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Introduction,How to write SMART objectives, Inspiring People Changing the World the University Strategy 2015 2020 sets out our ambitions as a world class world changing. institution At the strategy s heart is our staff our inspiring people The strategy is about giving staff the support development. infrastructure and environment they need to further the University s ambition to grow our reputation as. A place where the best students regardless of background are given an education that prepares them to go into the. world and make change happen, A place where research that positively impacts on the health wealth and cultural wellbeing of the world is conducted. A place that engages with the city of Glasgow and the global community and ensures that they flourish. The University wants people to invest in Glasgow for the long term and will. Develop staff in line with our values and reward them for their commitment and contribution to our success. Take a longer term view of staff performance and assess individuals contributions with reference to the strategic needs. of their teams and units, Ensure that all roles have a credible long term career path within the University identifying progression routes and. addressing succession planning, Performance Development Review PDR is part of the ongoing Contents. process of managing the performance and development of staff All. employees are expected to have an annual PDR which provides a PDR Overview 3. forum for the individual and their line manager to. Objective Setting Process 4, Reflect on performance and development and recognise.
success during the past year Strategic Alignment 5. Identify and agree individual objectives performance SMART template breaking it down 6. standards aligned with the strategic plan,SMART worksheet How to 7. Identify areas where learning and or development may be Bringing SMART objectives together 8. requested required and planned in the forthcoming year. SMART Worksheet example 9, Review current job role and responsibilities as appropriate. in the context of the University s strategic goals and SMART Worksheet blank 10. objectives,Additional Resources 11, A critical part of the PDR process is identifying what needs to be. accomplished by the organisation and by the individual in order to. ensure success to do this it is important to develop meaningful. SMART objectives, This introductory workbook focuses on how to design objectives. which are SMART aligned to the University strategy and which can. be clearly understood by both the individual and any member of. their team, To complement this introductory workbook it may also be useful to.
refer to the Additional Resources,PDR Overview, Through greater understanding of the University s objectives reviewee objectives can be designed to align with those of the University and. with individual professional development aims, PDR enables the University to achieve its strategic aims and ambitions while providing a supportive environment where there is a focus on. achievements successes and professional development PDR is a process that is ongoing with they key elements being reflection and. planning for future success,Inspiring People Changing the World. Strategic Plans,Local Plans,Setting Smart Objectives. The SMART process,Strategic Alignment,What is SMART.
Your SMART Objectives,Planning Ahead,Development Individual Performance. Reflecting on past,Reviewing Objectives,Objective Setting Process. When setting objectives it may be helpful to consider the. process below, Key Strategic Identify the key strategic areas of focus for your School RI Service. Themes Consider the priorities opportunities changes and challenges. Key priorities Consideration should be given to how the reviewee could make a contribution. considering role reflecting their role and grade, AND Consideration should be given to the reviewee s career development aims and. Key areas of opportunities e g promotion and other development. Format into SMART Objectives are structured in a clear concise and succinct way SMART. SMART objectives are useful in gaining agreement and setting expectations for what can be. Proposing Developing objectives for discussion is a key element of the preparation pro cess for. Objectives both reviewers and reviewees These proposed objectives should be included in the. PDR self assessment, Reaching As a result of the PDR meeting objectives are agreed for the next review period.
Agreement These agreed objectives should be included in the PDR form under the reviewer. Working Objectives provide focus and direction for the forthcoming review period Progress. with objectives against these objectives will form part of the discussions during in terim reviews. Strategic Alignment, Alignment with the University Strategic Plan is an essential focus for. College US Strategic Plans,Inspiring People Changing the World. People Place Purpose, Bring inspiring people Create a world class Discover and share. together environment for learning knowledge that can change. and research the world,Objective setting College US. should commence Deliver programmes at undergraduate and. with College US post graduate level and have wide appeal to. level objectives home and overseas students that are. Intellectually rigorous and offer excellent,employment prospects.
which cascade through School RI Service, Schools RIs Services Work internationally to recruit students and. deliver programmes through partnerships with,named international HEI Country. to inform individual Individual, objective setting Develop an MSc in subject as part of the. collaboration with named international,school This requires new programmes and. specifications as well as the development of,teaching delivery models to be completed by.
