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Penguin Readers,Teacher s Guide,Placement Tests,W S Fowler. Penguin Longman Publishing,Pearson Education,Edinburgh Gate. Essex CM20 2JE UK,Pearson Education Limited 2005, All rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publishers with the sole exception of. those pages marked photocopiable which may be photocopied by teachers for classes they teach. Published by Pearson Education Ltd in association with Penguin Books Ltd. both companies being subsidiaries of Pearson plc,ISBN 0 582 47380 2. Free Teacher s Resource Materials, The following additional free teacher s resource materials are available to download free from our website.
www penguinreaders com,Penguin Readers Factsheets, Penguin Readers Factsheets have been developed for teachers using Penguin Readers with their class Each Factsheet is based. on one Reader and consists of,a summary of the book. interesting information about the book and author including a section on the background and themes. a glossary of new words, a selection of lively supplementary activities for use with the Reader in class. Penguin Readers Teacher s Guides, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Using Graded Readers. ISBN 0 582 40006 6, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Developing Listening Skills.
ISBN 0 582 34423 9, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Preparing for FCE. ISBN 0 582 40010 4, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Using Bestsellers. ISBN 0 582 46900 7, Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide to Using Film and TV. ISBN 0 582 40008 2, NB Penguin Readers Factsheets and Penguin Readers Teacher s Guides contain photocopiable material. For a full list of Readers published in the Penguin Readers series visit http plrcatalogue pearson com. For copies of the Penguin Longman catalogue please contact your local Pearson Longman office or. Penguin Longman Publishing,Edinburgh Gate,United Kingdom.
Tel 44 0 870 607 3777,Fax 44 0 870 850 0155,E mail elt pearson com. www penguinreaders com,Introduction,Introduction, General Photocopy the Answer key relevant to the test you. have selected for example for Test 1A page 27 Cut, The tests have been devised to help teachers to decide out the answers given there to make a mask On no. whether their students are ready to enjoy the next level account cut the page in the book as this will prevent. of Penguin Readers you from making a mask for a test on another page. There are six levels of test corresponding to Levels Allow 20 minutes for students to complete the test. 1 6 of the Readers and two versions of test at each Ask them not to leave questions unanswered or to. level the B test provided as follow up for retesting in the spend too long on any one question which may prevent. event of the majority of a class not obtaining the them from completing the test in the time available. requisite score of 18 30 at the first attempt,Collect students answers and mark them by placing. The tests have been thoroughly pretested with the mask you have made over the relevant column on. students at the appropriate levels They each contain 30 the Answer Sheet While it may be of interest to you to. structural and lexical items in multiple choice format calculate students marks individually or later on to. selected from the structures and lexis introduced at the analyse the papers to see which structures or lexis have. given level caused problems so you can bear these in mind for. The tests can be administered and corrected very remedial work before beginning a Reader this is an. quickly to aid a prompt decision following the additional benefit to be derived from the tests but does. instructions given below Within 30 minutes including not affect their main purpose. the time that it takes for the students to do a test By calculating each student s score out of 30 it should. teachers should have sufficient information to reach a be possible within a few minutes to see whether more. decision than half of the class have obtained the target score of. 18 or more In many cases it will be possible with a. Content of the tests mask to see at a glance whether a student has passed or. Each test consists of 30 multiple choice items There are failed. three choices A B C at levels 1 3 and four choices Unless this initial calculation gives a marginal result. A B C D at levels 4 6 no further action is necessary at this point If the. Items testing the same structure and or lexis are not majority have passed the class will be able to follow the. repeated within a test but in almost every case the Test Reader satisfactorily If the majority have clearly failed. B at a given level is based on the same items as Test A allow at least 20 hours of class tuition to pass before. to ensure an equal level of difficulty Items never appear retesting with Test B to prevent the result being falsified. however in the same order This minimises the by students remembering answers if they were. possibility of students guessing the correct answers explained after the first attempt. from memory Only if the result remains doubtful for example if. The pass mark of 18 30 or 60 is valid for all levels exactly half the class have obtained a score of 18 or. It is important to note that for the class as a whole to more will it be necessary to examine the marks in. benefit from studying a Reader at a given level it is not more detail It is then a matter of common sense to. necessary for everyone to obtain this mark or even for decide whether the class are ready to begin a Reader at. the students average to be above 18 but only for the the level for example if a number came close to. majority of students to score 18 or more It must be passing with a score of 16 or 17 30 As an insurance. remembered that as is appropriate in tests devised to policy if you decide to proceed it would be worthwhile. determine whether students are capable of following a seeing which items had caused difficulty and revising. text these tests measure recognition of correct them before beginning the Reader selected. language not the ability to produce it,Procedures for conducting the.
In all cases photocopy the Answer Sheet on page 26 in. sufficient numbers for each student to have one Note. that for tests at levels 1 3 students will need to use the. left hand column A B C for their answers and for,levels 4 6 the right hand column A B C D. Photocopy the test for the level you have selected for. example Test 1A on pages 2 3 for Level 1 in sufficient. numbers for each student to have a copy Always use. the A test in the first instance The B test as explained. above testing knowledge of the same structures and. lexis is for use for retesting at a later date in the event. of the class proving to be not yet quite ready to attempt. 1 Look The sun down,A go B goes C is going,2 Did you go to work yesterday No I. A didn t B wasn t C never,A Go there B Go here C Come there. 4 Those are my photos Give,A me it B it to me C them to me. 5 Which boy,A Mary likes B do Mary like C does Mary like.
6 Jane the answer,A never know B never knows C knows never. 7 Anne has a son name is Edward,A Her B His C Their. 8 My new dress is,A blue B blue colour C colour blue. 9 There food in the kitchen,A aren t any B isn t any C isn t some. 10 Is that your bicycle,A father B father s C fathers.
