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sales btlnet com,www btlnet com, All rights reserved Although every care has been taken to provide accurate and up to date information no responsibility can be accepted for any mistakes. or misprints contained in this catalogue The products and their specifications as shown in this catalogue may change without notice The images are. shown for illustrative purposes only and may include accessories that are not supplied as standard. phYsiotherapy,BTL 5000 04,Main features 05,BTL therapeutic encyclopaedia 08. BTL 5000 Electrotherapy 10,BTL Vac 12,BTL 5000 Ultrasound therapy 16. BTL 5000 Laser therapy 20,BTL 5000 Magnetotherapy 24. BTL 5000 Combination therapy 30,BTL 5000 Combi units 32.
Overview of the BTL 5000 models 34,BTL 4000 36,Main features 37. BTL 4000 Electrotherapy Topline Professional 38, BTL 4000 Ultrasound therapy Topline Professional 42. BTL 4000 Laser therapy Topline Professional 44,BTL 4000 Magnetotherapy Topline Professional 46. BTL 4000 Combination therapy Topline Professional 48. BTL 4000 Combi units 49,Overview of the BTL 4000 models 51. BTL 6000 Lymphastim Presso therapy 52,BTL 20 Shortwave therapy 56.
BTL 21 Microwave therapy 57,BTL 16 Plus Traction therapy 58. Optional physiotherapy accessories 60,Optional physiotherapy accessories 60. Electrotherapy 60,Ultrasound therapy 60,BTL Vac 60. Laser therapy 60,Magnetotherapy 61,Modules for upgrade 61. Lymphatic drainage 61,Shortwave and Microwave therapy 62.
Traction therapy 62,Other products by BTL 63,PHYSIoTHERAPY. The BTL 5000 series offers advanced and well designed. physiotherapy units for professional use Combining. outstanding functional design most comprehensive,selection of treatment parameters and exceptional. performance at an affordable price the BTL 5000, series offers the most advanced physiotherapy units. THE BTL 5000 SERIES main FEATURES,The btl Unique Modular System. Electrotherapy Ultrasound therapy Laser Magnetotherapy. The BTL 5000 physiotherapy series is tailored to fit all your current and future. therapy needs Thanks to its modularity the BTL 5000 unit can be supplied. exactly to your practice needs a precise fit for your therapy needs and current. budget requirements Most important units may be upgraded to new levels of. performance when needed,The BTL Unique Modular System offers.
Combination of up to four therapies in a single unit Electrotherapy. Ultrasound therapy Laser therapy Magnetotherapy, The most complete selection of treatment parameters available. Cost savings on the initial investment plus time and space savings in the. Optional upgrade for new applications, Patient convenience since all therapies are applied at a single location. BTL 5000 Combi,Touch screen, The touch controlled display with pen pointer considerably simplifies the use. of the unit The control module is configured vertically allowing the operator. to easily view information on the screen from different positions In addition. display brightness may be adjusted to suit different office lighting conditions. The information displayed on the screen will guide the operator through the. entire therapy Simply adjust the parameters by pressing the touch screen. buttons and turn the main knob to set the intensity. PHYSIoTHERAPY,Large graphic display, The large graphic display clearly shows therapy parameters Even the most. advanced therapy currents and therapy methods are displayed together with. therapy effects and treatment strategies,THE BTL 5000 SERIES main FEATURES.
two types of touch screen display, The BTL 5000 units are supplied in two display screen sizes. 5 7 colour touch screen,TFT 8 4 colour TFT touch screen. Pre programmed protocols, Save time by using the pre programming feature Based on detailed research. and practical use of the units the well organised pre programmed therapy. protocols offer recommendations for treating various conditions and provide. a guide to the selected therapy Simply choose a diagnosis from the list. of alphabetically organised protocols or selecting a programme to initiate. btl Therapeutic Encyclopaedia, A full colour therapeutic encyclopaedia with therapy descriptions built in. diagnoses therapy procedures and anatomical images and positioning of. therapy applicators For more information see pages 8 9. User defined protocols, The large memory capacity allows storage of 150 500 user defined therapy.
