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Locker Kienzler Business I The Building Blocks of 5 Planning Composing The McGraw Hill. and Administrative Effective Messages and Revising Companies 2008. Communication Eighth,IN THE NEWS,Always the Same Always Different. e call it a process because when we numbers different directions for the company dif. W write there are certain steps we always ferent market conditions with different investor ex. take There s always an element of plan pectations Every quarter it s a different message. ning and research always a step where we actually requiring a different approach and different inter. put words together and always some kind of edit pretations Garrard and her team must decide the. ing and revision best ways to balance their responsibility to Tupper. Jane Garrard the Vice President for investor and ware s customers with regulatory requirements and. media relations at Tupperware Brands Corporation is company interests They have to interpret the data. responsible for producing an analyze their audience consult. earnings release statement for with their co workers and then. The first step in the process is to, the company Web site every compose an earnings release. quarter Every quarter that task decide which steps in the process to statement that meets every. requires the same steps She follow and how one s goals That s a challeng. gathers facts and data about ing job and a boilerplate. Tupperware s business and won t help with it, earnings summarizes that information for Tupper It s important to have a process to follow when. ware s shareholders and investors produces the ta you communicate because a process will help you. bles graphs and balance sheets that are part of the organize your time information and priorities But. standard earnings release boilerplate or template communication isn t just about doing the same. and circulates the document for review That s a thing in the same way every time Every communi. writing process and it s the same every quarter cation task is different so the first step in the. But it s also a communication process because it s process is to decide which steps in the process to. different every quarter Every quarter brings different follow and how. Adapted from Assaf Kadem Facts and Interpretation Communication World December 2006 30. Locker Kienzler Business I The Building Blocks of 5 Planning Composing The McGraw Hill. and Administrative Effective Messages and Revising Companies 2008. Communication Eighth, 136 Part 1 The Building Blocks of Effective Messages. Chapter Outline,The Ways Good Writers Write,Activities in the Composing Process.
Using Your Time Effectively, Brainstorming Planning and Organizing Business Documents. Revising Editing and Proofreading,What to Look for When You Revise. What to Look for When You Edit,How to Catch Typos,Getting and Using Feedback. Using Boilerplate,Overcoming Writer s Block,Summary of Key Points. Ethics and the Skilled performances look easy and effortless In reality as every dancer mu. Writing Process sician and athlete knows they re the products of hard work hours of prac. As you plan a message, tice attention to detail and intense concentration Like skilled performances.
in other arts writing rests on a base of work,Be sure you have. identified the real audiences,and purposes of the,The Ways Good Writers Write. In difficult situations seek al No single writing process works for all writers all of the time However good. lies in your organization and writers and poor writers seem to use different processes 1 Good writers are. discuss your options with them more likely to,As you compose. Provide accurate and,Realize that the first draft can be revised. complete information Write regularly, Use reliable sources of material Break big jobs into small chunks.
Document when necessary Have clear goals focusing on purpose and audience. Warn your readers of limits or Have several different strategies to choose from. dangers in your information,Use rules flexibly,Promise only what you can. deliver Wait to edit until after the draft is complete. As you revise The research also shows that good writers differ from poor writers in. Check to see that your identifying and analyzing the initial problem more effectively understand. language does not use ing the task more broadly and deeply drawing from a wider repertoire of. words that show bias, strategies and seeing patterns more clearly Good writers also are better at. Use feedback to revise text evaluating their own work. and visuals that your audience, Thinking about the writing process and consciously adopting the processes. may misunderstand, of good writers will help you become a better writer. Check your sources,Assume that no document is,confidential E mail.
documents can be forwarded,Activities in the Composing Process. and printed out without your Composing can include many activities planning brainstorming gathering. knowledge both e mails and organizing writing evaluating getting feedback revising editing and proof. paper documents can be reading The activities do not have to come in this order Not every task demands. subpoenaed for court cases all activities, Locker Kienzler Business I The Building Blocks of 5 Planning Composing The McGraw Hill. and Administrative Effective Messages and Revising Companies 2008. Communication Eighth,Chapter 5 Planning Composing and Revising 137. When Words Hurt, Analyzing the problem defining your purposes and analyzing the audience. Brainstorming information benefits and objections to include in the document In the summer of 2006. Iowa State University, Gathering the information you need from the message you re answer was gearing up to host the first.
ing a person a book or the Web national Special Olympics a com. Choosing a pattern of organization making an outline creating a list petition featuring people with in. writing headings tellectual disabilities Visitors would. be arriving from all over the coun,try and the small university town. Putting words on paper or on a screen Writing can be lists fragmentary wanted to put on its best face for. notes stream of consciousness writing incomplete drafts and ultimately the crowds The student newspa. a formal draft per the Iowa State Daily created,a 14 page full color visitors guide. Revising to the city of Ames and inserted it,into the campus paper Unfortu. Evaluating your work and measuring it against your goals and the re nately they named it Ames for. quirements of the situation and audience The best evaluation results from Dummies after the popular book. re seeing your draft as if someone else had written it Will your audience series. understand it Is it complete Convincing Friendly The editor in chief quickly apol. Getting feedback from someone else Is your pattern of organization ap ogized for the insensitive choice. propriate Does a revision solve an earlier problem Are there any typos of wording while the Daily re. in the final copy moved the inserts and replaced, Adding deleting substituting or rearranging Revision can be changes in them with reprinted publications. featuring a new headline,single words or in large sections of a document.
