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recognize the importance of ideas to politics institutions values. strengthen critical and independent thinking capacities. refine skills related to the evaluation of empirical evidence derived from literature. produced in the discipline, lay the foundations which will prepare students for more advanced courses in political. Knowledge Skills Acquisition and Application Objectives. At the end of this course students will be expected to be capable of competently. recognizing describing and critiquing the foundations of Western political thought. recognizing foundational ideas when presented and confronted within political discourse. recognizing describing and operationalizing key concepts in the field of political. structure a logical methodical analytical oral argument and research paper related to the. discipline,communicate effectively in written and oral form. Dalhousie Grading Scheme, A 90 100 Excellent Considerable evidence of original thinking demonstrated outstanding. capacity to analyze and synthesize outstanding grasp of subject matter. evidence of extensive knowledge base, B 77 79 Good Evidence of grasp of subject matter some evidence of critical capacity and. analytical ability reasonable understanding of relevant issues evidence of. familiarity with the literature, C 65 69 Satisfactory Evidence of some understanding of the subject matter ability to develop.
solutions to simple problems benefitting from his her university experience. D 50 54 Marginal Pass Evidence of minimally acceptable familiarity with subject matter critical and. analytical skills except in programs where a minimum grade of C is. F 0 49 Inadequate Insufficient evidence of understanding of the subject matter weakness in. critical and analytical skills limited or irrelevant use of the literature. Rules and Policy Regarding Cell Phone and Computer Etiquette. 1 The use of cellular phones or any other electronic gadgetry is not permitted during class. neither are recording devices of ANY kind During regular classes phones must be stored. away and all ringers must be switched to vibrate If a call constitutes an emergency. students are asked to exit the classroom and make or take the call quietly in the hallway. without disturbing others Students will be allowed to re enter the classroom once the. communication is completed, 2 During exams and quizzes all phones computers and all other electronic gadgets must. be turned off and stored away, 3 Use of laptops for taking notes during lectures is permitted however should complaints. arise regarding inappropriate or distracting web browsing during class the use of laptops. will be restricted Use them wisely, 4 Phone calls texts Snap Chat You Tube Facebook Twitter and ALL other forms of. social media usage are NOT permitted inside the classroom. Statement on Academic Integrity Source Dalhousie University. At Dalhousie University we are guided in all of our work by the values of academic integrity. honesty trust fairness responsibility and respect The Center for Academic Integrity Duke. University 1999 As a student you are required to demonstrate these values in all of the work. you do The University provides policies and procedures that every member of the university. community is required to follow to ensure academic integrity. What does academic integrity mean, At university we advance knowledge by building on the work of other people Academic. integrity means that we are honest and accurate in creating and communicating all academic. products Acknowledgement of other people s work must be done in a way that does not leave. the reader in any doubt as to whose work it is Academic integrity means trustworthy conduct. such as not cheating on examinations and not misrepresenting information It is the student s. responsibility to seek assistance to ensure that these standards are met. How can you achieve academic integrity, T he following are some ways that you can achieve academic integrity.
Make sure you understand Dalhousie s policies on academic integrity. http academicintegrity dal ca Policies, Do not cheat in examinations or write an exam or test for someone else. Be sure not to plagiarize intentionally or unintentionally. Clearly indicate the sources used in your written or oral work This includes ideas. figures of speech graphical representations diagrams videos and images. Do not use the work of another from the Internet or any other source and submit it as. When you use the ideas of other people paraphrasing make sure to acknowledge the. Do not submit work that has been completed previously and submitted for another. assignment,Where can you turn for help, If you are ever unsure about any aspect of your academic work contact me or the TA also. Academic Integrity website http academicintegrity dal ca. Writing Centre, http www dal ca campus life student services academic support writing and study. skills html, What will happen if an allegation of an academic offence is made against you. I am required to report every suspected offence If you are found guilty of an offence a penalty. will be assigned ranging from a warning to failure of the assignment or failure of the class to. expulsion from the University Penalties may also include a notation on your transcript that. indicates that you have committed an academic offence. All students in this class are to read and understand the policies on academic integrity and. plagiarism referenced in the Policies and Student Resources sections of the. academicintegrity dal ca website Ignorance of such policies is no excuse for violations. Plagiarism therefore is considered a serious academic offence No excuse is acceptable for. plagiarism and NO AMOUNT OF PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED AND THUS WILL. BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY For more information see, http www dal ca dept university secretariat academic integrity html.
Requests for Student Accommodation Source Dalhousie University. Students may request accommodation as a result of barriers experienced related to disability. religious obligation or any characteristic protected under Canadian human rights legislation. Students who require academic accommodation for either classroom participation or the. writing of tests and exams should make their request to the Advising and Access Services. Center AASC prior to or at the outset of the regular academic year Please. visit www dal ca access for more information and to obtain the Request for Accommodation. A note taker may be required as part of a student s accommodation There is an honorarium of. 75 course term with some exceptions If you are interested please contact AASC at 902. 494 2836 for more information or send an email to notetaking dal ca. Please note that your classroom may contain specialized accessible furniture and equipment It. is important that these items remain in the classroom untouched so that students who require. their usage will be able to fully participate in the class. No alternative dates for quizzes exams due dates will be set except for serious medical. conditions,No assignments will be given for extra credit. Be advised that lectures will cover large portions of material that will not be posted on. BrightSpace, DO NOT book any travel before the exam schedules are known. Familiarize yourself with course Drop Dates These can be found here. http www dal ca academics important dates html,07 Introduction and Expectations. 09 14 Toward 1651 do ideas Matter Why do they endure. TA intro and contact information if available, Readings Cahn pp 1087 1091 Pericles Funeral Oration. pp 1109 1113 John Dewey,Readings B K pp 1 9 pp 25 27 pp 100 108 111 112.
16 21 The Renaissance Niccol Machiavelli and beyond. Readings Cahn 268 272,The Prince Chps I III V VIII XV XVIII XXV. Discourses pp 296 2 298 9 302 B2 306 8 307,Readings B K pp 163 168 177 184. 23 28 30 The Enlightenment Thomas Hobbes,Readings Cahn 309 311. Chap Intro Chps 17 18 19 21 29,Readings B K pp 189 206. PAPER TOPICS AVAILABLE See BrightSpace,05 Avoiding Plagiarism Guest Lecturer.
Quiz Preparation,12 14 19 John Locke,Readings Cahn 360 364. Chap I IX XIX,Readings B K pp 207 224,21 26 28 Le Baron de Montesquieu. Readings Cahn 401 404,Chps B1 C1 B2 CII B3 C3 C9 B7 C2 B XI. Readings B K pp 245 252 254 262,02 Jean Jacques Rousseau. Readings Cahn 418 421,Discourse Inequality 422 437.
Social Contract B1 I IX BII I VII 576 584 II XI,BIV I IX Conclusion. Readings B K pp 263 281, NOV 4 MIDTERM will cover Rousseau material discussed on Nov 2. Study Break November 7 11,16 18 Jean Jacques Rousseau continued. Paper due 16th, 23 25 30 American Political Thought the Impact of Ideas. Readings Cahn 546 550,Fed 10 p 555 Fed 48 p 571 Fed 51 p 573.
Declaration of Independence pp 1091 1093, American Constitutional Amendments Bill of Rights pp. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen pp. Readings B K pp 303 324, December 2 Toward 1781 II Term Topic and Final Examination Prep. Final Exam as per Registrar s Calendar, Remember DO NOT BOOK TRAVEL until you are aware of the date of the final exam. Political Thinkers From Socrates to the Present by D Boucher and P Kelly amp Political Philosophy The Essential Texts by S M Cahn

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