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Milestones,The opening of Boon,Lay MRT Station on the. East West Line marks Singapore Rail Engineering Pte Ltd SRE. ENGINEERING,is incorporated Together with Toshiba,ENGINEERING. the completion of SMRT acquires 49 equity interest in. Service 950 the first SRE establishes a joint venture Railise. the system Shenzhen Zona Transportation, SMRT cross border Group Co Ltd to market and supply energy efficient. The North South Line propulsion systems globally,is extended to service for commuters. COMMERCIAL,Woodlands and the travelling to Johor,SMRT introduces high capacity ADL.
ENGINEERING,Bahru Malaysia SMRT s Book a Taxi, loop is completed SMRT opens Choa Chu Kang SMRT International provides Double Deckers to the bus fleet to. begins smartphone application, Bukit Panjang Light Rail Xchange the first in the heartlands technical advisory services on LRT ease congestion during peak hours. makes it easy to book a SMRT provides safer and more reliable. Transit Singapore s first system for the Republic of Mauritius. SMRT debuts SMRT Eco taxis cab on the go SMRT bus services using telematics solutions. light rail system opens,Taxis adds Chevrolet,2004 which use compressed natural gas. for passenger service SMRT signs Memorandum of,Epica to the fleet. SMRT puts South East Asia s first Understanding with e2i and NTWU to. SMRT introduces MAN A22 jointly develop and operate the first. Euro V compliant bus on the roads,buses to its fleet Bus Career Development Centre.
1990s SMRT is Green is launched,Train service from Caldecott. organisation wide as a commitment to SMRT Alpha a joint venture Crosses the landmark 10 billion. environmental sustainability to HarbourFront Circle Line between SMRT Investments and passenger journeys carried. Studies are SMRT,stations commences Alpha Plus Investments wins. COMMERCIAL, conducted on the Corporation SMRT launches Gift of Mobility Programme SMRT introduces Adopt A Station. marking the completion of,Ltd lists on bid to operate and manage the. feasibility of the to assist passengers who are financially in Adopt An Interchange a community. the line Kallang Wave Mall at the, Mass Rapid Transit need and less mobile outreach programme with local.
Exchange Singapore Sports Hub,MRT system schools to encourage gracious. in Singapore commuting behaviour,2000 2008 2011 2012. 1970s 2014,1980s 2001 2006 2010 2013 2015 2016, The MRT project is given SMRT Corporation Launch of the Citibank SMRT adds Euro V SMRT embarks on a holistic SMRT celebrates the official opening of Sponsored by SMRT the. the green light and and TIBS Holdings SMRT Visa Credit and Mercedes Benz Citaro 0530 network wide predictive maintenance the Bishan Ang Mo Kio Inclusive JurongHealth Mobility Park. construction begins merger creates Debit Cards with EZ Link which has greater fuel regime with introduction of new Playground which has special needs is the first of its kind in. The Mass Rapid Transit Singapore s first functions give customers efficiency and full low floor technologies beginning with the friendly play features to encourage Singapore to feature life size. Corporation MRTC is set multi modal the benefit of auto top up for smoother passenger flow North South and East West Lines inclusive play public transportation. up to oversee the transport company from card accounts and to the fleet A Technical Advisory Panel models to help. SMRT remembers Mr Lee Kuan Yew,TRAINS BUSES, development of the rebates with a first of its comprising local and international patients rehabilitate. In collaboration Esplanade Xchange on Trains and selected bus services operate overnight. COMMERCIAL, train network kind travel rewards rail engineering and transport.
with the Ministry the Circle Line opens during the period of National Mourning Seven SMRT engineers are. programme experts is established, Singapore Mass Rapid of Education accredited as Singapore s. SMRT Media expands SMRT celebrates SG50 with free travel on SMRT. Transit SMRT is SMRT launches its SMRT invests in the first Chartered Engineers in. into digital media to offer SMRT adds MAN A22 buses to the buses and trains Free giveaways at 10 stations. incorporated Learning Journey mid life upgrading of 66 Railway and Transportation. greater interactivity and fleet increasing the fleet size to more and 5 bus interchanges. Programme first generation trains vibrance to the network than 1 200 buses Engineering. Crosses 2 billion car km,SMRT SPACE a multi Strides a private hire. 2009 Woodlands MRT Station is the first MRT,Completes sleeper replacement. purpose vehicle that offers Station in Singapore to be awarded the vehicle business offers. works on the North South Line, group travellers the luxury Building and Construction Authority s limousine services. SMRT Institute an, of space and comfort Green Mark Gold Singapore Bus Training and Evaluation chauffeured services.
