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Table of Contents,I HPRP PURPOSE 5,Target Population 5. HPRP Risk Factors 6,Program Types 7,Homelessness Prevention Assistance 7. Homeless Assistance Rapid Re Housing 7,II ELIGIBLE INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES 7. Eligible Activities 8,Financial Assistance 9,Rental Assistance 9. Tenant Rent Share 10,Rent Reasonableness Requirement 10.
Coordination with other Subsidy Programs 10,Security Utility Deposits 10. Utility Assistance 10,Moving Cost Assistance Storage Fees 11. Hotel Motel Vouchers 11,Staff Costs to Issue Financial Assistance 11. Inspection Costs 11,Housing Relocation Stabilization 11. Case Management 11,Outreach Engagement 12,Housing Search Placement 12.
Legal Services 12,Credit Repair 12,Other Costs as Approved by DSS 12. Data Collection and Evaluation 12,General Guidelines 12. Violence Against Women Act VAWA Victim Service Provider 13. Comparable Data base 14,Minimum Data Collection Requirement 14. Suppression of Potentially Identifying Data 15,Administrative Cost 15. Ineligible Prohibited Activities 15,III ELIGIBLE HOUSING UNITS 16.
General Requirements 16,Ownership 16,Housing Unit Location 16. Rent Reasonableness 17,Missouri Residential Landlord Tenant Law 17. Inspection Requirements 18,2 June 22 2011,Habitability Standards 18. Lead Based Paint Inspection 18,Additional Inspection Criteria 19. IV PROGRAM DELIVERY 20,Application Process 20,Client Case Information 21.
Verification 22,Identification Documentation 22,HMIS Entry 23. Case Management 23,Housing Status Documentation But For Policy 24. Documentation of Imminent Risk for Homelessness Prevention 24. Documentation of Imminent Risk for Homeless Assistance Rapid Re Housing 25. Income Eligibility 26,Verification of Income 26,Income Inclusions 27. Client Contribution 28,Asset Policy 29,Treatment of Assets 29. Background on Using HUD Part 5 29,What to Include 30.
Assets Inclusions and Exclusions 30,Inclusions 30,Exclusions 31. Determining Asset Income 31,Assets with Little or No Income 32. Assets Sold Below Fair Market Value 33,Computing the Value of Assets 34. Housing Unit Eligibility Documentation 34,Financial Assistance Determination Process 35. Additional Resources 35,Confidentiality 36,Grievance Procedures 36.
Denial Termination Policy 36,Grieving Levels of Services 36. Appeals Policy 37,V PAYMENT 37,Invoicing 37,Supporting Documentation 37. Budget Adjustments 37,VI ADMINISTRATION 38,Grantee Subcontracting 38. Reporting Requirements 38,Initial Program Report IPR 39. Quarterly Program Report QPR 39,Quarterly Jobs Created and Retained Report 39.
3 June 22 2011,Annual Program Report APR 40,Other Reporting 40. Direct Service Provider Fiscal Requirements 40,Record Keeping and Reporting 40. Reimbursement 41,Fiscal Management 41,Grantee Subgrantee Liability 42. Property of the State 42,Program Administration 42. Monthly 42,Training and other Educational Provisions 42.
Program Accountability 43, Staff Certification of Eligibility for HPRP Assistance 43. Monitoring 43,Confidentiality 44,Conflict of Interest 45. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing 45,Documentation of Irregularities 46. VII ADDITIONAL TOOLS AND RESOURCES 46, VIII FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQ S AND HELP DESK 46. APPENDICES, A HUD HPRP Eligibility Determination and Documentation Guidance.
B Job Creation Retention Report, C Instruction Guide for Job Creation and Retention Report. D HUD HPRP Staff Certification of Eligibility for HPRP Assistance. E Invoicing and Supporting Documentation,F Invoice Form. G Budget Adjustment Form,H Invoicing and Budget Adjustment Instructions. I Habitability Standards,J Rent Reasonableness Pt 1. K Rent Reasonableness Pt 2,4 June 22 2011,I HPRP PURPOSE.
The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re Housing Program HPRP was created by. the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Title XII to provide financial assistance. and services to either prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless or help. those who are experiencing homelessness to be quickly re housed and stabilized HPRP is. designed to provide one time or temporary housing assistance and services to households. who would be homeless but for the assistance and who have a likelihood of being stable. in housing after HPRP assistance ends See federal register authorizing HPRP at. http www hudhre info documents HPRP Notice 3 31 09 pdf and. http www hudhre info documents FederalRegisterNotice HPRPInfoCollection pdf and. HUD regulations at, http www hudhre info documents HPRP NoticeRedline 6 08 09 pdf. In Missouri HPRP funds were awarded to the Missouri Department of Social Services. DSS Family Support Division FSD Community Support Unit CSU Missouri was. awarded approximately 12 million in HPRP funding With this funding the MO DSS. awarded grants to 61 units of local government i e cities or counties the majority of. who sub granted direct service provision to local non profit agencies The HPRP funding. is intended only to provide temporary assistance to communities The program must be. completed by September 30 2012 This program does not create long term rental or. utility subsidies for the community The HPRP regulations require that 60 of the funds. must be expended by September 1 2011 and 100 of funds expended by September 1. Grantees should familiarize themselves with federal HUD issued HPRP guidance located. at http www hudhre info HPRP index cfm do viewHPRPIssuances as anything. required or interpreted by HUD but not specifically spelled out in state policy applies. TARGET POPULATION, HPRP is intended to serve individuals or families who are currently homeless or who are. at imminent risk of homelessness and have no appropriate subsequent housing options. and lack the financial resources and support networks needed to remain in their existing. housing or obtain immediate housing,Homeless is defined by HUD as. sleeping in an emergency shelter, sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation. sleeping in a hospital or institution for up to 180 days but literally homeless. immediately prior to entry, graduating from timing out of transitional housing or.