Adapted from Lisa Rossi Olympics,Editing Section Goof Sends Paper Run. ning Des Moines Register July 1, Checking the draft to see that it satisfies the requirements of standard 2006 1A 4A. English Here you d correct spelling and mechanical errors and check. word choice and format Unlike revision which can produce major. changes in meaning editing focuses on the surface of writing. Proofreading the final copy to see that it s free from typographical errors. Note the following points about these activities, The activities do not have to come in this order Some people may gather. data after writing a draft when they see that they need more specifics to. achieve their purposes, You do not have to finish one activity to start another Some writers plan. a short section and write it plan the next short section and write it and so. on through the document Evaluating what is already written may cause a. writer to do more planning or to change the original plan. Most writers do not use all activities for all the documents they write. You ll use more activities when you write more complex or difficult docu. ments about new subjects or to audiences that are new to you. Research about what writers really do has destroyed some of the stereo. types we used to have about the writing process Consider planning Tradi. tional advice stressed the importance of planning and sometimes advised. writers to make formal outlines for everything they wrote But we know now. that not all good documents are based on outlines, For many workplace writers pre writing is not a warm up activity to get.
ready to write the real document It s really a series of activities designed. to gather and organize information take notes brainstorm with colleagues. and plan a document before writing a complete draft And for many peo. ple these activities do not include outlining Traditional outlining may lull. Locker Kienzler Business I The Building Blocks of 5 Planning Composing The McGraw Hill. and Administrative Effective Messages and Revising Companies 2008. Communication Eighth, 138 Part 1 The Building Blocks of Effective Messages. writers into a false sense of confidence about their material and organization. The Art of,Brainstorming, making it difficult for them to revise their content and structure if they deviate. from the outline developed early in the process 2,Do you want good. ideas Do you want to,spark more good ideas with oth. ers Researchers managers,Using Your Time Effectively.
and inventors say Relax Play To get the best results from the time you have spend only one third of your. music Break bread with a col time actually writing Spend at least another one third of your time analyz. league Read a poem Open ing the situation and your audience gathering information and organizing. yourself to eccentricity Listen to what you have to say Spend the final third evaluating what you ve said re. someone else s story Laugh vising the draft s to meet your purposes and the needs of the audience and. Resist the tyranny of drones, the organization editing a late draft to remove any errors in grammar and me. Seek catharsis Get vulnerable,chanics and proofreading the final copy. Do something risky Be a rebel,with self confidence And yes. Do realize however that different writers and documents may need differ. with love ent time divisions to produce quality communications. Quoted from Robert Parker The Art,of Brainstorming BusinessWeek. August 26 2002 169,Brainstorming Planning and Organizing.
Business Documents, Spend significant time planning and organizing before you begin to write The. better your ideas are when you start the fewer drafts you ll need to produce a. good document Start by using the analysis questions from Chapter 1 to. identify purpose and audience Use the strategies described in Chapter 2 to. analyze audience and identify reader benefits Gather information you can. use for your document, Sometimes your content will be determined by the situation Sometimes. even when it s up to you to think of benefits or topics to include in a report. you ll find it easy to think of ideas If ideas won t come try the following. techniques, Brainstorming Think of all the ideas you can without judging them. Consciously try to get at least a dozen different ideas before you stop. Good brainstorming depends on generating many ideas. Freewriting 3 Make yourself write without stopping for 10 minutes or. so even if you must write I will think of something soon At the end of. 10 minutes read what you ve written identify the best point in the draft. then set it aside and write for another 10 uninterrupted minutes Read. this draft marking anything that s good and should be kept and then. write again for another 10 minutes By the third session you will probably. produce several sections that are worth keeping maybe even a complete. draft that s ready to be revised, Clustering 4 Write your topic in the middle of the page and circle it Write. down the ideas the topic suggests circling them too The circles are de. signed to tap into the nonlinear half of your brain When you ve filled the. page look for patterns or repeated ideas Use different colored pens to. group related ideas Then use these ideas to develop reader benefits in a. memo questions for a survey or content for the body of a report Figure 5 1. presents the clusters that one writer created about business communica. tion in the United States and France, Talk to your audiences As research shows talking to internal and exter.
nal audiences helps writers to involve readers in the planning process and. to understand the social and political relationships among readers This. preliminary work helps reduce the number of revisions needed before. documents are approved 5, Locker Kienzler Business I The Building Blocks of 5 Planning Composing The McGraw Hill. and Administrative Effective Messages and Revising Companies 2008. Communication Eighth,Chapter 5 Planning Composing and Revising 139. Figure 5 1 Clustering Helps Generate Ideas,Do the French. prefer oral or Handwriting,written vs,Isn t it hard to typing. Locker Kienzler Business and Administrative Communication Eighth Edition I The Building Blocks of Effective Messages 5 Planning Composing

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