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Position Description, Ability to read write and understand the English language with proper spelling and grammar to. communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to make decisions in the best interest of both the patron and the city. Ability to work under pressure and maintain steady communication. Ability to make rational decisions efficiently during variable and sometime stressful conditions. including the ability to calmly interact with the public and other City personnel. Ability to respond to emergencies changes and directives effectively. Standard office procedures systems and practices including the use of a computer and computer. Ability to work non traditional hours including evenings weekends and holidays. Must have adequate environmental tolerance including the ability to work in high temperatures. and confining work spaces,Education Training and Certification Requirements. Must be 18 years of age or older, A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent and one 1 year of college or equivalent. experience required, Must have a minimum of one 1 year experience as Assistant Swim Coach or equivalent. Competitive swimming or equivalent experience required. Must possess a valid driver s license and acceptable driving record per the City s drivers Use of. Vehicles for City Business policy throughout employment with the City. Post Offer Testing On Going Standards,Post Offer On Going.
Aptitude Assessment Skills Testing,Background Investigation X. Credit Report Review,Drug Screening Breath Alcohol Testing X. Medical Evaluation Essential Functions,Motor Vehicle Records Search X X. Polygraph Examination,Psychological Evaluation,General Aptitudes and Physical Requirements. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that we identify the general aptitudes and physical. requirements needed to perform the position listed above Individuals in this position must be able to. perform all essential functions unaided or with reasonable accommodation. I Mental Abilities, General learning ability The ability to catch on or understand instructions and underlying.
principles,Position Description,Ability to understand and follow oral instruction. Ability to understand and follow written instruction. Ability to guide and or give instructions, Ability to make decisions in accordance with established procedures and policies. Not essential to job function,II Verbal Abilities, Ability to understand meanings of words and ideas associated with them to use them effectively. To comprehend language to understand relationships between words and to understand meanings. of whole sentences and paragraphs To present information or ideas clearly. a Speaking Talking,Answering telephone radio or switchboard. Communicating with City officials,Communicating with general public.
Communicating with vendors, Communicating with supervisors and or with other employees. Communicating with others in departmental operations. Not essential to job function,b Hearing Listening, For communication with City officials public vendors supervisors and or other. Not essential to job function,c Reading ability to read and understand text. Essential to job function,Not essential to job function. III Numerical, Ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately.
Ability to perform accurate two digit calculations. Ability to perform accurate calculations aided by a calculator adding machine or. measurement device,Not essential to job function,Position Description. IV Spatial Abilities, Ability to comprehend forms in space and understand relationships of plan and solid objects May. be used in such tasks as blue print reading and in solving geometry problems Frequently. described as the ability to visualize objects of two or three dimensions or to think visually of. geometric forms,Essential to job function,Not essential to job function. V Motor Coordination, Ability to coordinate eyes and hands or fingers rapidly and accurately in making precise. movements with speed Ability to make a movement response accurately and quickly. a Manual Dexterity, Ability to move the hands easily and skillfully To work with the hands in placing and turning.
Use a telephone,Use switchboard,Use radio console,Use a calculator. Use a copy machine,Manipulate computer keyboard and mouse. Use a postage machine,Use hand tools,Use power tools. Not essential to job function,b Finger Dexterity, Ability to move the fingers and manipulate small objects with the fingers rapidly or accurately. For example electrical wiring,Essential to job function.
Not essential to job function,Position Description. VI Physical Demands,a Strength, The quality state or property of being strong The power to withstand strain force or stress. Ability to manipulate materials and or equipment lbs Frequency. 5 15 15 25 25 35 35 45 45 50 50 Occasionally Frequently Continuously. Push Pull X X,Hold Carry X X,b Climbing, To move up or mount by using the hands and or feet. Essential to job function,Not essential to job function. c Ability to Stand Sit Walk and Run,Duration hours day Frequency.
0 1 1 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9 Occasionally Frequently Continuously. d Stooping Kneeling Crouching and or Crawling,Daily Amounts. 0 5x 5 20x 20 50x 50 x,Not essential to job function. e Reaching Handling Fingering and or Feeling,Daily Amounts. 0 5x 5 20x 20 50x 50 x,Not essential to job function. To perceive or comprehend by the sense of sight,Peripheral vision.
Night vision,Focus distinctness or clarity,Position Description. Color perception discriminate between colors, Depth perception discriminate distance relationship between objects. VII Driving,The ability to transfer or convoy in a vehicle. Transmission Standard Automatic Multi Gears,Small Truck. Medium Truck,Large Truck,Truck w Equipment,Heavy Bus Equipment.
Salary Range 15 00 hour Last Modified 10262018 Summary Objective The Head Swim Coach is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the recreational swim team program and coordinates meets and events in conjunction with the Leawood Lighting Parent Board and City Staff This position is responsible for the coordination of swim practices and meets along with the safety of the

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