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The Pleyades Magazine gives testimony that all planets of the cos. mos are inhabited by human beings like us physically but psychologi. cally the extraterrestrial humans possess a soul of angels devoid of all. Invitation, Appreciated reader if you wish to share an experience or reliable. contact with man of other planets and cosmic ships we invite you to. participate with your experience in this magazine,If you wish to contact us write to. pleyades revista gmail com,Fernando Moya,Design and Edition. Manuel Guzm n,Transcription,Ivette Renter a,Pleyades Magazine Reserved Rights. 5 Dedication,6 The Reality of the Cosmic Ships,8 The Human Bodies of other Worlds.
10 The Color of the Skin of Humans from Other Worlds. 12 The Hair Color of the Interplanetary Humanities. 14 The Milky Way,16 Ors Solar System, 18 The Origin of the Cosmic Ships The Law of the Fall. 19 Hyperspace or Fourth Vertical, 21 Introduction to My Experiences with Extraterrestrial Ships. 22 Physical Visual Contact with Two Ships,23 The Ship that Changed my Destiny. 25 Three Venusian Ships Visit Us, 27 The Three Venusian Ships Return My First Contact with a Man of the Planet Venus and My First Trip in a Ship of Another Planet. 30 Why Humanities of Other Worlds Don t Make Contact with the Inhabitants of the Earth. 32 The one Who Falsify with the Truth, 34 Mediums Auto projections of Reptilian and Grey Monstrous Making Themselves Pass as Humans from other Worlds.
36 Mediums and Spiritualists Evil Characters of Hell that Deceive People. 37 The Black Story of the Present Bellicose Humanity. 39 Fake UFO s Manned by Mercenaries, 40 The Black Magicians Pose as Aliens Deceiving the Incautious. 42 A Speculative Aberration of a Pseudo Seer,43 Ghoulish Uphologist Writers. 44 It s False that the UFO s are Secret Weapons of the Powers of the World. 45 To Have Access to the Hyperspace Cosmic Science We Must Have Opened the Inner Mind. 46 Message of Our Brothers of Other Worlds to Humanity. 48 Invitation to the Reflection to the Seekers of the Truth about UFO s and the Alien Human Life. Dedication, edicating this magazine to all te humanities whom initiate them in the cosmic. rrestrial humans to all Rebellious travels and beside of giving them some of those. Eagles Man and Woman receptive ships they are taught to build them. with open minds free of fanaticism dogmatism, and the depressing skepticism materialist re In the time of the Atlantis normally the cos. gressive and delay that eclipse the truth hidden mic ships would land in the airports of Samlio. in our hearts before the solemn verdict of the city then the people from other planets would. public conscience visit the kings and lived with them in their pa. In the present doing we explain the unknown, the concerns to questions without answer that When humanity corrupted morally the sis.
we make ourselves in our interior about this ters from other planets stopped visiting us By. topic of the extra terrestrial the cosmic ships this time of bankruptcy of all spiritual values. manned by human beings and the reality that we will again be help by our brothers from. all the planets of the cosmos are inhabited by other planets we need extra help because we. human beings like us are failed and by the edge of a cataclysm. Thanks to the breadwinner of life I ve had Various people of earth have already been. the privilege of have being contact physically taken for trip to other planets of the infinite space. by man of the exterior space of have being vi, sited in several occasion and in different places In the streets of our cities there are citizens. by ships manned by human beings like us from from other planets already dressed as coun. the neighbor planets of Jupiter Mars Venus trymen that nobody recognize they study our. among others and from their facilities here on language usage and mores with the purpose to. Earth Of have being invited on their ships and help us. being transferred to some specific places of our, planet We will be aid in great scale lots of cosmic. ships will land in the jungle of Brazil in the, Throughout the infinite cosmic space mi south of Argentina in the Himalayas and in. llions of cosmic ships travel so numerous like other places where they have secret facilities. the sand of the ocean The interplanetary ships like in Mexico. interstellar are gigantic and take inside their, belly small ship used to descend to the worlds Some of those cosmic crews often stay. This is suchlike the big shipping that take aboard among us. small boats that are used to descend to ground,Fernando Moya.
Any mature humanity of the cosmos has the,full right to receive the cosmic ships. Normally the elder brothers help the young,ones and when humanity reaches the mature. age they receive the visit of other planetary,The Reality of the. Cosmic Ships, his restlessness topic of the flying discs mer Frances Camille Flammarion is a tremen. spreads throughout the roundness of dous reality however scientist like always keep. earth now that nobody can t deny that doubting,Today who dares deny that it is heard unquestio.
nably by their foolishness In this Pleyades Magazine we don t pretend to. proof the reality of cosmic ships that visit us,Like that who denies the reality of the cos. mic ships will be classified as stubborn now Because it s a concrete fact and real for all te. that they are shown till satiety their real existen rrestrial people and for their governments that. ce with photographs such as North like in the the manned cosmic ships by beings of flesh and. South in the East like in the West of the world bones like us have visit us since antiquity they. visit us and will be doing so,Obviously earth cannot be the only planet in. habit it would be absurd to think that our world The ships have been filmed photographed. a negative grain of sand in the infinite space capture by networks by telescopes and control. would be the only planet with the exclusiveness towers of airports before the solemn verdict of. of having life the public conscience,In reality of truth The Plurality of the. Worlds sustained a while ago by the astrono Fernando Moya. The Human Bodies of other Worlds, t is absurd the fantasies of many authors other times and that we have sculptures of rock in. scientists uphologyst and cinematogra Egypt in Petra in India in Tibet in China and in. phers that cast and imaging the people of other cultures of the world that clearly show and. other planets with a different shape other than if on earth there has been races of all sizes why. the shape of the terrestrial human couldn t there exist in other worlds the different. height of human bodies,The physical factions of all men kids and wo.
