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ABBREVIATIONS and CODES 4,FOREWORD 5,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 6. ENGINE PHOTOGRAPHS 7,Description 1 1,SECTION 11,General Engine Data 2 1. SECTION III,Dismantling Sequence 3 1,SECTION IV, Disassembly inspection fits and clearances of component assemblies 4 1. Rocker Arm and Lever 4 1,Cylinder Head and Valves 4 2. Valve Guide and Seats 4 3,Piston 4 6,Piston Ring 4 6.
Piston Rod 4 9,Oil Running Clearance 4 9,Main Bearing 4 11. Crankshaft 4 12,Crankshaft Rectification 4 13,Flywheel and Ring Gear 4 15. Camshaft 4 15,Timing Gear 4 16,Oil Pump 4 16,Oil Filter 4 17. Water Pump 4 17,Thermostat 4 17,Radiator 4 18,Fuel Filter 4 18. Fuel Lift Pump 4 18,Governor 4 19,Atomizers 4 20,Air Cleaner 4 21.
Reassembly 5 1,Timing 5 4,SECTION VI,Electrical Systems 6 1. Alternator 6 1,Starter 6 5,Troubleshooting 6 8,Glow Plug 6 9. Thermoswitch 6 9,Oil Pressure Switch 6 9,Wiring Diagrams 6 11. SECTION VII,Troubleshooting 7 1,SECTION VIII,Service Standards 8 1. SECTION IX,Recommended Torque Settings 9 1,Perama Supplement 10 1.
SECTION XI,Conversion Formulas 11 1,Abbreviations and codes. Engine Build List Parts List Numbering System, The standard engine parts list numbering code system is defined as follows. Code 1 II 111 IV V,Example KC 30226 1 000001 M,Code I Engine Type. KC 103 09 PERAMA M25 KD,103 10 PERAMA M30,Code II Engine Parts List. Parts list increases numerically for both OEMS and distributors. Code III Country of Manufacture,J Made in Japan,Code IV Engine Serial Number.
Individual engine serial number commencing with 000001 increasing numerically. Code V Year of Manufacture,is Omitted, This Workshop Manual has been compiled for use in conjunction with normal workshop practice Mention of certain accepted. practices therefore has been purposely omitted in order to avoid repetition. Reference to renewing joints and cleaning off joint faces has to a great extent been omitted from the text it being understood. that this will be carried out where applicable Similarly it is understood that in reassembly and inspection all parts are to be. thoroughly cleaned and where present burrs and scale are to be removed It follows that any open ports of high. precision components e g fuel injection equipment exposed by dismantling will be blanked off until reassembled to prevent. the ingress of foreign matter, When fitting setscrews into through holes into the interior of the engine a suitable sealant should be used. Throughout this manual whenever the left or right hand side of the engine is referred to it is that side of the engine when. viewed from the flywheel end, This publication is produced by the Compact Engines Division of Perkins Engines Ltd and every endeavour is made. to ensure that the information contained in this manual is correct at the date of publication but due to continuous. development the manufacturers reserve the right to alter this specification without notice. Safety Precautions, THESE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ARE MOST IMPORTANT Reference must also be made to the local. regulations in the country of operation, Do not use these engines in marine applications Except Perama versions.
Do not change the specification of the engine,Do not smoke when you put fuel in the tank. Clean away any fuel which has spilled and move material which has fuel contamination to a safe place. Do not put fuel in the tank during engine operation unless absolutely necessary. Never clean lubricate or adjust the engine during operation unless you have had the correct training when. extreme caution must be used to prevent injury,Do not make any adjustments you do not understand. Ensure the engine is not in a position to cause a concentration of toxic emissions Persons. in the area must be kept clear during engine and equipment or vehicle operation Do not. permit loose clothing or long hair near parts which move. Keep away from parts which turn during operation Note that fans cannot be seen clearly while the engine is. Do not run the engine with any safety guards removed. Do not remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot and the coolant is under pressure as dangerous hot. coolant can be discharged, Do not use salt water in the fresh water cooling system or any other coolant which can cause corrosion. Keep sparks or fire away from batteries especially while during charge or combustion can occur The battery. fluid can burn and is also dangerous to the skin and especially the eyes. Disconnect the battery terminals before you make a repair to the electrical system. Only one person must be in control of the engine, Ensure the engine is only operated from the control panel or operators position. If your skin comes into contact with high pressure fuel get medical assistance immediately. Diesel fuel and used engine oils can cause skin damage to some persons Use protection on the hands gloves. or special skin protection solutions, Do not move equipment unless the brakes are in good condition.
