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Penguin Readers,Teacher s Guide,to Using Bestsellers. Carolyn Walker,www penguinreaders com,Penguin Longman Publishing. 5 Bentinck Street,London W1M 5RN,Pearson Education 2001. Designed by Mackerel, All rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publishers with the sole exception of. those pages marked photocopiable which may be photocopied by teachers for classes they teach. Published by Pearson Education Limited in association with Penguin Books Ltd. both companies being subsidiaries of Pearson plc,ISBN 0 582 46900 7.
Teacher s Resource Materials, The following additional free teacher s resource materials are available for use with Penguin Readers. Penguin Readers Factsheets, Penguin Readers Factsheets have been developed for teachers using Penguin Readers with their class Each Factsheet is based. on one Reader and consists of,a summary of the book. interesting information about the novel and novelist including a section on the background and themes of the novel. a glossary of new words, a selection of lively supplementary activities for use with the Reader in class. Starter Pack 1 ISBN 0 582 41984 0,Starter Pack 2 ISBN 0 582 34424 7.
New Titles Pack March 1999 ISBN 0 582 40007 4,New Titles Pack August 1999 ISBN 0 582 40009 0. New Titles Pack March 2000 ISBN 0 582 34420 4,New Titles Pack August 2000 ISBN 0 582 34422 0. Factsheets Pack November 2000 ISBN 0 582 47253 9,New Titles Pack February 2001 ISBN 0 582 46899 X. New Titles Pack July 2001 ISBN 0 582 47254 7,These Factsheets are now available on our website. Penguin Readers Teacher s Guides, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Using Graded Readers.
ISBN 0582 40006 6, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Using Film and Television. ISBN 0 582 40008 2, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Preparing for FCE. ISBN 0 582 40010 4, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Teaching Listening Skills. ISBN 0 582 34423 9, NB Penguin Readers Factsheets and Penguin Readers Teacher s Guides contain photocopiable material. For a full list of Readers published in the Penguin Readers series and for copies of the Penguin Readers catalogue please. contact your local Pearson Education office or,Eleanor Horne.
Penguin Longman Publishing,5 Bentinck Street,London W1M 5RN. Tel 0207 487 6027 Fax 0207 487 6047,E mail eleanor horne pearsoned ema com. Visit our website at,www penguinreaders com,Introduction 2. Penguin s top 20 Bestselling Graded Readers 2,Why are these books so popular 4. Making use of the Bestsellers list 4,The library system 5.
Do your students read books for pleasure 5,Ground rules 5. Encouraging reading achievements 5,Reading is a social activity 6. Class Readers 6, Choosing a Class Reader from the Bestsellers list 6. Some points about managing the reading 7,Understanding the book 7. Language practice 11,Responding to and evaluating the book 12.
Scheme of work for a Class Reader 17,Photocopiable Student s Worksheets. 1 Are you a bookworm,2 Reading Record,3 Reading Target. 4 Bestsellers survey,5 What would you do if,6 Arranging in the right order. 7 What does the future hold,8 Matching,9 Was it a good thing or a bad thing. 10 Interview a character,11 One person s view of another.
12 My book from A Z, 1 Introduction popular children s story There is a well known film. starring Jenny Agutter made in 1971 and also a more. Penguin Graded Readers offer teachers and students recent TV adaptation. an extremely valuable resource for learning English and. just as for other types of books there is now a list of the Mr Bean is a simply written novelisation ie a book. Top 20 Bestselling Readers These are the books which based on a film of the comedy film which was released. are consistently popular among students and teachers in 1997 starring British actor Rowan Atkinson In the. around the world film the rather strange Mr Bean familiar to TV viewers. In this Guide you will find the reasons why large is sent as an art expert to a gallery in Los Angeles. numbers of teachers are making use of bestselling While there Mr Bean accidentally ruins a famous. Graded Readers to teach English and why their students masterpiece But somehow he manages to rescue the. are becoming bookworms in English situation earn the gratitude of his host and even. This Guide also gives teachers lots of concrete and impress the art world with his perceptive remarks on the. practical suggestions on how to maximise the use of masterpiece All Mr Bean fans will love this book and. best selling Graded Readers so that students get the full those unfamiliar with him will find the book highly. benefit of extensive reading entertaining,2 2 Level 3. 2 Penguin s top 20 Bestselling, The Horse Whisperer is an original book by British. Graded Readers writer Nicholas Evans published in 1995 and set in the. Penguin s top twenty list for the year 2000 based on US It is a compelling and complex story in which a. global sales is as follows young girl s mother realises that her daughter s recovery. from a terrible riding accident is linked with that of her. 2 1 Level 2 horse In some way also her own relationship with her. Treasure Island is a classic British story by Robert daughter is at stake as are her marriage and way of life. Louis Stevenson 1883 Treasure Island is a gripping A horse trainer with very special skills miraculously. adventure involving pirates greed and treachery Jim brings about the necessary healing of all concerned but. Hawkins the young hero finds himself on a boat with a at a terrible cost to himself Before it was published the. collection of rogues sailing to search for buried treasure story was sold to Robert Redford the actor who. whose location is given on a secret map The story has a directed the film starring himself and Kristin Scott. historical setting but the excitement and romance ensure Thomas The film was released in 1998. its appeal for modern readers There have been several Princess Diana is a biography of the British princess. films made including one in 1990 starring Charlton specially written for learners of English As a beautiful. Heston young girl Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. White Fang is a classic animal story by US writer Jack the heir to the British throne in a fairy tale wedding But. London 1906 White Fang half wolf half dog is all was not as it seemed Privately the marriage went. found by Indians in the wild north west of Canada at the wrong early on and Diana developed an eating disorder. time of the gold rush of the 1890s The story tells how a In public she became a colourful member of the British. fierce wild animal is gradually tamed and civilised as he royal family and the public adored her She won people s. passes from one owner to another and we see how hearts too through her charity work for the. cruelty breeds violence while respect and gentleness are underprivileged and outcast of society Her tragic death. rewarded by love There have been two film versions of at the age of 36 in a car accident shocked the world. the story the latest by Disney in 1990 Many people felt as bereaved as if she had been in their. own family This biography provides a detailed and, Audrey Hepburn is a biography specially written for fascinating account of an important figure in British. learners of English Overcoming the hardship and public life. poverty of her youth in Europe Audrey became a, famous Hollywood film star whose career lasted nearly Matilda is the highly entertaining and popular children s.