accredited educational, is launched Centre SG BTEC Singapore s first and car rental services. institution that develops,Woodlands Xchange opens and. COMMERCIAL, Singapore s first MRT and delivers transport team based bus training centre opens. 2getthere Asia a joint,ENGINEERING, System begins operations tenants are the first shop owners in. 2005 related training and, Singapore to be certified with the Kallang Wave Mall at the Singapore Sports venture between.
COMMERCIAL, with inaugural service education services is SMRT Services and. Sembawang Bus Interchange Project Eco Shop label which was Hub officially opens. between Yio Chu Kang,established 2 Getthere is set up. and Toa Payoh on the an integrated transport jointly developed by SMRT and the SMRT Advertising Properties and. Singapore Environment Council to market install, hub opens Singapore s fourth rail The X Collective are incorporated. North South Line operate and maintain,line Circle Line. Fifteen more stations SMRT introduces 30 new wheelchair enabled the Automated. Raffles Xchange the first SMRT Services formerly SMRT. ENGINEERING,COMMERCIAL,commences service from, open and the MRT MRT Station to be London cabs and 600 Prius Hybrid taxis Engineering oversees rail related technical Vehicle systems for.
Bartley to Marymount, system is officially redeveloped for making this the largest hybrid taxi fleet services and supports capabilities locally customers in. launched by Singapore s transit retail is launched Wheelchair Accessible in Singapore and overseas Singapore and the. first Prime Minister the Bus services are Asia Pacific region. SMRT Engineering wins Singapore Rail Engineering SRE enters. ENGINEERING,late Mr Lee Kuan Yew introduced to provide. contract for the into an agreement to set up a joint venture. commuters with with Faiveley Transport to establish. installation of AFC fare,greater access Faiveley Rail Engineering Pte Ltd. gates for the Tuas West, SMRT Corporation Ltd SMRT is Singapore s premier multi modal land transport provider. Our core businesses are in rail operations maintenance and engineering as well as in bus. taxi and automotive services, Complementing these are our integrated businesses in retail media and marketing as well as.
properties and retail management We are committed to sustainable development and corporate. social responsibility, SMRT was established in 1987 and was listed on the Singapore Exchange in July 2000. As of 31 March 2016 our market capitalisation stood at around 2 3 billion. Our Vision,Moving People Enhancing Lives,Our Mission. To be the people s choice by delivering a world class. transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe. reliable and customer centric,Our Core Values,Service Excellence Mastery Responsibility. and Respect Teamwork Nurture and Integrity, GROUP OVERVIEW GROUP FINANCIAL REVIEW GOVERNANCE AND FINANCIAL REPORT. i Milestones 30 Company Overview CORPORATE SOCIAL 112 Financial Statements. 01 Group at a Glance 33 Group Performance RESPONSIBILITY 173 Group Properties. 06 Business Model 39 Value Added and Economic 68 Chairman s Q A Interested Person. 08 Group Financial Highlights Value Added Analysis 70 Corporate Governance Transactions. 10 Market Review and Outlook 41 Our Shareholders 99 Key Dynamics Risk 174 Shareholding Statistics. 12 Chairman s Message Management 175 Notice of Seventeenth. 14 President and GROUP OPERATING REVIEW 103 Human Resources Annual General Meeting. Group CEO s Message 44 Rail Operations 106 Corporate Social. 16 Our Strategy 52 Non Rail Operations Responsibility. 18 Board of Directors 109 Awards Accolades,22 Group Organisational.
Structures, 24 Group Senior Management Visit our corporate website for more information at www smrt com sg. 28 Corporate Information Join us on SMRTCorpSG SMRT Singapore SMRT SMRT Corporation Ltd. Rail Operations, SMRT Trains and SMRT Light Rail provide MRT and LRT services. Rail Transit Oriented Rental Advertising, SMRT Commercial manages the retail and advertising spaces within the SMRT network. of stations and trains,Group at a Glance,Non Rail Operations. Buses Commercial Business, SMRT Buses provides public bus services SMRT Commercial contributes to the.
