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Introducing Penguin Readers,Penguin Readers is a,new series of the best. contemporary fiction,essential non fiction and,popular classics specially. written for learners of English,as a foreign language. Beautifully illustrated and,carefully adapted this. graded readers series STARTER,combines Penguin Random.
House s internationally,ADVENTUROUS GIRLS,bestselling authors and. CHAPTER TWO,most compelling content,Tokoyo and the Sea Serpent. with structured language,Tokoyo s father was the Emperor of Japan s. favourite samurai The samurai loved his,daughter and she loved him. progression Tokoyo s father was a good teacher She. swam very well and she had a knife and a,bow and arrows.
From Starter Pre A1 to Level,7 B2 Penguin Readers,follow the CEFR framework. and include language 20,activities that help readers. of all ages and abilities to,develop key skills,All titles are supported by. online resources including,digital books audio,additional exercises and. actitivies as well as a,series handbook and,introductory videos.
Penguin Readers,Penguin Read,Penguin Readers are,published across 8 levels. from Pre A1 Starter Lit tle Women is the story of a poor American fa. to B2 Level 7 with American Civil War The four sisters Meg Jo Bet. each corresponding to are very dif ferent but together they work hard. the Common European lives are very happy and sometimes they are v. Framework of Reference family s love always helps them. CEFR and featuring, Penguin Readers is a series of popular classics exciting con. activity types aligned, thought provoking non f iction written for learners of English. to international exams The series is aligned to the Common European Framework o. including Flyers PET KET Languages and includes language activities that help deve. FCE CAE CPE and TEOFL,CEFR Story,The language used in each level word count. reader is strictly controllled S Pre A1 400 600 350. with the grammar syllabus,and permitted vocabulary 1 A1 1 000 1 600 550.
correlating to the CEFR,2 A1 3 000 5 000 700,with a small number of. new words being allowed 3 A2 7 000 10 000 1 000,in each story which are all. 4 A2 11 000 14 000 1 200,explained in a glossary at. the back of the book,5 B1 15 000 18 000 1 600,With accompanying audio 6 B1 18 000 22 000 2 000. and additional resources to,7 B2 22 000 26 000 2 500.
help test comprehension,grammar and vocabulary, skills Penguin Readers Visit www penguinreaders co uk. U K 6 99 CAN 14 99, not only help to develop to access all our materials including. I S B N 978 0 241 39769 5,reading writing and,listening but also critical. thinking and twenty first,century skills 9 Digital. 7 8 0 2books,4 1 3 9 7 6 9Audio,5 downloads Activity sheets.
www penguinreaders co uk Audio,Structure and content. Each Penguin Reader begins Any difficult vocabulary. with a short introduction is explained in a picture. and some before reading dictionary at lower levels. questions to help orientate and in a glossary at the. the students towards the back of the book The new, subject matter of the story vocabulary is recycled in. or text the text where possible to,increase its exposure. Penguin Readers, Comprehension questions An exercises section includes. directly follow the text grammar vocabulary or,and test the students comprehension orientated.
understanding of each questions dedicated to most,chapter When students chapters. have finished reading,the entire book there is,a set of questions to test. understanding of the text,as a whole,At the end of the book. students are given extension,work in the form of written. projects and in depth essay,Essay questions, 1 What were the most dif f icult decisions that Winston had.
