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VPS V Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers or VPS is still a shared environment but provides for more independence While VPS. customers are still sharing a server with others there are fewer people on the server and they have some. resources that are dedicated to their accounts such as memory There are still restrictions regarding the amount. of CPU Bandwidth and Disk Space that are utilized but more flexibility than on the shared platform The users on. these servers are privileged to have their own installations of Linux Apache MySQL etc. VPS are like apartments You can take a long shower eat anything in the refrigerator have an assigned parking. spot and can do just about what you please as long as you re not disturbing your neighbor While there are some. things the super will fix you are responsible for a fair amount of your own maintenance. Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers provide complete independence As the name implies the server is dedicated to you and your. account only You get to do whatever you want and you don t have to worry about disturbing other customers You. can use as much hard drive space and CPU as the machine can handle. Dedicated Servers are like a house on a big hill in the middle of the field You don t bother any one else because. you are away from everyone else The space is completely yours you are free to hold parties and do what you. want within the limits of the law You are responsible for your own maintenance and can install your own. installations of Linux Apache MySQL etc, InMotion servers use the proprietary software cPanel which acts as a front end and back end to server. management cPanel manages most major services on the server including MySQL Apache PHP and Courier. IMAP Cpanel is of the most popular tools in the field You should be well acquainted with it You can read over. the features and use a demo at the following links. http etwiki cpanel net twiki bin view AllDocumentation CpanelDocs WebHome. http cpanel com products cpanelwhm try demo html, All of our accounts come with email services Much of our correspondence with customers is related to setup. configuration and management of these services While we have many articles and self help content such as. https support inmotionhosting com cgi bin kb cgi do read id 97 we regularly troubleshoot issues with common. email and webmail clients Familiarity with these email client applications is encouraged. Provided below are some resources explaining the foundation of email technology You should know the. difference between POP IMAP and SMTP along with the pros and cons of each. What is POP,http en wikipedia org wiki Post Office Protocol.
What is IMAP, http en wikipedia org wiki Internet Message Access Protocol. Pros and Cons, Advantages of POP POP is useful for keeping mailbox sizes low and because of it s fairly simple transaction. method login download log out it is very quick, Disadvantages of POP Due to the fact that POP will download all messages and remove them from the server if. someone has an email account configured as POP and that system crashes all email will be lost Note that it is. possible to use POP and leave messages on the server however if these messages are not removed it will fill the. server possibly causing issues if one has quotas set or the person attempts to use webmail. Advantages to IMAP IMAP is very good for people who need to the ability to check their email from many. locations and have their data preserved on the server Due to how it syncs one can also organize the email on the. server itself as opposed to organizing it solely on the client software Additionally if one system that syncs with. this account crashes the emails will be preserved on the server. Disadvantages to IMAP As a result of the fact that IMAP needs to check all folders the process of checking for. new messages takes longer and can take some time if the mailbox is very large If the amount of data an IMAP. client is pulling down is too large a customer can risk action needing to be taken by System Administration as the. large file transfer can bog down a server,What is SMTP. http en wikipedia org wiki Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Port 25 Blocking, http en wikipedia org wiki Anti spam techniques Port 25 blocking.
File Transfer Protocol, FTP is the most common way for users to upload and download files Just like http is the connection protocol for. web pages to be transmitted FTP is the connection protocol for the transferring of files from one computer using. an FTP client to a FTP Server You should know what FTP is and what information a customer needs to connect. http support inmotionhosting com cgi bin kb cgi do read id 102. http en wikipedia org wiki FTP,Domain Names, Domain registering transferring and management comes hand in hand with hosting You should know the rules. and regulations relating to domain registrations transferring and the whois record. http en wikipedia org wiki Domain name registrar,http en wikipedia org wiki Domain name. http en wikipedia org wiki Whois,Domain Name System DNS. DNS is a very important part of web hosting While in many cases we aren t going to have a customer ask us a. direct question about DNS checking DNS settings is a very important step in troubleshooting many issues DNS. can be complex which means we need to understand it enough not only to solve a problem but also to educate. the customer You should know generally how it works the function of the name server and the different types of. DNS records,http en wikipedia org wiki DNS,http en wikipedia org wiki Name server.
http en wikipedia org wiki List of DNS record types. PHP and MySQL, Development and programming experience is not a requirement for working in hosting The majority of websites. we host however use these technologies You should be familiar with what they are and the role they play in web. applications,http en wikipedia org wiki MySQL,http en wikipedia org wiki Php. All InMotion servers run Linux Our flavor of Linux is CentOS which is an enterprise Linux distribution geared for. servers Command line Linux is the foundation for much of the troubleshooting that you will do in your daily tasks. While experience in command line is not a requirement for our 1 st level technical positions having knowledge and. experience is a plus, We recommend installing Linux on a system to become comfortable with both command line and the GUI If you. currently have a computer that you can dedicate to this we would encourage you to format the hard drive and. start from scratch installing debian,Packages and instructions and be found here. http www debian org releases stable installmanual, If you currently have windows installed and would like to dual boot windows Linux then using wubi to install Ubuntu.