Group s non fare revenue and profit,Taxis through its out of network businesses in. SMRT Taxis provides taxi services through media and marketing as well as properties. taxi rental and sale of diesel to taxi hirers and retail management. Other Services Engineering Services, SMRT Automotive Services provides repairs Singapore Rail Engineering provides rail. and maintenance services for SMRT Roads engineering services. vehicles as well as for corporate and private SMRT Services provides transport related. vehicle fleet technical services and support capabilities. Bus Plus Services provides charter hire services SMRT International provides mass transit. solutions to rail and road transport owners,Other Transit Oriented and operators. Rental Advertising,SMRT Commercial manages the retail and. advertising spaces within the SMRT network,of bus interchanges buses and taxis.
SMRT Corporation Ltd Annual Report 2016 1,Group at a Glance. Rail Operations, Dominant rail operator in Singapore Operates and maintains the Bukit Panjang Light. Operates and maintains the North South and Rail Transit BPLRT system comprising 7 8km of. East West Lines NSEWL and the Circle Line elevated guideways across 14 stations. CCL with a total route length of 129 8km across Average daily ridership of about 2 million. 84 stations passenger trips,See pp 44 for,more information. FY2016 681 0,FY2015 654 0,Operating Profit m,FY2016 7 4. FY2015 9 6,The Right Balance,Rail and Non Rail Operations.
Non Rail Operations,Buses Taxis Other Services, Manages a fleet of over 1 400 buses providing 106 bus Third largest taxi operator in Singapore with over Automotive Services Bus Plus Services. services connecting the Western and North Western 20 years of experience in taxi operations Market leader in corporate fleet maintenance Premium private bus service operator with a. areas with the rest of Singapore Manages a fleet of more than 3 500 taxis Engineering arm of SMRT Roads providing fleet of about 80 buses including mini buses and. Average daily ridership of about 1 million passenger trips Launched Strides Transportation to provide repairs and maintenance services for 12 metre buses. chauffeured and limousine services and car rental approximately 5 000 SMRT vehicles and 2 000 Provides 45 bus services to corporate clients. See pp 55 for, more information corporate and private vehicles such as Singapore General Hospital and. See pp 58 for, more information Authorised workshop for accident repair for Nanyang Polytechnic. several insurance companies Offers premium bus services that connect. Revenue m Revenue m passengers between residential areas and the. FY2016 248 5 FY2016 147 9,Central Business District during the morning. and evening peak hours on weekdays,FY2015 238 1 FY2015 142 9 See pp 60 to 61 for.
more information,Operating Profit m Operating Profit m. FY2016 33 4,FY2016 5 9 FY2016 17 0,FY2015 28 7,FY2015 6 5 FY2015 13 7. Operating Profit m,FY2016 4 3,FY2015 2 4, 2 SMRT Corporation Ltd Annual Report 2016 SMRT Corporation Ltd Annual Report 2016 3. Group at a Glance continued,Rail Operations,Rail Transit Oriented Rental Advertising. Rental network occupancy of 98, Optimised short term lease space for higher rental yield.
Brought smiles to commuters with popular Disney franchises and movies on advertising and retail spaces. Celebrated SG50 through engaging advertisements,See pp 50 for. more information,Revenue m Operating Profit m,FY2016 174 6 FY2016 106 1 Create. FY2015 156 6 FY2015 101 5, Note Revenue and Operating Profit figures comprise Rail and Non Rail Transit Oriented Rental Advertising and Commercial Business. Non Rail Operations,Other Commercial Business Engineering Services. Transit Properties Retail,Management,Media Marketing.
Launched WINK first of its kind loyalty,Singapore Rail Engineering. Rail engineering solutions provider to mass,SMRT Services. Provides transport related technical services,Oriented Leased more than 90 of space at. Singapore Sports Hub,app for retailers out of home and. digital advertisers to integrate their,transit operators locally and internationally.
As of 31 March 2016 our market capitalisation stood at around 2 3 billion Our Vision Moving People Enhancing Lives Our Mission To be the people s choice by delivering a world class transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe reliable and customer centric Our Core Values Service Excellence Mastery Responsibility

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