protocols Data from the last 20 treatments can be recalled at any time. THE BTL 5000 SERIES main FEATURES,Patient database. Add patient names and other relevant information to the unit s internal memory. and connect patient data with pre programmed or your own protocols When. patients return simply recall their name and apply the pre set therapy. Identification of accessories and accessories,maintenance check. If several accessories are attached to the unit at the same time individual. accessories are automatically recognized for a specific treatment Select a. treatment on the display electrotherapy ultrasound laser or magnetotherapy. and the control light on the corresponding accessory electrotherapy cable. ultrasound head or magnetotherapy applicator will indicate that the accessory. is active and should be used Accessories may be tested at any time to check for. functionality and condition Applicators and cables are also checked to ensure. perfect working condition,Colour frame option, Select a colour of the unit that suits best your office design and personal taste. The BTL 5000 series offers 4 main colour options for the front panel screen. surround dark blue light blue yellow and orange,Unit adjustments. Sound and volume adjustment display colour and brightness setting screen. saver auto switch off initial security code and many other features can be. adjusted as desired,Multilingual unit, The BTL 5000 units can be set to operate in different languages English.
French Spanish Russian German Portuguese, 6 OUT Up to 6 outputs are available on the BTL 5000 units. General technical specifications of the BTL 5000 series. Mains supply 230 V 50 60 Hz 115V 50 60 Hz,PHYSIoTHERAPY. Dimensions 230 390 260 mm,Weight less accessories 4 7 5 3 kg. Class according to MDD 93 42 EEC IIb, Equipment protection class II according to IEC 536. BTL Therapeutic Encyclopaedia,btl Therapeutic Encyclopaedia.
Based on many years of medical research the Encyclopaedia feature offers on screen assistance with most. aspects of therapy With this feature users can easily apply an extensive database of knowledge of physical. therapy techniques to their own practice See descriptions of all therapies built in diagnoses therapy. procedures and anatomical images with positioning of therapy applicators Every pre programmed protocol. can be linked directly to its description in the Encyclopaedia. Examples from the encyclopaedia,ELECTROTHERAPY,Programme E 1663. Therapy parameters,current TENS,type symmetric,pulse 100us. pulse frequency 100Hz,modulation trapezoid surges, Position of electrodes electrodes 4x6cm above the affected muscle. Treatment time 10 20min step 1min,Frequency of treatments every other day. Number of treatments 8,Intensity up to threshold motor level.
Effects anlgesic vasodilatation,ULTRASOUND,arthritis rheumatoides subaqualis. Programme U 0002 arthritis rheumatoides subaqualis. Therapy parameters,carrier frequency 1MHz,duty factor 1 2 50. modulation frequency 100Hz,Recommended applicators ultrasound head 5 cm2. Length of application 5 minutes,Frequency of treatments 2 3x per week. Number of treatments 6 10,Intensity 1 0 2 0 W cm2 step 0 1 W cm2.
Effects analgesic antiedematous myorelaxation, Note Subaqual application Distance of the ultrasound head from the affected area. 10 12cm Water temperature 36 C,BTL Therapeutic Encyclopaedia. Programme L 0812,programme L 0812 sacralgia,Therapy parameters. dosage 16 J cm2,power by probe,irradiated area 1 cm2. frequency 10 Hz,duty factor DF 80,Recommended accessories infrared laser probe.
Frequency of treatments 3x per week,Number of treatments 12 or until problems subside. Effects analgesic vasodilatation myorelaxation, Note Irradiate lumbo sacral trocheal joints from upper to lower spine and the same. contralaterally to the sacro iliac joint,MAGNETOTHERAPY. FRActure Osteosynthesis, Programme M 0042 osteosynthesis per saltum post operation. Therapy parameters,current continuous magnetic field.
intensity of mag field according to applicator,Recommended applicators solenoid 30 disc. Length of application 60 min,Frequency of treatments daily. Number of treatments 15 20, Position of applicator suitable applicator directly at the operated area. Effects antiedematous analgesic vasodilatation antiphlogistic. support of healing, Note For in patients apply 2x a day The effectiveness of therapy can be increased by. application of SMF at the first five therapies The patient is relieved of pain visible rtg. changes appear after a longer time Along with magnetotherapy it is recommended to. administer preparations to support metabolism of bone tissue. Programme M 0054,Therapy parameters,current series of magnetic pulses.
