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University, 1993 2009 Director Doctoral Program Darden School UVA. 2001 2003 Co Chair Olsson Center for Applied Ethics Darden School UVA. 2001 2003 Chair President Commissioned Envision Integrity Project University of Virginia. 2000 2001 Chair University of Virginia Faculty Senate. 1993 Senior Fellow Olsson Center for Applied Ethics Darden School UVA. 1995 1998 Board member GMAC, 1991 1993 Director Center for Values Across the University Loyola University of Chicago. 1982 87 Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences Loyola University. PUBLICATIONS, 1 Ethical Issues in Business A Philosophical Approach co edited with Thomas Donaldson. Englewood Cliffs N J Prentice Hall Inc 1979 Second Edition 1983 Third Edition. 1988 Fourth Edition 1992 Fifth Edition 1995 Sixth Edition 1999 Seventh Edition with. Donaldson and Margaret Cording 2001 Eighth Edition 2007. 2 Philosophical Issues in Art Englewood Cliffs Prentice Hall Inc 1984. 3 Persons Rights and Corporations Englewood Cliffs N J Prentice Hall Inc 1985. 4 Profit and Responsibility co edited with Kendall D Andrade New York Edwin Mellen. Press 1985, 5 Philosophical Issues in Human Rights Theories and Applications edited with A R Gini. and David Ozar New York Random House 1985, 6 Adam Smith and his Legacy for Modern Capitalism New York Oxford University Press.
1991 Reprinted in Chinese by yiwen press, 7 Skepticism Rules and Private Languages Atlantic Highlands N J Humanities. Press 1992, 8 Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Ethics ed with R Edward Freeman Oxford. Basil Blackwell 1997 Second Edition 2004, 9 The Business of Consumption Ed with Laura Westra Totawa MD Rowman and. Littlefield 1998, 10 Moral Imagination and Management Decision Making New York Oxford University. Press 1999, 11 Business Ethics in Theory and Practice ed With Alan Singer Dordrecht Kluwer.
Publishers 1999, 12 Ethical and Environmental Challenges to Engineering ed With Michael Gorman and. Matthew Mehalik Upper Saddle NJ Prentice Hall 2000. 13 Organization Ethics in Health Care Edward Spencer Ann Mills Mary Rorty and Patricia. H Werhane New York Oxford University Press 2000, 14 Developing Organization Ethics in Healthcare A Case Book with Ann Mills and Edward. Spencer Baltimore University Presses 2001, 15 Employment and Employee Rights with Tara J Radin and Norman Bowie Boston MA. Basil Blackwell 2003, 16 Management Ethics Norman Bowie with Patricia H Werhane Boston MA Basil. Blackwell 2005, 17 Professionalism in Tomorrow s Healthcare System Edited by Ann Mills Donna Chen.
Patricia Werhane and Matthew Wynia Baltimore University Publishing Group 2005. 18 Krasemann Keith W and Patricia H Werhane editors Contemporary Issues in Business. Ethics Contemporary Approaches to Business Ethics The Callista Wicklander Lectures. DePaul University 1991 2005 University Press of America 2006. 19 Werhane P L Gundry M Posig L Ofstein and E Powell Women in Business The. Changing the Face of Leadership Westport CT Praeger Press 2007. 20 Painter Morland M and Werhane P Editors Cutting Edge Issues in Business Ethics. Dordrecht Netherlands Springer Verlag 2008, 21 Andy Wicks R Edward Freeman Kirsten Martin and Patricia H Werhane Business. Ethics A Managerial Approach Prentice Hall 2010, 22 Profitable Partnerships for Poverty Alleviation with Laura Hartman Dennis Moberg and. Scott Kelley New York Taylor Francis 2010, 23 Laura P Hartman and Patricia Werhane editors The Global Corporation Effective and. Ethical Practices a case book New York Routledge Taylor and Francis 2009. 24 Leadership Gender and Organization Edited with Mollie Painter Morland Dordrecht. Springer Verlag 2011, 25 Archie Carroll Kenneth Lipartio James Post Patricia Werhane and Kenneth. Goodpaster Corporate responsibility The American Experience New York Cambridge. University Press 2012, 26 Obstacles to Ethical Decision Making with Laura Hartman Crina Archer Elaine.