men of all the worlds are similar to ours with There s also human beings with the height of. some variants 50cm like the people from the Sun Syrian the. re are of 25cm and less we found testimony of, The physical bodies of humans are differ by this a few hours of Sucre capital of Bolivia were. size and height of all ethnic cultures of the earth they found archeological ruins of a Lilliputian ci. there are of the same height like of 1 80m ap vilization of Earth therefore anthropologically. proximately the people of Mars Venusians with its proven and by gigantic human sculptures of. an average height of 90cm women and 1m men rock that in our planet have existed races of di. fferent sizes,The ones from Mercury taller than us the. people from planet Jupiter are the same average Therefore worlds that beat in the starry space. height as terrestrial of our galaxy and of millions of galaxies are den. sely populated by humanities of several heights,There are also of 2 5m and of 4m like the. giants of Tula Mexico There are of 8m and Fernando Moya. 18m we also found testimony of this in the te, rrestrial races of gigantic height that existed in. Modern Man Olmec Head Atlante de Tula Moai Island of Easter Colossi of Memnon Egypt. 8 M xico M xico, Sirius Sun Venus Pluto Earth Mars Other World Other World.
The Color of the Skin,of Humans from Other Worlds, ndoubtedly that in our planet there has Humans from Jupiter also have white skin and. always been four colors of basic skin other shade tones similar to ours. The first race of pure black color skin tan like The humanity from the planet Pluto is small of. the Watusi tribes of Africa with fine and beau 1 5cm of average height and skin color of natives. tiful factions like the Olmec heads on rocks of or ethnicities of Mexico Aztecs same color skin. the Olmec in Mexico with the flattened nose and as the Incas of Peru and with exactly the same. pronounced lips that breed with the black skin physiologic characteristics as the ripping in their. race gave as a result of other variants eyes, The second breed yellow skin from Asian There are also people like the ones from the. countries Blue Galaxy that the Master Samael ratify been. entered in contact with them and that they have, The third race white that systematically anni intense blue skin color like the hindus deities that. hilate the fourth race of red skin that remind us of live in the underground caverns of the Antarctic. North American tribes,In my personal case I give testimony before. The combination of these four primary colors the solemn verdict of the public conscience to. of skin in the crucible foundry of the races in have been contacted in one occasion in a specific. New York and now in Middle and South America place by a man of the Blue Galaxy his body was. has giving combinations of different skin colors Herculean with a beautiful face and an average. that we all know height of 1 90m His suit the same color of his. skin and tight to the body like the divers of blue. The same way in the neighboring planets of hair and eyes of the dame heavenly color. the solar system the skin in general is the same, color as human terrestrial There are also races of color green violet pur.
ple and other colors comprehend that there are, For example the people from Venus kids wo billions of planets all inhabited with skin colors. men and men have white pinkish akin like the each totally different or related in some cases. dawn beautiful reflecting an extraordinary har,mony in their beautiful human body Fernando Moya. Such as in women like in men white blue gre, enish eyes bright where they reflect their souls of. angels and the wisdom of the stars,The people from planet Mars are white skin. like the one from north of Europe pinkish that,reflects the determination in their face.
The Hair Color,of the Interplanetary Humanities, n the planet Mars or Dogue Mars langua That means that with the defects of the charac. ge there are two ethnicities or races one ter and the personality with which we use to make. with black hair green eyes of different our loved ones suffer ourselves and the suffering. shades and white skin with an athletic body humanity. The other Martian race have their hair color I m referring emphatically to the violent rage. blond like the anglos and blue color eyes the wo the brutal hate the terrible pride our self love the. men are beautiful where the purity and beauty of lust he lie the fraud the deception the scam the. their soul reflects in their eyes gluttony the infrasexual the sodomy the homici. de the genocide the ecocide etc etc etc which, In synthesis we will say that there are a variety characterize all of us with no exception which we. of hair tones like how there are on the different live in this stricken society victims of our own. planets there are on Earth Venusians have hair faults. color blond like gold and people from Pluto have, black hair color The neighboring humanities and the infinite. cosmos are solar men and women in full meaning, The eyes of the interplanetary humanities pos of the word without an atom of the animal ego of. sess beautiful colors unknown by us earthlings defects and subhuman aberrations. Generally the neighbor humanities of the solar, system have related color eyes as the people of Like that humanities have been granted the.
Earth in which reflects the pureness of their an conquest of the interstellar cosmic space the ma. gel souls nufacture of powerful transport units of all types. and size they are moved as grains of light to the, We must understand that the bird and mammal speed of light. species have different color eyes to ours in gene, ral that is why we must not be surprised that hu For these reason the present human race to. mans from other solar systems and galaxies have which we belong will not be giving the right to. different color eyes to ours special navigation, Morphology and Psychology The inhabitants of other worlds visit us with the. Of Neighboring Humans of the Solar System noblest intentions and bring us messages of wis. dom science and love unfortunately in repeated, The morphology of the extra terrestrial with occasions they have been greeted with shrapnel. their feature characteristics is similar to ours but and missiles from warplanes. psychologically they are totally different well, none of the human beings of neighboring planets Fernando Moya.
carry in their interior the animal ego,Solar System Ors. Our Solar System, he Milky Way is a living cosmic orga The centrifuge force imparts the nebula in a. nism spiral body within which our so spiral motion likeness a tornado on sand spiroid. The Pleyades Magazine gives testimony that all planets of the cos mos are inhabited by human beings like us physically but psychologi cally the extraterrestrial humans possess a soul of angels devoid of all madness Invitation Appreciated reader if you wish to share an experience or reliable contact with man of other planets and cosmic ships we invite you to participate with your

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