forty years Despite her outward success however she story by British writer Roald Dahl 1989 In a recent. was often unhappy and her personal life was troubled survey of children s reading in the UK1 Matilda was the. In later life she worked for the United Nations to help second most popular book after The BFG another book. deprived children all over the world This is an by Roald Dahl Matilda is an exceptionally clever and. interesting account of the life of a much loved actress unusual little girl but her awful parents aren t at all. interested in her believing that girls don t need, The Railway Children is a classic story by British writer educating When she finally gets to school she finds the. E Nesbitt 1906 When their father is mysteriously terrifying Miss Trunchbull who terrorises all the. taken away three children and their mother are forced to children Then Matilda discovers that she can make. leave their comfortable home The children find interest things move just with her eyes With this special power. and excitement in their new life through the trains which she is able to take control of her life and take action. pass by their house every day Then after a while the against the bad adults who mistreat the children in their. reason for their father s disappearance comes to light care An excellent film was made of the book in 1996. He has been wrongly accused of a crime and the, children are overjoyed when he is released The Forrest Gump is an original story by Winston Groom. elements of mystery combined with the children s Groom s version showed a satirical view of life in the. adventures on the railway line make this an enduringly USA in which anyone even an idiot could become. Hall C M Coles 1999 Children s Reading Choices London Routledge. successful and live the American Dream But the the ordinary and everyday and the worries and. hugely successful film which starred Tom Hanks and concerns of an engaging likeable and typical teenager. came out in 1994 was not really satirical Forrest Gump growing into maturity Poignantly the Diary comes to. is a warm hearted but simple man In the film he tells an abrupt end as the family were discovered and. us his life story how he became a university student arrested Only the father survived the concentration. and a footballer a war hero who meets the President a camps The Diary was made into a play in 1955 and a. chess player a wrestler a businessman and an film based on the play came out in 1959. astronaut It is a touching and at the same time comic. The Client is a thriller by US writer John Grisham. story which makes us re evaluate intelligence and, published in 1993 One day eleven year old Mark a boy. who watches too much TV sees a violent attack such. Amistad is another film novelisation The film was as he has previously seen only on the screen As a. released in 1997 It is based on a true story of a group result he is now in possession of dangerous. of Africans who were kidnapped and shipped across the information An eccentric lawyer tries to help him as he. Atlantic in 1839 Sold as slaves in Cuba the group is caught between the interests of the law and the. manages to kill the men in charge of the ship which is Mafia Working against time together they are able to. taking them to their new owners But the ship is work out how to protect Mark and his family from the. stopped by the Americans and the Africans are arrested people who would like to do them harm This is a fast. and tried for murder They do not speak English so moving exciting book which readers will find hard to. cannot tell their story and their plight becomes put down A film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Susan. enmeshed with the politics of the time A young lawyer Sarandon was made in 1994. sets out to discover the truth Through his fight against. prejudice and injustice the Africans are freed and able 2 4 Level 5. to return home At the time the episode attracted much Four Weddings and a Funeral is a simplified. public interest the US was then divided in two over novelisation of the hugely popular romantic comedy. slavery an issue which eventually led to a bloody civil film which was released in 1993 starring Hugh Grant. war and Andie McDowell The screenplay was written by. Rain Man is another film novelisation The 1988 film Richard Curtis one of the best current British writers of. starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise received three comedy and the film began a series of successes for. Oscars best picture best director best actor When British film making One of a group of friends Charles. Charlie Babbitt s father dies Charlie is furious to find is a young man in search of love The trouble is he is. that his father has left his fortune to an unknown too shy and reticent to get the girl he really loves. person Then Charlie discovers that the money has Carrie When she marries someone else he tries to. gone to a brother Raymond that he never knew he make the best of things by nearly getting married. had But Raymond is autistic Determined to get his himself Luckily for him Carrie reappears and all ends. rightful inheritance Charlie takes his brother from the well The story captures a particular type of Englishness. special home where he lives In the process Charlie which is instantly recognisable while at the same time. remembers long forgotten facts about his childhood taking a very humorous look at love and relationships. and that Raymond was the real Rain Man who he had The Pelican Brief is another block busting thriller by. made into his imaginary friend Charlie learns to love John Grisham published in 1992 It is a story of big. his handicapped brother more than money making this business politics and corruption in high places in the. Teacher s Guide to Using Bestsellers It contains 12 photocopiable Student s Worksheets which can be used with these and other Readers in the Penguin series This Guide describes which the top 20 bestselling Readers are and what they are about why these books are so popular how to make use of the titles on the list as Class Readers and in a library system how to use Graded Readers for

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