee 26,an al ticke,SPA CENTRE. www med warmbad at,F 43 0 4242 3001 1552,T 43 0 4242 3001 1588. A COMPANY AS PART OF THE,T 43 0 4242 3001 1273 or,9504 Warmbad Villach Austria. termin kurzentrum warmbad at, Specialist in Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery. THERMAL HEILBAD WARMBAD VILLACH GMBH CO KG, Medical Director Prim Univ Doz Dr Johannes Kirchheimer.
TERMS OF CANCELLATION, Due to high demand appointments need to be booked in advance To enjoy your treatment to the full we recommend arriving 5 minutes before the appointment time. Appointments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the treatment otherwise the full amount of the treatment will unfortunately be charged. Vibe 2000 According to the resolution AKLR GZ 14 Ges 1156 1 98 certified therapy centre Legal entity ThermenResort Warmbad Villach Holding GmbH Kadischenallee 22 24 9504 Warmbad Villach. Updated in 11 2019 Subject to change Photos ThermenResort Warmbad Villach Region Villach Tourismus Stefan Leitner Adrian Hipp stock adobe com Getty Shutterstock. Specialist in Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery 9504 Warmbad Villach Austria Kadischenallee 26 T 43 0 4242 3001 1273 or T 43 0 4242 3001 1588 F 43 0 4242 3001 1552 termin kurzentrum warmbad at www med warmbad at www warmbad at IP 3 s A COMPANY AS PART OF THE

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