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International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. a linear alternator is used The main aim is to move and drive the rotor by. any method and techniques to produce power, Alternators generate electricity using the same principle as DC. generators namely when the magnetic field around a conductor changes a. current is induced in the conductor Typically a rotating magnet called. the rotor turns within a stationary set of conductors wound in coils on an iron. core called the stator The field cuts across the conductors generating an. induced EMF electromotive force as the mechanical input causes the rotor. to turn The rotating magnetic field induces an AC voltage in the stator. windings Often there are three sets of stator windings physically offset so. that the rotating magnetic field produces a three phase current displaced by. one third of a period with respect to each other, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. FUEL AND INPUT FOR POWER GENERATION, Petrol Diesel HFO Uranium Coal Air Earth Heat Sea Water. Waves Water Solar Sunlight Natural Gas Biogas etc,KEY POINT TO SELECT A RIGHT METHOD OF POWER. GENERATION, You have to select that method of power generation when fuel and.
input will be local and not imported That method will be cheap and. excellence but based on your requirement of power and quality of power for. industrial and domestic utilization Solar power and wind power is not. suitable for heavy load equipment and machinery All methods have their. own characteristics quality and quantity merits Demerits fuel reliability. continuous availability economical and utilization The coal method is. used maximum in the world for producing electricity in this time. MOST IMPORT AND RELIABLY METHODS, These are very important quality high quantity economical. industrial power insensitivity for heavy load and suitable methods of power. generation i e Hydro power Coal Power Nuclear Thermal Power which. are depend upon of the characteristic economy and natural resources of. every country Hydro and Coal power is very suitable reliable and. economical for Pakistan China India etc but worse for Saudi Arabia and. Middle East etc Whenever thermal power method is very economical. suitable and reliable for Saudi Arabia Iran and Middle East etc but worse for. Pakistan India and China etc, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. WORLD POWER GENERATION MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT, BRAND FG Wilson AKSA Turkey Listterpetter uk Cummins. UK VISA Italy Ottomotor Mexico GE USA GE Jenbacher Gas Austria. Siemens Germany Caterpillar Waukesha Wartsila Weichai Sida. Dongfong China Mitsubishi Japan Jinko Solar Hitachi Toshiba Man. Duetz Germany Toshiba Japan etc, I C Engine Weichai Cummins John Deere Perkins Volvo. Listerpitter Chinese Yuchai Sida MAN Duetz etc,Alternator Stamford Leroy Somer MECC Sincro etc.
Factors Consider Economically Quantity quality fuel 365. application Capital investment etc,POPULAR WORLD POWER GENERATION FUEL METHODS. METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OF POWER GENERATION, There are different methods and techniques to generate the power and. Electricity in the world with help of machinery and equipment as below. 1 COAL POWER GENERATION, Steam coal also known as thermal coal is used in power stations to. generate electricity Coal is first milled to a fine powder which increases the. surface area and allows it to burn more quickly In these pulverized coal. combustion PCC systems the powdered coal is blown into the combustion. chamber of a boiler where it is burnt at high temperature see diagram. below The hot gases and heat energy produced converts water in tubes. lining the boiler into steam, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. Coal plays a vital role in electricity generation worldwide Coal fired. power plants currently fuel 41 of global electricity In some countries coal. fuels a higher percentage of electricity,Coal in Electricity Generation.
South Africa 93 Poland 87 PR China 79,Australia 78 Kazakhstan 75 India 68. Israel 58 Czech Rep 51 Morocco 51,Greece 54 USA 45 Germany 41. 2 THERMAL POWER GENERATIONS, Small electricity generators are often powered by reciprocating. engines burning diesel biogas or natural gas Diesel engines are often used. for back up generation usually at low voltages However most large power. grids also use diesel generators originally provided as emergency back up. for a specific facility such as a hospital to feed power into the grid during. certain circumstances Biogas is often combusted where it is produced such. as a landfill or wastewater treatment plant with a reciprocating engine or a. micro turbine which is a GE Gas turbine and CAT IE Engine as below. International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. 3 NUCLEAR POWER GENERATION, A nuclear reactor produces and controls the release of energy from. splitting the atoms of uranium Uranium fuelled nuclear power is a clean. and efficient way of boiling water to make steam which drives turbine. generators Except for the reactor itself a nuclear power station works like. most coal or gas fired power stations,Diagram of Pressurized Water Reactor.
PWRs and BWRs, The main design is the pressurized water reactor PWR which has. water in its primary cooling heat transfer circuit and generates steam in a. secondary circuit The less popular boiling water reactor BWR makes. steam in the primary circuit above the reactor core though it is still under. considerable pressure Both types use water as both coolant and moderator. to slow neutrons, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. 4 HYDRO POWER GENERATION, Hydro power is generated by using electricity generators to extract. energy from moving water Historically people used the power of rivers for. agriculture and wheat grinding Today rivers and streams are re directed. through hydro generators to produce energy although there are pros and. cons as far as local ecosystems are concerned and diagram as below. The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam that spans the Yangtze. River by the town of Sandouping located in Yiling, District Yichang Hubeiprovince China The Three Gorges Dam is the. world s largest power station in terms of installed capacity 22 500 MW In. 2012 the amount of electricity the dam generated was similar to the amount. generated by the Itaipu Dam,5 GEOTHERMAL POWER GENERATION.
