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WALK AROUND,HYDR AULIC EXCAVATOR PC200 200LC 8M0,ECOLOGY ECONOMY. Low Fuel Consumption by Total Control of the,Engine Hydraulic and Electronic System. Low Emission Engine,Low Operation Noise,COMFORT SAFETY. Large Comfortable Cab,ROPS Cab ISO 12117 2,Rear View Monitor System Optional. Information and Communication Technology,ICT KOMTRAX.
Large Multi lingual High Resolution Liquid Crystal. Display LCD Monitor,Equipment Management Monitoring System. MAINTENANCE RELIABILITY,Easy Maintenance,High Rigidity Work Equipment. PC200 8M0 PC200LC 8M0, HORSEPOWER Gross 110 kW 147 HP 2000 min 110 kW 147 HP 2000 min 1. Net 103 kW 138 HP 2000 min 1 103 kW 138 HP 2000 min 1. OPERATING WEIGHT 19800 20500 kg 20700 21700 kg,BUCKET CAPACITY 0 50 1 20 m 3. 0 50 1 20 m3,ECOLOGY ECONOMY,TOTAL VEHICLE CONTROL.
Low Fuel Consumption,7 inch LCD color monitor,The newly developed Komatsu. SAA6D107E 1 engine enables NOx Hydraulic control valve flow. divide merge control with, emissions to be significantly reduced electromagnetic proportional. with the accurate multi staged fuel,injection by the engine controller It. Hydraulic system,improves total engine durability using controller. the high pressure fuel injection system,developed specifically for construction.
machinery This excavator significantly,reduces hourly fuel consumption using. the highly efficient matching techniques,of the engine and hydraulic unit and. also provides features that promote,energy saving operations such as the E. mode and ECO gauge,Fuel consumption,Vs PC200 8 Electronic control. Based on typical work pattern collected via KOMTRAX unit for engine Main pump. Fuel consumption varies depending on job conditions Two pump independent control. Heavy duty High Pressure,Common Rail HPCR system,Komatsu Technology.
Komatsu develops and produces all,major components such as engines. electronics and hydraulic components,in house With this Komatsu Technol. ogy and adding customer feedback,Komatsu is achieving great advance. ments in technology To achieve both,high levels of productivity and eco. nomical performance Komatsu has,developed the main components with a.
total control system The result is a new,generation of high performance and. environment,friendly exca,HYDR AULIC EXCAVATOR PC200 200LC 8M0. Low Emission Engine Working Modes Selectable, Komatsu SAA6D107E 1 reduced The PC200 8M0 excavator is equipped with six working. NOx emission by 29 modes P E L B ATT P and ATT E mode Each mode is. compared with the designed to match engine speed and pump output to the. PC200 7 This engine application This provides the flexibility to match equipment. is U S EPA Tier 3 and performance to the job at hand. EU Stage 3A emis Working Mode Application Advantage. sions equivalent Maximum production power,P Power mode. Fast cycle times,Good cycle times,E Economy mode Better fuel economy.
Adjustable in 4 stages,Suitable attachment speed,L Lifting mode Lifting capacity is increased 7. Low Operation Noise by raising hydraulic pressure,Optimum engine rpm. B Breaker mode, Enables a low noise operation using the low noise engine and hydraulic flow. methods to cut noise at source Optimum engine rpm,Attachment. ATT P hydraulic flow 2way,Power mode,Low noise muffler Power mode.
Optimum engine rpm,Optimal arrangement Attachment,ATT E hydraulic flow 2way. of sound absorbing Economy mode,Economy mode,Work priority. Fuel priority,Reduced fan speed,Electronically controlled. Large capacity radiator,V shape type fin,common rail type engine B B mode. Multi staged injection Work priority,Low noise shroud.
Highly rigid cylinder block,ATT P ATT P mode,Fuel priority. ATT E ATT E mode, The economy mode is adjustable in 4 stages It is selectable. ECO gauge from the economy mode adjustment selection menu as ap. Idling Caution,propriate The power output will E0 Economy mode. be reduced when adjust from E1 Economy adjustment 1. To prevent unnecessary, E0 to E3 however the fuel con E2 Economy adjustment 2. fuel consumption an,sumption will be better E3 Economy adjustment 3.
idling caution is displayed,on the monitor if the,engine idles for 5 minutes Large Digging Force. When press the left knob switch which is called the one touch. power max switch and when it is kept pressed this function. ECO Gauge that Assists temporarily increases digging force for 8 5 seconds of operation. Energy saving Operations,Maximum arm crowd force ISO 6015. Equipped with the ECO gauge that can be recognized at a. 101 kN 10 3 t 108 kN 11 0 t 7 UP, glance on the right of the multi function color monitor for envi. with Power Max,ronment friendly energy,Maximum bucket digging force ISO 6015. saving operations Allows,focus on operation in the.