Englehardt and Michael Pritchard Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2013. 27 Leadership Ethics a Three volume collection edited with Joanne Ciulla and Mary Uhl. Bien London Sage Publications 2013, 28 Global Poverty Alleviation A Case Book with Pauline Albert Tim Rolph Dordrecht. Netherlands Springer Verlag 2014,IN PROGRESS, Ethical Issues in Business A Philosophical Approach co edited with Thomas Donaldson and. David Bleeden 9th Edition Englewood Cliffs N J Pearson Prentice Hall 2014. Global Women Leaders with Regina Wolfe forthcoming. REFEREED ARTICLES, 1 Evaluating the Classificatory Process Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism xxxvii. 1979 352 354, 2 Formal Organizations Economic Freedom and Moral Agency Journal of Value. Inquiry 14 1980 pp 43 50, 3 Accountability and Employee Rights International Journal of Applied Philosophy.
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Review 2 1990 pp 125 131, 18 Freedom Commodification and the Alienation of Labor in Adam Smith s Wealth of. Nations Philosophical Forum XXII 1991 pp 383 398, 19 Engineers and Management The Challenge of the Challenger Incident Journal of. Business Ethics 10 1991 pp 605 16, 20 The Ethics of Medicine as a Business Business and Professional Ethics Journal 9. 1991 pp 7 20 reprinted as The Ethics of Healthcare as a Business Healthcare. Ethics Critical Issues ed John F Monagle and David C Thomasma Gaitersburg MD. Aspen Publishers Inc 1995 1998, 21 The Indefensibility of Insider Trading Journal of Business Ethics 10 1991 pp 729. 22 Wittgenstein and Moral Realism Journal of Value Inquiry 26 1992 pp 367 380. 23 The Normative Descriptive Distinction in Methodologies of Business Ethics Business. Ethics Quarterly 4 1994 pp 175 180, 24 Justice Impartiality and Reciprocity A Response to Edwin Hartman Business Ethics.
Quarterly 4 1994 pp 287 290, 25 with Jeffrey Doering Conflicts of Interest in Scientific Research Professional Ethics. Journal 4 1995 47 81 reprinted in A Casebook in Research Ethics ed Deni Elliott and. Judith Stern University Press of New England 1997, 26 Moral Imagination Ruffin Foundation Special Issue Business Ethics Quarterly 8. 1998 pp 75 98 reprinted in Social Responsibility Business Journalism Law and. Medicine Lexington VA Washington and Lee Press 1995. 27 Community and Individuality New Literary History Winter 1995. 28 With Joel Reichart The Specter of Mercantilism A Challenge to Sustainable. Development Pondside 1996, 29 Business Ethics and the Origins of Contemporary Capitalism Economics and Ethics in. the Work of Adam Smith and Herbert Spencer Journal of Business Ethics 2000 A. longer version of this essay appears in A Companion to Business Ethics Cambridge Series. in Philosophy ed Robert Frederick 1999 325 341, 30 With Martin Calkins Adam Smith Aristotle and the Virtues of Commerce Journal of. Value Inquiry 32 1998 43 60, 31 With Tara Radin The Public Private Distinction and the Political Status of.
Employment American Business Law Journal Winter 1996 pp 245 260. 32 With Tom Dunfee Business Ethics in North America Journal of Business Ethics 16. 1997 1589 1595, 33 Self Interest Roles and Some Limits to Role Morality Public Affairs Quarterly 12. 1998 221 241, 34 with R Edward Freeman Business Ethics The State of the Art International. Journal of Management Review 1 1999 1 16, 35 Justice and Trust Journal of Business Ethics 21 1999 237 249. 36 Stakeholder Theory and Organizational Ethics in Health Care Cambridge Quarterly. 2000 9 169 181, 37 Exporting Mental Models Global Capitalism in the Twenty First Century Business. Ethics Quarterly 10 2000 353 362, 38 Sustaining Alliances for Integrity Journal of the American College of Dentists 2000.
39 Fraud and Deception A Response to Gedeon Rossouw Business Ethics A European. Review 9 2000 273 276, 40 The Myth of Minimums a Response to Davis and Prichard Science and Engineering. Ethics 2001 298 302, 41 Gorman M Werhane P et al Monsanto and Intellectual Property Teaching Ethics. i 2 2001 91 101, 42 Moral Imagination and Systems Thinking Journal of Business Ethics 38 2002 33 42. 43 Ann E Mills Mary V Rorty Patricia H Werhane Stakeholder Expectations in Practice. Based Medicine Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions Spring. 2003 19 26, 44 With Tara Radin Employment and Employee Rights a Retrospective and Prospective. Business Ethics Quarterly 13 2003 113 130, 45 Mary V Rorty Ann E Mills and Patricia H Werhane The Rashomon Effect in Health.
