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ACT endorses the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education a statement of. guidelines for those who develop administer and use educational tests and data The. Code sets forth criteria for fairness in four areas developing and selecting appropriate. tests administering and scoring tests reporting and interpreting test results and. informing test takers ACT is committed to ensuring that each of its testing programs. upholds the Code s standards for appropriate test development practice and use. A copy of the full Code may be obtained free of charge from ACT Customer Services. 68 P O Box 1008 Iowa City IA 52243 1008 319 337 1429. Visit ACT s website at www act org,2006 by ACT Inc All rights reserved. NOTE This booklet is covered by Federal copyright laws that prohibit the reproduction. of the test questions without the express written permission of ACT Inc. ENGLISH TEST, DIRECTIONS In the passage that follows in this abbre You will also find questions about a section of the passage. viated version of the test certain words and phrases are or about the passage as a whole These questions do not. underlined and numbered In the right hand column you refer to an underlined portion of the passage but rather are. will find alternatives for the underlined part In most identified by a number or numbers in a box. cases you are to choose the one that best expresses. For each question choose the alternative you consider. the idea makes the statement appropriate for standard. best and then circle that answer in the test booklet Read. written English or is worded most consistently with the. the passage through once before you begin to answer the. style and tone of the passage as a whole If you think. questions that accompany it For many of the questions. the original version is best choose NO CHANGE In, you must read several sentences beyond the question to. some cases you will find in the right hand column a. determine the answer Be sure that you have read far. question about the underlined part You are to choose. enough ahead each time you choose an alternative,the best answer to the question. An Extension of My Fingers,I learned to eat with chopsticks when I was seven.
years old According to my grandparents who were, brought up in China I was terribly old to be learning such. a basic skill Children in China never eat with forks my 01 A NO CHANGE. 1 B skill Children, grandfather said Chinese children learn to eat with C skill Children. D skill children, chopsticks from the beginning 2 02 The writer is considering adding here the following. Think of the chopsticks as an extension of your,When he told me this I was in the second. fingers my grandmother advised You can learn to grade. Would this be a relevant addition to make, control them as well as you control your own fingers.
F Yes because the sentence makes it clear that the. narrator was older than most Chinese children are,when they start using chopsticks. G Yes because the sentence gives information that,is necessary to understanding the paragraph that. follows it, H No because the sentence gives information that is. similar to what has already been given earlier in,the paragraph. J No because the sentence should open the next,paragraph not conclude this paragraph.
In my experience though the bamboo sticks 03 Three of these choices are acceptable here Which one. 3 is NOT acceptable,were nothing like my fingers,A NO CHANGE. B Yet in my experience,C However in my experience,D In my experience therefore. PLAN 1 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE,With a certain amount of clumsiness I would. 1 04 Which choice would best emphasize the sense that the. writer made a serious attempt to learn how to manipu. manage to wedge a piece of food between the long late the chopsticks. F NO CHANGE,stiff chopsticks G Through arduous concentration. H An impatient person,J Being considerate, Then as I rose the food to my mouth the chopsticks 05 A NO CHANGE.
would suddenly slip or shift beyond C raise, control and that my dinner would land on the table 06 F NO CHANGE. 6 G control in which my dinner landed, with an embarrassing plop For a long time I could not H control and my dinner would land. J control and landing my dinner, finish a meal without creating greasy blotches around. As I began to try my new skill in Chinese restaurants. I discovered through necessity the different techniques. required to manage the many types of chopsticks, available Each type presenting another challenge 07 A NO CHANGE. 7 B available each type presented,C available Each type presented.
D available Each type having presented, Bone chopsticks thick and square and heavy were 08 F NO CHANGE. 8 G chopsticks thick and square and heavy,H chopsticks thick and square and heavy. J chopsticks thick square and heavy,considered appropriate for formal occasions but. definitely were especially difficult for my childish 09 A NO CHANGE. 9 B it was a fact that they were, hands When complaining to my grandmother she said 10 F NO CHANGE. 10 G When I complained, that the most difficult chopsticks of all had appeared a H I complained.
J Complaining, thousand years ago in the emperors court 11 A NO CHANGE. 11 B year s ago in the emperor s,C years ago in the emperor s. D years ago in the emperors,PLAN 2 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. In those ancient times my grandmother said the, test for any woman wanting to marry a prince was to eat. a meal of pigeon s eggs with delicate silver chopsticks. Managing the slippery marble sized eggs with the, gleaming pointed chopsticks required a sensitivity at that 12 F NO CHANGE.
12 G toward, of most normal people I knew then that I did not want to H in. be a princess,Question 13 asks about the preceding passage. as a whole, 13 Suppose the writer had chosen to write a brief essay. about a particular experience from childhood that,changed the way she viewed her grandparents Would. this essay successfully fulfill the writer s goal,A Yes because the writer realized that her grand.
parents wanted her to experience Chinese culture,B Yes because the writer suddenly saw that her. grandparents were more strict than her parents, C No because the essay indicates that the writer was. unable to learn what her grandparents were trying,to teach her. D No because the essay gives no indication that the. relationship between the writer and her grand,parents changed in any way. END OF TEST 1,MATHEMATICS TEST, DIRECTIONS Solve each problem in this abbreviated but some of the problems may best be done without using.
version of the test choose the correct answer and then a calculator. circle that answer in the test booklet, Note Unless otherwise stated all of the following should. Do not linger over problems that take too much time be assumed. Solve as many as you can then return to the others in. 1 Illustrative figures are NOT necessarily drawn to scale. the time you have left for this test,2 Geometric figures lie in a plane. You are permitted to use a calculator on this test You 3 The word line indicates a straight line. may use your calculator for any problems you choose 4 The word average indicates arithmetic mean. 1 Ten boxes of books were delivered to the school DO YOUR FIGURING HERE. library There were 50 books in each box except for. the last box which contained only 40 books How, many books did the library receive in this delivery. 2 In a 1 week period in St Louis Missouri the high. temperatures recorded each day were 72 67 77,66 78 65 and 65 respectively What was the. average of the daily high temperatures during that. period to the nearest whole degree,PLAN 4 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.