11 girl is your daughter,A What B Which C Who,12 Julia is standing Andrew. A after B at back C behind,P H O T O C O P I A B L E. 13 Kevin is the boy brown hair,A of B with C has,14 He goes to the office at eight every day. A o clock B of clock C of the clock,15 I had letters yesterday. A many B a lot C a lot of,Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide Placement Tests 2.
16 eat that,A Don t B Don t to C Not to,17 Carol read very well. A can B can to C she can,18 Stop now,A write B writing C the write. 19 She s going to come late this evening,A home B at home C to home. 20 a drink of water,A You like B Do you like C Would you like. 21 I love trees she,A sayed B said C say,22 Peter is this pen.
A of you B your C yours,23 Where is the stop,A bus B bus s C buses. 24 The children are happy They re having time,A good B a good C very good. 25 It s very cold Put your big on when you go out,A coat B jeans C shirt. 26 It was a good hotel the food was very expensive. A and B but C because,27 I want that film,A see B seeing C to see. P H O T O C O P I A B L E,28 How your sister,A old is B old has C many years has.
29 We re going to meet them the station,A at B to C on. 30 The children are not here They to the cinema,A go B gone C went. 3 Pearson Education Limited 2001,1 Tom has a daughter name is Jane. A His B Her C Your,2 Those are my books Give,A me it B it to me C them to me. 3 Look The sun up,A come B comes C is coming,4 Which girl.
A John likes B do John like C does John like,5 My new shoes are. A brown B brown colour C colour brown,A Come here B Come there C Go here. 7 Margaret the answer,A always know B always knows C knows always. 8 Did you play football yesterday No I,A didn t B wasn t C never. 9 This is my book,A address B addresses C addressing.
10 Paula is the girl black hair,A of B with C has,11 She starts work at nine every day. A o clock B of clock C of the clock,12 I want a radio. A buy B buying C to buy,P H O T O C O P I A B L E,13 Is that your car. A mother B mother s C mothers,14 drink that,A Don t B Don t to C Not to. 15 boy is your son,A What B Which C Who,Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide Placement Tests 4.
16 We had rain yesterday,A much B a lot C a lot of. 17 There coffee in the house,A aren t any B isn t any C isn t some. 18 a coffee,A You like B Do you like C Would you like. 19 Stop to her,A talk B talking C the talk,20 What s your name she. A say B said C sayed,21 Mary is this money,A of you B your C yours.
22 I m going to come late this evening,A home B at home C to home. 23 James swim very well,A can B can to C he can,24 We re going to meet them the airport. A at B to C on,25 My father s not here He to his office. A go B gone C went,26 It s very cold Put your big on. A coat B dress C skirt,27 Jack is sitting Mary,A after B at back C behind.
P H O T O C O P I A B L E, 28 We went to the cinema the film wasn t very good. A and B but C because,29 How she,A old is B old has C many years has. 30 Listen to the noise The children are having time. A good B a good C very good,5 Pearson Education Limited 2001. 1 I swim well when I was very young,A can B could C knew. 2 When I got I had a bath,A home B at home C to home.
3 What on Sundays, A does Mary usually do B does Mary usually C usually does Mary. 4 She s the girl in the class,A cleverer B cleverest C most clever. 5 Would you like to the cinema with me,A come B to come C coming. 6 How much money you,A he gave B did he give C gave he to. 7 There wasn t in the garden,A anybody B somebody C people.
8 She never the teacher,A listens B is listening C listens to. 9 I m going now,A shops B shopping C to shops,10 Would you like some tea. A of B more C more of,11 Why didn t you invite the party. A him B him to C to him,12 Jane is than Judith,A prettier B more pretty C more prettier. P H O T O C O P I A B L E,13 She sings very,A good B much C well.
14 A man in the car accident,A died B dead C was died. 15 That dress is big for you,A so much B too much C too. Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide Placement Tests 6,16 They him that his friend was ill. A said B told C told to,17 I looked but I couldn t find it. A anywhere B somewhere C everywhere,18 I was tired I went to bed.
A but B because C so,19 Did you the train tickets,A pay B pay them C pay for. 20 When Jack used the computer he made the problem. A worse B worst C more worse,21 She was very excited and couldn t stop. A talk B talking C from talking, 22 I can t see Helen in the picture because she s you. A below B between C behind,23 That s Miss Jones She me English. A teach B teachs C teaches,24 My camera is not the same yours.
A as B than C that,25 that I m waiting outside,A Tell B Tell them C Tell to them. 26 We had at eight o clock,A breakfast B a breakfast C the breakfast. 27 Why to the party tomorrow, A doesn t they come B aren t they coming C won t they to come. P H O T O C O P I A B L E,28 you very much for your letter. A I am thanking B Thank C Thanks to,29 She comes to school bus every day.
A on B in C by,30 We had very bad weather on our holiday. A a B the C some,7 Pearson Education Limited 2001,1 What at weekends. A does John usually do B does John usually C usually does John. 2 Which postcard you,A she sent B did she send C sent she to. 3 She s the girl in the class,A prettier B prettiest C most pretty. 4 I read when I was six,A can B could C knew,5 When he arrived his wife wasn t there.
A home B at home C to home,6 Would you like,A dance B to dance C dancing. 7 I never the radio,A listen B am listening C listen to. Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide Placement Tests The Penguin Readers Teacher s Guide Placement Testshave been designed to provide teachers with a quick and effective way of deciding whether students are ready to enjoy the next level of Penguin Readers There are six levels of test corresponding to levels 1 6 of the Penguin Readers There are two tests at each level the B Test providing

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