Geothermal energy is created by harnessing geothermal energy from. the earth Contrary to popular belief geothermal energy is not technically a. renewable energy source There is widespread debate as to its effectiveness. for electricity generation or heating The articles on this page explore. geothermal energy technology, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. 6 BATTERY POWER GENERATION, Batteries store electricity in a chemical form inside a closed energy. system They can be re charged and re used as a power source in small. appliances machinery and remote locations Advances in battery. technology may one day help to solve our energy crisis The submarine. and car are using battery power for operational this type A submarine. consists and use 24 cell for their operation in the sea and these cell are. chargeable through diesel generator,7 WIND POWER GENERATION. Wind power is produced by using wind generators to harness the. kinetic energy of wind It is gaining worldwide popularity as a large scale. energy source although it still only provides less than one percent of global. energy consumption, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. Wind turbines are used to generate electricity from the kinetic power of. the wind Historical they were more frequently used as a mechanical device. to turn machinery There are two main kinds of wind generators those with a. vertical axis and those with a horizontal axis Wind turbines can be used to. generate large amounts of electricity in wind farms both onshore and. offshore The articles on this page are about wind turbines. 8 WAVES POWER GENERATION, Wave energy is produced when electricity generators are placed on.
the surface of the ocean The energy provided is most often used in. desalination plants power plants and water pumps Energy output is. determined by wave height wave speed wavelength and water density To. date there are only a handful of experimental wave generator plants in. operation around the world The articles on this page explore the world of. wave energy and its possible applications, Wave power is the transport of energy by ocean surface waves and. the capture of that energy to do useful work for example electricity. generation water desalination or the pumping of water into reservoirs. Machinery able to exploit wave power is generally known as a wave energy. converter WEC,9 WASTE WATER BIO GAS POWER, The consumption habits of modern consumer lifestyles are causing a. huge worldwide waste problem Having overfilled local landfill capacities. many first world nations are now exporting their refuse to third world. countries This is having a devastating impact on ecosystems and cultures. throughout the world Some alternative energy companies are developing. new ways to recycle waste by generating electricity from landfill waste and. International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. Note Wastage Water Hydro Dam can be make in the metropolitan and big city We can. study the total wastage water of big city per day and design the continuous wastage water. available Hydro Dam, The Bio Gas of city wastage can also be used to produce the. electricity at big level through Gas Generator I E Engine Gas turbine. 10 TIDAL POWER GENERATION, Tidal energy is produced through the use of tidal energy generators. These large underwater turbines are placed in areas with high tidal. movements and are designed to capture the kinetic motion of the ebbing. and surging of ocean tides in order to produce electricity Tidal power has. great potential for future power and electricity generation because of the. massive size of the oceans, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1.
11 SOLAR POWER GENERATION, Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into. electricity This is done by using solar panels which are large flat panels. made up of many individual solar cells It is most often used in remote. locations although it is becoming more popular in urban areas as well. 12 COMBINE CYCLE POWER PLANT GENERATION, In electric power generation a combined cycle is an assembly of heat. engines that work in tandem from the same source of heat converting it into. mechanical energy which in turn usually drives electrical generators The. principle is that the working fluid of the first heat engine is after completing. its cycle in the first engine still low enough in its Entropy that a second. subsequent heat engine may extract energy from the waste heat energy of. the working fluid of the first engine, International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. Working principle of a combined cycle power plant Legend 1 Electric generators 2. Steam turbine 3 Condenser 4 Pump 5 Boiler heat exchanger 6 Gas turbine. A gas turbine compresses air and mixes it with fuel The fuel is. burned and the resultant hot air fuel mixture is expanded through turbine. blades making them spin about a shaft The spinning turbine drives a. generator that converts the spinning energy into electricity. Fuel is burned in a combustor, The resulting energy in the gas turbine turns the generator drive shaft. Exhaust heat from the gas turbine is sent to a heat recovery steam. generator HRSG, The HRSG creates steam using the gas turbine exhaust heat and delivers.
it to the steam turbine, The steam turbine delivers additional energy to the generator drive shaft. The generator converts the energy into electricity. International Technical Sciences Journal ITSJ June 2014 edition Vol 1 No 1. Economics of Power Generation and Production Of Electricity. The world energy economy has the largest influence on the decisions. that people and governments make Current global consumption rates are. depleting the planets ability to sustain our way of life Increased demand. means increased prices in every sector of the world economy. The selection of electricity production modes and their economic viability. varies in accordance with demand and region Hydroelectric plants nuclear. power plants thermal power plants and renewable sources have their own. pros and cons and selection is based upon the local power requirement and. the fluctuations in demand, Nuclear coal oil and gas plants can supply base load with the low. carbon option being nuclear Thermal energy is economical in areas of high. industrial density as the high demand cannot be met by renewable sources. Nuclear power plants can produce a huge amount of power from a single. unit However recent disasters in Japan have raised concerns over the safety. of nuclear power and the capital cost of nuclear plants is very high. Hydroelectric power plants are located in areas where the potential energy. from flowing water can be harnessed for moving turbines and the generation. POWER GENERATION METHODS TECHNIQUES AND ECONOMICAL STRATEGY Engr Mansoor ul Hassan Suadi Arabia Pakistan Abstract The world is facing problems of power Generation shortage operational cost and high demand in these days The main aim of this article is to know power generation methods techniques and economical strategy which methods are suitable for indiviual country on the base its own

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