3 Robin asked 50 classmates to name their favorite color. 2 DO YOUR FIGURING HERE,and gathered the following information. Favorite blue purple red yellow green,Number of 18 11 6 5 10. classmates,Robin decided to display the information in a bar. graph on graph paper as shown below If the bar, labeled blue is 9 blocks tall how many blocks tall. should the bar labeled green be,number of classmates.
favorite color,4 If 3x 7 28 5x then x,PLAN 5 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. 5 What is the next term in the following geometric. 2 DO YOUR FIGURING HERE, 6 What is the sum of the 2 polynomials in the addition. problem below,F 2x2 9x 4,G 3x2 9x 5,H 3x2 9x 4,J 3x4 9x 4. K 3x4 9x2 4,PLAN 6 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE, 7 Which of the following line segments in the standard. 2 DO YOUR FIGURING HERE,x y coordinate plane has the greatest slope.
8 Which of the following lists the fractions 4 5 and. 2 in order from least to greatest, 9 The coordinates of the endpoints of RS on the real. number line are 4 and 20 Point M is the midpoint of. RS What is the coordinate of M,PLAN 7 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. 10 Which of the following graphs represents all and. 2 DO YOUR FIGURING HERE,only the real numbers that satisfy x 8 2. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x,0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x,0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x,0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x, 11 In the circle centered at C below AB is a diameter.
and D lies on the circle If the measure of ACD is,60 what is the measure of ABD. 12 The lengths of the sides in the triangle below are given. in centimeters If you want to construct a similar, triangle with a perimeter of 30 centimeters how many. centimeters long should its longest side be,PLAN 8 GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. 13 The rectangular field shown below is 39 m wide and. 2 DO YOUR FIGURING HERE, 80 m long Frances and Bonita are at point D Frances. walks to point B by walking along the edge of the field. through point C Bonita gets to point B by walking,diagonally across the field About how many meters.
more does Frances walk than Bonita, 14 One of the numbers in the set 2 3 4 is chosen at. random and raised to the power of a different one of. these numbers also chosen at random What is the, probability that the resulting number will be even. 15 The figure below shows a parallelogram that is,composed of a square and 2 right triangles The. perimeter of the square is 32 centimeters and the, lengths of the bases of the triangles are as indicated. What is the area in square centimeters of the,parallelogram.
E Cannot be determined from the given information,END OF TEST 2. READING TEST, DIRECTIONS There is one passage in this abbreviated. version of the test The passage is followed by several. questions After reading the passage choose the best. answer to each question and circle the answer in the test. booklet You may refer to the passage as often as, Passage I When all is said and done Sally Ride is just another. 30 First Woman, SOCIAL SCIENCE This passage is adapted from an essay by. Ellen Goodman that appeared in Keeping in Touch 1985 by Ride is luckier than many of the others in this. The Washington Post Company sorority People are rooting for her rather than against. her But the initiation rites are by now familiar,Twenty years ago when Valentina Tereshkova went.
into space she was followed by an appalling trail of As a First Woman she is watched and called upon to. words The Russians smiling cosmonette and 35 explain her very existence in a way that her co travelers. dimpled space sister had her feminine curves hidden are not She is asked opinions on everything female. 5 in a clumsy space suit You get the idea from fashion to feminism and everyone offers opinions. about her from her fashions to her feminism, Sally Ride in turn suffered some before she went up. in the Challenger Johnny Carson quipped that the launch Nearly all of the select have felt this glare of. was being postponed until Sally could find the purse to 40 extraordinariness even in their more earthly pursuits. match her shoes A Time magazine writer asked if she Nearly all of them have sighed at some moment as Ride. 10 wept when things went wrong did It may be too bad that our society isn t further. along and that this is such a big deal, By lift off however the media were just about as But most First Women share something else a. 1 tamed 2 repressed or 3 enlightened as we could 45 special conflict There is the desire to be accepted as a. have hoped Indeed it was Sally Ride s name which self made woman a person who was and is judged on. seemed to provide more twists puns and plays on words individual merit There is the realization that each carries. 15 for headline writers than her sex To wit Ride Sally a load of other women s frustrations and hopes. Ride Sally Rides High and Sally s Joy Ride,Ride has borne the disappointments of women such. Still what we are witnessing is a classic case of First 50 as those would be astronauts of 1961 the dozen whose. Womanitis a social disease that comes with prolonged space futures were canceled out because the times. exposure to the spotlight Sally Ride First American were not ripe She has also taken on the hopes of a. 20 Woman in Space is taking this trip right into history generation of young girls in search of heroines When it. while her male companions are destined for the trivia all gets to be too much she flips the switch marked. shows 55 oblivious Maybe First Women wear that switch like a. sorority pin, She is also like it or not joining a large sorority. whose ranks include Elizabeth Blackwell the first In any case Ride is now initiated She s learned the. This booklet provides sample test questions from each of the four content areas measured by the PLAN Test Page English Test 1 Mathematics Test 4 Reading Test 10 Science Test 12 Answer Key 16 IC 0402WT060 PLAN ACT endorses the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education a statement of guidelines for those who develop administer and use educational tests and data The

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