to make during his f irst weeks as prime minister Was he. Project work happy about all his decisions, 1 Choose two original people described in the book and then 2 In some ways Halifax was right and Winston was wrong. a third person who is not in the book but who you feel is also Do you agree or disagree Give your reasons What would. an original Complete the information listed below in your have happened if Halifax had succeeded in his plans to. notebook and then write 200 words about each person approach Mussolini. Name Where they live d 3 Words can not only create feelings they create actions. Dates Achievements Tony Robbins How was Winston s ability to use the power. of words important in his f irst weeks as prime minister. 2 Choose two original companies described in the book and. then a third company which is not in the book but which you. feel has shown originality Complete the information listed. below in your notebook and then write 200 words about. each company you chose,Name Type of business,Company start date Original achievements. Where the company,works worked,Essay questions, Choose one of the chapters between Two and Eight What. are the key ideas in this chapter How might you change the. way you do things to make use of the ideas in the chapter. Which of the people described in this book do you admire An answer key for all questions and exercises can be found at. the most Why is that 500 words www penguinreaders co uk. Do you think you are an optimist or a pessimist Explain why. 500 words 102, An answer key for all questions and exercises can be found at. www penguinreaders co uk PR L6R DarkestHour I 97909 indd 102 21 04 2020 08 19. PR L7R Originals I 97978 indd 108 26 07 2019 12 52. Starter Pre A1 64 pages 400 600 words,All titles at lower levels contain clear.
and attractive text Starter and Level 1,books feature classic stories in the. form of graphic novels to support the,text and aid student understanding. The Hound of the Baskervilles Romeo and Juliet Loki and the Giants Robin Hood. Arthur Conan Doyle William Shakespeare Roger Lancelyn Green. Sir Charles Baskerville is dead Did the hound Romeo loves Juliet and Juliet loves Romeo Come into the world of the vikings Robin Hood lives in the forest with his. of the Baskervilles kill him Can Sherlock but their families are enemies and they The gods and giants are enemies Loki s Merry Men He takes from rich people and. Holmes and Doctor Watson stop the hound cannot marry To be together they must risk mother is a goddess but his father is a gives to poor people The Sheriff doesn t. from killing again This story introduces everything Romeo and Juliet is a timeless giant Is he the gods friend or is he like Robin Hood and wants to punish. the world s most famous detective and tragic love story their enemy They don t know him but he is very difficult to catch. 9780241375303 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241430873 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241463383 NOVEMBER 2020 9780241463390 NOVEMBER 2020. Yes we can go,Who s that wom,an She s very,beautiful I love. That evening,Juliet that man,is Paris He loves,you Can you be. That man s a Mon,tague He s,our enemy Why,is he here.
I don t know,him Mother,Tybalt I don t,want a fight. at my party Rom,The Scissor Man Caves,eo can stay,Anna Trewin. meet but not,Zara and Joe go with their class to the. our mouths,Gerlock Caves There s a story about the. Gerlock Caves Zara tells her teacher,There s a man He walks in those caves at.
night and throws scissors at people,9780241463406 NOVEMBER 2020. SAMPLE PAGES FROM THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES AND ROMEO AND JULIET. Level 1 A1 64 pages 1000 1600 words, A Christmas Carol Plastic Tales of Adventurous Girls Dynasties Lions. Charles Dickens Stephen Moss, Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas He is We all use a lot of plastic every day These folk tales tell the stories of four brave Sometimes families are happy and. angry that people are not working Then It is cheap and strong and plastic things girls from four different countries around the sometimes they fight Sometimes life is. he meets the ghost of his old partner last for a long time But where does world Zanzibar Japan India and China The good and sometimes it is difficult The. Jacob Marley Can Scrooge become a good plastic come from And what can we do girls all have to do dangerous and difficult same is true for the Marsh Lions in Kenya s. person before it is too late to recycle all the plastic in our world things so they must be strong and clever Masai Mara and for all animal families. 9780241375211 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241375228 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241397985 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241447369 AVAILABLE NOW. Little Women SilverFin Taylor Swift The Canterville Ghost. Louisa May Alcott Charlie Higson Hannah Dolan Oscar Wilde. This is the story of a poor family and it is set On Loch SilverFin in Scotland a bad man Taylor Swift started singing and writing When an American family buys Canterville. during the American Civil War There are four lives in a castle with his son James Bond songs at a very young age Now she is a Hall they are warned that the ghost of Sir. sisters who are all very different Sometimes their and his new friend Red Kelly go to the castle very famous singer and she does lots of Simon haunts the house But the family. lives are very happy and sometimes they are very hoping to find Red s missing cousin Alfie other things too How did she get there refuses to be frightened Will Sir Simon. sad but their family s love always helps them Will they find him or will they be too late This book tells the story of her life have to face centuries of unrest. 9780241397695 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241463253 NOVEMBER 2020 9780241463260 NOVEMBER 2020 9780241432211 NOVEMBER 2020. A CHRISTMAS CAROL MARLEY S GHOST, This is Ebenezer Scrooge Marley s partner Merry Christmas Uncle. He is rich but he has a cold heart,Bah Humbug,Why are you sad Uncle.