Care Systems HEC Forum 2004 75 94, 46 Ann E Mills Mary V Rorty and Patricia H Werhane The Organization Process as a. Vehicle for change in Healthcare Organizations Organizational Ethics 1 2004 19 30. 47 Ann E Mills Mary V Rorty and Patricia H Werhane Complexity and the Role of Ethics. in Health Care Emergence 5 2003 3 21, 48 laissez faire when it was new A Comment on Emma Rothschild s Economic. Sentiments Adam Smith Review I 2004 135 40, 49 with Michael Gorman Intellectual Property Rights Moral Imagination and Access to. Life Enhancing Drugs Business Ethics Quarterly 15 2005 595 613. 50 Hindustan Lever and Marketing to the Fourth Tier with Pia Ahmad and Michael E. Gorman International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 4. 2004 495 511, 51 The Place for Philosophers in Applied Ethics and the Role of Moral Reasoning in Moral. Imagination A Response to Richard Rorty Business Ethics Quarterly 2006 16 401 8. 52 Cynthia Collier Emily Mead and Patricia Werhane HealthSouth Organizational Ethics. 2005 2 99 115, 53 Access Responsibility and Funding A Three Pronged Systemic Approach to Universal.
Oral Health Journal of Dental Education 70 2006 1184 1195. 54 A E Mills M V Rorty P H Werhane Clinical Ethics and the Managerial Revolution in. American Health Care Journal of Clinical Ethics 12 2 p 181 189 Summer 2006. 55 Adam Smith s Legacy for Ethics and Economics Tijdschrift voor Economie en. Management LI 2006 199 212, 56 Women Leaders in a Globalized World Journal of Business Ethics 2007 74 425 435. Reprinted in Spanish in Il Foro Iberoamericano Novartis de Responsabilidad Social. Empresaria Novartis pp 101 117, 57 D Eric Boyd Robert Spekman John Kamauff and Patricia Werhane Corporate Social. Responsibility in Global Supply Chains A Procedural Justice Perspective Long Range. Planning 40 2007 341 56, 58 DeColle Simone and P Werhane Moral Motivation Across Ethical Theories What Can. We Learn for Designing Corporate Ethics Programs Journal of Business Ethics 81. 2008 751 64, 59 Werhane P Hartman L P and Kelley S St Vincent DePaul and the Mission of the. Institute for Business Professional Ethics Why Companies Should Care about. Poverty Vincentian Heritage Special Issue on Vincentian Higher Education and. Poverty Reduction v 28 no 1 Fall 2008, 60 Mental Models Moral Imagination and Systems Thinking in the Age of Globalization.
Journal Of Business Ethics 2008 78 463 474, 61 Mills Ann D Chen and P Werhane A Systems informed Mental Model Moral. Imagination and Physician s Professionalism for Tomorrow s Healthcare System. Academic Medicine 83 2008 723 732, 62 Hartman Laura Werhane Patricia Moberg Dennis and Kelley Scott 2008. Alleviating Global Poverty Through Profitable Partnerships Moral Imagination and. Economic Well Being Melbourne Review 4 37 46, 63 Hartman Laura P and Werhane P A Modular Approach to Business Ethics. Integration At the intersection of the Stand Alone and the Integrated Approaches. Journal of Business Ethics 2009 90 supplementary issue 295 300. 64 Hartman L P Wolfe R and Werhane P H Teaching Ethics Through a Pedagogical. Case Discussion The McDonald s Case and Poverty Alleviation Teaching Business. Ethics Fall 2008 pp 103 134, 65 Gorman Michael E Swami Nathan and Werhane P H Moral Imagination Trading. Zones and the Role of the Ethicist in Nanotechnology Nanoethics 2009 3 185 195. 66 Social Construction Mental Models and the Problem of Obedience with Laura Hartman. Dennis Moberg Bidhan Parmar Elaine Englehardt and Michael Pritchard Journal of Business. Ethics 100 2011 103 118, 67 Bevan David and Werhane Patricia H Stakeholder theorising and the.
corporate centric world Revue Management et Avenir 2010 127 141. PATRICIA H WERHANE PROFESSIONAL ADDRESS Wicklander Professor of Business Ethics Professor Emeritus Director Institute for Business and Professional Ethics Darden Graduate School of Business DePaul University Administration 1 East Jackson University of Virginia Chicago IL 60604 P O Box 6550

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