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Audio and Telematics,7 inch touch screen, GPS satellite navigation Multimedia audio Bluetooth telephone. First steps 296,Steering mounted controls 299,DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting radio 310. Navigation 316,Navigation Guidance 324,Traffic 328. Configuration 330,Connected services 340,PEUGEOT Connect Apps 341. Telephone 342,Frequently asked questions 350, The system is protected in such a way that it will only operate in As a safety measure the driver should only carry out operations.
your vehicle which require prolonged attention while the vehicle is stationary. The display of an energy economy mode message signals that. electrical systems operating are going into standby. Refer to the energy economy mode section,Audio and Telematics. First steps,Use the buttons on either side of the touch. In very hot conditions the system may,screen for access to the menus then press the. go into stand by screen and sound,virtual buttons in the touch screen. completely off for a minimum period,Each menu is displayed in one or two pages.
of 5 minutes,primary page and secondary page,Primary page Secondary page. Audio and Telematics,Shortcuts using virtual buttons in the top band. The screen is of the resistive type it,of the touch screen it is possible to go directly. is necessary to press firmly particularly, to the choice of audio source the list of stations. for flick gestures scrolling through a,or titles depending on the source or to the.
list moving the map A simple swipe,temperature adjustment. will not be enough Pressing with more,than one finger is not recognised. The screen can be used when wearing,gloves This technology allows use at. all temperatures,With the engine running press to,mute the sound. With the ignition off press to switch,the system on.
Selecting the audio source depending on To clean the screen use a soft. version non abrasive cloth spectacles cloth, FM AM DAB radio wavebands Volume adjustment each source without any additional product. USB memory stick is independent including Traffic Do not use pointed objects on the. CD player located in the glove box announcements TA and navigation screen. Telephone connected by Bluetooth and by instructions Do not touch the screen with wet. Bluetooth audio streaming hands,Media player connected to the auxiliary. socket jack cable not supplied,In very hot conditions the volume may. be limited to protect the system The,return to normal takes place when. the temperature in the passenger,compartment drops.
Depending on equipment,Audio and Telematics,Steering mounted controls. Press mute on off Radio rotate automatic search for Telephone start or answer a call. the previous next station Call in progress telephone menu. Radio press preset stations end call secret mode hands free. Media rotate previous next track mode,Increase volume. Press confirm a selection Telephone press and hold reject an. incoming call end a call in progress,other than call in progress telephone. Decrease volume menu,Radio display the list of stations. Media display the list of tracks, Change audio source radio media Radio press and hold update the list.
of stations received,Audio and Telematics,Air conditioning Driving assistance Media. Control of the settings for temperature and air Access to the trip computer Select an audio source a radio station display. flow Activate deactivate adjust settings for certain photographs. vehicle functions,Navigation,Depending on equipment. Enter navigation settings and choose a,destination. Audio and Telematics,Configuration Connected services Telephone. Depending on equipment, Adjust settings for audio balance PEUGEOT CONNECT APPS Connect a telephone by Bluetooth.
ambience colour scheme brightness of the Connect to an applications portal to facilitate. instruments and controls display language make safe and personalise journeys by means. units date time and access the interactive of a connection key available on subscription. help for the vehicle s main systems and from a PEUGEOT dealer. warning lamps,Audio and Telematics,Level 1 Level 2. Media List of FM stations,Primary page,Audio and Telematics. Level 1 Level 2 Comments, List of FM stations Press on a radio station to select it. Select change of source,Source USB,Press on an empty location then on Save. Audio and Telematics,Level 1 Level 2 Level 3,List of FM stations.
Secondary page,Audio and Telematics,Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Comments. Save Press on a radio station to select it,Update list Update the list of stations received. Secondary page,Frequency Enter the desired radio frequency. Radio list,Confirm Save the settings, Page selection Display the selected photo full screen. Rotate Rotate the photo 90,Media Select all the photos in the list.
Select all,Press again to deselect,Secondary page,Previous photo. Slideshow Pause Play Display the photos in sequence full screen. Next photo,Confirm Save the settings,Audio and Telematics. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3,Secondary page,Audio and Telematics. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Comments, Secondary page Presentation of the last media used. Media list,Shuffle all tracks,Shuffle current album.
Choose the play settings,Aux amplification,RDS options. Media DAB FM station tracking,Activate or deactivate the options. Secondary page Display Radio Text,Settings Digital radio slideshow. Traffic announcements TA,Announcements Weather,Activate or deactivate the options. Sport Programme info,Alert settings,Confirm Save the settings.
Audio and Telematics,Selecting a station Changing a radio frequency. Press on Media to display the Press on Media to display the. primary page primary page,Press on Media to display the. primary page then select Save,Press on Media to display the. primary page then go to the,secondary page By automatic frequency. Select a preset radio station,in the list, If necessary select change of Press 3 or 4 to move the cursor for an.
source automatic search down or up for a radio,Select List in the primary page. Select FM Radio or AM Radio,Select Radio list in the secondary. page Press on Media to display the,primary page then press on the. secondary page,Select a radio station from,The exterior environment hills buildings. the list offered,tunnel car park below ground may,prevent reception even in RDS station.
tracking mode This phenomenon is Press on Enter frequency to. normal in the propagation of radio waves display the primary page then press. Select Update list to refresh the and is in no way indicative of a fault with on the secondary page. Peugeot 308 1 d 6 M RRE 295 Audio and telematics 7 inch touch screen GPS satellite navigation Multimedia audio Bluetooth telephone Contents First steps 296 Steering mounted controls 299 Menus 300 Media 302 Radio 308 DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting radio 310 Music 312 Navigation 316 Navigation guidance 324 Traffic 328 Configuration 330 Connected services 340 PeugeOt Connect Apps 341

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