intensity of mag field 120mT 10,shape of pulses rectangular protracted pulses. Recommended applicators solenoid 30cm solenoid 60cm double disk. Treatment time 30min,Frequency of treatments daily. Number of treatments long term treatment 10 14 weeks. according to pain relief,PHYSIoTHERAPY, Position of applicators solenoid 30cm 60cm double disk for local spasms. of limb muscles in the area of discomfort,Effects analgesic myorelaxation improvement. of microcirculation,10 ELECTROTHERAPY,THE ELECTROTHERAPY BTL 5000 PULS.
The BTL 5000 Puls are the most sophisticated electrotherapy devices available on the market The. units generate a full range of low and medium frequency waveforms and their modifications and are. equipped with all features and options that reflect the latest in electrotherapy. The BTL 5000 Puls series comes in several configurations offering a number of outputs and waveform. BTL 5620 Puls 2 channel electrotherapy an advanced electrotherapy unit with 2 outputs for. simultaneous treatment of two patients and for application of 4 pole interference. BTL 5625 Puls 2 channel electrotherapy similar in performance to the BTL 5620 the BTL 5625 features. in addition electrodiagnostics and an extended number of waveforms. BTL 5640 Puls 4 channel electrotherapy for simultaneous treatment of 2 patients and for simultaneous. application of 4 pole interference on 2 patients, BTL 5645 Puls 4 channel electrotherapy similar in its performance to the BTL 5640 features in addition. electrodiagnostics and an extended number of waveforms. Features and benefits of the BTL 5000 Electrotherapy Unit. Full range of low and medium frequency waveforms and their modifications see page 12. Easy change of electrode polarity,Constant Current and Constant Voltage modes CC CV. Programmable sequences, Electrodiagnostics I t curves motoric point rheobasis and chronaxie accommodation coefficient. Test of quality of electrodes and patient cables, BTL Unique Modular SystemTM later upgrades possible. Combination with ultrasound laser and or magnetotherapy modules. Connection to the BTL Vac vacuum unit,Optional cart.
Available upgrades, HVT Module special generator designed for electrotherapy specialists using the High Voltage Therapy For more information see page 14. Ordering No P5600 017V102, Module Electrotherapy Plus expand your therapy possibilities by the module Electrotherapy Plus The module includes SW for. electrodiagnostics and additional currents Isoplanar vector field dipole vector manual auto interrupted pulses Leduc current H wave. microcurrents medium frequency surges and spastic currents Ordering No P5000 004V100. General features of the BTL 5000 series, modular system colour touch screen therapy protocols encyclopaedia. user defined protocols patient database accessories check multilingual unit. ELECTROTHERAPY 11,PHYSIoTHERAPY,12 ELECTROTHERAPY,THE VACUUM UNIT BTL VAC. Combine any BTL 5000 Puls BTL 5000 Combi BTL 4000 Puls and BTL 4000 Combi unit with the. vacuum unit BTL Vac to apply electrotherapy currents by means of suction cup electrodes Adjustable. vacuum pressure ensures simple and convenient attachment of patient electrodes especially on the. parts of body hard to reach with flat rubber electrodes In addition the pulse mode provides mechanical. massage of the tissue improves body metabolism and increases blood supply. The BTL Vac has 2 independent outputs and operates in both pulse and continuous mode The unit has. 4 pre defined programmes to combine various pulse frequencies. Features and benefits of the BTL Vac,Compact design.
2 independent outputs,Continuous and pulse mode, 4 user defined programmes for pulsation 1 special programme for pulsation dependent on. electrotherapy modulation,Pulse frequency 15 30 45 and 60 pulses per minute. Professionally designed suction cup electrodes with biocompatible foam sponges that prevent skin. irritation,Quiet and easy operation,Technical specifications. BTL 5000 Ultrasound therapy 16 BTL 5000 Laser therapy 20 BTL 4000 Combination therapy Topline Professional 48 BTL 4000 Combi units 49

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