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Economic vitality,Livable places, Performance measures should leverage both quantitative and qualitative analyses Data collection and. analysis methods should recognize that community engagement and qualitative information are. valuable Both types of information help decision makers and the public to understand trade offs. between alternatives and guide decisions that best align with community goals Furthermore. performance measures and transportation data should be accessible to the public. Goals and performance measures should apply to a wide variety of project types and at multiple tasks. and checkpoints throughout the project, Existing current transportation planning and engineering practices often rely solely on vehicular level of. service LOS to assess existing conditions determine the feasibility of alternatives and measure results. The National Association of City Transportation Officials NACTO Urban Street Design Guide describes. the limitations of this practice, LOS measures impacts but inadequately captures a project s potential benefits As a metric it is. mono modal measuring streets not by their economic and social vibrancy but by their ability to. process motor vehicles, LOS is one of many tools that may be employed to assess traffic conditions in cities but it should. never be the only tool used Cities should strive to integrate varied and holistic performance. measures into their development review process including measures that frame potential. benefits as well as those that capture risk, APBP agrees that LOS inadequately captures a project s benefits and additionally believes that LOS.
inadequately captures a project s potential costs including impact to other modes and environmental. APBP believes that it is irresponsible for agencies and governments to prioritize one particular. performance measure such as vehicular LOS without engaging with the community to understand their. Applications, The AARP Smart Growth America guide Evaluating Complete Streets Projects states that performance. measures apply when,Undertaking long range planning efforts. Selecting projects to fund,Performing an alternatives analysis. Finalizing a project s design,Evaluating the outcomes of a built project. Displaying the current state of a system, The United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA Guide to Sustainable Transportation.
Performance Measures applies performance measures the following decision and project types. Land use visioning,Long range transportation plans. Corridor studies,Programming,Environmental review,Performance monitoring. Furthermore the FHWA Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian Bicycle Performance Measures. identifies the project and task types to which multimodal performance measures apply at the local. jurisdiction regional planning agency and state agency levels. It is essential that transportation decision making processes begin with an understanding of community. goals The following are considerations relevant to each of the seven goal themes identified above. 1 Safety The safety and comfort of all users of the transportation should be considered in. transportation projects while centering the needs of vulnerable road users and acknowledging. that the perception of safety should be considered alongside crash data. 2 Public Health Transportation has many connections to public health Transportation. investments should increase access to physical activity and active transportation decrease. incidence of fatal injury reduce the emission of and exposure to pollutants and provide access. to destinations that improve health and well being Transportation investments should account. for social determinants of health and the health costs and benefits to disadvantaged. communities should be of primary concern, 3 Access and Mobility Transportation investments should allow users of the transportation. system to reach destinations conveniently cost effectively safely and reliably. 4 Environmental sustainability Transportation investments should acknowledge account for. minimize and mitigate short and long term environmental impacts Short term impacts include. air water noise and light pollution Long term impacts include those related to wildlife habitats. as well as carbon emissions and contribution to climate change. 5 Economic vitality and sustainability Transportation is related to the existence of and access to. jobs and businesses as well as property values and tax bases Sustainable development is. defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability. of future generations to meet their own needs 1 and this definition applies to economics as. well as the environment, 6 Equity Too often disadvantaged communities and individuals receive a minority of the benefits. and a majority of the negative impacts of transportation projects Projects should acknowledge. this while seeking to promote equity and reduce inequality. 7 Livable Places Transportation projects should center the role of streets as public space and. strive to create spaces that improve quality of life for communities. https www iisd org topic sustainable development, Smart Growth America s and Federal Highway Administration s FHWA recommended measures for.
these themes include some of the following Many measures apply to multiple themes. 1 Safety Crashes injuries fatalities maintenance user perception of safety. 2 Public Health Active transportation trips air quality injuries fatalities access to community. destinations, 3 Access and Mobility Access to community destinations access to jobs adherence to. accessibility laws average travel time average trip length density of destinations reliability of. 4 Environmental sustainability Provide and preserve habitat for native species sustainable. sourcing of construction materials vehicle miles traveled VMT street trees mode split. 5 Economic vitality and sustainability Access to jobs land value parking utilization retail. 6 Equity Analyze any of these measures across geographic demographic differences. 7 Livable Places Density of destinations maintenance route directness building vacancy public. art resident satisfaction, Overall multimodal goals and performance measures apply to a wide variety of project and task types at. all levels of government but these decision making processes should begin with a consideration of. community goals,Recommendations,APBP recommends that. Governments and agencies select holistic performance measures that comprehensively reflect. the goals of their communities as determined through robust public engagement. Multimodal performance measures appropriately capture the full scale context and impact of. transportation projects, Multimodal goals and performance measures inform the planning and execution of most. transportation projects from visioning to evaluation of operation It is best practice is to. evaluate conditions one year before completion of a project and then after one year and after. three years 2, Governments and agencies periodically evaluate the alignment of multimodal goals and.
performance measures with the desires and needs of the community and adjust them. accordingly, For further information APBP suggests these recognized sources. Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian Bicycle Performance Measures FHWA 2016. https www fhwa dot gov environment bicycle pedestrian publications performance measur. es guidebook pm guidebook pdf, Evaluating Complete Streets Projects A Guide for Practitioners AARP Smart Growth America. and National Complete Streets Coalition 2015, https www smartgrowthamerica org app legacy documents evaluating complete streets projects pdf. https www smartgrowthamerica org app legacy documents evaluating complete streets. projects pdf, Urban Street Design Guide Performance Measures NACTO 2013. https nacto org publication urban street design guide design controls performance. Guide to Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures EPA 2011. https www epa gov sites production files 2014,01 documents sustainable transpo performance pdf.
Measuring The Street New Metrics for 21st Century Streets New York City Department of. Transportation 2012, http www nyc gov html dot downloads pdf 2012 10 measuring the street pdf. The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Streets New York City Department of Transportation. http www nyc gov html dot downloads pdf dot economic benefits of sustainable. streets pdf, Complete Streets Design Guidelines Chicago Department of Transportation 2013. https nacto org wp content uploads 2015 04 complete streets chicago pdf. Complete Streets Action Plan City of Saint Paul 2016. https www stpaul gov sites default files Media 20Root Planning 20 26 20Economic 20. Development Complete 20Streets 20Action 20Plan 202016 3 11 pdf. Complete Streets Implementation Plan The Florida Department of Transportation and Smart. Growth America 2015, https www smartgrowthamerica org app legacy documents m2d2 fdot complete streets. implementation plan pdf, APBP s policy statement development process member participation. This policy statement was developed by the APBP Policy Committee APBP s Board of Directors approved the policy statement. on February 20 2020 APBP members can suggest changes to any policy statement by contacting the association s executive. director Policy Committee co chairs or a board member For more information contact Melanie Bowzer Executive Director. Furthermore the FHWA Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian amp Bicycle Performance Measures identifies the project and task types to which multimodal performance measures apply at the local jurisdiction regional planning agency and state agency levels

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