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GALACTIC MONSTERS ANDROID GAME 2018 2019, Galactic Monsters is my brainchild number one It uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to give. rise a fun and addictive puzzle game programmed using Java and Android An approximation of. the A Star algorithm is used to ensure that the movements given to the users are always enough. to solve the puzzle Furthermore levels are generated automatically by a generator algorithm. also based on A I so levels will be always different from each other Following this principle is. easy to notice that levels in this game are infinite. Tasks I developed, User Interface and designs Android XML layouts and adapters. Monsters creation and design by using Photoshop,Game logic and algorithms Java Android. Maintenance tasks as an official Android Developer on Play Store. The game can be downloaded by following this link,http www galacticmonsters com. PUZZLE SOLVER ALGORITHM 2018, Artificial Intelligence project based on the A Star algorithm solving a NP HARD problem using.
complex Heuristics to help the algorithms reach their goals and find the best solution using the. minimum number of actions This puzzle uses the chess movements to be solved by itself. These algorithms stand for a research made by myself involving several months until I stumbled. upon the best possible solution, Although this is not a game the algorithms used in this project were utilised to create an Android. game based on a puzzle several months later whose name was Galactic Monsters. Tasks I developed,1 User Interface and designs HTML5 and CSS. Puzzle logic and algorithms Python JavaScript,2 The project and all its explanations can be. found following the link,https www pausanchezv com en artificial. intelligence puzzles,STARTVAL JQUERY SLIDER 2017, StartVal is a website offering a web slider to help other developers get an easy lightweight image.
carrousel for their websites It is programming for programmers because this website is useful. especially for those people who are used to developing websites and applications or are starting. The slider which programmers can download from the website is fully implemented by using. JavaScript and the jQuery library and besides the website provides users with an API to. implement it easily,User Interface and designs HTML5 and CSS. Slider logic and algorithms JavaScript jQuery, Simple backend PHP Although it does not need much backend. The project can be found by following the next link. http www startval com,SAVE ALL THE ROBOTS 2016 2018. Save All The Robots is one of my best creations It is an online game involving lots of. technologies such as communication client server Artificial Intelligence Software design and. what have you It was my final degree project so I love it so much It is a full website game which. can be played from PC or mobile phone The PC version is much better than the mobile one. Front end User Interface and designs HTML5 and CSS. Back end The whole backend by means of PHP and MySQL. AJAX Asynchronous linked communications client server. Game logic and algorithms JavaScript jQuery,The game can be played by following the next link. https www savealltherobots com,MAKETHEJOBS 2013 2016.
Makethejobs is a website I developed This site was a matching engine in which if someone. needed a favor they could publish it and then another user could sign up for the offer and get a. reward that the publisher would offer to the person who did the favor This project was capable. gathering more than 3000 people when I opened its doors in 2014 in just two weeks Now it is. being built yet again,Tasks I developed, Front end User Interface and designs HTML5 and CSS. Back end The whole backend in PHP and MySQL, AJAX Asynchronous communications client server between PHP and JavaScript. The demo can be found here,https www makethejobs com. Software Developer at Likneus S L 2007 2009, Elementary computing It was more than 10 years ago when I was not Engineer yet however I. knew how to develop websites so among other tasks I developed the company website in 2010. Nowadays this company does not exist anymore,Software Developer at Ciros Trade S L 2009 2011.
Likneus S L became to Ciros Trade S L in order to solve economic problems due to the financial. crisis that our country was going through so my contract was renovated as a Ciros Trade worker. Unfortunately 2011 was the year in which the whole enterprise had to close its doors forever It. was a turning point for me because then I decided to start studying again to become an Engineer. Programming Languages, Really good Python Django Swift iOS Java JavaScript Android CSS HTML. Know how to do it C C PHP SQL Unix bash R and many others. Looking forward to learning Kotlin,Servers DevOps, Nginx Supervisor uWSGI Daphne MySQL and many others. I am a Software Engineer who loves programming and could spend hours developing games. applications and algorithms My education encompasses a variety of qualifications including a. Bachelor s degree in Computer Engineering and two Associate degrees in Business. Management, As a child I would spend my free time in front of my Amstrad PC 1512 thanks to which I. became infatuated with the lure of coding a fact that changed the course of my life forever. However not until the outbreak of the World Wide Web did I decide to become a pro and. devote my whole life to the thrill of this groundbreaking way of living. I think developers have a special power since we are able to imagine something and make it. real and that is one of the most beautiful sensations I have ever felt Rarely will you stumble. upon people capable of doing that Everyone has their strengths and abilities but a programmer. is a programmer, Artificial Intelligence and Software Design are the fields of Engineering I feel most attracted to. without forgetting about being good at Backend Frontend and Interface Design My portfolio at. www pausanchezv com built throughout the years is strong proof of it. I am currently working at Opportunity Network as a Computer Engineer surrounded by amazing. people helping me learn something new every day I am enjoying the fascinating experience of. helping the company grow by relentlessly doing my bit every day leading the most engaging. and challenging parts of the platform such as the real time chat the iOS App the Cross Selling. Matrix Recommender or the Restful API, I have no words to describe the feeling of getting paid for doing what I would be doing anyway.
this is similar to the emotion of LOVE and that s how I feel every single day. Catalan Native,Spanish Native,English Full Professional Proficiency. MY PROFILES AS A DEVELOPER,Website https www pausanchezv com. Linkedin linkedin com in pausanchezv,Github github com pausanchezv. Android https play google com store apps dev id 4806729792120844729. 1 x Bachelor s degree in Computer Engineering University of Barcelona JOB EXPERIENCE AND PROJECTS SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER AT OPPORTUNITY NETWORK Current job Senior Computer Engineer at Opportunity Network is my current job since 2018 involving full stack development and leading the most challenging parts of the platform such as the Real Time Chat the iOS App the Restful API or the

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