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Course information,Course homepage,Let s have a quick look. http www physics wisc edu undergrads courses,fall09 201. Find there detailed information on syllabus homework. exams grading discussion labs, Lectures Typically 1 Chapter per week from textbook. Two discussion sessions,One homework Always due on Thursdays. Textbook e book and WebAssign, The textbook is available in electronic form as an.
Paul Tipler and Gene Mosca Physics for Scientists and. Engineers 6th ed,You can read it from any computer with access to. internet http webassign net login html, This is by far the cheapest solution If you like to buy it in real. paper it is also available as softcover in 2 volumes this course covers. the 1st volume, This is our homework assignment system Problems are taken from the. textbook but numbers are randomized,Let s have a quick look into WebAssign. Intro to WebAssign,Student Guide to WebAssign,2008 by W H Freeman and Company.
Discussions Labs, Our team of Teaching Assistants will be your instructors in. discussions and labs,Sections Your TA,301 302 Eunsong Choi. 303 309 Jialu Yu,304 310 Jared Schmitthenner,305 311 Andrew Long. 306 307 Daniel Schroeder,Office hours,4 20pm 5 10pm Jared. 10 45am 11 45am Prof Coppersmith,11am 11 50am Dan,1 20pm 2 10pm Jialu.
2 25pm 3 15pm Andrew,11am 11 50am Eunsong,4 20pm 5 10pm Jared. 11am 11 50am Dan,12 05pm 12 55pm Eunsong,1 20pm 2 10pm Jialu. 2 25pm 3 15pm Andrew,2 30pm 3 30pm Prof Karle,best by appointment. Nature of Science,Theory and observation,Theories are made to explain observations. Theories will make predictions so that they are, Observations and experiments are used to test if the.
prediction is accurate,The cycle continues, In history physics and astronomy have set the ground. rules of modern science,2008 by W H Freeman and Company. Example Determination of the Earth diameter by,Eratosthenes 276 BC 195 BC. Eratosthenes wanted to determine,the diameter of the Earth Yes. the standard model at the time,was that the Earth was round.
that was not the question,He observed the angle of the sun. at the same time in Alexandria and,some 800km South of Alexandria. Syene Aswan,From the difference he was able,in inclination records indicate. that he was able to determine the,Earth s diameter to within 2. An example of great science,Example Determination of the Earth diameter by.
Eratosthenes 276 BC 195 BC,Eratosthenes wanted to determine. the diameter of the Earth Yes,the standard model at the time. was that the Earth was round,that was not the question. He observed the angle of the sun,at the same time in Alexandria and. some 800km South of Alexandria,Syene Aswan,From the difference he was able.
in inclination records indicate,that he was able to determine the. Earth s diameter to within 2,An example of great science. Physical quantities have units,Example Unit of length. Eratosthenes used the unit stadion The hellenic stadion was. pretty big 185m, In the Middle ages many kingdoms had different definitions of. a foot etc, Today the scientific community uses the SI system of.
units There are 7 basic units such as, Length Meter Based on the speed of light length of path. traveled by light in 1 299 792 458s, Mass kg Platinum cylinder in International Bureau of Weights. and Measures Paris,Time s Time required for 9 192 631 770 periods of. radiation emitted by cesium atoms,SI Base quantities. Length meter m,Time second s,Mass kilogram kg,Electric Current ampere A.
Temperature kelvin K,Amount of substance mole mol,Luminous intensity candela cd. 2008 by W H Freeman and Company,Depending on the,scale one often likes. to use prefixes,Example for length it,is convenient to use. km 1000m when,traveling by car or,nm 10 9m when,discussing molecular. scale objects,Conversions, Conversions between units are very helpful The use of different.
units has again and again lead to errors sometimes with bad. consequences, The conversion of units is also a frequent source of errors. engineering and science and exams,But it is easy to avoid. Avoid skipping the units for example because it is less writing. Are all the ingredients for a problem in the same units If not it is good. practice to perform the conversion before doing any algebra. Basic SI units are always safe, It is OK to us km or nm but need to take care that you don t mix m and km. Develop good practice, We will expect that you give results with units also in exams. Derived quantities and dimensions,N m2 kg m s2,Measurement and Significant figures.
A measurement has a precision or error, Measurement of the distance Earth moon with laser pulse based. on travel time of light Error a few cm position of the mirror. What is the relative error, The Greek astronomer Hipparch 200BC determined the distance. of the moon to about 70 Earth diameters 5 precision not too. Measurement and Significant figures,A measurement has a precision or error. Significant figures reflect the precision of the measurement. Physics 201 General Physics it is also available as softcover in 2 volumes this course covers Observations and experiments are used to test if the

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