138 kN 14 1 t 149 kN 15 2 t 8 UP,with Power Max, green range with reduced Measured with Power Max function 2925 mm arm and. CO 2 emissions and ef ISO 6015 rating,ficient fuel consumption. power max switch,Automatic Air Conditioner A C,Low Cab Noise Wide Newly designed Cab. The newly designed cab is highly rigid Newly designed wide spacious cab Enables you. and has excellent sound absorption includes seat with reclining backrest to easily and. ability Thorough improvement of noise The seat height and longitudinal incli precisely set. source reduction and use of low noise nation are easily adjusted using a pull cab atmo. engine hydraulic equipment and air up lever You can set the appropriate sphere with. conditioner allows this machine to gen operational posture of armrest together the instru. erate a low level of noise with the console Reclining the seat fur ments on the large LCD The bi level. ther enables you to place it into the fully control function keeps the operator s. flat state with the headrest attached head and feet cool and warm respec. Low Vibration with Cab,tively This improved air flow function. Damper Mounting,keeps the inside of the cab comfortable.
PC200 8M0 uses viscous damper throughout the year Defroster function. mounting for cab that incorporates keeps front glass clear. longer stroke and the addition of a,spring The new cab damper mounting. combined with high rigidity deck aids,vibration reduction at operator seat. Pressurized Cab,Optional air conditioner air filter and. a higher internal air pressure minimize,external dust from entering the cab. HYDR AULIC EXCAVATOR PC200 200LC 8M0,ROPS Cab Lock Lever.
The machine is equipped with a ROPS cab that conforms to Locks the hydraulic pres. ISO 12117 2 for excavators as standard equipment The ROPS sure to prevent uninten. cab has high shock absorption performance featuring excellent tional movement Neutral. durability and impact strength It also satisfies the requirements start function allows. of OPG top guard level 1 ISO 10262 for falling objects Com machine to be started. bined with the retractable seat belt The ROPS cab protects the only in lock position. operator in case of tipping over and against falling objects. ROPS CAB STRUCTURE Large Side view Rear and,Sidewise Mirrors. Enlarged left side mirror and addition of,rear and side mirror allow the PC200. 8M0 to meet the visibility requirements,Rear View Monitor System Optional. The operator can view the rear of the machine with a color. monitor screen,Rear view image on monitor,Slip resistant. Thermal and,Highly durable slip Fan Guards,resistant plates main.
Thermal and fan guards,tain superior traction,are placed around. performance for the,high temperature parts,of the engine and fan. Pump Engine Room Partition, Pump engine room partition prevents oil from spraying onto. the engine if a hydraulic hose should burst,ICT KOMTRAX. LARGE HIGH RESOLUTION LCD MONITOR Large Multi lingual. High Resolution LCD Monitor,A large user friendly high resolution LCD.
color monitor enables safe accurate and,smooth work Visibility and resolution are. further improved compared with current,7 inch large LCD Simple and easy to oper. ate switches Function keys facilitate multi,function operations Displays data in 13. 8 languages to globally support operators,around the world. 1 2 3 Indicators, switches 1 Auto decelerator 5 Hydraulic oil temperature gauge.
Basic 4 5 6 2 Working mode 6 Fuel gauge,switches 3 Travel speed 7 ECO gauge. 4 Engine water 8 Fuel consumption gauge,temperature gauge. 9 Function switches menu,A C operation,switches Basic operation switches. Optional 1 Auto decelerator 4 Buzzer cancel,2 Working mode selector 5 Wiper. 3 Traveling selector 6 Windshield washer, Supports Efficiency Improvement Equipment Management Monitoring System.
