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Acknowledgements, This practice aptitude assessment would not have been possible without the support of. the State Government Group Training Australia SA Inc and the support and. expertise of the many people listed below I would especially like to thank Jerry. Nowak for the tireless amount of work and effort he has put into the maths component. of this project I under estimated the size of the task however Jerry was so keen to see. the project through he put in countless hours over and above what he was required to. give his supreme dedication and his great passion enabled me to produce a much. needed resource for students contemplating a career in the trades. I am sure that over the years many thousands of students will benefit from Jerry s. dedication to the project, Another special mention must go to Jane Harvey Jane was the person who initially. planted the seed in respect of developing an aid to assist students prepare themselves. for interviews and assessments in the trade areas Jane has been there during the. planning and programming stages to assisting with the coordination of the many. other people who have assisted in some form in the development of this resource to. grouping the maths examples under appropriate headings and preparing the answers. Jane has fought with me every inch of the way through thick and thin at times to. produce a quality product which we hope will fill a vast void that has been identified. in this sector of the VET Career education pathway of students. Department of Education and Children s Services, Premier s Industry Awards for Teachers of Science and Mathematics. Department of Further Education Employment Science and Technology. Jerry Nowak Underdale High School,Jane Harvey Western Futures Futures Connect. Andrew Spencer St Michael s College, Bernie Fitzsimons Catholic Education South Australia.
Christine Johns Association of Independent Schools of South Australia. Dallas Kelvin Gilles Plains Campus TAFE SA,Darren Thompson Maxima Group Training. David Carter Port Adelaide Training Development Centre. Frank Spiel Underdale High School,Grant Robinson HIA Group Apprenticeship Scheme. Hayley Hobson Group Training Australia SA Inc, Helen Lambert Association of Independent Schools of South Australia. Janice Paget Maxima Group Training, Linda Hilditch Association of Independent Schools of South Australia. Lynne Austin Port Adelaide Training Development Centre. Michael Boyce PEER Training, Michael Wakefield Traineeship and Apprenticeship Placement Services.
Mike Farran Construction Industry Training Board,Paul Klepczynski Gilles Plains Campus TAFE SA. Peter Both Office of Learning Improvement Support Services Futures Connect. Rebecca Avery AFL SportsReady, Sean Malone Traineeship and Apprenticeship Placement Services. Sue Gillespie Statewide Group Training,Tatiana Anesbury CITB Craigmore High School. This assessment has been developed with the assistance of Industry and Registered Training. Organisations based on the needs and requirements of the Industry sector. Please note that rates quoted in this assessment for various items including pay rates are not. meant to reflect today s values but are used purely for mathematical purposes. This assessment is intended to prepare people who may be required to sit an aptitude test as. part of an interview and assessment process for a job vacancy such as an apprenticeship. The assessment can be used by a number of different organisations or people such as Group. Training Organisations Career Education Teachers Mathematics Teachers within schools or. New Apprenticeship Centres,The assessment can be, provided to individual people to enable them to practice and hone their skills before. sitting an actual aptitude test, used by Career Education Teachers for individuals or in a class setting to provide.
general guidance to students on what they may expect during the interview process if. they intend commencing a career as an apprentice, used by Mathematics Teachers as a guide to Industry mathematics requirements at the. entry point of a particular apprenticeship career path. This practice aptitude assessment has two components Literacy and Mathematics. You may find that this assessment differs from similar tests administered by Industry as their. tests may have other elements included that this one does not such as. Mechanical Reasoning,Building and Construction Theory. Building and Construction Knowledge and reasoning, The mathematics questions contained within this document are equivalent to Applied. Mathematics at the Year 10 level in South Australia. The test should be able to be completed in approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. Calculators may not be used to complete this practice assessment however Industry in some. cases does allow calculators to be used in their aptitude tests. 1 The following text has 10 spelling errors in it Correct those errors. and list them in the order you find them in the text. To become a Plumber usally requires compleshion of a New Apprenticeship in. Plumbing Gasfitting and Draining Employers genraly require Year 10 with. good resolts in English and maths You may be able to start training for this. vocation wile still at school, The lenth of training can vary and may involve both on the job and off the job. componants The off the job training is provided through Registered Training. Organisations to Certificate III level, Plumbing Gasfitting and Draining are licensed occupasions which means that in.
addition to your formel qualifications a lisence to work must be obtained by. your local Water Board or Gas Company,2 Write the correct form of the following words. a Bathroome f Plumbing,b Watra Bored g Gassfitting. c Ocupation h Drainning,d Reciept i Coper Pipe,e Sprinklar j Sola Heating. Comprehension a,Installing a bath, To install a bath a knowledge of all relevant by laws and approved fixing methods is. The bath may be placed into position at the rough stage when the building is at the. frame stage or may be left out until the floor ceiling and walls have been clad The. bath is less likely to be damaged when installed after other trades have completed. their work, If installed at the rough stage other tradesmen must take care not to damage the.
bath while under construction It would be your responsibility to see that it was. adequately protected, Plumbers often have to install a bath in an existing home This is a much more. difficult task than in a building under construction because. Pipes need to be installed behind existing wall cladding. The baths flashing and support rim must be in behind the wall cladding this. may require extensive work on the wall, Usually the builder is responsible for levelling flashing and securing the bath but you. must check prior to commencing further work that these are correct The following. steps must be followed,Secure the bath, Allow adequate clearance for flashing to ensure a watertight installation. Level the bath, The builder is responsible for the levelling provision of flashing and securing the. bath but the plumber must ensure that all are checked prior to commencing any. further work in the bath, With this in mind a plumber must check the following before commencing the.