You are rich,This is Scrooge s clerk Bob Cratchit,He is poor but he has a warm heart. Bah Humbug Why do,people like Christmas Fred,I don t understand it. Christmas is a fantastic,time People are with their. families and they help poor,people I love Christmas. SAMPLE PAGES FROM TALES OF ADVENTUROUS GIRLS AND A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Level 2 A1 64 pages 3000 5000 words, Boy How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars Private The Call of the Wild.
Roald Dahl Billy Gallagher James Patterson Maxine Paetro Jack London. This book is about sweet shops school days In 2008 three university students made a Former U S Marine Jack Morgan runs a company In 1897 people found gold in the Klondike. and summer holidays It is the story of the photo app called Snapchat Just two years called Private which has offices all across the Canada Thousands of people traveled there to. famous writer Roald Dahl when he was a boy later Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat for world Private helps people Sometimes Private find more gold They needed big strong dogs to. These tales are exciting funny and sometimes 3 billion This is the story of how Snapchat helps the police too Now Jack s friend is work for them This is the story of one of those. frightening And all of them are true grew into a multibillion dollar company dead and Private must find the killer dogs called Buck whose job is to pull a sled. 9780241397688 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241397725 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241397701 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241375259 AVAILABLE NOW. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Malala Yousafzai Life in Space The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer s parents are dead and he lives Malala Yousafzai is known for having the Is there life in space Will people be able Everyone in the village of St Petersburg. with his aunt in a small village next to the long courage to stand up for what she believes to travel to extra solar planets in the will tell you this but Huck Finn is not dead. Mississippi river One night Tom and his friend in even in the face of terrifying adversity future Learn about astronauts space He ran away Now he is traveling down the. Huckleberry Finn see Injun Joe kill Dr Robinson Malala s story has inspired people all over stations and space travel in Life in Space great Mississippi river Come with him on his. But the wrong man is sent to prison the world who are fighting for justice 9780241375235 AVAILABLE NOW adventures and meet many new people. 9780241430880 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241447376 AVAILABLE NOW 9780241463291 NOVEMBER 2020. The Little Prince,Antoine de Saint Exup ry,Meet the Little Prince a young boy who. comes from a tiny far away planet He loves,to watch sunsets and look after his flower to. ask questions and to laugh And now here,he is on Earth looking for a friend. 9780241463277 NOVEMBER 2020,SAMPLE PAGES FROM BOY AND THE CALL OF THE WILD.
Level 3 A2 80 pages 5000 7000 words, Climate Change HRH The Prince of The Great Gatsby Dracula Wonder. Wales Tony Juniper Emily Shuckburgh F Scott Fitzgerald Bram Stoker R J Palacio. Why is the Earth s climate changing And how Everyone wants to know Jay Gatsby He is Jonathan Harker visits a castle in Transylvania August Auggie Pullman has been home. will this change our lives HRH The Prince of handsome and very rich He owns a big house to help a man named Count Dracula to buy schooled all his life Now he is starting fifth. Wales is worried about climate change In this and he has wonderful parties there But does a house in England As strange things begin grade at a school in New York City He doesn t. book he explains why it is so important for anybody really know who Jay Gatsby is This to happen in England Jonathan sees that the want other students to look at him but that. The four sisters Meg Jo Beth and Amy are very dif ferent but together they work hard Sometimes their lives are very happy and sometimes they are very sad But the family s love always helps them Penguin Readers is a series of popular classics exciting contemporary f iction and thought provoking non f iction written for learners of English as a foreign language The series is

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