fleeing domestic violence, Households must have income at or below 50 of Area Median Income AMI to be. eligible for HPRP Counties may set lower income limits if they so choose as research on. 5 June 22 2011, homelessness and homeless prevention has found that households with extremely low. income are substantially more likely to become homeless. HPRP RISK FACTORS, Many households who lose their housing do not become homeless by the HUD. definition To be eligible for HPRP households must be either. 1 at imminent risk of homelessness with no housing options and no financial. resources or support networks or,2 literally homeless. MO HPRP allows individual grantees the flexibility to impose additional criteria used to. screen applicants for program eligibility This allows communities to utilize criteria based. on research on homelessness prevention to try to identify household characteristics. unique to their community that are more likely to predict homelessness. To be eligible for HPRP assistance in MO and for grantees to prioritize services. applicants must have one or more risk factor from the following list and or additional. risk factors as determined by the grantee, Young head of household under 25 with children or pregnant.
Eviction within 2 weeks from a private dwelling including housing provided by. family or friends, Discharge within 2 weeks from an institution in which the person has been a. resident for more than 180 days including prisons mental health institutions. Residency in housing that has been condemned by housing officials and is no. longer meant for human habitation,Sudden and significant loss of income. Sudden and significant increase in utility costs,Mental health and substance abuse issues. Physical disabilities and other chronic health issues including HIV AIDS. Severe housing cost burden greater than 50 percent of income for housing. Homeless in last 12 months, Current or past involvement with child welfare including foster care. Pending foreclosure of rental housing, Extremely low income less than 30 percent of Area Median Income.
High overcrowding the number of persons exceeds health and or safety. standards for the housing unit size, Past institutional care prison treatment facility hospital. Recent traumatic life event such as death of a spouse or primary care provider or. recent health crisis that prevented the household from meeting its financial. responsibilities, Credit problems that preclude obtainment of housing. Significant amount of medical debt or,6 June 22 2011. Foster children timing out of care,PROGRAM TYPES, HPRP Homelessness Prevention assistance and services are targeted to people who. have been determined to be at imminent risk of losing their housing who have no. appropriate subsequent housing options identified and who lack the financial resources. and support networks to obtain alternate housing or remain in existing housing HPRP. financial assistance and services can be used to help eligible households stay in their. current housing or move to another unit, HPRP Homeless Assistance Rapid Re Housing is targeted to house people who are.
literally homeless by the HUD definition and to provide the case management services. and financial assistance needed to stabilize them in a permanent housing situation Rapid. Re housing will help to reduce the length of stay in a shelter by quickly moving a. homeless household from shelter to housing,II ELIGIBLE AND INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES. See federal guidance at, http www hudhre info documents HPRP EligibilityAndDocumentationGuidance pdf. Prior to developing the State s Plan for HPRP the State met with individuals with. expertise and involvement in homelessness and housing and drafted the following. guiding principles for the effective use of HPRP resources to prevent and end. homelessness, 1 Resources should be targeted to households with the highest likelihood of. becoming homeless, 2 Programs should provide just enough assistance to prevent or end an episode. of homelessness stretching resources as far as possible. 3 Distribution of funds should achieve maximum access for needy Missourians. while minimizing administrative costs as much as possible. 4 Other federal state and local funds including other ARRA funds must be. coordinated, 5 HPRP funds should supplement and compliment existing programs.
6 Subgrantees should have the infrastructure capacity and experience to. distribute funds rapidly to Missourians with housing needs that have been. caused by the down turn in the economy, HPRP assistance is not intended to provide long term support for program participants. nor will it be able to address all of the financial and supportive services needs of. households that affect housing stability Rather assistance should be focused on housing. stabilization linking program participants to community resources and mainstream. benefits and helping them develop a plan for preventing future housing instability. Grantees should therefore ensure there is a clear process for determining the type level. 7 June 22 2011, and duration of assistance for each program participant. There are four categories of eligible program activities and expenses described in. detail below,A Financial Assistance,B Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services. C Data Collection and Evaluation,D Administrative costs. These activities must be intentionally focused on housing Examples of these activities. would include financial assistance to help pay for housing or services designed to keep. people in housing or to find housing Generally the intent of HPRP assistance is to. rapidly transition program participants to stability either through their own means or. through public assistance as appropriate, In order for individuals or households to receive HPRP support financial assistance or.
housing relocation and stabilization services participants must have at least an initial. consultation with a case manager or other authorized representative who can determine. the appropriate type of assistance to meet their needs. ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES,Eligible Activities Homelessness Homeless. Prevention Assistance,Financial Assistance FA,Rental Assistance X X. Security and Utility Deposits X X,Utility Assistance X X. Moving Cost Assistance X X,Hotel Motel Vouchers X X. Staff Costs to Issue FA X X,Inspection Costs X X,Housing Relocation and.
Stabilization Services,Case Management X X,Outreach and Engagement X X. Housing Search Placement X X,Legal Services X X,Credit Repair X X. Other costs approved by DSS X X,Data Collection and Evaluation X. Administration X,Related to providing one of the eligible services. 8 June 22 2011,A Financial Assistance,1 Rental Assistance.
Tenant based rental assistance can be for individuals and households to remain in. their existing rental units prevention or to help them obtain and remain in rental. units they select rapid re housing In addition,A written lease must be in place and th. policy and procedure manual for homelessness prevention and rapid re housing program hprp revised 7 22 2011 missouri department of social services

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