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A PLUME BOOK,GROW RICH WITH PEACE OF MIND,NAPOLEON HILL was born into poverty in 1883 and. achieved great success as an attorney and journalist He. was an advisor to Andrew Carnegie and Franklin Roo. sevelt With Carnegie s help he formulated a philosophy. of success drawing on the thoughts and experiences of a. multitude of rags to riches tycoons In recent years the. Napoleon Hill Foundation has published his bestselling. writings worldwide giving him an immense influence. around the globe Among his famous titles are Think and. Grow Rich Action Pack Napoleon Hill s A Year of Grow. ing Rich and Napoleon Hill s Keys to Success,WITH PEACE. Napoleon Hill,A PLUME BOOK, Napoleon Hill as a youth was no different from most. young people today He associated success with money in. his early career He wanted to be important with a display. of opulence People today tend to associate the popular. book Think and Grow Rich in terms of money but Hill s. perspective was to change as he matured, Hill remarked in one of his papers that during his early. career when he was receiving large sums of money he be. lieved it essential that he drive nothing less than a Rolls. Royce He purchased a large estate in New York he had. servants and a variety of other employees to tend to his. wants This extravagant spending prior to the Great De. pression of 1929 led to Hill losing his possessions and later. on his estate, When Grow Rich with Peace of Mind was published in.
1967 Hill was eighty four years old His message had. changed He was older much wiser and he wanted to por. tray the importance of peace of mind, Hill in Grow Rich with Peace of Mind states he is trying. to help the reader avoid the mistakes he made As you. read the book perhaps you can learn from Hill s life that. many other things besides money and material items are. needed in order to truly have peace of mind You will read. of learning from your past developing a positive mental. attitude living life free of fear and the importance of shar. ing your wealth with others, Napoleon Hill had a very interesting life of research in. terviews and writings as to what constitute success This. final book combines all of his knowledge on living a life. with peace of mind,Don M Green,Executive Director,Napoleon Hill Foundation. I began to plan this book in the closing years of the nine. teenth century It has thus been nearly seventy years in prepa. ration During those years I have witnessed more vital. changes in the affairs of men than had taken place in all the. previous years of the history of civilization I have seen the. advent of the automobile the airplane radio television. atomic power the age of space I have seen electric power. spread across the country industry rise to levels of production. beyond nineteenth century dreams science and technology. enjoy an almost explosive development, I have seen old nations disappear new nations arise jungles. give way to paved roads cities burgeon where sleepy villages. once stood And I have seen people adapt themselves to all. these changes and go right on being people just as they have. been for uncounted thousands of years, You will find this book takes cognizance of the changing.
world In speaking of people however I speak of the forces. which always have moved people and always will We still see. that without sufficient money our lives are mean and hemmed. in so we want success in earning money And along with. money success we want to be free of fears nervous tensions. self induced illness worries unhappiness That is in addition. to money success we seek peace of mind to make our lives. complete While this book may help you win great wealth it. can help you win peace of mind in abounding measure. As you will see when we speak of peace of mind we speak. of more than peace as a restful state Peace of mind is at the. same time restful and dynamic or we might say a restful base. upon which your life dynamism stands It has been called the. Foreword vii, wealth without which you cannot really be wealthy It mani. fests itself in many ways, It is freedom from negative forces which may take posses. sion of the mind and from any such negative attitudes as. worry and inferiority,It is freedom from any feeling of want. It is freedom from self induced mental and physical ail. ments of the kind which chronically degrade life, It is freedom from all fears especially the seven basic fears. we shall expose in all their ugliness, It is freedom from the common human weakness of seeking.
something for nothing, It is possession of the joy of work and accomplishment. It is the habit of being one s self and doing one s own. It is the habit of checking one s attitudes toward life and. toward one s fellow men and always adjusting these atti. tudes for the better, It is the habit of helping others to help themselves. It is freedom from anxiety over what may happen to you. after you die, It is the habit of going the extra mile in all human relation. It is the habit of thinking in terms of what you wish to do. instead of thinking of the obstacles which may get in your way. It is the habit of laughing at the petty misfortunes which. may overtake you,It is the habit of giving before trying to get. Peace of mind covers a surprisingly broad field doesn t it. In every way you use it it helps you win money success and. more Peace of mind helps you live your life on your own. terms in values of your own choosing so that every day your. life grows richer and greater, This volume is written by a man who has found peace of.
mind the hard way by trial and error Its purpose is to. help others find their own peace of mind along with money. success by a shorter and less costly route If some of the. VIl Foreword, episodes seem ultra personal please remember that it is the. seemingly small events of a man s life which make up the. greater portion of his experiences, In my own personal experiences you may see your own. Notice how small experiences conceal both success and. failure They are the first testing ground in which you are given. the opportunity to prove that you are the master of your fate. you are the captain of your soul, I realize that nobody wishes to take medicine prescribed by. a doctor who does not take it himself when seeking the benefits. he proclaims The medicine given herein is the medicine. proved by its marvelous effect upon myself and thousands of. Thanks to circumstances I have had the aid of more than five. hundred of the most successful men in America These men. allowed me to go behind the curtains of their private lives and. see for myself both their good qualities and their weaknesses. their successes and their failures how they enjoyed or did not. enjoy using their money how this factor related itself to their. possession or nonpossession of peace of mind, It was with the Science of Personal Achievement built on. my interviews and research that I have helped thousands of. men and women whip poverty wipe out the effects of a nega. tively conditioned childhood solve problems rise above cir. cumstances which held them back, Let me say I did this many years after I myself had risen above.