SMART Template,Breaking it down, Objectives are defined by a beginning and end point they go beyond the day to day tasks and. describe a result linked to achieving a particular goal at individual School RI Service or College. level They are a clear statement of something that needs to be accomplished by a specific end. Performance objectives can be put into place for all staff though they lend themselves more. readily to aspects of roles where staff have a broader scope of responsibilities and non routine. What do you need to achieve Are you clear on the parameters and outcomes. Have you provided enough detail that ensures clarity and common understanding of what is to be. What is the expected result,MEASURABLE, Could this be measured and decided without argument that the result had been achieved. How will you know the objective has been achieved, What indicators will you look for to measure progress and success. What data is available Do new measures need to be identified. Think about quantity and quality measures,ACHIEVABLE ALIGNED. How does this objective fit with your local strategic priorities in the context of your role and the grade at. which you operate, Does the achievement of this objective contribute to your School RI Service achieve its overall objectives In.
what way is the objective significant, How does the objective fit within the context of your role. What would be the impact to your School RI Service if the objective was not achieved. Is the objective appropriate for your role and grade. Will the objective stretch and challenge you also considering your career development. as appropriate, Can you to achieve your objective with the available resources If not how can you address this. What help will you require from your line manager or are there others that you will require assistance from. Do you have all the relevant skills and knowledge to complete the objective to the defined specifics. TIME BOUND, Are there clear time frames attached to the objective e g specific dates. If the objective goes beyond the review period have you set milestone dates. Are there other objectives which will depend upon the completion of this one. What could impact compromise the deadline How can you mitigate these if they are of a concern. Is the deadline realistic,SMART Worksheet, The SMART worksheet is designed to pose some questions which may be useful to think about while constructing objectives. Although it is unnecessary to embed this full level of detail in the final objectives thinking through these questions should. enable a SMART objective to emerge, Being informed Identify the key strategic priority that is the focus for this objective.
Consider School RI Service, Service plans and the main priorities for the forthcoming period. Consider individual areas of interest based upon career aims. Specific Outcomes Exactly what is being proposed, Embed in Objectives Define the relevant parameters and desired outcomes. Is enough detail provided to ensure clarity, If there was a change of reviewer would the new reviewer be clear on the specifics of the objective and be. able to assess achievement at the next review, Relevant to role and How does this fit with the reviewees role and grade. grade Is this challenging and relevant, If unsure consider the job description role profile and as relevant the promotional criteria for academic.
staff professorial zone profiles, Measureable Embed in How will you know the objective has been achieved. Objectives What indicators will you look for to measure progress and success. How can it be measured, What data is available Do new measures need to be identified. Consider quantity qualitative measurements, e g how well something is completed impact on reputation feedback received results achieved linked to. new opportunities, In some cases this can be challenging given innovation and the nature of some work. Achievable Aligned to Is it clear how this proposed objective is in line with the local strategic priorities. This needs to be aligned at the most relevant level which may be College US School RI Service subject. specialism and or team local priorities, How will this objective contribute to the achievement of relevant priorities for the School RI Service.
Completion milestone All objectives should have specific achievement dates In cases where those dates go beyond. dates the review period identifying milestone dates is appropriate. Embed in strategy Are there clear time frames attached to the objective e g specific dates. Are the dates set realistic given resources priorities and other responsibilities. Support and What support and or professional development do you need in order to achieve these objectives. Development Discuss, with reviewer and Consider a range of support including line management. embed in professional There are a range of options and considerations. development plan, For additional guidance refer to the the HR website PDR section. Information which should be contained within the objective. Bringing SMART objectives together, Objectives should be worded using unambiguous language. with a focus on results and achievements rather than a series of. actions or tasks, It may be appropriate to include some degree of defining key deliverables Although tempting to include a. to do list that isn t necessary and including that level of detail may make the objectives lose focus on. what overall result or achievement is required Many objectives will require variations of project plans. through to task orientated to do lists as relevant which would form part of the normal work planning. Some examples, To improve stock monitoring procedures by reducing waste to x through a consultative approach.
with staff and implementing new changes by date, To increase the accuracy of instrumentation data related to named by x by date. To up date the Health Safety policy document for building x and ensure all staff within the. building are advised of changes by date, Co write a proposal to named funding body as Co I and support name as lead PI in the response. to call for named specialism with submission deadline date with a total value University of. Glasgow contribution of xm,SMART Worksheet Example. Being informed The key strategic priority is the international focus within the College and School. Specifically the focus on delivering programmes at the UG and Pg levels in subject named with the. named partner which have wide appeal to both home and overseas students. This is a new type of programme development and offers opportunities and development for. the reviewee, Specific Outcomes To develop an MSc in subject as part of the colloboration with named international partner. Embed in Objectives,This requires a range of actions and deliverables.
For purposes of the objective the main elements to be included would be to recognise it is a new. programme and specifications as well as the development of teaching delivery models. Relevant to role and The reviewee is a role title this is relevant and will provide new challenges given the international. grade positioning, Measureable Embed in One key measurement will be date driven. Objectives, In order to offer the programme in 20XX XY the specifications and all other relevant materials will need to. be completed and submitted for approval by date, Given the process teaching quality assurance is a key measurement. Achievable Aligned to Given the focus of the objective subject partner international focus it is clear that it will support the.

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