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Players Guide To The Sabbat,Written By Steven C Brown. Developed by Andrew Greenberg,Editing Ed McKeogh Alara Rogers. Layout and Typesetting Sam Chupp, Art Larry MacDougal Larry Snelly E Allen Smith Joshua Gabriel Timbrook. Art Director Richard Thomas,Front Cover Timothy Bradstreet. Back Cover Michelle Prahler,Special Thanks To, Mark Ants in the Pants Rein Hagen for missing this year s excursion he gets last year s special thanks.
Stewart Banana Man Wieck for making sure he ll never die again. Andrew Bowed but Unblistered Greenberg for surviving this y ear s excursion. Ken Oh Canada Cliffe for finding any reason for a party. Josh Too Tight Timbrook for pitching a pup tent at White Water. Wes Schoolyard Harris for enjoying the heck out of the pool. Rob MIA Hatch for avoiding a gross burn by not going. Ren Turncoat Lilly for sitting with the enemy at the awards banquet. Travis Tanline Williams for whining about getting darker. Richard Responsibilities Thomas for not getting to play in the deep end. Sam Nodding Chupp for getting to w rite THE BOOK,Chris Warty McDonough for touching his toads. William Peal Hale for his fine white and red body contrast. Bill Do Me Too Bridges for enjoying the warm touch of the lotion lady. Benjamin Big Smooch Monk Jr for doing the world s greatest worst body puppetry. Lyndi Red Red Whine Hathaway McKeeman for not enjoying her lobster coloring. Michelle Hunchback Prahler for no reason that I can see. Stephen Rocket Wieck for barreling through the Banana Man Too Tight flume ambush. Keith Homeboy Winkler for making sure we know his weekend plans. Kathleen Chocolate Cake Ryan for keeping Rob fat and happy on his birthday. Brian Flubber Campbell for keeping Rob oozing and happy on his birthday. 735 Park North Boulevard,Suite1 2 8,Clarkston Georgia 30021. http www white wolf com, White Wolf will immediately prosectute individuals re distributing electronically or otherwise any text from these. books without permission Please contact White Wolf via the World Wide Web if y ou know of such violations Such theft. makes it difficult for White Wolf to continue giving you the high quality product that you deserve. 1997 White Wolf Publishing Inc All rights reserved Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is. expressly forbidden except for the purposes of reviews and blank character sheets which may be reproduced for. personal use only White Wolf Vampire the Masquerade Vampire the Dark Ages and Mage the Ascension are registered. trademarks of White Wolf Publishing Inc All rights reserved on Werewolf the Apocalypse Wraith the Oblivion. Changeling the Dreaming Werewolf the Wild West and all other books on this site are trademarks of White Wolf. Publishing Inc All rights reserved, All characters n ames places and text herein are copyrighted by White Wolf Publishing Inc. The Storyteller System Vampire Werewolf Mage Wraith Changeling A World of Darkness and Gothic Punk are all. trademarks of White Wolf, The mention of or reference to any companies or products in these pages is not a challenge to the trademarks or.
copyrights concerned,Players Guide To The Sabbat,Chapter One Introduction. Chapter Two Sabbat Chronicles,Chapter Three Politics of the Sabbat. Chapter Four The Forces of Darkness,Chapter Five Storytellers Aids. Chapter Six Quick Start Materials,Chapter Seven The Stories. Players Guide To The Sabbat,Chapter One,Introduction.
He felt no remorse for what he d done and this frightened him. He was free this too frightened him,So he savored his fear. and rejoiced in the night,J M DeMatteis Blood A Tale. W elcome to the second sourcebook devoted to the, Sabbat This book makes it easier for Storytellers to. use the Sabbat in their games Most importantly it, provides the information needed to conduct a Chronicle. revolving around Sabbat characters, may be sent on a mission to another city controlled by the.
