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9 Set up an apparatus for evaporating the,water as shown in Figure 3. 1 Mass of the original mixture,2 Mass of salt recovered. 3 Mass of sand recovered,4 Percentage of salt in the original. 5 Percentage of sand in the original,6 Percent error Section 3 1 in text. Figure 3 Evaporation apparatus,Wilbraham Staley Matta 1995 p 18.
10 Light the burner and slide it under the,beaker Establish a gentle boil and avoid. spattering Remove the burner from 1 Calculate the sum of the percentages. under the beaker if boiling becomes of sand and salt from above In terms. vigorous or salt spatters Ensure that the of conservation of mass explain why. salt is completely dry before turning off the ideal total should be 100. the burner Alternate drying method, Use a heat lamp or drying oven 2 What procedural event would lead to. overnight a sum of less than 100 More than,11 Mass the beaker and the dry salt when. the beaker is cool to the touch 3 Identify one mixture one solution. and one compound from the lab, 12 Rinse the beaker in the sink Clean Create a table or chart that identifies. dry and put away all lab equipment the characteristics that distinguish. these different types of matter,13 After the sand and filter paper are dry.
obtain mass Dispose of the filter paper 4 Crude oil is separated or refined. and sand as directed into simpler components using a. technique called fractional,distillation Using your textbook or. internet resources locate a diagram,or moving animation that explains. 2 Mass dry filter paper g this process What physical property. allows this separation to occur, 3 Mass container with sand salt g Using the diagram animation briefly. describe the process from start to,4 Mass empty container g finish. 6 Mass clean dry 250 mL beaker g,5 Alkanes are molecules containing.
11 Mass beaker with dry salt g carbon and hydrogen with the carbon. atoms joined one after another in a, 13 Mass of dry filter paper and sand g chain Crude oil is composed. primarily of a mixture of alkanes,Examine the table below. Central Bucks Chemistry Laboratory Manual 2 1 Physical Separation Lab. Table 1 Alkane boiling point data Table 2 Separation lab data. American Chemical Society 2002 p 182,Complete Discussion Conclusions. 3 Application Questions, Make a graph of boiling point vs Table 3 and 4 show data collected in two. number of carbon atoms and use the different trials of the same lab. graph to predict the boiling point of, the alkane with 11 carbons Table 3 Separation lab data Trial 1.
1 Experiment,You have been given the, following materials iron filings Table 4 Separation lab data Trial 2. bits of cork sugar,a Identify one or more physical. properties that could be used to,separate the substances. b Craft a laboratory procedure,that could be used to separate. the substances Use short Which trial better supports the law of. statements in a numbered or conservation of mass Use one or. bulleted list Identify any more concise sentences and include. required equipment Include calculations that justify your answer. sketch of any apparatus needed,Offer an explanation for the trial that.
2 Data Analysis does not support the law of,conservation of mass What may have. Assume that the following data was happened during the procedure to. collected using the procedure utilized explain the inaccuracy. in class procedure steps 1 13,Complete the Analysis questions. using the data in Table 2, Central Bucks Chemistry Laboratory Manual 3 1 Physical Separation Lab. 6 Examine the molecular structures of,domoic acid and glutamic acid Describe. any similarities you can see Look at, Poisoned Needle Reading chemical the bonds shapes atoms A.
carbon atom occupies every unlabeled, Reading found at vertex in the abbreviated molecular. http tinyurl com cbchemlab needle structures like these Single bonds are. segments with one line double bonds, The reading is an example of how physical have two lines. and chemical properties of matter are used 7 Why was it reasonable to believe that. when trying to understand the composition domoic acid was not the toxin. of matter The article provides descriptions 8 What technique provided the final. of how a real world problem incorporated identification of the molecular formula. the scientific method and what techniques of domoic acid. were used to separate a mixture After you 9 Why did researchers refer to domoic acid. have read the article about how a toxic as a molecular Trojan Horse. compound was isolated answer the 10 Why can small quantities of domoic acid. following questions Good answers will cause the same negative effects as very. require more than a hasty reading of the large quantities of glutamic acid. article Provide thoughtful responses with 11 Chapter 1 included descriptions of five. specific details to inform the reader but branches of chemistry Which areas of. don t copy entire passages from the article study would likely contribute to the. This should be an example of your best knowledge and skills needed to isolate. thinking and writing skills and identify domoic acid Connect each. branch you chose to specific information, 1 What components of the scientific about the problem. method are evident in the process used 12 After reading this article react to the. to isolate the toxin that caused statement Chemistry can be considered. poisoning the central science Agree disagree, 2 What physical properties were but offer thoughtful support for your. considered during the initial separation position,of the mixture that contained the toxic.
extract from the mussel samples Creating a Flowchart. 3 Define the term volatile What general Chemists often use flowcharts to summarize. conclusion about the chemical laboratory procedures with multiple steps. characteristics of the toxin was made particularly those that involve. after comparing the volatile and separating isolating materials Using the. nonvolatile portions of the extract flowchart in the reading as a model draw. 4 Define the terms polar and ionizable as your own flowchart for separating the. they relate to molecules What evidence components of a mixture containing. in the physical separation process led the, researchers to conclude the toxin was a Component Physical Property. polar ionizable substance Iron filings Magnetic Insoluble in water. 5 How did the researchers decide that the Poppy seeds Float in water Insoluble. toxin was similar to the amino acid,Naphthalene Sublimes at low temperature. glutamic acid Moth balls Insoluble in water,Sand Insoluble in water. Salt Soluble in water, Central Bucks Chemistry Laboratory Manual 4 1 Physical Separation Lab. Related Links American Chemical Society 2002,Chemistry in the Community Fourth.
Distillation Edition ed New York W H, Separation based on differences in boiling point Freeman and Company. http tinyurl com cbchemlab distillation, http tinyurl com cbchemlab distillation2 Senese F 1997 2010 The poisoned. needle How techniques for,DNA Extraction separating mixtures helped solve a. Isolating the DNA of living organisms using deadly mystery Retrieved from. physical and chemical techniques http antoine frostburg edu chem. http tinyurl com cbchemlab DNAextraction senese 101 features domoic shtml. http tinyurl com cbchemlab DNAextraction2,Wilbraham A Staley D Matta M. 1995 Chemistry Laboratory, Related Careers Fields of Study Manual Addison Wesely Publishing.
Water Treatment and Purification, Separating impurities from water so that it is Wilbraham A Staley D Matta M. suitable for drinking 1997 Chemistry Addison Wesley. Nearly every major chemical Publishing Company,company has significant resources. devoted to this area of study Wilbraham A Staley D Matta M. Search terms distillation Waterman E 2008 Chemistry. desalination sedimentation Boston Massachusetts Pearson. ozonation chlorination filtration Prentice Hall,zeolites activated charcoal nano. materials adsorption,aerobic anaerobic digestion septic. systems reverse osmosis,Chromatography,Separation using a variety of laboratory.
techniques,Used in toxicology to test for the,presence of chemicals including. drugs and alcohol,Search terms paper chromatography. TLC HPLC GC ion exchange SEC, Central Bucks Chemistry Laboratory Manual 5 1 Physical Separation Lab. Central Bucks Chemistry Laboratory Manual 3 1 Physical Separation Lab Make a graph of boiling point vs number of carbon atoms and use the graph to predict the boiling point of the alkane with 11 carbons 1 Experiment You have been given the following materials iron filings bits of cork sugar a Identify one or more physical

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