Ensure that the transmission drive control is in Neutral position before the engine is started. Fit only genuine Perkins Parts,Do not use ether to start these engines. ENGINE DIAGRAMS,Engine cross sectional views,Perkins 100 Series 103 06 103 09 103 10. Perama M25 M30, DESCRIPTION GENERAL fully floating gudgeon pin wrist pin is made of chrome. molybdenum steel alloy hardened by carburizing and. The Perkins 100 Series is a three cylinder four stroke retained by the conventional circlip method The. liquid cooled compression ignition engine designed connecting rods are machined from high strength forged. for durability low weight and compactness The linerless steel The big end bearings are renewable steel backed. cylinder block three piece helical gear train and flange copper lead alloy overlay with tin plating The small end. mounted fuel injection pump on the engine cam reduce bearings are a press fit plain bush of tin backed lead. frictional power loss and engine weight The special bronze. swirl pre combustion chamber along with the small,bore multi cylinder design offers good fuel. consumption low noise and excellent startability, The Perkins 100 Series offers easy maintenance with The camshaft is made of forged steel and is induction.
all service items on the right hand side of engine hardened Three additional lobes at the front operate the. fuel injection pump At the rear a fuel lift pump eccentric. is machined The camshaft is supported by roller and. needle bearings and lubricated by splash feed The nose. DESCRIPTION COMPONENT ASSEMBLY of the camshaft supports the tachometer drive cam gear. governor weight cage and governor slider assembly,Cylinder Block. The cylinder block is made from high grade cast iron. with copper and chrome additives and is integral with. the crankcase The crankcase features four main Cylinder Head. bearings of the tunnel block design with crankcase The cylinder head is made of high grade copper chrome. walls extending well below the crankshaft centre line cast iron Lower speed engines have valve seats. for strength and rigidity The cylinder bores are plateau machined into the cylinder head higher speed engines. honed for oil retention and extended ring life The non incorporate replaceable heat resistant alloy steel valve. machined surfaces are sealed to ensure cleanliness seats Inlet and exhaust valves are made of high grade. heat resistant alloy steel with tuftrided stems and. induction hardened heads Each stem is fitted with a. chrome molybdenum steel cap for long life,Crankshaft. The crankshaft is a chrome molybdenum steel forging The valves are operated by cold drawn seamless tube. fully machined static and dynamically balanced with pushrods with hardened steel ball and forged cup ends. integral counterweights All bearing surfaces are Flat based tappets are made from case carburized. induction hardened The axial location is by thrust chrome molybdenum steel operating in machined bores. washers at number four main bearing The four main in the cylinder block The rocker shaft is an induction. journals run in replaceable steel backed cast copper hardened hollow steel tube Valve clearances are. lead alloy bearings The front of the crankshaft is keyed adjusted by hardened ball ended screws and locknuts. Pistons and Connecting Rods Rocker Cover, Pistons are cast from high silicon aluminium alloy and The cover is made of cast aluminium with an integral air. are heat treated for low weight with high strength and intake oil filler and crankcase breather It is located in. good thermal conductivity The piston is fitted with three position by rocker pillar studs and secured by cap nuts. rings two cast iron chrome faced compression rings. and one steel chrome faced controlled oil ring The. Gear Train Lubricating System, The gear train consists of three helical gears the A trochoid lobe type oil pump located in the centre of. crankshaft gear located by a woodruff key The idler the idler gear sends lubricating oil to the main oil galley. gear houses the lube oil pump and the cam gear via a relief valve through a spin on bypass oil filter to the. incorporates the governor weight cage main oil galley The rockers are pressure fed via an. externally mounted oil pipe from the main oil gallery to. the cylinder head,Fuel System, A flange mounted Bosch type fuel injection pump is Cooling System.
mounted in the cylinder block and operated by lobes A belt driven centrifugal water pump circulates coolant. machined on the engine cam The fuel lift pump is via the internal water passages The coolant is radiator. located on the right hand side of the cylinder block and cooled and temperature controlled by a conventional. also operated by the engine camshaft thermostat,SECTION II. General Engine Data,103 06 103 09 103 10,Type Vertical in line 3 Cyl. 4 Stroke naturally aspirated,Basic Thread and Size Metric. Bore 64mm 2 52 72mm 2 83 75mm 2 95,Stroke 64mm 2 52 72mm 2 83 72mm 2 83. Combustion System I D I Special Swirl,Compression Ratio 23 5 1 24 1 23 1.
