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IP West of England,Feasibility Report,Version 1 1, Project Name MetroWest Phase 2 Henbury Yate Services. OP Reference 139797,Sponsor Andrew Holley,Project Manager Rachel Leighfield Finch. Prepared By Name Rachel Leighfield Name Laura Hemsley. Job Title Project Job Title Project,Development Manager Manager URS. Date 29 06 2015 Date 09 02 2015,Accepted By Name Andrew Holley Name Alistair Rice. Job Title Senior Development Job Title Project,Manager Manager West of.
England Partnership, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Version 0 01 December 2014,Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015. This page left deliberately blank, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015,1 Executive Summary 1. 2 Introduction Route Histories 9,2 1 The Filton Bank Route 10.
2 2 Ashley Down formally known as Ashley Hill 11,2 3 Horfield Constable Road 12. 2 4 North Filton 12,2 5 Henbury 13,2 6 Yate 14,3 Business Objective 16. 3 1 Problem Identified 16,3 2 MetroWest Concept 17. 3 3 MetroWest Phase 2 18,3 4 MetroWest Phase 2 Project Objectives 18. 4 Business Case 19,4 1 Business Strategy 19,4 2 MetroWest Governance 19.
4 3 Business Case Approach 20,4 4 Business Case Approach 20. 4 5 Business Case Timescales 20,5 Project Scope 21. 6 Deliverables 22,7 Options Considered 23,7 1 Services to Henbury 23. 7 2 Provision for the Turnback of Services at Yate 24. 8 Engineering Options General Considerations 25,8 1 General 25. 8 2 Land Ownership 25,8 3 Statutory Powers 25,8 4 Rights of Way 25.
9 Engineering Options 26,9 1 Ashley Down 26,9 2 Constable Road 26. 9 3 North Filton 26, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015, 9 4 Henbury Option 1 Eastern New Station Location 35. 9 5 Henbury Option 2 Western Former Station Location 41. 9 6 Yate 54, 9 7 Hallen Marsh Junction including Holesmouth Junction 58. 10 Constructability and Access Strategy 63,10 1 Constructability 63.
10 2 Access Strategy 65,11 Cost Estimate 68,12 Project Risks and Assumptions 69. 13 High level business case appraisal against whole life costings 70. 14 Project Schedule 71,15 Capacity Route Runner Modelling 72. 16 Interface with other projects 73, 17 Impact on existing customers operators and maintenance practice 74. 18 Consents Strategy 75,19 Environmental Appraisal 76. 20 Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation Assessment CSM 77. 21 Client Contracting Strategy 78,22 Concept Design Deliverables 81.
23 Conclusion and Recommendations 82, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015,Appendices,A Contract Requirements. B CH2MHILL Report Bristol New Stations High Level Assessment Study. C URS Review of CH2MHILL report,D Cost Estimate,E Risk Register. F Capability Modelling,G Environmental Appraisal,H Network Rail Signalling Feasibility Report SDG. I Photograph gallery,J Concept Design Drawings,K DRN Comments.
GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015,Issue Record. Issue No Brief History Of Amendment Date of Issue,0 01 First Draft 04 12 2014. 0 02 Second Draft 13 01 2015,0 03 Third Draft 09 02 2015. 0 04 Fourth Draft 01 05 2015,0 05 Fifth Draft 29 05 2015. 1 0 Final Issue 11 06 2015,1 1 Typing spelling errors corrected 29 06 2015.
Distribution List,Name Organisation Issue No, Rachel Leighfield Finch Network Rail Project Development 0 01. Alistair Rice South Gloucestershire Council 0 01, Rachel Leighfield Finch Network Rail Project Development 0 02. Alistair Rice South Gloucestershire Council 0 02, Rachel Leighfield Finch Network Rail Project Development 0 03. Alistair Rice South Gloucestershire Council 0 03,Alistair Rice South Gloucestershire Council. Helen Spackman CH2M Hill 0 04, Claire Mahoney Network Rail Principal Strategic 0 05.
