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SUMMARY OF BULLETIN CHANGES,Date of Change Section Affected Revision. January 1 2016 Philadelphia Contractor Trades Exams Revised exam prices and cost of hand score and. review updated holiday closure schedule, March 28 2017 Front cover Philadelphia Contractor Trades Noted that 251 exam available for review sessions. Exams only Review sessions for this,exam open until June 21 2017. June 30 2017 Front cover Philadelphia Contractor Trades Removed notice of 251 exam review sessions. Exams removed exam 251 from exam listings, December 28 2017 Philadelphia Contractor Trades Added increased pricing effective January 1 2018. Examinations, December 28 2017 Feedback and Appeals Removed hand score option no longer available.
effective January 1 2018, December 28 2017 Philadelphia Contractor Trades Updated links and table of contents throughout. Bulletin bulletin, February 26 2018 Philadelphia Contractor Trades Corrected 314 exam content outline. Examinations, March 1 2018 Feedback and Appeals Front Cover Updated email and fax where applicable. September 7 2018 Feedback and Appeals Removed Review Session Info. November 21 2018 Philadelphia Contractor Trades Corrected links. July 1 2019 Front Cover Philadelphia Contractor Trades Added information of upcoming changes effective. Exams July 25 2019, October 1 2019 Philadelphia Contractor Trades Updated references for 200 311 and 214 exams. Examinations, Use the checklists and information summaries in this bulletin to familiarize yourself with the.
testing process Be sure to completely read this bulletin before scheduling your examination. You are responsible for following all policies and regulations found in this document Not. reading this bulletin does not release your responsibility for following these procedures. Visit www pearsonvue com icc or call Pearson VUE at. schedule an exam 1 877 234 6082, Visit www iccsafe org ac forms library and select the. accordion labeled Candidate Services and select the. form Change of Candidate Information Form Email, or mail ICC this form containing your name old and. change my name or address new addresses contact phone number and signature. ICC will advise if additional documentation is needed. Email customersuccess iccsafe org, Visit www iccsafe org ac forms library and select the. request a duplicate pass letter category General Requests and select Replacement. Result Letter,Call Pearson VUE at 1 800 466 0450 and ask for. request special testing accommodations special arrangements. See page 9 for more information on the exam, make comments about an exam I took feedback and appeals process.
Call Pearson VUE at 1 877 234 6082 prior to your, reschedule an exam scheduled exam see page 14 for deadlines. Call Pearson VUE at 1 877 234 6082 prior to your, cancel an exam scheduled exam see page 14 for deadlines. See pages 17 21 for the exam outline listings in this. find my exam code ID bulletin, know what I can take into the exam See page 10 for the Test Site Regulations section. Most references can be purchased at, obtain the books for my exam shop iccsafe org more information is found in the ex. am outline listings starting on page 17,Visit www iccsafe org certification contractor.
access information on my passed exams on,verification for the Contractor. ICC s website Exam pass link, Visit www iccsafe org membership to access the ICC. become an ICC member membership application,Table of Contents. About Code Council Contractor Trades Testing 5,General Testing Information 5. Administrative Rules and Procedures 6,Feedback and Appeals Process 9.
Test Site Regulations 10,Computer based Testing CBT 13. Philadelphia Pennsylvania Contractor Trades Examinations 17. International Code Council Vision,Protect the health safety and welfare of people. by creating safe buildings and communities,International Code Council Mission. To provide the highest quality codes standards products and services. for all concerned with the safety and performance of the built environment. Information contained in this bulletin is deemed accurate as of the time of printing. Contents are subject to change at any time, For the most updated information visit www iccsafe org certification exam catalog. COPYRIGHT 2016,INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL INC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED This International Code Council Contractor Trades Examination Information Bulletin.
is a copyrighted work owned by the International Code Council Inc Without advance permission from the copy. right owner no part of this book may be reproduced distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means. including without limitation electronic optical or mechanical means by way of example and not limitation pho. tocopy or recording by or in an information storage retrieval system For information on permission to copy ma. terial exceeding fair use please contact International Code Council Publications 4051 West Flossmoor Road. Country Club Hills IL 60478 Phone 1 888 ICC SAFE 422 7233. Trademarks International Code Council and the International Code Council logos are trademarks of the Inter. national Code Council Inc, Note Examination requirements including registration scheduling dates locations fees and references are. subject to change Please make sure that you have the most current information before registering for. scheduling any examination For up to date information on Code Council examinations go to www iccsafe org. certification exam catalog or call 1 888 ICC SAFE 422 7233 ext 5524. About Code Council Contractor Trades Testing, The International Code Council s Contractor Trades examination program is an independent testing. program designed to provide licensing agencies with information regarding qualified contractors and. trades professionals Participating in the Code Council examination program does not guarantee that. a licensing agency will award you a license However the Code Council examination program serves. as an independent appraisal of your competency in the construction field and your test results may be. used by licensing agencies to satisfy the requirements for testing. Examination information including registration scheduling requirements dates locations fees and. references are subject to change Candidates should make sure they have the most current in. formation before registering for scheduling a Code Council examination by going to. www iccsafe org contractor,General Testing Information. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide you with information regarding how to schedule and take your. contractor trades examination Prior to scheduling a test with this program you should first consult. with your local or state licensing agency to determine which examination you should take Some. agencies may also require you to meet certain prequalification criteria prior to testing You should. therefore start your testing process by determining what test your local agency requires of you. This bulletin is designed to follow the testing process from the initial application for testing up until the. time when testing results are provided,Administrative Rules and Procedures. How can I become licensed, The International Code Council is not a licensing agency If you want to become licensed in a city.