The main screen displays advices for promoting energy Monitor function. saving operations as needed The operator can use the ECO Controller monitors engine. guidance menu to check the operation records ECO guid oil level coolant tempera. ance records average fuel consumption logs etc ture battery charge air clog. ging etc If the controller,finds any abnormality it is. displayed on the LCD,Maintenance function,The monitor informs replace. ment time of oil and filters on, ECO guidance ECO guidance menu the LCD when the replace. ment interval is reached,Trouble data memory function. Monitor stores abnormalities for effective troubleshooting. ECO guidance,Operation records,Average fuel consumption logs.
HYDR AULIC EXCAVATOR PC200 200LC 8M0,Assists Customer s Equipment. Management and Contributes,to Fuel Cost Cutting,Equipment Management Support. KOMTRAX terminal installed on your machine collects and sends. information such as machine location working record machine. conditions etc using wireless communication You can review. the KOMTRAX data remotely via the online application KOMTRAX. not only gives you the informations on your machine but also the. convenience of managing your fleet on the Web,Energy saving. Operation Support Report,KOMTRAX can provide various useful in. formation which includes the energy saving,operation support report created based on.
the operating information of your machine,Location such as fuel consumption and idle time. Movement generated position,Operation map,Monthly status summary. MAINTENANCE,Easy Access to Engine Oil,Side by side Cooling Sloping Track Frame. Filter and Fuel Drain Valve, Since radiator aftercooler and oil cool Engine oil filter and fuel drain valve are Prevents dirt and sand from accumulat. er are arranged in parallel it is easy to remote mounted to improve accessibility ing and allows easy mud removal. clean remove and install them Radia,tor aftercooler and oil cooler made of.
aluminum have high cooling efficiency Gas Assisted Engine Hood. Damper Cylinders,and are easily recycled,The engine hood can be easily opened. and closed with the assistance of the,gas assisted engine hood damper cyl. Equipped with the Drain Valve,as Standard,Prevents clothes and the ground from. becoming contaminated due to oil leak,age when replacing the engine oil. Equipped with the Fuel,Pre filter With Water Separator.
Removes water,and contaminants Long life Oil Filter. in the fuel to pre,vent fuel problems Uses high performance. With built in prim filtering materials and,ing pump long life oil Extends the. Large capacity Fuel Tank and,oil and filter replacement interval. Rustproof Treatment,Engine oil, Washable Cab Floormat 400 liter high capacity fuel tank Effec Engine oil filter every 500 hours.
tive corrosion resistance using rust Hydraulic oil every 5000 hours. The PC200 8M0 s cab floormat is easy proof treatment Hydraulic oil filter every 1000 hours. to keep clean The gently inclined sur,face has a flanged floormat and. drainage holes to Auto A C Filter Optional,facilitate runoff. The A C filter is removed and installed,without the use of tools facilitating filter. maintenance,Internal A C filter External A C filter. HYDR AULIC EXCAVATOR PC200 200LC 8M0,RELIABILITY,High Rigidity Work Equipment.
Boom and arms are constructed of thick plates of high tensile strength steel In addition these structures are designed with. large cross sectional areas and generous use of castings The result is working attachments that exhibit long term durability and. high resistance to bending and torsional stress,Highly Reliable Electronic. Sturdy Frame Structure Reliable Components, The revolving frame center frame and Exclusively designed electronic devices All of the major machine components. undercarriage are designed by using have passed severe testing such as engine hydraulic pumps. the most advanced three dimensional Controller Sensors hydraulic motors and control valves are. CAD and Finite Element Method FEM Connectors Heat resistant wiring exclusively designed and manufactured. analysis technology by Komatsu,Grease Sealed Track Strengthened Track Link. PC200 8M0 uses grease sealed tracks for extended under PC200 8M0 uses strengthened track links providing superb. carriage life weight distribution and extend durability. SPECIAL SPECS,Accumulator Pilot filter,Attachment Piping Spec. Equips PC200 8M0 for breaker and crusher installation. PC 200 Photos may include optional equipment HORSEPOWER Gross 110 kW 147 HP 2000 min 1 Net 103 kW 138 HP 2000 min 1 OPERATING WEIGHT PC200 8M0 19800 20500 kg PC200LC 8M0 20700 21700 kg BUCKET CAPACITY 0 50 1 20 m3 PC200 8M0 PC200LC 8M0 WALK AROUND 2 Low Fuel Consumption by Total Control of the Engine Hydraulic and Electronic System 3 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR PC200 200LC 8M0

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