Alistair Rice South Gloucestershire Council,Helen Spackman CH2M Hill 1 0. Alistair Rice South Gloucestershire Council,Helen Spackman CH2M Hill 1 1. Route Asset Managers Network Rail, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015,Abbreviations. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line,AFR Avonmouth and Filton Railway Henbury Line.
AMB Avonmouth Branch Severn Beach to Avonmouth, BASRE Bristol Area Signalling Relock Recontrol Project. BRB British Railways Board,BRT Bus Rapid Transport. BSW Bristol and South Wales Union Line,CCTV Closed Circuit Television. CIS Customer Information Systems,CNX Clifton and Avonmouth Line. CPNN Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood,CWR Continuous Welded Rail.
DDA Disability Discrimination Act,DfT Department for Transport. DMU Diesel Multiple Unit,DNO Distribution Network Operator. DOO Driver Only Operated,EIA Environmental Impact Assessment. FWC Filton West Chord,GPDO General Permitted Development Order. GRIP Guide to Rail Investment Projects,GSM Global Systems Mobile.
GSM R Global Systems Mobile Rail,LED Light Emitting Diode. NCN National Cycle Network,NR Network Rail,OLE Overhead Line Equipment. ORR Office of Rail Road,OSS Overspeed Sensor,PA Public Address. PADS Parts and Drawing Systems,PHP Passenger Help Points. PID Project Initiation Document,REB Relocatable Equipment Building.
GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015,RRAP Road Rail Access Points. QCRA Qualitative Cost Risk Analysis,ROGS Railway and Other Guided Transport Systems. RSSB Railway Safety and Standards Board,RUS Route Utilisation Strategy. SISS Station Information Surveillance Systems,SSSI Site for Special Scientific Interest. SUDS Sustainable Urban Drainage System,TBI Trackbed Investigation.
TOC Train Operating Company,TPWS Train Protection and Warning System. TSS Train Stop Sensor,TVSC Thames Valley Signalling Control. WoE West of England, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015,1 Executive Summary. This Report has been produced at the request of the Network Rail Senior Sponsor on. behalf of South Gloucestershire Council and the West of England Partnership of. Councils WoEP The West of England Partnership of Councils comprise of South. Gloucestershire Bristol City North Somerset Bath North East Somerset Councils. who are jointly promoting MetroWest MW This GRIP 2 study is being delivered. through a Development Services Agreement DSA with South Gloucestershire. Council the Lead Authority for Phase 2, A GRIP 2 study for MetroWest Phase 1 was completed in July 2014 The WoEP.
requested Network Rail to undertake a GRIP 2 study to develop the options for. MetroWest Phase 2 building on the feasibility work already undertaken for Phase 1. o Phase 1 includes re opening of the Portishead Line for passenger services and. improving service frequencies on the Severn Beach and Bath Spa Lines. o Phase 2 is to improve the frequency of services at Yate and to introduce. passenger services on the Henbury Line with new station s on the Filton Bank. The West of England local authorities are promoting MetroWest to provide operational. rail services which include, o Phase 1 up to half hourly train services for the Severn Beach line local. stations between Bristol Temple Meads Bath Spa and to Portishead on the re. opened line Service operation is proposed for 2019. o Phase 2 half hourly train services to Yate and hourly services on a re opened. Henbury Line capacity for two new stations with possible additional station s. on Filton Bank between Filton Abbey Wood and Stapleton Road stations. Service operation is proposed for 2021,The Phase 2 findings in this report are based on. o an extension of the Network Rail Capability Analysis MetroWest Phase 1. Report dated July 2014 to identify a timetable specification which delivers the. requirements for MetroWest Phase 2 The results of this work are summarised. in the Group Strategy Capability Analysis MetroWest Phase 2 Report in. Appendix F It should be noted that the timetable modelling has paid due. cognisance to maintaining the existing freight path agreements. o the following reports commissioned by Bristol City Council and South. Gloucestershire Council as identified below, o CH2M Hill Bristol North Fringe Stations Report March 2014 published. on the TravelWest website, o CH2M Hill Bristol New Stations High Level Assessment Study. Locations on Filton Bank GRIP 1 Report v5 May 2014. see Appendix B, GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects.
Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015, Network Rail has undertaken a business case economic analysis and appraisal to. support a wider socio economic appraisal value for money assessment and Benefit. Cost Ratio for the GRIP 2 Phase 2 scheme The appraisal for each option was. carried out in accordance with the Department for Transport s appraisal guidance. The report has been provided to South Gloucestershire Council. This feasibility study is based on the following infrastructure assumptions. o BASRE Bristol Area Signalling Relock Recontrol project is completed. o Great Western Electrification of the main lines is delivered. o Filton Bank 4 tracking enhancement is delivered,o Enhanced capability of Bristol East Junction. o Bristol Temple Meads IEP Platform 1 extension completed. MetroWest train services propose to operate with Class 150 165 166 trains in either 2. or 3 car formations, Infrastructure requirements considered or reviewed by this GRIP 2 feasibility study are. summarised as, 1 the reintroduction of passenger services to Henbury as either a Loop or a Spur. service including the provision of two stations one at Henbury and the other at. North Filton, 2 provision a new station s on the Filton Bank at Ashley Down and or Constable.
3 provision of turnback facilities at Yate, The study builds on the two MetroWest Phase 1 service pattern options 5b 6b. identified as part of the Capability Analysis work undertaken for Phase 1 which are. summarised in the table below,Option 5B 6B,Severn Beach Bath Spa Bath Spa Portishead. Avonmouth Portishead Avonmouth Portishead,Portishead Bristol Temple Severn Beach Bristol. Meads Temple Meads, The Phase 2 Capability Analysis Appendix F confirms that capacity exists to be able. to deliver the proposed Phase 2 service specification for a loop or a spur service. should the proposed infrastructure interventions be delivered However the timetable. modelling does highlight that linking the loop service to the proposed Phase 1. Portishead services at Bristol Temple Meads to then connect to Severn Beach Line. GRIP Stage 2 Governance for Railway Investment Projects. Ref 139797,Version 1 1,Date June 2015, services and create the proposed loop service would import unacceptable.
performance risk to the industry An alternative scenario for a standalone loop service. was explored however this option would result in train units idling at Bristol Temple. Meads or an alternative stabling facility would need to be created for an extended. period of time utilising valuable platform capacity and impacting on train performance. in the station area It is also unlikely to be supported by a value for money business. case due to the inefficient use of resources The extended dwell time would also. impact and spread performance delay to the wider Bristol and Western Route area. This report explores the options to enable passenger services to operate to Henbury. via a loop line or a spur, o Loop line a bi directional circular service via Bristol Temple Meads. Avonmouth Henbury the Filton Bank and Bristol Temple Meads. o Spur line from Bristol Temple Meads via the Filton Bank terminating at. The report examines locations for stations at Ashey Down Constable Road North. Filton and two alternative locations for a new station at Henbury. o A greenfield site to the east of the A4018 Wyck Beck Road referred to as. the Eastern Location, o The site of the historic Henbury station utilising the location of the existing. platforms Other station infrastructure access and car parking would be. from land to the north of and adjacent to the site This station location is. referred to as the Western Location, The station layouts at Henbury only are different for the loop and spur service options. as explained in paragraphs 1 1 and 1 2 below, There are no proposals to increase the current linespeed which is considered. adequate for the proposals under consideration,1 1 Henbury Loop Service Option.
A loop service will require the doubling of Hallen Marsh Junction and additional. crossovers on the Henbury Line AFR to maintain capacity and to enable the. regulation of freight traffic To alter Hallen Marsh Junction layout to enable both. passenger and freight traffic to operate will require significant associated trackwork. and extensive signalling alterations The Capability Modelling Report also highlights. that the loop option imports a high level of performance risk and requires significant. platform capacity at Bristol Temple Meads which is unlikely to be suppor. Version 0 01 December 2014 Capacity Route Runner Modelling 72 16 British Railways Board BRT Bus Rapid Transport BSW

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