county or state that participates with the Code Council that jurisdiction will require you to take and. pass a Code Council examination Upon successful completion of the examination contact the juris. diction for any other requirements in order to become licensed. For detailed information on Contractor Trades examinations and participating jurisdictions visit our. website at www iccsafe org contractor trades exams. How do I schedule a test, It is your responsibility to read the Examination Information Bulletin for important information on exam. ination requirements procedures and references allowed during the examination administration. For computer based testing through Pearson VUE the Code Council s computer based testing ven. dor you may schedule an examination online at www pearsonvue com icc Follow the directions un. der Contractor Trade Licensing You may also schedule an examination over the phone by contact. ing Pearson VUE at 1 877 234 6082 following the scheduling procedures listed in this bulletin. Pre payment is required to schedule an examination through any of the above methods. When can I test, Computer testing is administered by Pearson VUE frequently at over 350 sites across the nation. Pearson VUE test dates and sites can be found on their website at www pearsonvue com icc. How often can I test, You must wait 10 days before retaking a failed exam It is strongly recommended that you allow time. to study the approved references before registering to test a second time. What examination do I need to take, As requirements for employment differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction the Code Council cannot recom. mend specific examinations to you We strongly encourage you to contact the jurisdiction in which you. wish to work for more information on their specific exam requirements for licensure. How do I know if pre approval is required for me to test. Contact the licensing agency or review the appropriate National Contractor Trades Examination Infor. mation Bulletin on the Code Council s website at www iccsafe org certification exam catalog. What references or code books are the exams based on. The approved references for each exam are listed in the Examination Outlines section of this bulletin. For the most up to date bulletin information visit our website at www iccsafe org certification exam. Are the examinations open book, Some Contractor Trades exams are open book while others including plumbing exams are closed.
book Refer to the Examination Outlines section of this bulletin for open closed book requirements for. specific exams For the most up to date bulletin visit www iccsafe org certification exam catalog Ad. ditional policies governing the use of references can be found in the Test Site Regulations section of. this bulletin,When will I receive my results, Results for examinations taken via computer are available immediately after completion of the exami. I didn t receive my pass letter Can I have another mailed to me. Yes but the pass letter must be requested within 90 days from the date of the passed examination to. have another mailed without a fee If a resend of a pass letter is requested after 90 days from the ex. am a fee will be charged For fees visit www iccsafe org ac forms library and select the category. General Requests and choose Replacement Result Letter. What type of question format will be included in the examination. Test questions are in four option multiple choice format with one answer on each question scored as. correct Due to the rigorous psychometric processes used by the Code Council in exam development. questions do not follow patterns e g the most common answer is B. Can t I just look up all of the answers in the books. Because of the time constraints you will not have time to look up all of the answers For those an. swers you must look up you must be VERY familiar with the references to avoid wasting time search. ing for information First impressions are often the most accurate but you may change your answers if. time allows,How long are the examinations, The length and allowed time varies depending upon the subject matter To get the most updated infor. mation on examinations go to www iccsafe org certification exam catalog. How many examinations can I take at one administration. For computer based exams in most cases you may take two exams in one day as long as each ex. amination is only two hours in length, Should I guess if I don t know the answer to a question. There is no guessing penalty so it is to your advantage to answer every question Remember to base. your answers on the listed references for each exam not solely on long time field practices. What score do I need to pass the test, Most Contractor Trades examinations require a candidate to answer at least 70 percent of their ques. tions correctly in order to pass the exam The Master Electrician examination requires 75 percent of. the questions to be answered correctly to pass Particular licensing agencies may require a passing. score of higher than 70 It is important that you carefully read the relevant bulletin or contact the li. censing agency for information regarding their minimum passing requirement. Can my exam score be cancelled, The Code Council reserves the right to revoke or withhold any examination scores if in its sole opin.
ion there is adequate reason to question their validity Reasons are. Giving or receiving assistance with answers during testing. Using unauthorized materials during testing, Failing to abide by the rules presented or directions from the proctor s. Attempting to or removing examination materials or questions from the testing center. In cases of examination irregularities which are suspected at testing centers the scores of the individ. ual s involved will not be released unless approved by the Code Council Additional sanctions may be. authorized by the Board which may include restrictions on retesting for up to three 3 years. Some scores may be rendered invalid because of circumstances beyond the examinee s control such. as faulty examination materials or mistiming These situations will be investigated when such occur<. Philadelphia Pennsylvania Contractor Trades Examination Information Bulletin PUBLISHED January 2 2020 This edition supersedes all bulletin editions published prior to the above date This bulletin answers most questions raised by examination candidates Please read it carefully You will find it a useful reference throughout your

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