Swept Volume 0 617 37 65 3 0 879 53 643 0 954 58 213. Firing Order 1 2 3,Rotation Anti clockwise viewed from flywheel. Injection Pump Flange mounted Bosch type plunger and barrel. Injectors Bosch type throttle,Injector Setting Working Setting. Kilograms sq cm kg cm2 115 125 125 130,Atmospheres atm 111 121 121 126. Pounds per sq inch PSI 1636 1778 1778 1850,Governor Mechanical all speed. Cooling System Liquid with water pump and radiator 1. Industrial Cooling System Capacity less radiator 3 litre 1 7 litre 1 7 litre. Perama M25 M30 Cooling System Capacity 4 0 litre 4 0 litre. Thermostat Operating Temperature 71c82,Lubricating System.
Pressure feed with Trochoid pump 3 0,Lubricating Oil Capacity including filter. litres 3 8 litres 3 8 litres,Perama M25 M30 4 3 litres. Oil Pressure Relief 42 71 PSI,Oil Pressure Switch 4 3 PSI. Electrical System,Starter 12V,Alternator 12V,Battery 12V 45AH min 70AHmin 70 AH min. Weight Bare Engine Industrial 64 kg 83 kg,Height 489mm 539 6mm.
Length F F 442mm 489 6mm,Width 390mm 410mm,Min Idle Speeds 103 06 103 09 10 800 revs min. Perama M25 M30 1000 revs min, Hurth HBW 50 Reverse Gearbox Oil Capacity 0 30 litres. HBW 100 Gearbox Oil Capacity 0 35 litres,Recommended Engine Fluids. Coolant Clean soft water Maximum antifreeze concentration. 50 ethanediol base ethylene glycol with corrosion,inhibitor to BS 6850 1985 orASTM D3306 74 or AS. Fuel Cetane number 45 minimum Viscosity,2 5 4 5 centistokes at 40 C Density 0.
835 0 855 kg litre Sulphur 0 5 of,mass maximum Distillation 85 at 350. Aviation fuel JP4 is not recommended however JP5,and JET A are acceptable providng 5 spindle oil. Lubricating oil, Lubricating oil specification Recommended SAE viscosity grades. Specifications,Engine type API CC SE API CD SE 5W20. MIL L 46152 MIL L 2104C L t 0W3o,CCMC D1 CCMC D2,Naturally aspirated 20W50.
1 Not recommended during the first 20 50hours of operation i 40. Ambient temperature, NB Ensure correct fluids are used and oil and coolant are filled SLOWLY and to the correct 50 C. quantities Hurth Gearbox Oil Automatic transmission fluid ATF Type A. SECTION III,Dismantling Sequence,Alternator Rocker Cover. A Remove alternator and adjusting bracket A Remove breather hose Loosen and remove. three cap nuts with washers Lift rocker cover,Rocker cover. Remove Cooling Fan and Pulley,Fuel Injection Pipe,A Loosen fuel pipe nuts from fuel injection pump. and injectors Remove pipes as an assembly,B Remove spring clamp and fuel return hose.
Atomizer Assembly,A Loosen and remove three securing nuts. Remove leak off rail Remove three aluminium,washers and discard Remove atomizers. Contact Switches,Rocker Assembly,A Remove water and oil sender units. A Loosen and remove three nuts lock, Water Pump Assembly washers and flat washers from rocker pillar. A Loosen securing bolts and remove water pump stud Lift rocker assembly. assembly and set plate B Remove push rods and valve stem caps. Rocker arm assembly,PB005 PB007,External Oil Pipe Fuel Lift Pump.
A Loosen and remove two banjo bolts at cylinder A Loosen two cap screws and lift from its bore. block main oil galley and cylinder head remove joint. This Workshop Manual has been compiled for use in conjunction with normal workshop practice Mention of certain accepted practices therefore has been purposely omitted in order to avoid repetition Reference to renewing joints and cleaning off joint faces has to a great extent been omitted from the text it being understood that this will be carried out where applicable Similarly it is

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