sect only to find themselves the subject of suspicion and. scrutiny because the Sabbat of that city were not informed. of the mission Also because Sabbat are never ordered to. do anything many Sabbat do not do what is asked of them. This chapter covers the basics of handling a Sabbat or interpret such requests to suit their own goals The. method by which the Sabbat is run is never a smooth one. chronicle and offers suggestions on running Sabbat. preludes Rebel Rebel The Sabbat see t he Camarilla as the evil. Chapter Two goes into greater detail on handling Sabbat establishment Though the Sabbat has its own hierarchy of. leaders titles rules and intrigue most sect members still. chronicles and the process the Sabbat follows in its. Crusades which make up some of the most exciting stories see themselves as rebels They often do things that. one can run Camarilla Kindred consider flagrant violations of the. Masquerade Despite this the Sabbat hypocritically, Chapter Three describes the bitter and often violent maintains a Masquerade of its own though it tends to rely. politics of the sect and details two of the most important more on intimidation and violence than does the. documents affecting it Camarilla, Chapter Four handles the only thing that could be more Hunters and Killers Sabbat are true hunters They seek. evil than politics the demons corrupting the Sabbat It out and destroy those posing a threa t to their own security. also gives the Sabbat a brief but real ray of hope This includes the Inconnu lupines anarchs and most. Chapter Five gives statistics for demons details the Sabbat members of the Camarilla One of the primary purposes of. ghoul families and provides Storytellers with sample the Sabbat is to battle all those who oppose freedom or. characters to use in their games represent the forces of the Antediluvians The Sabbat may. seem pa ranoid but sect members believe they are just. Chapter Six has sample packs and locations for Storytellers taking precautions against attacks by a wide variety of. to use whole cloth or from which they can borrow ideas enemies. Finally Chapter Seven gives Storytellers a variety of stories The Hunters Hunted Sabbat are also hunted Because. ready and waiting for unsuspecting players of their nasty reputation they are often hunted down and. attacked by the Camarilla mortals lupines anarchs and. The Sabbat others Even though attempts are made to convert the. anarchs the anarchs often take the offensive when they. encounter Sabbat anarchs just do not trust the Sabbat It. Characteristics of the Sabbat also seems that no one ever attempts to convert Sabbat. The greatest of art is not to find what is common but what away from the sect anymore. is unique Heroic Sabbat see themselves as heroes of the vampire. Isaac Bashevis Singer Isaac Bashevis Singer Talks About world They are the ones willing to sacrifice all to save their. Everything own kind from destruction Because of this all who oppose. Storytellers can stress any aspect of the Sabbat in their them are seen as villains even if they are more human like. The sect s overriding goal is to protect the children of Caine. chronicles making each one different and unique Which. aspects Storytellers and players prefer should take from their parents They believe Caine does not approve of. the Antediluvian s plans for Gehenna so Sabbat act as. precedence in the game Taken together however all of. Caine s weapon against them, these characteristics make the Sabbat the unique entity it. is Monsters Sabbat are monsters through and through. Total Chaos In the Sabbat nothing is fully organized They never openly cling to their human values and they. embrace a new morality one they consider stronger, and planned out There is alway s something going on. worthy of superior beings Because of this human life has. about which certain leaders have not been told Sabbat. Players Guide To The Sabbat, little value to them This attitude is affirmed by almost even fewer redeeming qualities War between these two.