plumbing installation,The bath is firmly secured into position. There have been adequate allowances left for flashing. The bath is level, 1a Why is it better to place the bath in position after the other. trades have completed their work, 2a Usually the builder is responsible for the levelling provision of. flashing and securing of the bath What steps must the plumber. take to ensure that these are correct, 3a What must you have a knowledge of to install a bath. 4a Why is it more difficult to install a bath in an existing home. Comprehension b,Rain water tanks, A rainwater tank that can hold at least one kilolitre of water is mandatory for all new.
homes built in South Australia from July 1st 2006 The minimum requirements for all. new homes and significant home extensions are, A minimum of 50m2 of roof area must be connected to the rainwater tank. The tank must be connected to at least one toilet laundry cold water outlets or. a hot water supply, It must include automatic switching between tank and mains water mosquito. control and backflow prevention devices, A one kilolitre tank attached to a relatively small house with average water use by. family in Adelaide will capture 19 kilolitres a year. There are two exemptions to the law, A rainwater tank will not be required in the council areas of Roxby Downs and. Cooper Pedy which have low and highly variable rainfall that would provide. limited water savings, A tank will not be a requirement for homes with a dual supply system plumbed.
into the house for example systems using recycled effluent for toilet flushing. There are about 440 000 existing dwellings in Adelaide and with only 6 000 10 000. new dwellings built in South Australia each year Adelaide could run out of water long. before existing homes have rain water tanks plumbed into their laundries and toilets. Evidence from existing tanks plumbed into homes in Adelaide would suggest that a. 1000 litre tank will be rapidly consumed if it does more than flush a toilet or supply. laundry over summer, 1b Why is there an exemption to the law if you live in Roxby. 2b According to the text are these requirements adequate to. prevent Adelaide running out of water Why, 3b What must the tank be connected to to comply with. regulations,4b What must be included in the tank connection. MATHEMATICS,Numbers Scientific Notation Measurement Number. 1 What unit from the list below would you use to measure. c temperature,kg ml km hr m, 2 From the list of numbers below select the one which is a.
a percentage,b decimal number,c fraction,d mixed number. 5 4 16 37 3,3 Write as a number,a two thousand six hundred and thirty four. b fifty six thousand and eighty seven,4 Convert the following. a 2 41 to cents,b 182 days to weeks,c 3 hours and 12 seconds to seconds. d 8 kilometers to metres,e 3 5 kilograms to grams, 5 One day Peter worked 6 hr 35 min and on another day 4 hr 40.
min What was the total time Peter worked, 6 Jane the building clerk started work at 11 30am and finished at. 2 10pm How long did she work for,Arithmetic Addition Subtraction Multiplication. 7 Find the total of,a 2 21 45 and 8 23,b 18 32 471 019 and 315. c 2 63m and 50cm,8 Subtract,a 1 784 from 5 218,b 29 461 from 43 18. 9 Multiply,a 6 87 by 10,b 13 8 by 3,c 46 2 by 8 5,a 3 45 by 10.
b 3024 by 14,c 56 2 by 0 2,11 Find the value of x from the drawing. 12 Which fraction is between and,Percentages,13 Evaluate the following. a 10 of 44,b 25 of 12 84,14 Which represents the best buy a or b. a 3 kg for 4 00,b 12 kg for 18 00,15 Which shape below best represents a. b triangle,c rectangle,e semicircle,f parallel lines.
j cylinder,k diagonal,l right angle,m revolution,n right angled triangle. o straight angle,p circle and diameter,q circle and radius. Perimeter Area, 16 A bricklayer estimates there are 55 bricks to the square metre. How many bricks are needed for a 6 square metres wall. 17 Find the perimeter of these shapes,Problem Solving. 18 If a car is traveling at 60km hr how far will it travel in 3 hours. 19 Calculate the cost of 40 hinges at 3 00 a pair,20 What is the average of 12 and 18.
21 Two numbers add up to 40 Find the other number if one is 15. 22 John earns 11 50 per hour for a 40 hour week Find his weekly. 23 If one stepladder costs 98 00 how much would six stepladders. 24 Find the missing numbers in the following,a 20 25 30 35. c 4 8 12 16,d 10 3 11 12 5,e 64 32 16 4, 25 Plastic water pipe costs 8 00 a metre How many complete metres. of pipe could I buy for 60 00, 26 A dinner bill was divided equally among 6 people The total of the. bill was 48 60,a How much did each pay, b If Tuesday is half price day how much will each pay. 27 Phil is a plumber and earns 12 00 an hour for a normal 40 hour. week For any overtime he receives time and a half thereafter How. much does he receive for working 42 hours, 28 Five litres of glue for gluing water pipe costs 65 00 How much.
will 1 litre cost,29 Jeff s yearly salary is 31 200 Calculate his. a monthly salary,b fortnightly salary, 30 Peter the Plumber s Assistant is paid 10 00 per hour plus time and. a half for any hours over 35 hours If he worked 42 hours what was. his pay for,a the first 35 hours work,b the overtime work only. c total pay, 31 My car uses 10 litres of petrol every 300 kilometres What is the rate. of petrol consumption in km per litre,32 A 3600litre water tank is a full.
a How much water is in the tank,b How much is empty space. 1 Usually completion generally results while length components occupation formal licence. 2 Bathroom water board occupation receipt sprinkler plumbing gasfitting draining copper pipe solar heating. Comprehension a,1a The bath is less likely to be damaged. Could add other tradesmen do not have to worry about damaging the bath while completing their work do not. have to protect the bath while other work is being completed. This assessment is intended to prepare people who may be required to sit an aptitude test as part of an interview and assessment process for a job vacancy such as an apprenticeship The assessment can be used by a number of different organisations or people such as Group

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