may be a better option Packages and instructions and be found here. http www ubuntu com download ubuntu windows installer. Linux Shell, Most of your work in hosting will be completed in a command line prompt The following seven short guides. introduces you to the most simplistic of these functions Knowing how to navigate in a Linux file system where key. files are stored the ownership of those files and permissions that restrict the files users assess should be your. first focus If you are not already familiar with these concepts then please read over these carefully. What is the shell,http linuxcommand org lts0010 php. Navigation in Linux,http linuxcommand org lts0020 php. Looking Around,http linuxcommand org lts0030 php,A Guided Tour File Structure. http linuxcommand org lts0040 php,Manipulating Files.
http linuxcommand org lts0050 php,I O Redirection,http linuxcommand org lts0060 php. Permissions,http linuxcommand org lts0070 php,Permissions Ownership. In any hosting server it is important that only the correct user has access to the files on the server and can only. access them in the ways the administrator wants Therefore understanding permissions and file ownership is. critical In the link above you scratched the sacrifice The following links will let you dive in a little deeper. http en wikipedia org wiki Filesystem permissions,http en wikipedia org wiki Chown. http en wikipedia org wiki Root user,http en wikipedia org wiki Sudo. Package Management, There are many ways to install applications on a Linux computer One of the most common ways to do this is with.
a package manager If you install Ubuntu then you would generally use apt get or their built in Software Center. On our servers using CentOS however you would use RPM or YUM to install applications A general. understanding of these tools would be helpful Below are some basic overviews for review. https help ubuntu com 8 04 serverguide C apt get html. http www ibm com developerworks linux library l lpic1 v3 102 5 ca drs. When learning command line Linux your best friend is the man command If you type man followed by the. command you wish to learn more about then it will open a Manual for that command You can use Page Up and. Page Down to navigate and Ctrl Z to close the man page For more information on the man command along. with some history you can read the following,http en wikipedia org wiki Man pages. Advanced Topics, Installing LAMP Linux Apache MySQL and PHP on our servers is done by our systems team A great deal of. knowledge can be found in setting up and configuring these softwares on your own. If you have installed Ubuntu or Debian the following instructions will assist you in getting started with installing. http wiki debian org LaMp, Another challenge that you may wish to undertake to gain a better understanding of applications installed on. Linux is to compile a program from source For a better understanding of what this means please read the. http luv asn au overheads compile html,Advanced Technical Skills. If you want to demonstrate you really get Linux you should aim to install a properly difficult distribution Examples. ArchLinux http www archlinux org,Slackware http www slackware com.
Gentoo http www gentoo org, These two distributions are much more difficult to install but conversely are exceptionally customizable and a. successful fully working installation of this including the installation of a Graphical User Interface is a good. demonstration of strong proficiency with Linux If you are really up to a challenge you can install OpenBSD or. FreeBSD While these are not Linux they are UNIX which is pretty much the same and exceptionally difficult to. install and configure,FreeBSD http www freebsd org. OpenBSD http www openbsd org, You should also take care to naturally backup anything important you have on the computer with these running it s. easy to get it wrong and need to start from scratch losing all the data. Now then if you don t want to be that outgoing with your Linux installs you can also look at installing some other. server software onto your system, Ruby on Rails http www rubyonrails org for serving Ruby scripts. Node js http www nodejs org, Django https www djangoproject com if you use Python.
If you can get some sort of DNS set up you should also consider setting up DNS routing to your system if you set it. up as a server,Self Study Quiz, 1 If I want to go up one directory from my current location what would I type. 2 If I want to change from my current directory to a directory called blog what do I type. c pwd blog,d chdir blog,3 Look at the following output. home imhtra5 public html bash 3 2,What command was entered to cause this output. 4 Let s say I want to clear my screen of all text on it What do I type. a clearscreen, 5 You have a small file three lines that you want to quickly look at but make no modifications to you will use. 6 You want to see the start date of a log which is very long without pulling up the whole file you will run. 7 You have a large text file you want to read through and possibly go back and reference parts you looked at. earlier but make no changes you will use, 8 You have a file you want to modify what should you use.
9 You want to look at the last ten lines of a file to see what the file ends with you will type. 10 What does an A record specify,a What name server is being used. b What IP address a host name goes to,c It shows what the primary IP for a server is. d It will always show where the website traffic goes. 11 What does the MX Records specify, a The MX Record specifies what IP address mail will go to. b It is the host name that can be used to send mail. c The host name that mail will be routed to when delivered to an address at a particular domain. d It is the name of the place that mail will go to for spam checks before being routed back to our servers. 12 If I wanted to see the Manual page for the grep command I would type the following. a grep man,b man grep,c grep help,d help man, 13 If I were to search for the MySQL package with yum what command would I use. a yum MySQL search,b yum search MySQL,c yum search MySQL.
d yum MySQL search, 14 Say I found the package I was looking for named MySQL server x86 64 how would I install this package. a yum MySQL install,b yum install MySQL,c yum install MySQL. d install MySQL yum, 15 Someone set their index html page to 777 permissions How would I set they back to 755. a chmod 755 index html,b setperms 755 index html,c chmod index html 755. Pipeline Program Technical Self Study Guide Thank you for your interest in InMotion Hosting and our Technical Support positions Our technical support associates operate in a call center environment assisting customers over phone email and chat with their web hosting needs If you have found yourself reading this guide you are interested in learning more about the Web Hosting and Linux

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