every action in which the sect members engage As the groups whether in Haiti or elsewhere is the most bloody. battle rages the human body count will mount up as and cunning of all vampire fighting Neither side fears. either disposable food sources or new recruits breaking the Masquerade to get what it wants and both. Paranoia Sabbat are obviously paranoid Most Sabbat do are led by self serving cunning leaders Besides the Setites. not know the strength of their comrades Vinculum for themselves are even the Serpents of the Light trustworthy. or could they still be serving their former clan, them so they almost always fear betrayal Sabbat monitor. one another s actions for hints of traitors even more than Sabbat versus Giovanni The Giovanni s conflicts tend. do Camarilla Kindred With the threat of Infernal to be restricted to Sabbat Nosferatu but the two groups. Diablerie clan conspiracies and Tremere infiltration occasionally go head to head Recently these minor. Sabbat are suspicious of both their leaders and their conflicts have been over drug related issues The Giovanni. followers are not foolish enough to face Sabbat in open war but they. control enough mortals to make unlife for their enemies. Mafia In many ways the Sabbat is like an organized. crime syndicate possessed of its own warped sense of difficult. honor It also conducts illegal business including drug Sabbat versus Children of Osiris The Sabbat has. trafficking slave trade and gun running to name just a fought the Children of Osiris before though it did not. few In fact the Sabbat has built a relationship with a know it Few Sabbat survive such encounters but those. number of criminal organizations Most Sabbat find who do simply believe their enemies were members of the. themselves constantly involved in illegal activities to draw Camarilla though particularly odd ones While the. a personal income through the sect Children of Osiris seldom hunt Sabbat when the two. Eschatological Fear The Sabbat awaits Gehenna groups do cross paths conflict is inevitable. weapons in hand ready for the greatest of battles Sabbat versus the Orient The Sabbat has had little. Gehenna is an event the Sabbat can neither forget nor take more success in its penetration of Asia than has the. lying down The Sabbat is perhaps the only sect of Camarilla The sect found itself fighting Gaki and other. vampires taking the Antediluvians threat seriously This even stranger foes The Gaki have recently fought the. great apocalyptic shadow looms over all the sect s efforts Sabbat in the United States and the sect has begun to. The sect stands at the vanguard forever ready for the worry about the Asians plans for the West. assault Clan versus Clan Within the Sabbat there is conflict. between the various clans The Panders are usually at the. The Source of Conflict center of many disputes of this type but they are never. A war regarded as inevitable or even probable and alone The Ventrue antitribu and the Lasombra are always. therefore much prepared for has a very good chance of at each other s throats and other clans often clash with one. eventually being fought another over politics or honor These disputes also take. George Frost Kennan The Cloud of Danger place between the antitribu and their original clans The. Nosferatu antitribu and their Camarilla counterparts get. This section helps Storytellers develop stories on their own along well but the others have had more than their share. and provides them with a list of possible conflicts By no of problems. means is this a complete list of what can be done with the. Sabbat they are suggestions that can help Storytellers get Sabbat versus Clan There are times when the entire. sect acts against a single clan either outside of or within. started During a Chronicle it is certain that new foes who. the sect This happens most often to the Panders Some. are not listed here will appear, suggest the Lasombra would also be a good target The. Sabbat versus Anarchs The Sabbat has long tried to Serpents of Light are currently the focus of attention. gain the support of the anarchs but it has never had much. Political Faction versus Political Faction Possibly. success due mostly to the nasty rumors spread by the. worried r ulers of the Camarilla Sabbat clash more with the greatest number of internal conflicts arise between. various Sabbat political factions While none have yet gone. anarchs than any other group Despite this anarchs have. to war there are still duels assassinations and desperate. proven to be a most stalwart foe of the Camarilla in their. own right intrigue rising from this unwillingness to see eye to eye. Sabbat versus Camarilla The Camarilla is the Leader versus Leader The last Sabbat civil war was. fought because the sect split in support of various leaders. archenemy of the Sabbat The Sabbat has one true goal. This still happens though usually on a smaller scale. the destruction of the Camarilla and its Antediluvian. manipulators The Sabbat is claiming and reclaiming a Disputes within packs fall into this category However. there are disputes going all the way to Priscus over who is. number of Camarilla cities The Camarilla of North, the rightful leader or holder of a specific title While. America has its hands full dealing with the Sabbat. Monomacy is often used to resolve these arguments some. Sabbat versus Inconnu In connu vampires are often disputes are known to continue long aft er all those. Players Guide To The Sabbat 1 Player s Guide to The Sabbat The Horror Builds By Steven C Brown In the fifteenth century Sabbat Assemblies reached their height on the European continent with additional wide spread belief in acts of cannibalism at these conventions H C Lea Materials Towards a History of Witchcraft The very earliest stories told as the night fell upon frightened hunters

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