a heritage of five evils you may know some or all of them. Poverty Illiteracy,Ignorance Hopelessness, As a youngster I was often hungry There was a time when I. ate bark I scraped off birch trees Until I reached my teens I. continued to be hungry, I am still hungry Not for physical food but for mental food. food for a searching mind which still seeks to know more. about why some men succeed and some fail some have. inward peace and some have inward conflict But I have left. my childhood handicaps far behind,Foreword ix, There came a time when one of the world s richest men. Andrew Carnegie backed me in a plan to find the secrets of. money success and life success I have been an adviser to three. United States Presidents William Howard Taft Woodrow. Wilson and Franklin D Roosevelt and I helped the first Presi. dent of the Philippines to attain freedom for his people. There was a period in which I courted fame I craved for it. prayed for it and worked endlessly to achieve it At long last. my mail came from all over the world sackfuls more than I. ever could read let alone answer Promoters looking for my. co operation came by the score merchants offered me all. kinds of credit and many offered to buy my endorsement of. their wares, My tastes now are different It was when I found that if I. wanted any sleep I could not have a telephone registered in my. name that I began to appreciate peace of mind, Yet while I courted fame I never stopped writing Book fol.
lowed book in my effort to tell the world what I had learned. about success about the value of a positive state of mind. about human relations Here is a list of the books I have. written The Law of Success 8 volumes Think and Grow. Rich How to Sell Your Way Through Life The Master Key to. Riches How to Raise Your Own Salary Mental Dynamite 16. volumes Science of Personal Achievement and a seventeen. lesson course now being taught in home study and local class. groups in the U S and many other countries, The passing years have helped me judge the value of these. books and gauge their effect upon their readers They have. helped hundreds of thousands perhaps millions to build lives. of happiness and success I have been interested all this while. in finding out which of the many items of advice have turned. out to be most useful and of most universal application I have. checked carefully to see which anecdotes and types of anec. dotes have provided the upward turning point at which a man. finds himself and goes, This book represents in part a careful choice of items. which have stood the test of time In reading these items you. will know that they in particular have something which takes. x Foreword, hold in the mind and builds the power of the mind to will the. best and find it, Also you will find much that is new The world changes. not in principle but in certain aspects which bring different. kinds of opportunities to the seeking man More money. making opportunities have arisen in the United States during. the past two decades than existed in all of our previous history. and still they swarm thick and fast You will acquire a vast. vision for these opportunities as you read this book. You will find if you have read my previous works that this. one has a new and different objective emphasizing values. which money alone cannot buy All of my books show in. many ways that there is more to life than making money This. book proves the point far more fully than I was able to prove it. years ago and shows too that peace of mind in itself is a. mighty force in helping you make money, I have said this book has been nearly seventy years in the.
planning Quite true but until recently I did not know it I. believe we all are guided by invisible sources of inspiration. and recently there came to me inspiration from a strange and. very real source revealing how much of my life has been spent. in preparing to write these pages urging me to uncover my. typewriter and get to work, The man who speaks to you is in his eighties His life. remains full and hearty His possessions of which he surely. has enough have not taken away the thrill of accomplish. ment The book is the first step of accomplishment the best of. the accomplishment comes in knowing that this book will. bring wealth and happiness to those who read and think. I am ready now to write more clearly and maturely than. ever was possible to me before Join me and we will go on a. fascinating journey together a journey toward riches. a journey toward the fulfillment of your dearest dreams a. journey toward a Supreme Secret which gives you mastery of. life itself,Napoleon Hill,1 Know Your Own Mind Live Your Own Life 1. 2 Close the Doors on Your Past 19,3 The Basic Mental Attitude That. Brings Wealth and Peace of Mind 34,4 When You Are Free of Fear. You Are Free to Live 47,5 Will You Master Money Or.
Will It Master You 61,6 The Blessed Art of Sharing Your Riches 77. 7 How to Develop Your Own Healthy Ego 90,8 How to Transmute Sex Emotion. into Achievement Power 105,9 To Succeed in Life,Succeed in Being Yourself 117. 10 The Master Mind Group,A Power Beyond Science 133. 11 Win Mighty Aid from the Eternal,Law of Compensation 147.
12 You Are Very Important For a Little While 161,13 Not Too Much Not Too Little 179. 14 The Magic Power of Belief 190,15 Enthusiasm And Something More 206. 16 It Is up to You to Live the Life,the Creator Gave You 222. Know Your Own Mind,Live Your Own Life, You have a great potential for success but first you must know. your own mind and live your own life then you will find and. enjoy that mighty potential Become acquainted with your. inner selfand you can win what you want within a time limit of. your own choosing Certain special techniques help you win. the goals of your dearest dreams and every one of these tech. niques is easily within your power, SOMEWHERE along the path of life every successful man.
finds out how to live his own life as he wishes to live it. The younger you are when you discover this mighty power. can help you win peace ofmind in abounding measure As you will see when we speak ofpeace ofmind we speak of more than peace as a restful state Peace of mind is at the same time restful and dynamic or we might say a restful base upon which your life dynamismstands It has been called the Foreword vii wealth without which you cannot really be wealthy It mani fests itselfin many ways

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